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Casting Off

Posted on 12 Jun 2017 @ 7:53pm by Ensign Elizabeth Bordeaux & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Deep Space Nine, USS Black Hawk
Timeline: MD 1 || 1400 hours

There was a flash of blue that illuminated the floor and railing with a slight glow. The Bajoran wormhole opened, expelling a freighter out of subspace before closing again, as if it had never existed. Ensign Elizabeth Bordeaux had never seen the wormhole in person. In images, yes, but here on the Deep Space Nine promenade, the real thing gave her a slight tingle whenever it opened.

Liz held a duffel bag in her right hand, containing every personal belonging that would go with her to the Gamma Quadrant. A recent Academy graduate, this journey beyond the wormhole to her position on the USS Black Hawk would be her first real assignment. She had joined Starfleet to discover undiscovered forms of life. What better place to do that than this new undiscovered quarter of the galaxy?

The Century-class behemoth sat docked at one of Deep Space Nine's six pylon docking ports. From the underside, Liz imagined the vessel as some sort of great cetacean floating in the void, its wide and flat saucer section serving as the head of the beast.

With some effort, Liz turned away from the window and walked along the upper level. A nearby computer display showed it was just past 1400 hours. According to her mission briefing, the senior staff were attending a top secret meeting in the wardroom. While that troubled her, Liz hoped that despite the seeming clandestine nature of the upcoming mission (whatever it was), there would still be time for exploration.

Arriving at the lift, Liz stepped inside, stating "Docking pylon 2." With that, the lift rose toward the upper reaches of the station.

* * *

Room 1033 was a cavern compared to the dorm rooms at the academy. Even Liz's previous junior officer's quarters had been essentially a single bed and desk. Hanging the last uniform jacket up in the closet, she stepped in the middle of the room, closed her eyes, and stretched out her arms like a cross. Nothing. Her hands were still touching air. Liv smiled and opened her eyes again.

"Computer, time."

"The time is 1447 hours," came back the artificial feminine voice.

The senior officers were probably done with their meeting on Deep Space Nine by now.

"Computer, what is the current location of Commander Djinx?"

"Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx is currently in Science Lab One."

At that, Liz walked into the corridor and made her way to the turbolift.

"Deck 13."

After a moment, the doors opened. Turning left, she came to the science lab's door, which swished open.

Arjin grunted as he saw how few data there was available about the Finnean Convergance. This was going to be another mission on the edge of a knife like the Humans liked to say.

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard the door hiss. Turning his head he saw a young Ensign he was unfamiliar with enter the lab. The woman seemed young. Probably fresh out of Starfleet he assumed.

Turning his attention back towards the viewscreen, he tapped the consule to bring another view of the Convergance to life.

The man in front of her was an athletic-looking Trill lieutenant with spots that ran up from his blue science collar to under his short, brown hair. His brown eyes stared intently at the monitor in front of him. Stepping forward, the young woman spoke. "Ensign Bordeaux, reporting for duty, sir." She glanced at the monitor showing a monstrous-looking blue energy field against a starfield.

He heard the footsteps before the voice. So she was indeed new to the Black Hawk and Science not Medical.
Standing up, he looked at the newest addition of his department. He saw her glance at the monitor. A healthy Science curiousity attitude or an intrusive curiosity. Which remained to be seen. He decided not to elaborate on it and focussed on the Ensign instead.

"Welcome Ensign Bordeaux. Tell me what branch of Sience are you serving in?"

Looking at the lieutenant again, Liz held her arms behind her back and said, "Biology mostly, sir. Exobiology and evolutionary development."

"Great, we always need biologists. It is not something I excell in though. Glad to have your experience aboard.",he replied.
"Where did you serve before this assignment?"

She shifted her weight nervously and said, "This will be my first assignment on a starship, sir. Previously I was at the science institute on Andoria." A slight grin, and then, "So I suppose I'll be getting my space legs."

"Andoria. My god. So cold.", he let escape.

"A maiden voyage is always exciting. You wiil see. Just enjoy it. And you can relax now. At easy please."
"Just remember. I will expect excelent work. But try include time for leisure. A good balance is important."

Liz nodded. "You'll get it, sir." With that, she turned and exited the science lab, allowing herself a small smile as she did so.

Arjin blinked at the quick exit by the Ensign. Smiling, he turned his attention back towards the big blue thing on his screen.


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