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Inspecting the Vasco da Gama

Posted on 08 Jul 2017 @ 6:37pm by Ensign Quinn Mackie & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant JG Jennin Rhula & Ensign Alora Nasek & Ensign Aidan Crehan

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Aft shuttle bay
Timeline: MD 5 || 1300 hours

With the approach of the station, they came closer to the USS Vasco da Gama also. He hoped it would bring them closer to some needed answers about their future mission. Not especially the reclaming of Starfleet posessions. But the entrance of the Convergance.

The captain had ordered them to have a look at the ship. But that was guarded by the Selubassari, which would make their away mission that more difficult.

Arjin had to pick two other science officers to come along on the journey. He immediately thought of Lieutenant Charmichael who was the most qualified officer concerning the search for the data regarding the anomaly. Unfortunately he had been aboard the Vasco da Gama at the time it was captured. The other task would be to get a view into the info known to them about the only known species that had left the Convergance.

For this he hesitated between Ensign Crehan and Lieutenant Jennin. Fearing the latter man's temper could get them into trouble with the Selubassari guarding the Vasco da Gamma.
He decided he would take his chances and give the Bajoran a chance do do his job. He would take both of them and see how they would work together. He would take care himself of the Convergance intel.

He ran his fingers across his terminal and issued the orders to the two officers to join the team and meet him and the engineers in the aft shuttlebay section.

Aidan got the message that came in on the terminal he was working at in the lab. He sent a quick acknowledgement and went to the shuttlebay.

Having gotten a text message from Commander Djinx, one of too many Trills aboard, Rhula sighed audibly. He was alone in the medical lab. He didn't have any interest in traipsing around a captured ship. "Or maybe," he said aloud, excited, "there will be bodies that need examining." He grabbed his pathology kit and headed for the shuttlebay. His desire to get his hands dirty pushed the thought of having to spend time with a Trill aside.

When Jennin entered the spacious room, he saw the El-Aurian anthropologist from the briefing. "Hello Ensign. Glad you're coming along."

Aidan nodded toward the Bajoran man. "Greetings, Lieutenant. And thank you. I am looking forward to learning more of those who have traversed the Zone."

"How many species have you been able to study up close?" Rhula asked. He wasn't sure how old the Ensign was but with El-Aurians being as long lived as they were, the odds were good Crehan was much older than he appeared.

"I have been able to perform in-depth studies of the Risans, Deltans, Denobulans, Andorians, and the Selkie of Pacifica. Archaeologically and anthropologically speaking, I have also studied the Iconians," said Aidan. "Then there are the multitudes of species that I've interacted with decades prior to coming to the Alpha Quadrant and then after joining Starfleet. What is your background and specialty, Lieutenant?"

As I expected, Rhula thought, he's older than he looks.

"My background, Ensign, is complicated," the Bajoran stated. "Pathology is how I started, after my initial medical training. I am also attached, obviously, to the science department working in exobiology. My main focus is on extremophiles, though I dabble in abiogenesis as time allows." He looked up and realized that another Bajoran was present. A woman with a gold collar. "It appears," Rhula began, indicating the newcomer, "that we have company."

Aidan nodded. The Bajoran studied the recent dead and he studied the long dead. Then he turned to see who the Lieutenant was referring to. "Ah, it seems we do."

Ensign Nasek Alora entered the shuttle bay, her repair kit slung crossways over one shoulder. Being perpetually curious she looked forward to the mission as she wondered just what they would find, she hoped they'd be able to get their people back. Then there was the issues with the station, she was just as happy that was above her paygrade. Her brown hair tied carefully back and out of her way. She noticed the other officers gathering, she didn't see her Chief yet but figured he was on his way. She stood nearby unwilling to interrupt the conversation and waited.

"You are?" Rhula inquired of the woman.

Alora focused on the Lt. in front of her, "Ensign Nasek Alora Sir, Engineering." She replied, coming to attention.
The dark frames around his eyes were an unusual sight but she was more focused on the man behind them as she addressed the science officer.

That the woman was acting so formal struck Rhula as odd. "Engineering, huh? Well, I suppose that makes sense," he mumbled. "Doctor Jennin Rhula. And do you know our El-Aurian friend here?"

Ensign Nasek relaxed at his overall attitude and shook her head, then nodded politely to the other officer, a fellow Ensign, and gave a small smile in greeting. "I have not had time to meet many of the crew outside of engineering yet. Pleasure." She said. Unlike Bajorans El-Aurians looked human but weren't and had their own fascinating culture. She would not have known if it hadn't been pointed out to her.

Aidan courteously dipped his head toward the new arrival. "Ensign Aidan Crehan, archaeologist. Pleasure to meet you Ensign."

At that moment, the "stand clear" alarm sounded in the shuttlebay. Aside from the two Type-8 shuttles tucked away in their bays in the aft of the shuttlebay, and the officers that were gathering in the room, the shuttlebay was relatively empty. Given the scope of the team's work, and the fact that both of the runabouts were spoken for, the decision was made for the away team to use the Type-11 Shuttlecraft dubbed Doohan. As it was normally stored in the hangar below, it had been brought forward to the elevator platform and was now being raised up for the crew to use. It took roughly a minute for the elevator to finish its task.

The moment the elevator locked into place, the rear hatch of the shuttle opened to reveal Ensign Quinn Mackie. Just like the rest of the team, he'd been selected for away team duty. Quinn didn't know why, but he assumed it had something to do with his familiarity with computer systems, a skill he demonstrated time and again on the former Black Hawk.

"All aboard," Quinn said to the team.

Adjusting his glass, Rhula looked up at the newly-arrived shuttle and the new gold uniformed Ensign and started for the shuttle. "We've got an engineer, a anthropologist, a pathologist, and a...." He stopped when he realized he didn't know what this new kid did. "What do you do?"

"Operations specialist," Quinn replied to the Bajoran, wondering if the Lieutenant had a stick up his shaft. "Computer Officer actually."

"Who are we waiting for?" Rhula asked, not addressing anyone in particular.

Arjin arrived at the shuttlebay at the moment the Bajoran popped his question. "That would be me Lieutenant." Looking around at the assembled crew, he added "And Lieutenant Griffin."

Jennin sighed. More 'Trill time', he thought. That both of his department heads were Trill was maddening, but Rhula had been through worse situations. That didn't actually make him having to work for Trill any less angst-inducing.

He turned a bit to adress the complete party. "We have been assigned to go to the USS Vasco da Gamma and retrieve any information that we can find about the Finnean Convergence and the knowledge of the races who live inside. As you all know the ship and crew is guarded by the Selubassari. We will work under the assumption that they will try to deliberately provoke us or even sabotage our actions whilst we are aboard of the Vasco. I expect all of you not to walk in that trap and restrain from provocation. Just focus on our jobs at hand and be as thorough as possible. Science will focus on retrieving the data. The engineers will do a thorough diagnostic of the ships computer systems. If something is tampered with, or hidden from us, I want to know about it. Ensign Mackie, you have our backs. If the Selubassari try something, do your best to act upon your training to defuse the situation without escalation or excessive violence."

He looked at the away team. "Any questions?"

Quinn blinked. Did the Lieutenant Commander not realize that Quinn wasn't security? The ensign was decent enough with a phaser, barely passing the Academy's requirements. Quinn wondered if he should attempt to correct the senior officer, but as the youngest and most junior member of the team, he felt that that was not appropriate. "Yes, sir," he mumbled instead.

Aidan grinned and looked from his former roommate to his department Chief. This was going to be a most interesting away mission indeed. "I have none, Commander," he said, taking a seat on the craft.

Arjin frowned as he heard the silent reply from the young Ensign followed by a broad grin from Ensign Crehan.
"Is there something amiss Ensigns? He asked?"

"Sir," Quinn stammered in reply. "I'm just a computer tech, sir. Not security."

Arjin raised an eyebrow and looked at his padd. Indeed the young Ensign listed as Ops and not Security. He nodded towards the ensign. "My fault Ensign. Then I want you to coordinate the two groups. Be our eyes and ears inside the machine as to speak. Now lets get started."

Leaning towards the young Operations officer, Rhula whispered, with a chuckle, "Keep a hand on your phaser, boy."

Ensign Nasek shook her head, mentally preparing herself. She hated to be interfered with, she felt the energy one used took away from the job. In short one had to work harder to keep the same high level of work. "Well," She thought to herself, "If I wanted easy I would have stayed in the Sol System". Then she was curiously watched the byplay with the other Ensigns briefly before turning to the shuttle, figuring it was time to get on.

Michael had been busy until the last moment figuring out the equipment to take with him to the ship. He somehow doubted their 'hosts' had the tools available and he didn't exactly feel like arriving empty handed. After figuring it all out he walked into the shuttle bay. After nodding to the Engineer already there he reported in with Djinx that as far as Engineering was concerned they were ready.

Arjin smiled at the Chief Engineer. "Glad to have you aboard.", he said. "We were just ready to depart."

When all were ready, they entered the shuttle and took off towards the USS Vasco da Gama. It only took a short while before the shuttle docked with the big ship. After the familiar hissing sounds of the doors opening they were ready to enter the ship and conduct their investigation. Arjin wondered what they would find and how their presence would be recieved by the Selubassari.

Ensign Nasek stood with the others, mentally preparing herself. She hated to be interfered with, she felt the energy one used took away from the job. In short one had to work harder to keep the same high level of work and in a powder keg situstion no less. "Well," She thought to herself, "If I wanted easy I would have stayed in the Sol System". Then she curiously and quietly watched as their senior officer faced the Selubassari.

Two Selubassari greeted the arriving shuttle in the bay. "Who is in charge?" demanded the senior of the two. Like most Selubassari security, their chests were protected by padded armor and their arms exposed. Their skin shone yellow, a sign that they were apprehensive to the new arrivals. Their heads were capped with an egg-like chamber, sitting above two eyes. There were no ears or mouth to speak of, and whatever words they spoke resonated from the chamber atop the skull.

"I am.", Arjin stated. "I presume you have been briefed about our arrival."

"You will be restricted to non-vital areas," announced the lead guard. "The bridge will be off limits, and you will not be allowed anywhere without escort."

At the mention of an escort, Jennin looked at Mackie. He decided not to make another jab about the Djinx's previous confusion about the Ensign. Time and place, Rhula. Time and place, he reminded himself.

A closer look at the Selubassari piqued Jennin's curiosity. He had heard of the species, but had no first hand experience with them. The opportunity to get a Selubassari cadaver on his slab was very appealing. There would be much to learn, he was certain. The internal structure and functioning of their resonance chamber was just the beginning. The structure of their dermal and epidermal cells would be fascinating to study. It wasn't clear from the journals exactly how their color-changing skin functioned, and the opportunity to crack that mystery was very enticing.

It was to be expected they would be assigned escorts, but he did not like the fact they would not have acces to all the area's they wanted. Still he did not want to argue with a simple guard. So Arjin nodded and asked the Selubassari: "Just to be clear about the matter. Which areas do you consider to be the vital areas?"

"Any area that you will not be in," replied the guard in a stern tone. "But since you require unnecessary clarification, you will be restricted to the computer core, laboratories, and crew facilities. All power leads to your propulsion systems have been disconnected. Trying to restore from automated systems will be impossible."

Nasek frowned slightly, this must mean they disconnected the propulsion systems manually. Those were tricky systems, she really hoped they didn't permanently damage anything. She also hoped they didn't find anything that required them to go into the restricted areas and was pleased they had a computer expert with them. She didn't want to miss anything, not on a mission this important. Out of habit she stayed quiet, trying not to let her concern for the crew of this ship and the ship itself show in front of the Selubassari. She might have questions that required them to answer later for now she just wanted to get her hands on the systems so they could try to figure out what happened.

"We would first like to use the computer core. Please lead on.", Arjin said in a calm but stern voice. "I hope for further relations however that you have not damaged the propulsion systems by disabeling then in an impropper manner." Not waiting a responce, he stepped forward and proceedes to walk inside the familiar, yet unknown Federation ship."

The Selubassari turned and stepped in front of the Lieutenant Commander. As soon as they were in front, they led the team to an active turbolift which they'd take to the computer core. As the Vasco da Gama was a small ship, the ride was short, and soon the team found themselves in the small core.

The El-Aurian cast a glance to his Chief began to walk up to one of the consoles at the core. He found himself close to one of the Selubassari guards and looked towards him. Aidan smiled and nodded to him. "If I may, sir."

The guard did not reply to the El-Aurian. Instead, he merely stepped aside to allow the ensign to work.

Nasek was further away in the back and had started toward a console then puased to check as diplomatic brain caught up to her need to look at what they've done to one of their ships. Asking politely to her senior officer, though she wanted to just get to work, "Shall I get to work checking the ships status sir?" Not wanting the guards to think she was going to hook up the engines or something.

Arjin nodded to the Ensign. "Please do. Proceed." He hated working under these circumstances, but they had been given a mission by the Captain and he was going to make sure they succeeded.
"You all know what we are supposed to do. So lets make this as efficient and thourough as possible.", he added. Before getting over to an empty console and starting his search.

At the Lt.'s words, Nasek nodded and went to an empty console to begin a system by system check of the ships status. She was hoping everything would be intact, making this simple but had tried to prepare for otherwise just in case. Pretty much ignoring the guards beyond the basic awareness needed, her focus was almost single minded on her task.

Why am I doing this?, Rhula thought. Sitting at a console and digging through computer records was not a good use of his time. But that's what the spotted fool wants, he lamented silently, stealing a glance at Djinx. He tapped various controls, trying to navigate to the sensor records. Even though he was pretty new to Starfleet, he was very familiar with both Starfleet and Federation technology, having been using it since the end of the Cardassian Occupation of his homeworld. He hadn't been very happy that the Federation had been invited to have a permanent presence in the Bajor system, but it had proven useful in the interim, although he was convinced that the Dominion War only happened because of the Federation's expansionist tendencies.

Michael didn't like their restrictions in the slightest, there were so many systems that could be malfunctioning if they had made mistakes and even the smallest error somewhere could have major effects. Standing next to Nasek he'd check up on the status of the EPS to make sure there wasn't something building up somewhere. "Ensign, what are your scans finding?" He asked as he looked over the results of his own.

She turned to her Chief, "Ship is repairable, nothing appears missing merely offline. Though there is minor damage because of the way they were disconnected, nothing significant. The Engines, Coms and several other systems..." She pointed out on the console, "are the ones offline."

Seeking out the wanted information was a tendious job. But it needed be done. Arjin focussed on the intel the Vasco da Gama crew had gathered to make maps of the small parts of the Convergance they had been able to scan.

He had not yet found out that there had been tampered with the information. Nor did he have any trouble retrieving and sending to his Padd any of the data. He did not know if he should be happy or alarmed about this though. But then again, they were only starting their investigation.

Quinn stepped up to the primary computer control console and began to run a level five diagnostic. As a result, it recalled the last few times the computer had been accessed. It appeared that there weren't any unvalidated logins while the ship had been abandoned, but there was an interesting entry. "Commander!" the ensign called out. "You're not going to believe this, looks like the entire contents of the computer core were transmitted... somewhere."

The young ensign tapped wildly on the console, looking for any information that might still be in the databanks. "Nothing appears to be deleted, but someone definitely knows all that the Vasco da Gama did."

Arjin stepped over to the young Ensign, abandoning his own research. "Calm down Ensign. And show me what you have found." He looked over to the Guard. "Is it of Selubassari doing?"

"Doesn't look like it," Quinn confirmed, still taping away at the controls. "Looks like it was the ship's XO, Lieutenant Commander Yuki. There appears to be coordinates for the transmission."

Ensign Nasek, at a pause since she'd done her job but was not cleared for repairs, perked up and listened but hung back not wanting to get in the way. This was a great lead, a place to start.

"Where do these coordinates lead to? Can you put the destination on screen?"

The ensign taped on a few controls and pulled up an image of Finnea Prime on the screen. "Just a moment," Quinn said, checking the coordinates a final time and making final adjustments on the console. Finally, they appeared on the screen, highlighting one of the larger Finnean continents. "Looks like they were sent to the Selubassari Headquarters in the Second Steading."

He almost let out a grunt when he heard the Selubassari had once again their hands in things. He started to turn, wanting to confront the guard with their proof of information theft. But then he remembered it was a Starfleet officer that had sent the information. And he first wanted to know more about this before any confrontation that could get them barred from their own ship. Maybe the XO actend under force he thought.

Arjin opened a subscreen on the console and brought up the general personel file of the Lieutenant Commander. "Find out if more transmissions have been sent down to Finnea or to the Selubassari.", he ordered the Ensign.

Quinn checked the logs as best as he could over the next minute. "From what I can tell, Commander," he said at last, "that was the only transmission sent. That was at the same time the crew was put under guard aboard the station. Now, the data is all still intact. Shall I transmit the core's contents to the Black Hawk?"

"Proceed.", was all he said before turning his attention towards the Selubassari guard.

"I want to acces some of the crew quarters."

"For what purpose?" replied the guard. "Clearance was granted to inspect non-vital systems pertaining to ship operations."

"I do not think crew quarters can be considered vital systems do they? Some data can be contained on individual Padds located in the crew's quarter. We would want to check we do not miss anything of importance to us."

The guard took a couple steps back to confer with the rest of the group. For a few moments, the familiar Federation Standard couldn't be heard; only a series of clicks and chirps. One even pulled out a communicator and reached out to a superior officer for guidance. Finally the guard returned to the Science Officer. "Crew quarters are considered out of bounds. Your Captain requested a report on the ship and the information it contains. You will have to rely solely on your computer here."

Arjin rolled his eyes and sighed. He then adressed the away crew. "Please update on your progress every one.", he asked.

Ensign Mackie could feel the Trill Science Chief's disappointment and aggravation, and Quinn was only human. The Selubassari were very black and white and knew little in the art of compromise. Hopefully, Captain Geisler would come through and regain full access to the Vasco da Gama. "I have accessed all of the records regarding the Convergence Zone. Would you like me to transmit them to the Black Hawk for further study?"

"Proceed Ensign."

"Aye, Commander," Quinn said, typing on the console. "Download initiated." Looking towards the Trill, he said, "May I suggest something, sir? They might not let us go to crew quarters. But, the science labs should have a few PADDs lying around. Maybe there's some notes or something on those that can help."

Arjin nodded. "We will do that as soon as we can wrap thing up here."

Jennin's time on the da Gama thus far had been disappointing. Sitting at a console and digging through computer files was not what he'd envisioned for this mission. He wanted to get his hands on a corpse. Or some new, interesting lifeform. Instead, the spotted Science chief was preventing him from doing what he was trained to do.

"Things are progressing quite well, sir," said Aidan. He hadn't found anything out of the ordinary in the computer core. But he was missing an opportunity to engage with a species that he hadn't met before. That was driving the Anthropologist in him crazy. Not to mention, his El-Aurian blood.

Nasek, went over each system again as she had the time. Weapons, Engines, Coms, and Shields were offline though they would require an engineer to manually reconnect them. They appeared nominal. The other systems, life support, computer operation and the like were online and undamaged as well. In essence it appeared as though someone wanted to secure the ship, not destroy it. She tapped the information on a PADD and made notes as others continued on their assignments.

After evey one had finished their task, Arjin stepped back towards the Selubassari. "We will need acces now to the Science Lab's."

The Selubassari nodded, and prepared to usher the group out of the computer core. Thankfully, for the benefit of all parties, the science labs were on the same level as the computer core.

Quinn was one of the first to step inside. The lab was a mess, PADDs and equipment strewn about, and half-finished projects littered the room. "Looks like the place has seen better days."

Aidan followed his former roommate inside. "Indeed it does," he said looking around the room. "Trying to find a place to start is not going to be all that difficult. Whatever PADD we move to access a console could have anything on it."

Alora wasn't sure of the experiments or projects that went on here but one thing she could help with is maybe identifying some of the debris, find clues about just what went on. "There may be clues in the detritus as well..." She said as she entered as well, still holding her tricorder, "I could analyze most concentrated section of debris or all things being equal, the nearest." She suggested. Her eyes quietly taking in the state of the room.

This isn't an exobiology lab, Rhula thought. He wasn't sure why he'd been assigned for this mission. As of yet, none of his skills was being utilized. And I'm stuck with a Trill, he reminded himself.

Quinn began to survey the room, noting the equipment scattered about. "This is unusual," he muttered. "These look like the innards of a probe." He pulled out a tricorder and began to scan what he saw. "No major systems, but the age on these parts..."

Ensign Nasek aimed her tricorder at the same pile and began scanning, "What did you find?" She asked curiously as her tricorder begain its own detailed scan to confirm results.

Aidan had been on one side of the lab picking up PADDs. To his dismay, they were all cracked or broken in some fashion. He had to wonder if it was to hide something or if it was just a natural result of ransacking the place. While he continued his search, he listened to what Ensigns Mackie and Nasek were saying. That is, until he moved a panel on the floor and saw a flickering PADD with the screen cracked. The El-Aurian picked it up and tried to access it completely. Unfortunately, it kept flickering. Aidan couldn't get the thing to stay on for anything.

"It seems I have finally found a PADD that is actually working," said Aidan. "Well, sort of. It keeps going in and out, flickering and all. If we could get it powered enough to stay on, there might be something here."

Nasek didn't want to think about what force was in this room that could damage a PADD with a coating of boronite whisker epoxy meant to protect it against anything up to a 35 meter drop and damage the internal sorium krellide power cell, whatever these people had faced the evidence it was serious kept mounting. Though, in her mind that idea didn't need anymore help but what they did need were clues so she politely pulled out a spare power cell from her repair kit, "Of course if the connections are damaged that could be a problem..." She said uncertainly, eyeing the PADD.

"That," said Aidan, "is why I'm a scientist and not an engineer." He chuckled a little. "Thank you for you assistance." He handed the PADD over to Ensign Nasek and waited to see what happened. The El-Aurian was anxious to say the least to see if there was anything of consequence on the device.

Alora smiled in gentle humor, "I just over prepare, you should see what I take on vacation." and took the PADD, focusing on it. She pulled a small tool from her pocket and popped the back off then bent to it. She pulled another device that looked like a small stick with a tiny light at the end and used it to turn off the device at the source for safety.

Aidan watched as the Engineer went to work repairing the PADD. Well, as much as it could be repaired. Something bad had certainly happened here. And not just with probe parts, but destroying things in the lab as well.

Then Nasek tapped it on a few of the PADD circuit threads that lead to the power cell, the little light lit up each time she touch it to a thread and she smiled. "Connections are solid..." Then she removed the old power cell, "Partially fried someone put a lot of juice through this it wasn't meant to hold..."

Aidan looked curiously at her. A Starfleet officer would know better than to put that much power to a PADD. This was getting more interesting by the moment. As a scientist, his curiosity had been piqued.

Alora then put the new power cell in, checked everything again then put the back on it powered up normally but the spider web cracks in the glass of course could not be fixed. She handed it back to Aidan with a smile, "Try it now."

"Thank you," Aidan replied, as he took the PADD back. He powered it up and watched it come to life. "Fantastic job, Ensign Nasek. Now, let's see what the once over-powered PADD holds that someone wanted to keep from us." Just as he was about to bring up the most recent accessed information...

"Does anyone else smell that?" Quinn asked, looking around the room. His interest was in the technology littered about, but there was a very distinct smell permeating the lab from the back of it. The more he stepped into the lab, the worse the stench became. It was a very foul odor, almost like...

Quinn yelped, shocked by a sight around a corner, completely invisible from everyone's view. In addition to the yelp, he keeled over, trying not to gag from the awful sight.

Aidan ran up to his former roommate and knelt beside him. The odor forced a look of disgust on the El-Aurian's face. He checked Quinn to ensure he would be fine before investigating further.

Nasek didn't want to know what Quinn had seen, from his reaction she had a pretty good idea, she hadn't seen a dead body in years. Not since the First Occupation of Bajor and had no desire to repeat the experience but it seemed important to witness and there may be a clue. Reluctantly she peered around the corner, after Aidan saw to Quinn.

What awaited those that were curious to see was a rotting corpse, a human Starfleet officer, collared in yellow with a single gold pip. He laid on his side, flesh already deteriorating. Blood had been splattered on the wall, spelling something in alien script.

It was no wonder Quinn fell over and was gagging. Aidan put his arm over his nose and mouth. A dead Ensign. As an archaeologist, he was used to dealing with things much longer dead than this. But he did take note of the alien script written in blood.

Alora had backed away and was trying to calm her breathing, there didn't look to be anything for her there. Questions tried to present themselves with no current answers: who was he? How did he die? Did no one know his body was here? What was that language? She had no answers and instead took time to settled herself, forcing half forgotten memories back in their box with ease born of long practice.

Noticing the behavior of his fellow junior officers, Rhula approached them. His eyes lit up when he saw the body laying there. Finally! he thought, grateful for something relevant to his specialties. "Move aside," the Bajoran man said, moving in on the spot where the decaying ensign rested. He pulled out his tricorder as he knelt down. He ran several standard scans, cross-referencing the readings with Starfleet medical records for Operations division ensigns assigned to the sector. "Commander," he called out, trying to get the Trill's attention. "You're going to want to see this."

At the yell from the Lieutenant, Arjin walked over to the space where they had discovered the corpse. He covered his nose, but had no problem with the visuals. Timor had seen worse in his life and his memories were shared with Arjin.
"Enlighten me Lieutenant. What have you discovered?"

Craning his neck to look up at the now present Trill, Rhula glared. "Thought that was obvious," he said, forcing the words through clenched teeth. "The presence of a dead Starfleet officer is something one reports to their superior." Even if that means dealing with a parasite host.

Arjin sighed at the Bajoran's comment. "I can see that it is a Starfleet Officer corpse. I am not blind. And I thank you for following procedure.", he replied. "Since it is in your specialty field. I would like you to do a preliminary scan and see what you can find out at first sight before an in depth research at the Black Hawk can be done."

Not blind, the pathologist thought, yet you failed to notice that I'm already running scans. But, of course you have to assert your correctness. Damned arrogant.

He did not wait for a reply of the Lieutenant but turned towards Ensign Crehan. "Make sure you record every inch of those writings so it can be researched back aboard our ship."

Walking back towards the Selubassari, he adressed the guard. "Is this of your doing?", he asked him? "Are there other Starfleet crew members you know off lying dead abourd this ship? I expect answers and demand to be able to beam the corpse aboard our ship when we are done with it here."

The skin of the guard turned red with rage at the accusation. He withdrew his weapon and pointed it at the Lieutenant Commander. "We kill only to defend our holdings. Our weapons do not draw blood, and they kill our target instantly. Your kin was not killed by our hands."

Arjin did not flinch a muscle when faced with the angry guard. He was no hero but he did not think he was going to kill him in front of his crew Members.

"Perhaps.", he replied. "And yet I am not threatening your holdings, but you are the one pointing a weapon at me aboard one of our ship holdings. Still. I will accept your word for it for the time being.", he added still looking straight at the Selubassari.

"This ship is property of the Selubassari until I am informed otherwise by my superiors," said the guard. "But we do not claim ownership of your dead. You may remove it."

Don't dig us a deeper hole, Mister Trill, Rhula thought. He stood up from the corpse and approached where Djinx and the Selubassari stood. "I'll 'remove' the body," he said.

"Good. Make it so.", Arjin replied

Quinn shivered, glancing down once more at the corpse. He couldn't believe this was all happening. In fact, he had no idea what was happening. Quinn just hoped this would all be over soon.

Not wanting to give the Trill Science Chief a chance to interfere in his plans, he returned to the dead officer. "Jennin to Black Hawk. Two to beam directly to Pathology."

"Finish what you are all doing and let's go back towards the Black Hawk.", Arjin ordered.


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