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Posted on 30 May 2017 @ 2:08am by Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Deck 9
Timeline: MD 2 || 2000 Hours

Dani walked down the corridor of deck nine at a leisurely pace with Terry next to her. She was unable to keep the smile from her face. They were finally back where they belonged among the stars, and after a quick tour of the ship, it was time to kick back and relax before their shifts started the following morning.

Unlike him, she wasn't privy to much as far as their mission went. In fact, she hadn't even seen much of their CMO except for when the Black Hawk launched. She assumed the good doctor was just busy and would let her know if there was anything pressing that needed to be done. With a mental shrug, she turned her attention to the tall man next to her. "So... what do you think of our new home?"

"I like it," he said, "a lot. This ship is huge and the Flight Deck is bigger than the previous one. Heh, my second home as it were. Starfleet even gave us a whole new fighter. But, that's more work. And we're not at work." He held his girlfriend's hand as they rounded the corner. "I like it. What about you?"

"I like it, though, it's going to take me time to learn my way around again. Then again, we're all in the same boat, aren't we?" she found herself asking, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. Of course, compared to his size and strength, any squeeze she gave him would be gentle.

At that time, a rather large bald man backed out of his quarters with something in his hands and ran into Terry without seeing him. "Oh...hey," he started before he turned and saw another tall bald man with a petite blonde. He immediately ignored Terry and went to the woman. "I'm really sorry about that, sweetheart," he said with a large box in his hands. "Would you like to sit up on the box so I can take you where you want to go in style?"

Dani blinked up at the other large bald man. Dear God... they were breeding. Or maybe the Paradan cloned Terry while they were dealing with the Confederation and made a few adjustments. "Um... no, thank you. I already have an escort."

Terry stepped up in front of Dani slightly. "Yeah, she's already traveling in style...hand-in-hand with her boyfriend," he said. They'd never really used the terms boyfriend or girlfriend, but they had said 'I love you' to each other. And this was just as good a time as any. "How about an 'excuse me,' bub?"

David ignored the other man and gave a charming grin to the blonde. "Why settle for an escort when you can have a Sovereign class?" he asked her. "You could travel the galaxy in style."

The petite blonde looked up at David and frowned. This was going to escalate rather quickly. "Are you purposely ignoring Terry?"

"Teri who?" David asked as he looked around. "I don't see any ladies named Teri here. I'm David and you are?"

The bald Squadron Commander stepped completely between Dani and the intruder. "Taken," he said. "So Davey is it? Does mommy know that you're out late? Isn't it about time you go nappy-poo in beddy-bye land? 'Cause if it is, I can gladly rock you to sleep little boy."

"Is that the best you can do?" David asked with an arched eyebrow. "You sound like you're in the second grade." He stepped to the side and looked at the hot blonde. "And you fell for this toad? I guess what they say about blondes is true. It's really not the brains the guys go for if your girlfriend here is anything to go by."

Red slowly began to bleed into Dani's vision. The gorilla of a man didn't know it yet, but David just crossed a line. She slowly pulled her hand from Terry's and calmly stepped around him to look the large man dead in the eyes. "Is that so?" she asked. "And how, exactly, would you know that? Dated a lot of stupid women in your life? I mean... they would have to be. I bet they were all the same type, too. You know... the ones who have one brain cell spinning in a circle while the other repeatedly beats itself against the skull. In fact... I'm willing to bet a saucer has a higher IQ."

Terry Walsh grinned widely as he saw his Angel begin to morph into Spider Monkey. "Damn." He walked over to the other side of David. "Looks like you've managed to anger two people in just a matter of minutes. Must be a record for you. Tell you what," he said, stepping up the similarly large man, "I'll let you apologize to the blonde and then to me. And then I'll let you go back into you're quarters like nothing happened. If you don't want to do what I let you do, then I'll let you visit Sickbay for a while."

David held up a hand in Terry's direction and looked at Dani. "Actually, I wasn't talking about you, sweetheart. I was talking about your girlfriend here." He pointed at Terry with the hand he had held up. "I don't know you, but I'd like to and we'll have that chance if she ends up in the brig for attacking the Chief of Security." He glanced at Terry. "You're a pretty boy. I'm sure they'd love you in a Federation prison for attempted assault and battery, threatening a Starfleet officer and conduct unbecoming an officer. Or, we can go to the gym and see which one of us is the better man, honey."

"You see... you're wrong there. He's not going to attack you. I am," Dani sneered, raising her hand to swing her open palm at David's cheek. Given how much taller her was than her, there was a little jumping action involved, but it was necessary. "And before you try to throw me in the brig for that, think long and hard about putting yourself in the cell right next to mine. Your advances were... and still are... unwanted, and since you continued, that's called harassment. And don't think for one second I won't do it."

Terry smirked for a second and then it hit him. He turned to Dani, "Chief of Security? That means...Camila is gone. Starfleet replaced her with Chuckles here." He completely ignored David. "Camila was the friend I was telling you about during dinner in Bordeaux. She was the one I bought that extra bottle for at the DRC." He sighed and took a deep breath, turning back to David. "I can't believe they replaced such a fine Security Chief with the likes of you. Someone that can't take 'no' for an answer. Serves you right."

"Actually, she never said no once," David pointed out. "So that means that your slap to my face constitutes assault on an officer. That means you get to go the brig by yourself for not making a declaration that Baldilocks here was your boyfriend before you decided to slap me." He looked at Terry. "Actually, I can take no for an answer and I am ashamed to learn that someone like you went to my hometown, but I can't say you don't have some taste. We can forget all of this hear and now, or like I said, take it up in the gym and I won't press charges."

"Fine then, Baby Bear, let's go to the gym. Baldilocks can show you who's house this really is," said Terry.

Dani looked between the two of them. "Well, I'll be on deck nine cabin twenty-one when you two finish whatever this is you're doing," she said, turning her attention to David. "That's where you'll find me to escort me to the brig when the time comes. And for the record, Terry is the one who told you I was taken, so I didn't feel the need to have to clarify. I'll bid you both good evening now." With that, she turned back the way she and Terry had just come to make her way back to the turbolift.

"Any time, Baldilocks," David said before he looked at the retreating form of the little blonde. "No isn't no until the words are said," he called after her. "Words are more important than implications. Any Starfleet officer should know that." With that, the big man turned and went back into his quarters and the door closed behind him.

The young blonde rolled her eyes. Was no, thank you not no, only politely? With her evening officially ruined, all she wanted to do was crawl into her much smaller bed and go to sleep, and that was her official plan now.

Terry watched as the equally big and equally bald man walked back into his room. The adrenaline fueled Squadron Commander wasn't sure if that's what he wanted or not. Then he turned to see Dani heading down the corridor and to her room. "Well hell," he muttered. He had to calm down and relax. There was the gym, which had proven to be a good thing in the past. And then there was Talons. Yeah, Talons. Terry headed for the nearest turbolift.

Dani cast a glance over her shoulder and saw that David was gone, and Terry was walking away. She blinked. Weren't they going to the gym to probe who was more of a man? In her opinion, that was Terry hands down. The performance enhancers the slightly taller man looked like he'd been taking undoubtedly would have affected things below the belt. Shaking her her, the little blonde turned completely. "Hey!"

Terry stopped and turned at the sound of Dani's call. "Hey yourself! I was just going to Talon's to get a drink or two," he called back. "Wasn't sure what was happening. Wanna join me?"

"Yes," she called back, turning to run toward him. When she was just a few feet away, she leapt toward him knowing he would have no issues catching her thanks to her size. Her arms went around his neck as her legs went around his waist, then she leaned forward to kiss him soundly. "I thought you and Sasquatch were going to the gym, but now that I know you're not, I definitely want to be with you."

Terry caught his spider monkey as she jumped and wrapped her arms and legs around him. He returned her kiss in like manner and smiled. "Heh, he and I will get there," said Terry. "No doubt about that. But you could've joined us and watched. Having a cheerleader would've been nice. And a trained Medical professional, too." He rounded the corner and neared the turbolift. "Anyway, just gonna have some drinks."

"I'll go with you to be your cheerleader, but if he pulls anything, I can't promise I won't hit him again," the short blonde said with a smile, staying right where she was in his arms. "For now, I'm happy to go have a couple drinks with you, then spend the night if you feel up to the company. My quarters are a bit cramped now."

Terry walked in the turbolift, still carrying Dani. He gave the order and the lift whirred to life. "Sure, that's okay. Cramped quarters aren't all that fun. And I wouldn't mind the company."

Dani smiled. "I'll keep you company as often as you want me to, but you already know that." She leaned in to kiss him again, running her fingernails over his bald head.

Terry returned Dani's kiss and smiled. "Yeah, I do know that," he said. "And thanks." The lift car slowed to a stop and he said, "So, you gonna walk to Talons or am I going to have to carry you all the way?"

"I can always walk, but you can carry me if you want to," she replied with a grin and a wiggle.

Terry laughed and walked out of the turbolift carrying Dani. He then set her down in the corridor.... "Alright then," he said. The squadron commander stepped aside and behind Dani to let a couple of other officers into the turbolift. Then, without warning, he grabbed the petite blonde around the waist, leaned over slightly, and hoisted her over his head to rest on his shoulders.

Dani gave a startled squeal when she came to rest on Terry's shoulders, but could only grin when she saw the odd looks they were getting. Those didn't seem to bother her even a little, simply because her life with the big man was never boring, and there were always little surprises, such as sitting on his shoulders, around every turn. "This is the second best seat on the entire ship," she said, placing her hands on top of his head, hoping he'd ask what the first place was.

Terry walked on down the corridor with Dani on his shoulders. "The second best seat, eh." He felt her hands come to rest on his head. "So where's the first one? Center chair on the Bridge? Favorite couch in your quarters?"

The short woman grinned, being mindful of her new height as they moved down the corridor. She could see everything from her new vantage point, and now had a taste of what she'd been missing all her life. "The first place is your lap, silly," she answered with another grin. "There is no other place on the ship that can compare."

Terry chuckled, "Well thank you, Angel. You're too sweet." This was going to be a fun few drinks they were going to have in Talons.


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