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A Call to Action

Posted on 17 May 2017 @ 5:34pm by Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Richard Metsker & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Ensign Shay Mitchell & Petty Officer 1st Class Allen Miller

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Security Briefing Room
Timeline: MD 2 || 1350 Hours

The communique had gone out to all members of Security and one Lieutenant Joey Corwin that a Security meeting would take place in the Security Briefing Room and Lieutenant David Moreau Jr stood at the front of the room with the display behind him activated and showing an image of the entire Security Complex. He waited on the others as he went over a list of things he wanted to cover and the special offer from Lieutenant Corwin to his personnel.

Rich had just completed the Phaser Certification for Djinx and Langston when he got the work to report to the Security Briefing Room. He logged out of the phaser range's console, grabbed his PADD, and rushed off.

Arriving a few minutes later Metsker gave a respectful nod to Moreau as he took a seat.

Cooper arrived as well her movements confident and sure as she found a good seat, nodding politely to those there. She had thought she was going to be late, some parts of the ship she was still learning, but had gotten here about when she meant to. Then she looked around, this was actually pretty nice. She'd not been in new pilot country before, their briefing room was actually pretty snazzy. She tucked a loose piece of dark brown hair behind an ear and pulled out a PADD ready to find out what was next.

Shay was the next to arrive. She wasn't sure what was going on, but had a feeling they'd all be finding out soon enough. The Ensign found herself an empty chair and settled down, looking toward the front of the room where Lieutenant Moreau was.

Allen walked in and paused. This was a nice briefing room. It seemed that every time he found a new part of the ship, it was that way. He shook his head at the advances in luxury as well as technology. The Petty Officer found a seat near the rear of the room and waited.

Winchester walked in a few moments after Allen. Giving a respectful nod to those present, he took a seat and waited to see what this meeting was about.

Lieutenant Joey Corwin was the last to arrive. Not everyone that knew her personally were aware of her role change aboard the Black Hawk, just that she was no longer in Security, so the red collar she now wore was likely to raise a few eyebrows. "Hello, everyone," she greeted with a smile. Instead of moving to take a seat with the others, she moved over to David and clasped her hand behind her back while she waited for everything to begin.

Cooper hadn't known, just that Lt. Corwin wasn't in security. She'd been leaning her one foot under the desk, against it. Now she put both feet on the ground, full attentive mode. This would not be an ordinary briefing. She nodded to Lt. Corwin in acknowledgement.

David watched each person come into the briefing room and gave nods to them before he offered a smile to Lieutenant Corwin. "Thank you for coming, Lieutenant," he said before he looked out over the assembled officers once everyone filtered in. He linked the screen to the screen in the secondary briefing room where the rest of Security was gathered and cleared his throat.

"For those of you who have yet to meet me, I am Lieutenant David Moreau Junior, although saying Junior isn't required when addressing me. I've been in Starfleet for eighteen years in Security, lived through the Dominion War and have served in the Rapid Response Teams for most of my career. Now I'm back on active duty on starships and I expect each of you to give your all in every situation we find ourselves in. If you don't feel that you can do that, then this isn't the place for you. Does anyone feel that way here and now?"

Rich focused on the Chief of Security. He didn't want to give the wrong impression, he knew what it took to succeed on a Starship, but being the new guy he also knew he needed to be focused in meetings...he didn't want to do the wrong thing. He didn't feel the need to shake his head, remaining in place as the meeting continued should be all the answer that was needed.

Cooper shook her head, she didn't feel that this wasn't the place for her. This was her home, these were her people and she would carry her load up whatever hill was required. She sat a little straighter, giving full attention as her focus was aided by Mozart looping quietly in her mind.

The new Chief, huh. Such is life in the Fleet, I suppose, he thought. But this guy...he was a monster of a man and Allen wondered what the differences were going to be in how things were done. But hey, new Security beginnings. Allen shook his head.

Winchester, even though he had reservations, did not let them show nor voice them. He sat up ramrod straight in his chair, eyes focused straight ahead.

Joey looked out at all the faces present. Some she recognized, and others she didn't. "For those of you that don't know me, I'm Lieutenant Joey Corwin, former Security. For those of you that do know me, and are wondering why I'm no longer with Security, the answer is simple. I'm now the Intelligence Chief. It was a logical move considering I spent nearly two years in the area we're currently traveling to. Any questions so far before I reveal my reason for being here?"

"Not so much a question as a statement," piped up Allen. "I'm just glad to see you up and back on duty, El-tee," he said with a wink. "And congratulations." It was a shame that Ricardo couldn't see this. He'd have to find him and send him a subspace, let him know that Joey is okay and got her own Department.

"Thank you, Miller, but if it weren't for you and Gutierrez, I wouldn't be standing here today. You both have my eternal gratitude for what you've done," Corwin said, smiling at the man she was speaking to. Joey wasn't the least bit ashamed of saying what she did in front of so many others as it was the truth.

David looked out over the assembled officers and enlisted as no one said that it wasn't the place for them and gave a nod. "Many of you probably see me as a replacement for Lieutenant Di Pasquale, but I'm not. I've never been sent to a new ship or base to replace anyone. I am but an extension of Starfleet Security. To those of you who knew Lieutenant Di Pasquale, I ask that you do no more and no less what you did for her."

He paused and looked directly at Petty Officer Miller. "That may include disobeying orders if you go back for a fallen team member," he said before he looked at the others. "Or it may include sacrificing yourself for the ship and the crew that each and every one of us have taken an oath to protect. Know this, though," he continued. "I will be right there with you. I will go back for that fallen person. I will be beside of you. I will lead from the front, and I will never back down when confronted with an enemy."

Tag Security Personnel for questions, comments

Clearing her throat, Joey began to speak once more. "Our former Chief of Security was offering Search and Rescue training to the crew, but as she's no longer here, I'm extending the offer to continue on with what she started. If any of you are interested, get with me so we can work out a training schedule. SAR isn't for the faint of heart. It's grueling, and doesn't happen over night. My training lasted for eighteen months just to put it into perspective. Those of you who may wish to give it a go, might be able to complete the training in less time given your level of dedication."

She allowed that to sink in before continuing. "I plan to extend this offer to everyone on board the ship, and should enough people come forward, I will hold mass training as I went through. If not, then it will be on a one on one basis. Any questions?"

Cooper shook her head, though qualified in SAR she looked forward to refreshing her skills and made a note to follow with the newly minted Intel Chief. She thought back on her own experience and had to agree it was a kind of boot camp only instead of 6-8 weeks it was a year and a half of your life. Even Cooper had a hard time cracking wise during it though, being her and especially being young, she had given it a valiant effort.

Sitting in the back, Winchester just took in what he was hearing, smiled, and shook his head. Although he did not say it out loud, he had heard things like this before from others, and they had failed and lied about it every time. Alouth he did not believe the new Chief or any of the new personnel were liars, he would believe it when he seen it.

Two Andorian males, a Thaan and a Chan, volunteered for the SAR training as did a Betazoid female who was in the Investigations division and several others. From the other room, another dozen personnel volunteered and they were shown on the display behind him as the personnel files came up.

"Anyone else?" David asked. "Other than me and the other eighteen." He looked around and his gaze settled on the incredibly tall Security person. "You there. Lieutenant Wesson. Are you going to step forward, son?"

Standing up to his full 7'2 height, he said, "Its Lt. Winchester sir, and yes i do volunteer", he spoke as he walked towards the front of the room.

"Count me in," said Allen. "I'm always up for some new training, especially this one. So, questions, I only have one. When do we start?"

Cooper raised her hand briefly, "I'm in..." She almost said "Like Flynn" but thought better of it, jokes were better if you were sure the other understood it and she didn't know him well enough, at least not yet. Her recent mental training on earth had her trying new things and it seemed to be helping. "...Sir..." She finished smoothly.
She looked like she'd be happy to jump right up and get to work if that's what was needed. She was with Allen, ready to get to the particulars.

Rich stood up, “I can’t be the only one not volunteering” he said with a smirk.

Joey was clearly impressed by the number of volunteers. "As I mentioned before, this will not be a walk in the park. It's long, grueling, and will... at times... make you want your mother," she stated, clasping her hands behind her back. "I will not tolerate foolishness. Anyone caught goofing off... will be removed. Anyone who attempts to out do anyone else... will be removed. Anyone who thinks they're going to skirt by and do nothing... will be removed. This is training ladies and gentleman. You're all going to be there for the same purpose."

David looked around and saw that the numbers had increased in the other room, too, but he held up a hand. "I think we have more than enough volunteers," he said before he looked over at Joey. "How many can you handle per class? We're at twenty-one now."

"Twenty-five to thirty, forty if we push it. I do plan on having more than one training class, though," she replied.

The big bald Chief added four more before he directed the other volunteers to a second class and he looked around. "Does anyone have any other questions?"

Cooper shook her head, making mental notes. She figured it would take time to make the training schedules since they'd just gotten their volunteer list and that was her most pressing question. It would be challenging to do this and maintain her work schedule but if it's one thing Cooper had in abundance it was energy. Though it would have to be energy with purpose this go around as this would require proper effort on her part and she fully intended to treat it with all due seriousness. Not just because Lt. Corwin was not kidding and Cooper knew it but it this case it really was a solid path to rise to the challenge of the course.

"Dismissed," David said before he transferred the personnel files of all the people who had volunteered for SAR training and handed it to Joey. "Let me know when class gets set up and I'll be the first one at the door."

"You'll be one of the first to know," Joey said with a smile, then vacated the briefing room. She had to wonder how many of them would be able to touch it out, and how many would throw in the towel. She'd seen the latter happen more often than she ever did see graduates. This was going to be interesting.


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