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Dance Break

Posted on 07 Jun 2017 @ 1:32am by Ensign Alora Nasek

Mission: History
Location: Starfleet Academy, Earth
Timeline: History

Alora moved the way some breathed, smoothly and without effort. Perfect muscle control as she spun about her dorm room. Wearing a short sleeve top and shorts, rocking out to the beat coming from her computer. An earth treat called string cheese in one hand and a PADD in the other. It was a weird way to study but it worked for her, the music aided memory and with advanced warp theory one needed all the aids they could get. Each song held a memory, using that she could tell you where she was and what she was doing.

She liked to joke it was a form of time travel, with it's ability to pull one back or forward. She didn't play an instrument and sang only average but she could dance. She loved dancing or running, both held a great sense of freedom that helped balance her responsibilities which seemed to mount daily. When she first had come to the academy she had thought she knew what hard work was and what would be asked of her. She'd be wrong, it was much harder than that.

The work load alone was huge but add the discipline required and that gave a full weight for anyone to deal with. Alora though, as was her wont, shouldered it without complaint. She bent to her tasks and worked hard to get through the years but as with anyone had her quirks, hence the one person 'study parties' she threw herself when her roommate was out (too distracting to anyone else). She had study groups as well but found she focused best with her work and her music, alone and so liked to use to it for tough assignments.

That and it was really just a good excuse to groove, which she hated to turn down. She wasn't exactly a party animal but did have hard time turning down a good beat. Her grandmother liked to say it represented the 'wild' part of Alora's nature. Which was good since she felt Alora could be too serious so much of the time.

The song ended and another began as Alora continued to study the effects of high warp on subspace.


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