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Settling In

Posted on 10 May 2017 @ 6:07pm by Lieutenant Richard Metsker

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: USS Black Hark
Timeline: MD2 || 1115 Hours


After his meeting with the Chief of Security, Rich made his way to his assigned quarters to get settled in. His personnel effects had arrived and he set a few things to one side choosing to open one of his duffle bags first. One of those was an old Earth Smith Wesson M&P 9mm that had been passed down through his family for years. He checked the weapons, removing the magazine and making sure a round wasn’t in the chamber. He then re-inserted the loaded magazine and made sure the safety was on before holstering it and putting in his side table. He then did the same with his own Starfleet issued sidearm, a Phaser-IIf. He made sure the Sarium Krellide power cells were fully charged, set the power level to stun, and then made sure the biometric lock was engaged. He also holstered it and laid it on the side table.

Rich went through some family pictures, choosing to put a few important ones up on his side table and shelves. He also unpacked a few books. Roughing It by Mark Twain, being the one on top, and he placed them on the book shelf. He then unpacked some clothes, uniforms, and a few other personal items before storing away the duffle bags in his footlocker, and that into the closer. Laying on the bed still was a smaller bag with one shoulder strap and a closing flap. He opened up his ‘go fast’ bag to find another Phaser-IIf, tricorder, first aid kit, emergency rations, and water packets. He made sure everything in there was in good order before restocking the bag and placing it by his door. If, in the event the ‘shit hit the fan’ as an ancestor of his was fond of saying.

Rich then picked up the holstered phaser he’d left on his side table, put it on, grabbed a PADD, and left his quarters. Rich’s next stop was the Officer’s Ward Room. He grabbed a cup of warm tea, Earl Grey this time, and took a seat at one of the tables. On the PADD he pulled up information about the two security personnel he needed to certify on the phaser range, Langston and Djinx. Lieutenant Commander Dijinx, the Chief Science Officer, a Trill (joined) Male and the Chief Flight Control Officer Lieutenant JG Langston, a Human Male…both of whom Rich hoped wouldn’t need to use a phaser in combat but needed to be ready just in case. He’s seen plenty of Science and Flight Control Officers have to pick up a weapon during the Dominion War as well as other occasions since. He looked over their records and last scores, then sent a message to them to meet him to get certified per Captain’s request.

Rich then read over some of the Black Hawk’s SOPs, finished his tea, then headed for the range himself to get in a round before the others arrived.



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