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Engineering Fighters

Posted on 07 Jun 2017 @ 1:02am by Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Phaser Range
Timeline: MD 3 || 1600 Hours

David checked the last Type II phaser that Doctor Kij had used last and put it away, then activated the terminal in front of him. The next personnel on the list for training was Lieutenant Griffin and Commander Walsh and as he checked the time, he glanced back at the personnel scheduled to come and inwardly groaned when he saw that Commander Walsh was the big bald guy he had encountered in the corridor the night before. "This is going to be fun," he said to no one. "Better switch these phasers out for the light emitters only. I don't need to be shot by an angry boyfriend."

Terry had been going over the flight schedule for the following day when a small alarm sounded and the monitor rose from his desk. He really liked this new ship and his new office. He put the PADD down and looked to see which reminder this one was. "Phaser training and certification...with the Chief of Security. Damn. Baby Bear." Terry deactivated the alarm and sighed. "Oh well, it was bound to happen. I just wish it had happened in the gym." He left everything where it was and headed up a deck to the Phaser Range.

Terry walked in and stood just beyond the range of the doors so they could close. "Well, what do you know," he said chuckling. "Lieutenant Commander Walsh reporting for phaser training and certification."

David looked over and gave a nod. "Glad you could make it, Commander," he said. "I've already got the phasers out that we'll be using as soon as Lieutenant Griffin shows up. Can you go ahead and sign off on it?" he asked Baldilocks.

Terry walked over and put his thumb to the PADD, signing off on signing out the phaser. "So, Lieutenant Griffin is joining us? Phaser training with a the Chief Engineer. Then I suppose when I break it, it'll be good that he's here to fix it. Uh, I mean, if I break it."

"if you think you're going to break it before you even start, I'd suggest going to the holodeck and going over some remedial phaser training. The cadet program is pretty good from what I hear, Commander."

If I break it, it'll be over that rock-hard skull of yours, neanderthal," he thought. "Actually, Lieutenant Di Pasquale did a fine job the last time I was in here. Anyway, the cadet program is pretty good, huh. Been practicing there lately? Lieutenant."

"Actually, just about a month ago," David said. "Back when I was on Earth training cadets at the Academy in phasers and hand to hand. When's the last time you got certified?"

Terry cocked his head to the side. "You the Security Chief, you didn't check my file before you scheduled this certification session?" He eyed the man for a moment. "You really don't know, do you?"

"I'm asking you, not the other way around," David said. "I have access to your personnel files, Commander Walsh, but I want to see if you remember."

Terry looked thoughtful for a moment. In all honesty, he couldn't remember. Even if it was just six months ago. "Well, I'll have to give you that one. I'd guess about six months ago. But so much has happened recently...Consortium, getting spaced out of my fighter, watching my old home fall to it's doom, and from a Jem'Hadar fighter no less. Been a pretty busy few months."

A look of loathing crossed his face at the mention of the Jem'Hadar and the bald Security Chief turned. "I never had a use for them beyond target practice," he said. "Speaking of that, let's get started. I'll schedule Griffin for something special for taking his sweet time getting here."

He turned to the console and activated ten spheres which moved about erratically at the end of the range. "Let's see if you can get eight out of ten in under fifteen shots."

"Honestly, me neither. Hardest damn thing I ever had to do was fight side-by-side with them during that battle...especially after the War. Anyway, sounds good to me." Terry readied the phaser. "Fifteen shots, huh. Can do." Terry took aim and fired. He took out two spheres with two shots. The third missed and Terry growled. Shots four, five, and six took down three more. Shots seven and eight missed due to the unexpected and erratic movement. Terry started to get frustrated, like he did with Camila. Determined not to let her down, he relaxed and refocused. The next two shots found their target. By the end of the round, the squadron commander had come in just under the Lieutenant's numbers.

"Nice shooting, Commander," David said as he watched the man. "But you may want to slow your pace and take aim instead of firing wild when you miss one or two. Breathe, aim, fire."

Terry turned, "Thanks, Lieutenant. Slow and steady after I miss. But, in a firefight, would I have time to do that?" Terry wasn't being a smartass. Most of his phaser firing was in a fighter. "Or does it just become second nature?"

"That's when you put it on wide beam and spray and pray," David said with a smirk. "It may be less power on a wide beam setting, but notch it up a few and get the same effect."

Terry cracked up. "Spray and pray. That's a new one," he said between laughs. "Gotcha, wide beam and raise the power." He quickly adjusted the phaser and opened fire on the spheres at the end of the range. "Like that?"

"It's actually a derisive term for firing an automatic firearm towards an enemy in long bursts, without making an effort to line up each shot or burst of shots. This is especially prevalent amongst those without benefit of proper training. It differs from suppressive fire as the shooting is sloppily directed," David said, giving him a text book answer. "Or if the enemy is swarming your position and you don't have time to pick out individuals. I did a lot sprayin' and prayin' during the Dominion War on AR-558."

Terry was just about take his stance again when he paused and stood. "You were on AR-558?" he asked turning. "Well, despite our first encounter, and that gym appointment we still have, my hat's off to you. It took a hell of man to fill those boots that fought down there." He walked up and clasped the giant on the shoulder. "The Dominion War hit a lot of us." He turned and headed back to his position. "So what's next, Baby Bear?"

"I was on the Rapid Response team and spent six months on that shit hole of a rock," David said with a grunt. "You should like you know a bit about the war yourself." He looked at the results. "You passed your certification, Baldilocks, but if you want, we can go head to head in a simulated live fire and see how you do."

Hmm, simulated live fire with another highly qualified Security Chief or an opportunity to talk about the War, he thought. That was what Camila was talking about, getting it out. And who would understand better than a mountain of a man that went through it himself. "Yeah, I know a bit about the War. Flew Marine Typhoon class fighters from twenty-three seventy-three till the War ended in twenty-three seventy-five. Lost a lot of good pilots...and friends. Filthy boneheads."

"I was in it from seventy-four and seventy-five, then ended up doing time in Starfleet Medical for my part in it," Moreau said. "Six months of being deprived of everything with numerous injuries sustained in the line of duty." He gave an evil smile. "I walked away from it unlike those White sucking things. They were carted out by the dozens. It had to be a bitch flying through all that madness. I heard about the assault to retake Deep Space Nine, man. That had to be crazy and a half. You must have some solid skill to still be flying."

"That's what I like to hear," said Terry. "Carted off by the dozens. Flying through it...yeah, a bitch is putting it mildly. Skill was helpful. Luck was nice to have, too." He paused, thinking that after their last encounter, this would have gone differently. Maybe the Dominion War had a way of breaking those barriers. "Did you know that the Black Hawk has a Dominion War Memorial?"

"The original?" David asked. "No, I didn't. I spent most of the war on one shithole after another before anyone knew we were there. Our memorials were left behind in the form of blood, sweat and tears."

Terry nodded slowly. "I get that." He paused a second, looking around the room. "Doesn't look like your other trainee is gonna make it. How much longer you want to wait before we go the gym I kick your ass?" he asked with a wide grin on his face.

"I'll schedule him later, Baldilocks," David said. "You may want to get your boyfriend so she can give you first aid after I get through with you."

"Boyfriend? Dude, you need to have an eyeball transplant," said Terry. "That little ball of fire is all woman. Hang on...first aid? That's all you've got? You plan to hurt me just enough for first aid? Man, and here I thought it was going to be tough. So what are you going to do sunshine, bake me some cookies and hit me with the pan?"

The bald Security Chief laughed. "I usually don't make it a point to hit little girls like yourself, but if you want it, I'll bring it, Baldilocks," he said.

He looked the man up and down and smiled. "Okay, Baby Bear, bring it," said Terry. "And from the looks of it, only thing you need to carry it is your purse."

"It's time to put your money where your mouth is," David said. "Get your phaser checked in so you can check out." The big man went to log the scores and turned his phaser in.

Terry walked over and signed his phaser in. "Let's do this," he said. "But, check out what? Your purse? Sorry man, I don't have an interest in your ladies handbag."

"You'll need one of your own to carry your boys in when I get done with you," Moreau said as he headed out of the phaser range. "Let's go so you can know real pain."

Terry walked out behind the big man and up to his side. "Nah, I'll just use your purse. You can carry yours in your hand. I'm sure your boys have been handed to you a few times already, right?"

"We'll soon find out who'll need a purse," Moreau said and headed towards the gym.


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