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Posted on 23 Aug 2014 @ 2:29am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Noxa & Lieutenant JG Ivan Dash

Mission: Pursuit
Location: USS Black Hawk || Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: After "Escorts and Interviews"

It seemed forever between Noxa's communication to the door chime sounding. Harvey's terminal was still active and paused on a weapons impact from one of the three ships. He, however, gave it no attention. Instead, his fingers drummed on the desktop, impatiently waiting for his officers to arrive.

Finally, the door chime sounded. Without jumping out of his chair (seemed to be an instinct that he needed to control), Harvey ceased his drumming and declared, "Come!" to bid his officers entry.

Ivan walked with Noxa up to the Captain's read room door and pushed on the chime button. When the Commander called for them to enter he stood to the side to allow Noxa to enter ahead of him.

Harvey gestured to both officers to have a seat before him at the table. "What have you learned?" he bluntly asked.

"That our presence here and to these people will be far from favorable" replied Noxa with a subtle shake of her head. "We're talking about a serious problem here, Captain" added Noxa. The Ferengi had already briefly explained the matter the the Captain. However, she would reinforce it.

The Ferengi looked at her Commanding Officer sternly. "Like it or not, we're a problem or rather we're the indirect cause of the problem. Before these Golden Stars were this region's pain in the ass, the Dominon had their own reign of terror here. The Dominion War more or less removed the Dominon from this region. However, only to be replaced by the present problem."

Ivan stepped quietly into the room behind Noxa and took the seat that was offered to him. Clearly she was very worked up about this and Ivan didn't blame her. He sat quietly and watched both the lieutenant and the commander. If anyone wanted his opinion he would be asked for it.

Harvey frowned. It wasn't irony or poetic justice, just unfortunate. How could the Federation have known while it was fighting for its survival what all of the after effects would have been.

"We have to get to the bottom of this," Harvey vowed, leaning forward. "The Federation may have no jurisdiction, but we can't turn a blind eye either." He shook his head and folded his hands as he looked at both officers. "Where the hell do we even start?"

Noxa crossed her arms and snorted. "Getting involved to fix matters would be nice. However, who the hell is to say our involvement won't make matters worse? Is it even justifiable to get ourselves involved... further? Starfleet General Order 1 is at play here, Captain. I know that I don't need to quote the Prime Directive to you but as you said The Federation has no jurisdiction here."

Ivan winced at Noxa's harsh evaluation of the situation but nodded his head at her logic.

Harvey bowed his head at the mere mention of the Prime Directive. He knew sooner or later that he'd come up against it in the Gamma Quadrant the moment he took this assignment. He just wished it wasn't this soon. "Justifiable or not, I don't think the Prime Directive can hold here. It was violated the moment guns started firing in the Dominion War."

The Captain sighed and looked back up at Noxa. "But it is still in play, and we have to be careful. We need to at least find out how bad it is. Only then can Starfleet decide."

"Respectfully..." Noxa said with a firmness to her tone and a small squeal to her voice. "The Prime Directive hardly ever does hold. We're out here in the Gamma Quadrant. This is new frontier for the Federation and for Starfleet. Whatever we do, we must do so wisely."

"If I may..." Ivan spoke up " I think you two are trying to figure out the whole puzzle when only a piece needs solving right now. We have a lounge full of people who do not want to be there, and a ship captain in the brig who I'm not convinced deserves to be in there. Then, if that's not enough, we have countless family's what will starve at best if we keep all of the before mentioned people here and don't take immediate action. I agree with both of you, there is a huge problem out here right now. But until we have a more clear vision of what to do about the big picture, we should be talking about what to do with the people we have in the hear and now." Ivan's eyes shot back and forth between the Commander and the Lieutenant. He had never been in a situation like this before where he was vastly out ranked. He understood he was invited here but he was really hoping that he was not speaking out of turn or above his station.

Ivan had just pointed out exactly what Harvey was intentionally avoided. There was absolutely nothing he could do for now except let these people go on as they were.

And that pissed him off.

Harvey slammed his fist on the desk as he vainly attempted to collect his composure. "Damn," he added. Looking at Ivan, he said, "There's not much we can do," Harvey muttered. "We have to let everyone go." Sighing, he continued, "But we still don't know why the X'annon was attacked. I doubt the Golden Stars would just destroy a freighter with people on it, no matter how bad they've been made out to be."

Noxa was used to her Commanding Officer remaining rather cool, calm and collected. His outburst was interesting though she could not blame him. However, she was concerned. "Captain, I'm no medical officer or Counselor but you do not look like you've been getting enough rest. It's not my place to say anything but you may want to pay Doctor Quint a visit" commented the Ferengi.

Her eyes shifted her gaze onto Ensign Ivan Dash. "We can feed them and keep them more nourished than they have been. As far as I am aware, we have no dire concerns on power at this time. We can put out food replicators to good use. Furthermore, we can check with the Science Department to see what we have growing in hydroponics" added Lieutenant Noxa.

She did agree, however, that what needed to be dealt with was the here and now. Captain Geisler's comments were on especial interest to her. "Do we know for sure that they intended to destroy the freighter with people aboard her? Perhaps they simply were going to damage it enough to take the crew and passengers and then destroy any evidence of the attack" Noxa offered up. "It is something that the Orion Syndicate is infamously known for."

The Captains out burst shocked Ivan, but cause a thought to pop into his head " The Ferengi..." He said, then looked up at Noxa " Not you of course. Remember a short while back when we caught that Ferengi ship looting? What if we just uncovered the other end of this whole crime ring?"

"Who knows what we've stumbled upon?" Harvey uttered. "But we're certainly going to find out." Looking to Ensign Dash, he said, "Petty Officer Carter found some flight logs on the X'annon. With the X'annon repairs nearly complete, we'll escort--at a distance--Drimo to his destination. Lay in a course, Mr. Dash."

"Aye Captain!" Dash snapped and stood, turned and left the room to the bridge.

Looking to Noxa, Harvey stared at the Ferengi for a moment. "We need answers. We're not going to get them here, but Carter found some data on the X'annon. I need you to figure out the best place to find what we're looking for."

Wherever these Golden Star group originates, but that is not likely to happen thought Noxa. "Understood, Captain. I will see what I can come up with."

Harvey nodded. "Dismissed, lieutenant."


Cmdr. Harvey Geisler, CO
Lt. JG Noxa, CS/TO
Ens. Ivan Dash, CFCO


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