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The Rumble

Posted on 26 Jun 2017 @ 6:57pm by Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant David Moreau Jr

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Gym
Timeline: MD 3 || 1700 Hours

David arrived at the gym first and took his shirt off before he started to warm up. The tattoos on his left arm and upper chest moved under his muscles as he moved and he headed over to the mat where personnel practiced their martial arts. He started with some basic Combat Sambo moves before he started to stretch and twist his large frame as he prepared for the fight between him and Baldilocks.

Terry walked in to start his regular warm-up routine and found the Security Chief already there. He left his white tank top on for the time being. He went on into his stretching before doing a little jogging in place. This was gonna be good for him. It had been a long time since he'd actually thrown some punches.

After a minute or two, Terry walked over to his bag and pulled out his combadge. He tapped it to life and said, "Walsh to Blake, would you meet me in the gym please. May need you. Walsh out."

Dani blinked as the call came in. So... they were really going to go through with this, and her presence was requested in case anyone got hurt. She shook her head with a sigh and left her quarters with a quick stop to medical to grab a medkit she may, or may not, need. Her hope was definitely the latter.

It didn't take long before she was making her way into the gym and looking between the two bald men present. "Is there some other way for you two to display your dominance in lieu of beating the hell out of one another? I mean... really. Can't you both pee in corners all over the ship to mark your territory?"

"It's not a matter of territory," David said as he threw a few punches into the air and flexed his muscles. "It's about taking care of business."

"What exactly is this going to prove?" Dani asked, folding her arms over her chest. "What business?"

"You know, manly business," said Terry. "Besides," he added, jumping around a bit to get the blood flowing, "it won't take long. I promise."

"I bet you're used to hearing that from him, huh short stuff?" David asked Dani.

Terry didn't give Dani a chance to answer. Instead he immediately ran toward David and landed a haymaker in the man's gut.

Dani had been fully prepared to shove the medkit she was holding into a very special place on David's body when Terry broke into action. The examination for that would have been quite awkward, and the surgery following even more so. Still, that would have landed her on some penal planet for the rest of her life. But... there was nothing that said she couldn't think about it. "And you kiss your mother with that mouth. Poor woman."

David grunted and let the force of Walsh's blow push him back and brought his left fist around for the man's jaw while he brought his right fist up for an uppercut. "So?" he said. "You kiss him with yours."

"Absolutely," she said, fighting back the urge to jump into things. "I imagine kissing you would be similar to licking the seat of a toilet. Thankfully, I have class and an IQ higher than a pillow, which means I'm pretty out of your league."

Terry fell backwards slightly at the dual hit to his head. A mixture of saliva and blood flew from his mouth, which he wiped with his arm. Once he had quickly caught his balance, Terry returned the blow with a left jab straight onto David's nose and a right punch in the solar plexus.

David turned to the side when the other man hit his solar plexus, brought his right arm down to trap Walsh's arm, turned a quarter circle so he was beside of Walsh, then brought his right knee up toward his abdomen while pressing down on the trapped arm. Blood flowed freely from his nose, but his anger was redder and he had every intention of finishing this fight soon.

Dani watched the scene unfold and couldn't help but give a groan when she saw the blood. "I'm going to have to clean this up," she said, not quite understanding why men felt the need to beat the hell out of one another like this.

Terry's arm was in pain, but not so much that it took his mind off of the pain in his abdomen. He was getting angrier by the moment. He couldn't believe that he let himself get caught like this. Terry caught his breath and turned his head so as not to catch himself. He took his free left hand and began alternately punching Moreau in the jaw and chest area.

Moreau grunted, then grabbed the inside of Walsh's wrist that he had trapped, twisted his arm back behind his back, then shoved him forward before he released him. "Come on, boy. You done yet? Your woman is the one who gets to do damage control," he pointed out as he reached up and wiped some blood off his face.

"By all means... get it out of your systems now so you can kiss and makeup later," the petite woman said with her arms folded across her chest.

Terry paused a second and looked at Dani. "Kiss and make up, huh." He turned his attention back to the gargantuan opposite him. "Well, you heard the woman. Come on over here beautiful and let me plant something right on that kisser." Terry took up a defensive stance.

David laughed before he darted forward and leaned in with his lips puckered. At the last second, he brought his hand up between his lips and Walsh's mouth and made a wet kissing sound on the back of his hand.

Terry was prepared for just about anything...but that. "What the hlfs," he managed before David's palm hit his face. Yeah, the Squadron Commander was caught off guard, but it didn't take too long for him to jump right in. Terry grabbed David's head on either side and pulled it towards him. Terry then slobbered all over the palm of the man's hand and released him, taking a long few steps back. Just in case.

Dani blinked once... twice... three times... her mouth opening and closing much like a fish out of water. Of all the things she expected them to do... that didn't even make it on the list. She was stunned... shell shocked... completely taken aback by the fact they were being one another senseless one second, then kissing and making up, albeit with a hand in the way, the next. She staggered backward until the backs of her knees connected with a bench, then collapsed onto it. "I... um... yeah."

"You window licking space crab!" David said in disgust as he jerked his hand back. "I should smack the taste out of your mouth for that, but you might slobber on me again. Damn!"

"Aww, c'mon beautiful," said Terry. "Don't be like that." He wiped his arm across his mouth, slinging some slobber on the gym floor. "We got the kissing out of the way. Now it's time to make up. Why don't you buy us a drink, huh? I'll count that as your make up."

"First one's on me, Baldilocks," David said as he wiped his hand on his pants leg. "Next one's on you. Fair, war dog?"

"Fair, war dog," replied Terry in kind. He walked over and put out his hand. "You're a hard one, Baby Bear. Good fighter."

David spit on his hand and slapped it against Terry's, then took it in a firm grip. "That's what she said," he said with a laugh before he looked at Dani. "You have my sincere apologize, young lady," he said with respect. "You have a good man here. Keep him."

The petite blonde opened her medkit, and since they didn't do any severe damage to one another, all she required was a dermal regenerator to patch them up. She had to admit, she was beyond glad this all seemed to be over now. Dani thumbed the device on and began to move it over Terry's minor injuries. "All is forgiven. I do have a good man, and I plan on keeping him for a long time," she said, smiling up at her big bald man.

Terry chuckled as Dani went to work on him. "I'm glad this is all sorted out now. I look forward to our drinks in a bit." He paused and winked at David. "So, Dani, I got this one right here," he said, pointing to the corner of his mouth, "that I don't think the dermal regenerator can fix."

"You do, huh?" Dani asked with a smile. She knew exactly what he was doing, and the young woman had every intention of playing right into it. "Here?" A gentle finger touched the spot he pointed at just before she leaned in to kiss it.

"Aw come on!" David said in mock disgust. "It's bad enough that I have to look at him!"

Terry enjoyed the kiss as well David's reaction. When he pulled back, he said, "Thought you might like that. Though, nowhere near as much as I did. And don't worry, ship's full of good looking women. Or so I'm told."

"Of course, Terry found the best one... modest and humble, too," she said with a smile, leaning in to kiss Terry again. Dani turned toward David. "Your turn... to be healed... not kissed."

While she was healing Walsh, David had put his shirt on and sat down on a bench. "Just don't tell me that I'll never play the piano again," he said. "I can handle anything but that."

Dani looked back at Terry as she finished getting him fixed up. "Is this the beginning of a beautiful bromance for the two of you now?"

Terry looked from Dani to David. "This ship doesn't stand a chance now, does it, Baby Bear? They'll know us from stem to stern and hear us coming before we get there."

"That's where you're wrong, Baldilocks," David laughed. "I'm trained to be quiet and sneak up on the opposition. If they hear me coming, it's already too late."

With Terry all fixed up now, Dani moved over to the other big guy and began to move the dermal regenerator over his face first. "Baby Bear and Baldilocks. Those are quite the nicknames you two have given one another," she stated, seeing the beginning of a beautiful bromance starting.

Terry watched as Dani started working on David. "They kinda fit though, the nicknames. Oh, be careful with that dermal regenerator, Dani. You only want to fix what I messed up, not what nature did." Terry laughed. "That way he can still sneak up on the opposition. If he were any prettier, he'd stand out like a sore thumb."

David sneered but laughed. "You only wished you looked this good," he said to Walsh. "You? You could use about eight hours of intense regenerative treatment to look a quarter as good as me."

Terry doubled over laughing. After a short period, he straightened back up. "You know what? We're gonna have so much fun hanging out. I can't wait for that drink."

Dani eyed David as she continued to work her magic. "You're not going to steal my man, are you?"

"Well, it seems like all the good women are taken, so I might as well try for the home team," David deadpanned. "Are you two ready for drinks that will put hair on your chests and burn it off again?"

The petite woman looked down her shirt after she turned the regenerator off, then looked between the two men. It was quite possible she would never be one of the guys, and what she said next would likely see to that. "I'm not sure you want to put hair on the girls," she said. "Terry may not appreciate needing a toothpick to pick the hairs from between his teeth."

"I did say it would burn it off again," David pointed out. "And then there's the follicle remover as an option to get smooth as a baby's bottom."

Terry cracked up laughing at both Dani and David. "Already that smooth, Baby Bear, already that smooth." He looked at Dani, "Let's get those drinks, huh." He took Dani by the arm and leaned in to kiss her. He then looked to David. "You need an arm, too?"

Dani returned the kiss and smiled, then looked toward David. "Or you can take mine. I can be the man for the night."

David laughed and gave to his feet. "I think I'll take point on this one, buy some drinks and chill with two good people. I have yet to make friends here and I could use a couple."

"Well, you're off to a good start," said Terry. "I can't think of two better people to start a friendship with. Or a better way to start it...drinks. We like a good drink, don't we Dani?"

"Dani is still quite new to drink, and might end up dancing on a table or two if she isn't careful," she answered, trying to picture that. Suddenly, she burst into a giggle. That would be a sight and a half to see, but it definitely was not going to be happening.

"Now that sounds interesting," David laughed before he looked at Terry. "What about you? Are you going to work that mangina, Baldilocks?"

Terry laughed, too. "Nah, that kinda work is a private show, Baby Bear." He put his arm around Dani and pulled her close.

Dani couldn't help but laugh. "Exactly. That's all mine now. No one else gets to witness that."

"I'll pass," David said. "Now let's go get those drinks."

"Agreed," said Terry, as he headed out the door. Drinks sounded really good right now.


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