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Big and Small Dogs

Posted on 23 Jun 2017 @ 2:10am by Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester & Lieutenant David Moreau Jr

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Security
Timeline: MD 5 || 1500 Hours

Once the away team had travelled back to the ship, David had gone back to his office to make an official report while he thought about what had gone on during the negotiations. While the Federation had been granted access to a part of the station, Moreau still didn't like it but there was little he could do about it other than keep the Captain safe. However, there was something he could do about someone else and he tapped his combadge.

=^=Moreau to Winchester. Report to my office.=^= He tapped his combadge again and removed the PADD from his desk, then turned off his terminal while he waited for the tall Security officer to show up.

Hearing his name called, Winchester tapped his combadge and said "Understood". A few moments and a turbolift ride later, he was outside Moreau's Office, pressing the chime and waiting for permission to enter. He already kinda knew what this was about, and he was ready for it.

"Come in," David called.

Winchester walked in, saluted, and stood at attention, looking Moreau dead in the eyes.

"Have a seat, Lieutenant," the bald Chief said and motioned to the single chair in front of the desk that he made look small with his muscular bulk.

With some difficulty, Winchester managed to squeeze himself into the chair. Looking at Moreau, he said, "You wanted to see me sir?"

"I did," David said. "It's about what happened on the station. You screwed up not once, not twice, but three times and I don't find that acceptable for a member of Security at all. What do you have to say for yourself?"

His face turning red, Winchester replied, "First sir, i don't know where you get 3 times from". "Second, i will grant i messed up stepping in front of the Captain and making it look like i was going to draw my weapon". Standing up because he could no longer stand the chair constricting him, he said finally, "You asked what i had to say for myself sir?, well i was doing ,y duty because my assessment of the situation at that time was it was about to turn into a firefight, and i was protecting my Captain", he finished, his tone respectful but with a hint of anger to it.

"First," David said as he came to his feet and rested his hands on the desk. "You pulled out your tricorder and ran an active scan in a situation where that wasn't your job. Second, you ran your mouth which could have been taken as a threat by the others in the room and started the fight and third, you moved from the position where I had you for best effect. I never told you to do a damned thing other than stand in one spot and keep your eyes open, boy!"

Drawing up to his full height, Winchester said, "Ok, ill grant you i screwed up, but i'm human and humans mess up." "And to be clear, it was not my intent". Studying the man for a moment Winchester added, "And i am no boy, thank you".

"I don't give a shit what your intent was," David said. "Your orders, Lieutenant Junior Grade Winchester, were to stand in one place, keep your mouth shut and your eyes and ears open. As for being a boy, I'll call you that until you prove you're a man who can listen to what a senior officer tells you to do!"

Looking at him Winchester simply said, "You know i'm not going to say what i want to right now, because it would land me in the brig, but suffice to say i get what you are saying." "But as for my personal feelings, i just keep my mouth shut, sir", He said, putting a harsh and somewhat angry emphasis on the sir.

"What's the matter, don't have anything downstairs to stiffen your spine, boy?" David asked him. "Speak your mind! It's just you and me here at the moment."

His face burning red, he said, "Ok, i think you are a asshole, and a prick to be honest". "You bring me in here and instead of a reprimand, you insult both my intelligence, my honor, and my courage?'. "I have more damn courage in my pinky finger than im willing to bet you have in your whole body. "And lets be quite clear, i respect your rank your authority, and your position, but", he said raising his arm and pointing, "I do not respect you, so i suggest we find a way to resolve this sir".

"Now I see why you're no longer a Marine," David said with a sneer. "You don't even understand what a dressing down is. Courage? Boy, when you was still having mommy wipe your ass, I was fighting Jem'hadar at AR-558! I don't want to hear what you think courage is! If you were intelligent, you would have followed the orders I gave you and not done a damned thing! As for honor, you haven't yet shown any at all and I don't give a shit if you respect me. What I expect is for you to follow orders the next time you're given orders!"

"As for your reprimand, I'll give you a reprimand," the bald Chief of Security said. "You're hereby restricted to guarding Waste Management until you know the difference between peanuts and corn!"

"Please you have no idea as why i am no longer a Marine, those records are sealed". "As for guarding Waste Management", Winchester said reaching up and detaching his combadge, "You can shove that right up your exhaust", he finished tossing his combadge on Moreau's desk. "You hereby have my resignation, i will not work work for a person such as you."

"Then get out of my sight and out of my office," David said. "I don't need people like you on my team. I've seen green Ensigns who I'd take over someone like you. You disgust me. Here I would have thought you would actually want to learn more instead of giving up. I guess you really are a boy."

"First, as i said i am no boy, and second what is there to learn?" "I screwed up, and because of that you want me to guard, literally, the shit tanks?" "What is there to learn, please tell me that", Winchester said standing ramrod straight, looking Moreau dead in his eyes.

"If I'm an asshole, you're a boy," David said. "You'd learn to follow orders, no matter what they are. You'd learn to do whatever it took to get the job done. You'd learn patience. You'd learn observation. You'd learn how to work with senior officers. Now pick that damned badge up and wear it like a badge you're proud of because I sure as hell aren't going to have someone quit on me."

Picking up the combadge, Winchester said, "With respect sir, you may be a Dominion War Vet and seen a lot of combat, but i was a Marine and seen just as much". Affixing the badge back to his uniform, he added, "You must understand Marines are a hard-headed bunch, and i still retain that mindset, that intensity, but whatever you have to teach i will learn Sir".

"You're going to get that hard-headed mindset out of you, Winchester," David said. "I need flexible people on my team who can operate in a lot of different areas and know when to act and when not to. I didn't survive the Dominion War and countless assaults behind enemy lines due to being stupid. I can train you and if you're willing, you can have a position like mine one day and be having your own version of this speech with someone like you."

"With respect sir, i don't think ill ever head a Security Department, or anything else for that matter, but thanks for the thought". Looking up at Moreau, he added, "The way i have it figured, besides the Captain, between us we have the most combat experience of anyone aboard".

"Lieutenant Corwin also, but she's Intelligence now," David said. "She's former Close Protection and had her share of combat. She also single-handedly took down a starship according to the reports that I've read. There's a number of good individuals on this ship, but I plan on making them all great."

Rubbing his chin, Winchester added, "That should prove fun." A wicked smile drawing across his face he said, "You know sir, i have quite a few holodeck programs that, should you choose to make use of them, will push people to their limits, and quite possibly beyond".

"I have a few, too," Moreau said. "Ever read about AR-558 at the Academy?"

"Not only read about it, but more than a few of those holodeck programs i have are based on it, and i have re-enacted the battle myself".

"Is that so?" David asked him. "What was your strategy in surviving it?"

"Putting up an unrelenting wall of fire, when my powerpacks for my phasers ran out, i started using my rifle as a club, and when that broke, i pulled a knife and got close and personal with them sir".

"Sounds like my kind of tactic," David said. "Except I like explosives and setting traps for them."

"Never been much of a trap person myself."

David nodded, then checked the schedule. "We're well past Alpha shift now, but meet me tomorrow after Alpha and the training will become. I'm pulling you off your normal duties until then. Now go get some rest. You're going to need it."

"Understood", Winchester said as he saluted and exited the office for his quarters for some much needed sleep.


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