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Taking the Tour

Posted on 19 Jun 2017 @ 3:32am by Ensign Aidan Crehan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 2 || 1630 Hours

It had taken some time, some requisitions from the Quartermaster, some exchange of favors and a lot of moving around, but Mila was finally happy with how the new quarters she shared with the love of her life was. Even though it was a junior officer's quarters as befitting Aidan's status as an Ensign, she had done much with it to make it seem like it was larger than it was. Even her Capuchin, Chow, had his own little curtained off area for when he went to sleep in his bed.

Once everything was set up, the brunette Russian took a sonic shower before changing into a purple skirt with a lighter purple blouse and a pair of shoes made for comfort and walking. Finally, she brushed her long hair out and headed into the common area to see if Aidan was ready while Chow sat by the terminal with a bowl of grapes. "Aidan! Are you being ready to see ship, my love?"

Aidan spun around in the chair towards the voice of his beloved. He had been looking over the schematics in an attempt to find a few of the more interesting places on the ship to start at. "I am indeed ready, Mila," he said. "This ship offers many places to explore." He walked over to the couch and sat down, putting on a pair of walking shoes. He stood up and adjusted the blue polo shirt he was wearing, tucking a bit of it back into the waistband of his jeans. "I have a couple of places in mind, but is there somewhere that you would like to start?"

"As long as it is not being Administration, I am happy to see where our feet will lead us," she said as she moved over to give him a kiss, then pulled his shirt out of his waistband. "You are being off duty. Relax, da?" She looked over at Chow and gave a low whistle and the little simian headed over to her after he took the last two grapes from the bowl. She bent over and picked him to sit him on her shoulder. "Now I am being ready."

Aidan returned her kiss and then chuckled when she pulled his shirt out. He grabbed the hem of it and flopped it up and down a couple times, then let it fall. "You have a very good point," he said, watching as Chow ran over. However, his eyes didn't fall to the little Capuchin when Mila bent over to pick him up. But rather, he tilted his head to the side and took in a view that he would never get tire of seeing. Even in a skirt, she was incredible. Aidan couldn't help but smile. "Then let's see where feet lead us."

Mila gave a laugh and turned towards him. "You are starting to be speaking like me, Aidan," she said. "Is that meaning that I am to be talking like you?" Chow reached over and patted her on the head and gave a tiny shrug even though he had no idea what she was saying.

The El-Aurian's smile turned into laughter. "Let's just say I was momentarily distracted and it affected my thought processes." He smiled at Chow and patted Mila on the butt. "Although, if I were to begin speaking like someone else when my mind is on other things, I can't think of anyone I'd rather sound like. Shall we?" He offered his hand to hers.

"Pervert," she laughed and took his hand. "I am knowing how you are being distracted." With her hand in his, she headed out of their quarters and looked left and right. "I am still not used to being on same deck as senior officers. Is weird feeling, but is design of ship. Are you feeling up or down?"

"I'm sure it will not take you long to grow accustomed to it," said Aidan. "You're already used to working around them every day. But off duty, they're not all that bad. At any rate, I'm feeling up."

Mila smirked as she headed to the turbolifts with him. "How am I knowing that you would be saying you are feeling up?" she asked. "We are having gymnasium, zero-G gym, multipurpose rooms, rool, crew lounges, recreations rooms, and performance halls. There is more, but not much to see for tour."

He smiled down at her as they walked. "You know because you're getting to know me more on this journey that started on the sands of New Risa." He gently squeezed her hand. "And I like it. Besides, I saw that there is an actual library up there somewhere. And I'm curious as to whether everything is on a PADD or computer monitor or if, in fact, there are paper books. And if so, which ones in their rarity would have been deemed worthy of such a ship. Then you can pick."

"Library is being on deck six," she said. "I am uncertain if they are having actual books or not, but is only being matter of time before I am knowing all there is to be knowing on ship. I am just glad that I am knowing best thing about ship."

"Of this, I have no doubt. You would not be completely performing your job as the senior most enlisted on the ship if you didn't," replied Aidan. "And what is the best thing to know about the ship anyway, my dear?" He asked. Oh, he had his suspicions alright.

"You, even though you are not being thing, you are best thing to ever happen to me," Mila told him while giving his hand a squeeze as the turbolift doors opened. "As for first meeting, was not being on sands of New Risa. Was being on Flight Deck of original Black Hawk."

The doors closed as they stepped inside. "Deck six," Aidan announced. As the lift whirred to life, he continued. "That was most certainly our first meeting. But was it not on the moonlit beach that we began talking about this road we were on and the journey down it?" He chuckled a bit as another memory to mind. "I remember telling you that I would carry both you and Chow back to the room if you fell asleep. And I would have, too. Still would," he added. "Because you are the best thing that has ever come into my life."

"That is being true," Mila admitted. "At time when I am first meeting you, I was having no idea how wonderful you are, but I was having feeling that you were good man. I am so glad that I waited that day to be having someone to share shuttle with. A simple trip to pick up things turned into love and for that, I will always be grateful."

"Excuse me, Chow." Aidan stepped to the other side of Mila, leaned down, and kissed her lips. Then her soft cheek. Then he pulled back her long brunette hair, which he absolutely loved, and whispered in her ear. "I love you too, Mila. And I will I always treasure that day and every day thereafter."

She returned the kiss with a shiver when he moved her hair and whispered. "And I am loving you just as much," she said as Chow moved to her other shoulder. "Each day is like new adventure into parts unexplored and with you by my side, I know outcome of each one is going to be even better than one before."

Aidan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled as the doors opened. He put his arm around her waist and walked out with her close to his side. "Then let us look with anticipation towards those times." A couple of Medical officers passed by and looked at him strangely when he said that. Aidan simply smiled and nodded his head in their direction as a greeting. "Tell me, Printsessa, have you been able to reconnect with anyone from the old Black Hawk?"

"Da," Mila said. "Not all came back, but the important ones are being back," she told him. "Joey is being back and is now Chief of Intelligence instead of being back in Security. Lieutenant Di Pasquale took another assignment on Deep Space Eleven, I am hearing, but there are not being too many others that I am being aware of who are not returning." She looked at one of the Medical officers and cocked her head to the left and got a return head cock to the right and a sheepish grin before the officer hurried into the turbolift.

"That's good to hear that Joey is back," he said. "And Intelligence Chief, too. That is a terrific step for her." They continued walking down the corridor. "Would a lot of that flow through you as Captain's Yeoman anyway?"

She looked at him and gave a slightly sardonic smile. "Everything on ship is going through Administration and I am having to put it all together to bring to Captain. There is nothing that I do not see unless it is being above my clearance level and data access. I am knowing things that I wish I did not know."

Aidan grinned and nodded. "Of course," he said, "what was I thinking. You are at the top of your food chain." He squeezed her hand when she added that last statement. "With your memory, my love, I cannot suggest forgetting them. But let's focus remembering the best thing that you could ever Tell me, what went through your mind the very first time you kissed me in the ocean?"

"I hoped that I would not drawn, but I was knowing that I was safe with you," she said with a smile. "You are having no idea how scared I was at that moment, but I have learned much since then."

"Yes you were. I wouldn't have let you drown," he replied. "I was surprised at first, but then immediately pleased." They rounded a bend in the corridor. "What have you learned? What is it that sticks out in your mind about us?"

"That you would never be letting something happen to me," Mila said as she gave his hand a squeeze. She stopped and then looked at him. "Oh! Something that you are not knowing about me since we are returning to ship. I am going to be a krestnaya mama!" Fortunately, the universal translator interpreted it as 'godmother' for his understanding.

"No, I wouldn't." He paused alongside her when she stopped. "A godmother!" Aidan exclaimed. "That is wonderful, Mila." Someone on the ship was expecting. Someone close enough to Mila that they would ask her to fulfill that honor. "I'm sure you will be an excellent godmother. I would ask who, but since things like that are typically kept close, I shall wait. Until then, I'll be happy with you regarding the news."

She shook her head and smiled. "I am having permission to be telling you," she said. "Is my sestra, Joey. She and Harvey are being engaged and expecting."

Aidan's eye's widened and his jaw fell open slightly. "Joey and Harvey," he said quietly. "I would never have guessed. I'm happy for both of them. And for you, too. I suppose then, it's a good thing that she transferred over to the Intelligence from Security."

"Da," Mila agreed as they approached the library. "Is being wonderful. I am never being krestnaya mama before and I am playing to be spoiling Peanut so bad you will be smelling him or her in next quadrant. I cannot wait and I am being so happy for her. She is deserving break from Security because it is being too dangerous, especially after last mission when she died on station."

"Peanut, is it? That's a cute name to use until they learn if they have a boy or girl. And I couldn't imagine you doing anything but spoiling the little one." Aidan led them through the doors into... well he really had no idea what to expect, but it was even smaller than that. "It would appear that most everything is on PADD's or at least accessible via a terminal," he said. "We could probably walk through the Library in a few short minutes. Then it's your choice, my love."

"If we are seeing anything we are liking, we can always replicate paper copy," she said. "As for Peanut, that is how Joey is saying and I am liking it, so Peanut is name for now." She looked at him. "Of course, if you are writing memoirs of your travels, you could be adding to collection that no one has ever read before."

"This is very true. There is just something about a paper copy," he said. Then he paused when she mentioned his memoirs. "Those would need to be on PADDs and in computers. For I fear that you would need a planet-sized library by the time their entirety would be completed." He grinned down at her. "However, the most treasured parts of those memoirs would contain you. I would read and re-read them many times. And if they were in paper copies, I would need new ones within months."

Mila's heart fluttered and she felt her stomach get the sensation of butterflies in it at his words. She looked up at him with eyes filled with love and adoration. "You are very, nyet, incredibly wonderful man, Aidan Crehan. I could travel galaxy twice and never find another like you and I hope I am never finding another like you. I am loving you so much that I cannot think when I am in your presence."

It didn't matter to him that they were in public. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "As far as I'm concerned, you'll never have to search for another like me. Not that you would fine one. For there is nothing you could do that would make me leave your side, Mila Anastasiya. I love you that much. And more. I love you so much that it would take ten El-Aurian life cycles to tell you and and ten more to write it." He kissed her cheek before he stood back up. "I treasure you. Now, shall we walk through and see if anything in here strikes us?"

"You are sweetest man alive in this century or any other," she said with a bright smile. "I am one who is having eidetic memory, but you are making me forget where I was suggesting we are to be going next. Shame on you," she said with a laugh. "Let us just go where our feet are taking us."

Aidan smiled widely. "I love you." He put his arm around her shoulders and walked through the library. There were some interesting titles that he saw on screens and in the shelves. He even passed by a older woman replicating a paper copy. "Has anything caught your eye, sweetheart?"

"Da, you," Mila told him. "I am only having eyes for you, but for books...there is time to be coming back to look at leisure. Is there any that you would be liking to have?" she asked him after she made a mental note for the ones he had been looking over.

Aidan chuckled. "I've seen several, but not for right at this moment. At this moment, I think we can try another location on our tour. As you said, we can come back at a later time." He guided her toward the door, wondering where their feet would lead them. This was a large ship and had lots of places to explore.

"Did you want to go down a deck to recreation and lounges or up and be visiting impulse engines and shield generators?" she asked him as she walked out beside of him. "I have not been to either yet, but engineering has never been thing for me. As long as it is doing job of keeping ship moving, I am being happy."

He laughed a bit at the engineering comment. "Down a deck sounds just fine with me, Mila." He took her arm in his and led them out of the Library. "Let's see what kind of fun and drinks this new ship has to offer. And whatever else might be on that deck that is of interest."

"I am in agreement," Mila said as they entered the turbolift again. "I am just happy that we are being together again and that I did not have to transfer to be with you. Harvey is being good Captain and I do not have time to be training new one."

Aidan had ordered them down one deck. "I am too, Mila. So, training a new Captain? I don't believe I've ever heard it put that way before. Are they hard to train?"

"Deck eight," she told the computer to get to the right deck before she looked at him. "You are having no idea," she said. "I have spent ten years in capacity as Yeoman and have very efficient system to be delivering information to Captains. Some are wanting to see reports from department heads first. Some are wanting subspace messages first. I organize by importance and lay it out in PADD for them to go with other PADDs and let them choose what they will, but none can say that order is not most important."

"You, Senior Chief, are a very organized Yeoman," replied Aidan, smiling. "It sounds like it can take quite a while for a Captain to grow accustomed to the way he needs things done. But with a good trainer like you, I'm certain that time could be cut down. But, you will have no need to worry about that now. You and I are together and you have a Captain that you have already trained."

"The way I am seeing it, you are Captain in training," Mila said as the turbolift came to a halt and the doors opened. "Years pass very quickly and time is of the essence, but you are to be having no fear. I will get you trained before then." She smiled at him and stepped out of the turbolift.

"Um, what?" He watched her step out. Then he quickly gathered his thoughts enough to follow her out of the turbolift. But that was all. "Trained, is it. Well little miss Mila, how am I doing so far?" He chuckled and nudged her a bit as they walked. She was fun. Lots of fun. And he enjoyed every second of it.

"I am not knowing yet," she said with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes as she tried not to laugh. "You are only being Ensign and I do not bring you PADDs on ship activities."

He winked at her and grinned. "And for this, I am glad. My training, I would imagine, must begin at a more base level. Much like yours," he added with another wink.

"Nyet," Mila deadpanned. "I was born Yeoman." she paused to look around. "We hare having Talon's, gym, zero-G gym, recreation rooms, lounge and pool. Which one is sounding best."

Aidan couldn't help but chuckle a bit before adding, "Not the training to which I was referring, beautiful. At any rate, a lounge sounds good. But it would be nice to see what the new Talon's looks like. Especially before it begins to get busy."

"Then we will start with lounge," she said. "As for training, what training are you thinking that I am needing, Mister Crehan?" she asked him, the gleam back in her eyes again.

He put his arm around her waist as they headed towards the doors. "Your training, Miss Rasputin, started back when I first got you to blush. And it will continue, growing and maturing as it branches out into different aspects." He paused and looked down into her brilliant eyes. "It will be filled with surprises and joy and laughter and love."

"Is that so?" Mila asked him with a smile. "Then I look forward to seeing what else is included in training." She walked into the lounge which had several seats near a window and watched the stars as they warped past. "For your training, I am planning to ensure that you are happy, well fed, and satisfied with all that I am able to give you."

Aidan took note of her looking at the window seats before he stopped and moved around to face her. "I am already satisfied with what you have been able to give me. If there is more of this to come, then I will be enriched. Now, would my darling like to sit next to a window and watch the stars go by as I envelop myself in the ones that have found homes in your eyes?"

"What I would like, my handsome knight, is for you to kiss me until I am forgetting my name or where I am," she told him as she moved up until only an inch separated them. "And then I want you to kiss me some more."

With no care as to where they were, Aidan whispered, "As you wish." He closed the inch that separated them and pressed his lips to Mila's. The kiss that ensued was more than passionate. Aidan wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He pulled away and rubbed the tip of his nose against hers, catching a breath. Then he winked and kissed her again.

Mila melted against him and returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around him and held him even after the kiss was over. passing Tellarite grunted and cast a look their way, but she ignored him as she gazed into Aidan's eyes. "I am not knowing who I am," she said softly. "But I am hoping that I am with you."

He smiled down at her, holding her. "You're mine," he said. "That takes care of who you are and who you're with." He quietly stared at her for a few moments. "However, if you need more information, I would be glad to fill in the spaces. For I would never tire of talking about you and how we met and how wonderful you have made my life since then."

"Now I am knowing that my mother is being correct," she said as she looked into his eyes. "You are the only man for me, Aidan Crehan, and there is no other who would even come close to having a chance at getting my attention."

"I'm glad to hear that," he said. "I feel the same way. There's no one else that I'd rather be this close too. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind being closer. I love being the only man for you. And I hope you love being the only woman for me."
He led over to a table next to the window and pulled a chair out of her.

Mila slowly moved around him and slid her hands up through his hair and back around to his chest before she gently pushed him down into the chair. When he was settled, she slipped into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck before she gave him another kiss. "You are only seat for me as well," she said with a smile when she broke the kiss.

Aidan shivered. But not because of any cold or fear. It was one of those shivers. The ones that say, Oh for the love of the Prophets, do that again. Then she pushed him into the chair, sat on his lap, and kissed him. He put his arms around her waist and returned her kiss until she broke it. "That was quite the surprise, my dear. And I must say," he paused and patted her upper hip, "You are the only seat for me, too." The young El-Aurian looked at his girlfriend and winked. "I love you," he whispered.

"As I am loving you," she said as she rested on his lap. "This is being nice ship, but is not having the feel of a ship which has been a home. Then again, it is being brand new and it will be taking time to have the feel of familiarity. I cannot wait to be knowing every inch of it. How is Stellar Cartography being?"

"This has to be the best Stellar Cartography lab that I have," said Aidan. "Though I haven't been spending that much time in there lately. Have you gotten used to the layout of your Administration area yet?"

"I am having my own office and large reception area, plus area for other yeomans under me," Mila said. "I am sharing area with Executive Officer even though I have not seen him yet. He is like ghost who comes and goes, but I am often being very busy and moving through entire ship. I once went to go to old Security office location and ended up in Engineering, but I am figuring it out."

Aidan gave a little chuckle and gentle hug to Mila. "I have a feeling that it will not take you long. Once you have the locations in that memory of yours, you won't forget them. I imagine it being something like a holodeck in there. Once you get the layout down, it's just a simple walk-through." She was too wonderful and he was very fortunate to have her in his life.

"Da," she agreed. "I am just having to take time to be remembering where everything is. Remembering a layout from picture is one thing, but to be at a place in person to see and remember it is being something different."

Aidan nodded. "That makes sense now that I think about it. You know," he said, "on a different note, it seems to have been a while since you've sat in my lap. We'll need to fix that. But for now, would you like something to drink? We are in a lounge after all."

"I think I would be liking to try something I have never had before," Mila said. "You have had many travels and chance to explore, so are you having suggestion for me?"

The El-Aurian thought for a second and smiled. "Andorian Ale," he said. "A cool, refreshing beverage similar to their homeworld...cold, icy, and blue. Have you had that before?" He liked this part of the ship. A person, or a couple people, could just sit her and relax, looking at the stars and enjoying life.

"Nyet," she told him. "I have not had much experience beyond vodka and several other drinks since I am always being stuck on Russian, but I am opening my mind since I am meeting you. "With your warmth, I do not see any drink staying cold for long."

"Then an Andorian Ale it is," he replied. "Warmth indeed. The only reason I'm warm is because you're hot." He let his arms fall to her lap and rubbed her legs. "Mmhmm, hot."

Mila shivered and leaned in to give him a kiss, but showed no signs of getting up off of his lap. Instead, she gave a wiggle and laid her head against his chest. "I love you so much, Aidan," she told him. "You are my reason for everything."

Aidan grinned when she wiggled and pulled her closer as she laid her head down. "I love you more, Mila," he replied. "I shall be your reason for as long as you want. I cannot believe that I'm as lucky as I am to have you. You and your wiggle." He gently squeezed her thighs and then patted them.

She gave a delightful laugh and looked at him. "I am knowing what you are liking," she said with a wink. "And I am thinking that you will be needing something cold before we are leaving lounge unless you are having ability to transport back to quarters."

Aidan laughed and nodded his head. "You know me well, it would seem. And no, I don't have a way to transport back. So that something cold would be nice. But not right now. Right now, I am too busy enjoying the something hot." He leaned down and kissed her, lightly brushing her lips with his tongue before pulling up.

Mila returned the kiss and smiled as she snuggled against him. "You are being amazing," she said contentedly. "As long as you are being you, it is all I am ever asking for."

He looked out the window at the passing stars. "What you see is what you get," he answered. "The Knight, the Rogue, all of it. And you, my love, are the best thing that has ever come into my life. I cannot remember if I've told you that today or not."

"And that is all that I am wanting," she said. "You have but I will never be getting tired of hearing it, just as I will never get tired of telling you how much I am loving you."

He smiled. "Tell me again, Printsessa. How much do you love me?" He wrapped his arms around her, not wanting to ever let her go. And he didn't plan to. He had ideas in his mind, things he wanted to do. But he had to organize it. It would be a few months, and it would be memorable.

Mila squeezed her index and thumb tight together. "I am loving you this much," she said. "And I will tell you why my arms are not stretched out as far as I could be getting them. I am pressing thumb and finger tight together so no one could ever be getting between us."

"You are so sweet and wonderful. I could never get enough you, Mila. Never," said Aidan. He pulled her as close as he could while she sat on his lap. "Your index finger and thumb are only the beginning," he said, nuzzling her head.

She gave a shiver and looked up at him. "I am having naughty idea," she said. "We should reserve zero-G gym for private training, da?"

"Da," he replied in her native tongue. "I like that...naughty...idea, Lady Rogue. Considering the time, would you like me to reserve it for later or much later?"

Mila laughed and gave him a kiss. "I am thinking that Chow is to be rubbing off on you," she said. "You are becoming big pervert like him."

Aidan returned her kiss and chuckled. "We have been spending quite a bit of time together. But, how do you know it's not always been there, just locked up? Ohh, you took the key, didn't you?" he said staring into her bright eyes. "You unlocked my heart and then found that chest hidden in there and got curious."

"Nyet," she said with a smile. "You gave it to me and I am keeping it safe. I am looking forward to be exploring every inch of it to see what other treasures it holds."

"I did, didn't I," he said. And I am so very pleased that you accepted it. It will always be an open book to you, my dear Mila. Always." He released his grip somewhat and began rubbing her legs again.

"Just as mine is being open to you," Mila responded. "You are not needing key, nor will you ever be needing key, for my heart is yours, Aidan."

"And I will treasure it, explore it, and keep it close for the rest of my life," replied Aidan. "I will always love you." He leaned down and kissed her. "As much as I would miss you, would you like that drink now?"

She returned the kiss and reluctantly got up from his lap. "Da," she said with a smile. "Then we can be continuing with tour, yes?"

As she stood, he patted her backside and replied, "Of course, my love. Wherever our feet take us." He went to the replicator and ordered an Andorian Ale for each of them. He took a drink of his and carried Mila's back to her. "Your drink, Printsessa."

"Thank you, Sir Knight," Mila said as she accepted the drink and took a sip. "It is being refreshing with kick, but not as cold as Siberia was in old times, but does not leave frostbite on tongue. I am liking it. Shall we?" She motioned towards the door.

"We shall," he said. Aidan put his drink in his other hand and took Mila's empty hand in his. "It is as good as I remember. The drink, that is. Now to see where our feet will lead us next."

"Is drink being better than me?" she asked without being able to hold back a grin as she took his hand and headed out of the lounge. "Is being trick question, just so you are not sleeping with Chow tonight."

"The drink is good, but no, it is not better than you," Aidan said, smiling. "The Andorian Ale will give a slight buzz. But you, if I only had an equal amount of you, I would be falling all over the place and unable to remember what we even talked about. It is a thrilling adventure to be drunk on your love, Mila, on you. If I could take my fill of you, it would be another hundred years before I remembered anything."

Chow gave a hoot as Mila laughed and bumped her shoulder affectionately against his. "That is being best answer I am every hearing, and very smooth one at that," she told him. "Even Chow is being in agreement with us on that one. You are being smoother than Romulan Ale served at a embassy to Ferengi."

Aidan smiled widely and took another drink. "That's pretty smooth. And I'm glad that the answer was so well accepted. Because," he dropped to a whisper, "it's the truth, my love. I'm also glad that Chow agrees. We smooth operators have to stick together, don't we Chow?" He took another, rather long, drink of his Andorian Ale.

She took another sip of her ale as Chow went over to Aidan's shoulder and patted him on the head. "Either you have just stolen him or he giving you assurance that he is not holding it against you," she laughed as they walked side by side. "But I do not think you would be stealing him when you have already stolen my heart."

Aidan tossed back the rest of the Ale after Chow patted him on the head. "Either way, thank you my friend." He stopped and turned to Mila, a roguish grin across his face. "I may have stolen your heart, but there are other parts that I wouldn't think of stealing." He reached around and patted her backside. "Like that. I like that right where it is."

"Aidan!" Mila gasped after she jumped. "You are being bigger pervert than Chow. I am going to have to see if I am able to be getting armor when I am being around you. Hmm. Maybe I could be replicating molded hull metal to be putting there..." she winked at him and finished her ale.

He returned her wink. "Do you hear that, little one? I have now passed you." He took her hand back in his and looked forward. "I shall take the measurements, then. As well as the impression."

She turned around and started walking backwards. "If I am having to do this just to keep eyes on you, you are to be telling me who I am about to be walking into, you rogue," she said as she watched him.

"I'm not sure I can tell you who you're about to run into," said Aidan. "But I'll try. You see, I'm still having a hard time taking my eyes off of you." He watched as an Ensign dodged Mila by moving to the side. "Besides, that one missed you. And if you did run into one, I'd catch you before you fell."

"Then you would not be minding if someone with their hands out ran into me from behind?" Mila asked him with an arched eyebrow. "I supposed that you are not minding sharing if that is being case."

"Hang on Chow." Aidan ran to Mila, closing the space between them. Though he still had his glass in his hand, he wrapped his arms around her. "Mine," he whispered. "And not just that, you, all of you, all mine." He stood there, in the middle of the corridor and took a deep breath. Those memories of their first meeting in the shuttle flooded back. But, he waited. "All mine as far as I'm concerned, Printsessa." He rubbed her forehead with the tip of his nose and kissed it.

Mila laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You are being right," she said with a smile. "I am being yours just as you are being mine and I would not be having it any other way, my knight in shining armor."

Aidan smiled and gently bumped his forehead against Mila's. "Always, my beautiful princess." He nuzzled her nose one more time before stepping back. "Here, let me take that glass for you. There must be a replicator or recycler around here somewhere. Or least in Talons. Aren't we close to there?"

She tilted her head back and kissed him. "We are," she said as she turned around to face the right way. "Shall we get some lunch, kind Sir?"

"Indeed we shall, m'lady," replied Aidan. "Food sounds good right now." He turned to head in the right direction with her. "Since we have been trying new things, I've been looking through the computer. I found some things from coastal regions on Earth that I've been wanting to try. One of them is an orzo salad, another is bacon wrapped lobster kebabs, and bacon wrapped crab. Oh, and some...cheesy garlic biscuits...I believe they were. Does any of that sound like something you would like to try? Or all of it, for that matter."

Mila nearly drooled at hearing what Aidan was telling her about and she started nodding before she even said a word. "I am thinking that if we are not getting there soon, my stomach will be leaping out of mouth and running there to order ahead of us," she said as she grabbed his hand and started towards Talons. "That is sounding amazing!"

Aidan laughed as he was pulled towards Talons. He made some mental notes as to Mila's reaction, too. "They looked amazing from what I could tell. I'd like to try them all, to be honest," he said. "But let's get there quickly. I don't want your stomach outrunning us."

"If it is being as good as it is sounding, we may be having to switch from living where we are to living in Talons," she said as she hurried him along. "I am being very eager to try this since you are opening me up to new possibilities."

"New possibilities are always fun," he said, jogging alongside her. "I'm glad we get to enjoy them together. But I don't think the owner would take too kindly to us sleeping in her Lounge, among other things."

As she entered Talons, Mila slowed down and looked over at her. "I am being Captain's Yeoman," she said with a smile. "I will put word in Harvey's ear that it is being in need of servicing and that it is off limits until it can be serviced."

"Heh heh, now that just might work," he said. "An all access kitchen pass...I like that." He led her up to the counter to put in their order. "So, did you want to try a little of each of them? We can make a full meal out of it."

"I think I would like to be trying a bit of each," she said after a moment. "Although I am hearing that you cannot be going bad with bacon."

"Then let us find out if it's true." Aidan put their order in and referenced the particulars he found in the computer. He watched as he received a nod and a reply that it would be out soon. "Now with that done, let's find a table." He saw a few open, including one near the windows.

Mila looked around and followed his gaze towards the windows. "Let us be getting that one," she said as she headed over towards it. "Is a lovely view even though I will be watching you the whole time."

"You are the sweetest woman in the galaxy, Mila," said Aidan. "And I'm glad that you are my girlfriend." He walked over to the table with her and pulled a chair out for her. "My love."

"And you are most handsome, Sir Knight," she said after she took the offered seat. "I am being lucky that you are asking me to be girlfriend."

He waiting for her to sit down and scooted her in just a bit. Aidan then took a seat across from her. "And I'll ask you again. And again. And again." He reached across the table and took both of her hands in his. "Mila, will you continue to be my girlfriend?"

Mila looked at Chow who was still on her shoulder. "What are you thinking I should be answering, Chow?" she ask the little simian. Chow looked at her and then at Aidan, then back to her before he gave a hoot and rubbed his stomach. "Oops. We forgot to be ordering him something to eat, but answer is being yes. I will continue being your girlfriend, Aidan Crehan."

"Uh oh, I'll get that taken care of," said Aidan. "But first, thank you." He leaned over and pulled her hands up to his mouth, kissing the back of both. He rubbed the backs of them with his thumbs before letting go. "I'll be right back," he said. Aidan got up and went back to the counter to order Chow a bowl of grapes, yogurt, and pistachios. He planned on spoiling the little guy tonight. Upon returning, he took his seat again. And Mila's hands. "Your order is in, Mr. Chow," he said, not taking his eyes off of Mila's. "It will probably be here before ours is."

"Is being fine as long as I am able to feast in the wonderful sight of wonderful man," she said as she gave his hands a squeeze. "I know I am saying it often, but I am very lucky woman to be having you in my life and I am loving you more each day."

"I shall never tire of hearing you say it, Printsessa." Aidan winked at Mila returned the gentle squeeze. "So please, don't ever stop. And continue feasting all you like, my love. For I'm already enjoying dessert." He leaned forward a bit more and stared even deeper into her eyes. "The skies are bit dimmer tonight. For they are missing their brightest stars."

Mila blushed and looked at him with love and adoration in her eyes. "If you are keeping that up, I am having idea that your life will be very lonely, for I may be dying of sweetness overload," she said. "But I would live on just for you for I am not wishing you to be lonely, nor do I wish you to stop being sweet."

"I will never stop being sweet for you, or to you." Aidan paused and looked up as a Bolian brought over Chow's meal. He set it on the table and smiled before walking away. Aidan looked at the Capuchin, "Here you are, Chow. I thought I would spoil you a bit tonight, too. After all, I'm spoiling Mila. Though, if you follow that logic, I should be spoiling you every second of every day."

Chow gave a happy hoot and reached for a grape before he popped it in his mouth. He reached over and patted Aidan on the hand and gave him a simian smile, then went back for his food.

"He is thanking you, but I am not sure it would be good thing to be spoiling him more than he is already being," she said. "As for me, I will make sacrifice and you can be spoiling me twice as much since I will be taking the spoiling that you would give Chow."

"It would be my pleasure to spoil you twice as much, my dear one," replied Aidan. "With whatever I can find and however I can, I'll do it. You're worth that and so much more to me."

A moment before Mila went to kiss him, the food arrived and she leaned back. "Thank you," she said with a smile and waited for the server to leave again before she turned her attention back to Aidan. "When we are getting home, I am going to give you big surprise and you are not to be doing a thing."

Aidan was about to pick up his fork when Mila mentioned a big surprise. He paused, looking up at her. "That sounds like it will be fun. I like your surprises. But...I'm not going to get to do a thing? And how do propose to hinder me?"

"Nyet," Mila said as she leaned over to give him a kiss. "You are to be doing absolutely nothing other than enjoying yourself."

He smiled. Aidan liked the feel of her lips against his. And he hoped he never lost that feeling. "Then I shall do nothing other than enjoy myself." He picked up his fork again and took one of the bacon wrapped crab pieces. "Will I need to change? Something more pool-like perhaps?"

She took her fork as she examined the meal on her plate before she chose a lobster kabab and glanced over at him to make sure he didn't have food in his mouth before she decided. "I am thinking nothing would be more appropriate," she nonchalantly commented.

Aidan had swallowed his bite of crab and was about to fork a piece when he paused. Aidan looked up at Mila at what she just said. "Nothing. Well then," he smiled at his girlfriend, "as you wish."

Mila burst into giggles and winked at him. "I will be making it up to you," she said before she took a bite of her food. "This is being really good. Thank you for suggesting it, Aidan. I am going to get fat just trying new foods if we are keeping this up, but I am having idea that may be helping to burn calories off."

"I have a couple of ideas myself," he replied. "But tell me, what sort of exercise regimen do you have in mind to burn those calories? If it's swimming, I'm all for that."

She gave a sultry laugh and a coy look. "Why Aidan," she said sweetly. "I had no idea that you were willing to show everyone everything by swimming naked. Is this part of you that you have hidden from me?"

He laughed and shook his head. "I was talking about other exercises that wouldn't require a lack of clothes. And I wouldn't show everything to everyone. But I'm sure that we could schedule some holodeck time and recreate a nice, private swimming pool if you were willing." He took a bite of the lobster and grinned.

"Here you talking about exercising while I am talking about something else," Mila said. "Perhaps we are going to pool after all and then you can be burning off calories in hard way, da?"

Aidan put his fork down and leaned forward, speaking quietly. "Sweetheart, I know exactly what you're talking about. Tangoing with you is my all-time favorite form of exercise." He leaned back and picked up his fork. "Planning on dancing after dinner?"

"You could be saying that," she said before taking another bite of her food. Meanwhile, Chow had settled down to his food with a hearty appetite and had only a few pistachios left and a belly to show for it. "It is looking like Chow is needing dance lessons, too. Perhaps he could be your partner this evening."

Aidan deadpanned a look to Mila. "I think perhaps Chow would like a dance partner more suited to his genus. Cebus, if I'm not mistaken. I prefer you as a dance partner to anyone else in the galaxy." He took another bite of food, followed by a drink.

"Actually, he is being Cebus capucinus," Mila corrected. "Joey was saying something about getting him female on shore leave, but I am guessing that she was not having time. Chow will have to get his thrills where he can when he is seeing her."

"Ah, thank you," Aidan said. "I was close. That's too bad. But as you said, he should be fine when he sees her. I think he's the only one that could ever get away with the things he does. I simply can't imagine another crew member living through what could happen." He took drink and looked at Mila. She was more than beautiful. She fun to be with. "Maybe we can find one for him to visit if we get back to Earth again."

She shook her head quickly. "We are not needing tribe of Capuchin on ship," she said. "They would be taking over and USS Simian would be hunting for planet of bananas to take over."

Aidan couldn't help but laugh. The first image that came to mind was that of Chow in the center chair. "Can...can you imagine Chow...wearing Command red and sitting...heh, Harvey's chair!" Aidan had to put his utensils down before he dropped them.

Mila started laughing and nearly fell out of her chair. "What....what is to be orders, Captain Chow?" she asked while laughing. Chow heard his name and looked up, then pointed at his empty yogurt container and rubbed his stomach. This caused her to laugh even harder until tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Aidan kept going, laughing harder and harder. "Ops to Lounge. Captain...Captain Chow of the USS Simian requests more yogurt on the Bridge immediately." At that, the El-Aurian had to scoot his chair out and hold his head in hands, propping his elbows on his knees.

For his part, Chow was beginning to suspect that his mistress and the male had finally snapped, but his instincts didn't tell him to run for his life. He gave a bark and cough and then a loud hoot before he started jumping up and down in his chair.

She looked over at him. "I am thinking Captain is about to have Mast and we are being in for it," she laughed. She gained control of her laughter enough to order another cup of yogurt for him, then sat back in her chair.

Aidan sat back in his chair and shook his head. "You, Captain Capuchin, are quite the entertainer." Aidan scooted his chair back in. "What are we going to do with him, Mila? Promote him? He already has a lifetime supply of yogurt. There has to be something with which we can appease his desire for a Mast."

"I am having idea," Mila said with a sly grin before she leaned over and whispered. "Let us be making pillow bust of Joey's bust for him to be sleeping on at night."

Aidan took a drink and nodded. "I think that he will like that very much. Though, if Joey ever comes over and sees it.... Or if Chow gets used to it, and he sees Joey...that might not go well. But I like the your idea. Pillow bust it is." He turned his attention to Chow and smiled. "Joey pillow for sleep."

A server brought over the yogurt and turned to Mila and Aidan. "Is there anything else I can get for you?" she asked.

"No, but I am thanking you," she said before she looked at Aidan. "Are you wanting anything else?"

"No thank you," replied Aidan, "I believe I have everything I need from here." He looked up and smiled, dipping his head. As the server walked away, Aidan turned back to Mila. "I do believe that this will be a favorite meal of mine. What do you think?"

"Da," Mila agreed. "It is being very good and even Chow asked for seconds, so is now favorite place and meal. There is so much more to be trying but this..." she speared another piece of her meal. "This is being so good."

"I'm glad you like it so well. We shall be adding it to our list, then," said Aidan. "Both the meal and the place." He took another bite and swallowed. "I enjoy expanding your horizons, my dear. And I look forward to the next time."

"We cannot be forgetting about the view, either," she said with a smile before she took another bite of her own food. Chow, no longer interested in the conversation, was steadily working on his second bowl of yogurt.

The broad-shouldered El-Aurian smiled as he watched the little Capuchin working on seconds. "Of course, the view." He stared back into Mila's eyes. "The view is exquisite. And I shall never tire of any of it."

"Nor shall I," Mila said with a smile as she finished her lobster kabob. "I think I am being fuller than Chow. The rest of the tour may be having to wait for another day."

"That sounds like a very good plan to me," agreed Aidan. "Shall we just head back home? I feel like laying down for awhile after that dinner."

"That is sounding good," she said as she motioned for the waitress and requested an extra bowl of yogurt to go and a to go box for the rest of her food. Once she had everything packed up, she put Chow on her shoulder and he leaned against her head before he wrapped his tail around her neck. "I am thinking that Chow is needing nap, too," she laughed.

"It appears so," said Aidan, while standing. "Though, I suspect that he would be more comfortable in his own bed. At least, I would hope so. For I would prefer to be the one laying on your shoulder." He walked over and took Mila's hand in his. "Let us go."

Mila took his hand and gave him a kiss before she collected the takeout box in her other hand. "We will be having plenty of time to be seeing rest of ship," she said. "Right now, though, all I am wanting to see is you."

"So be it." Aidan led Mila out and down the corridor. As they walked, he whispered, "You may see me all you wish. I won't leave you. Not tonight. Not ever."


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