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Posted on 24 Sep 2017 @ 10:55am by Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant JG Jace Crystan

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Chief Science Office
Timeline: Backpost

Arjin was still adjusting to the feel of his new office. He had replaced files and objects in the room for the third time now. It was important to him that he felt at easy at his workplace.

He sat down and brought up the files of the senior science officers he would be working with.

Jace entered the science center and accessed the main terminal. As he signed in, he saw a notice for him to report to his department head, Lieutenant Commander Djinx. It was to be expected, of course, and he made his way to the office. Upon reaching it, he signaled his presence.

The chime interrupted him in his redecorating, so he put the padd he was holding to the table and replied: "Enter."

The doors parted, revealing Jace, fresh and ready. "You asked to see me, sir."

Arjin saw a tanned human wearing a teal uniform and Lieutenant's pips enter his office. He did not recall having seen the man, nor having asked him to come over. Making sure to give him some tome to remember he pointed towards one of the chairs. "Please sit down Lieutenant. Can I get you something to drink?"

Then suddenly it dawned to him that this was his new number one.

Jace shook his head. "No thank you, sir. I'm quite comfortable."

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant Crystan.", he said whilst sitting down himself. "How was your trip over here? Not to tyresome?"

"Not in the least. I kept busy most of the way so it felt quick." It was a good thing too, he was eager to get to work on the Black Hawk.

"That is good. You have to excuse me though. I have not had the time to take a look at your personel file. What are your major fields and former assignments?".

"Astrophysics and Archaeology," he started. "I served on the Tristan, the Marigold, and the Vintage in both capacities. I also served as Chief of Stellar Sciences on the Vintage."

Arjin nodded although he did not know any of the ships. "They are not my majors. But I enjoy archaeology quite a bit.", he stated. "Have you been to many digs yourself?"

"Oh several! I participated in two during my tour on the Tristan and four while on the Vintage. It's fascinating work! You get a glimpse into the lives of history and you can see how a civilization got to where it was. And maybe, if you're lucky and good, you can determine where it's going." Jace got a little giddy just thinking about it.

"Not to mention all the neat stuff you find when lucky.", Arjin replied.

"I will want you to get aquainted with all of the section heads in our large department. An co-ordinate things with me."

"Any specific questions?"

Jace shook his head. "No sir. I'm prepared to get started right away."

Arjin nodded and stood to extend a hand to the Lieutenant. "I'm looking forward to working with you. I will not retain you any longer."

He watched as he saw the man leave and returned to his work at hand.


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