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In the Night

Posted on 18 Aug 2014 @ 2:14am by Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Pursuit
Location: USS Black Hawk || Sickbay
Timeline: February 2, 2388 || 0100 hours

The Black Hawk, like most starships, were eerie at night. Dim lighting barely illuminated the corridors, most of the crew, save for the graveyard shift, kept the ship operating while the rest slept. Even after the startling events of the day, silence gripped the Black Hawk as she kept her station beside the X'annon.

Sickbay was not exempt from this standard practice. The lights were out and the room was cast in a dark blue hue from the floor lighting strips. In the main room were the two injured Karemma recovered from the X'annon, still slowly recovering from the operation.

In the darkness, a figure slipped into the room, targeting the least injured Karemma. The figure pressed a hypospray to the neck of the Karemma. Behind the Karemma's head, the monitors were checked to verify there were no change in vitals.

Assassination was not the plan here. The Black Hawk was a large ship, but small enough that to draw attention to one Karemma would would be disastrous.

No. This Karemma would be dealt with at a later time. At least, after all of this time searching, he was found.

Just as easily as entry was obtained, the figure disappeared, leaving both Karemma to sleep the rest of the night away.


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