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Netgirls A Plenty

Posted on 24 Jun 2017 @ 12:50am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Captain Harvey Geisler & Petty Officer 1st Class Allen Miller

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: DS15
Timeline: MD 5 || 1430 hours

Joey looked around her current surroundings. After a little over five months, she was back aboard Deep Space Fifteen, and while so much had changed in that span of time... things looked... normal. Sadly, she knew better. There was nothing normal about what was going on here. If things were operating as they should have been in the first place, she and the rest of the crew wouldn't be needed in this part of the Gamma Quadrant.

The negotiations must have gone well. There were members of Starfleet milling about and going on about their duties, bit if she had to guess, a lot of them would require the need for counseling. The tension in the air were so thick, Joey was certain she'd be able to cut it with a knife, but that wasn't something she could worry about at the moment. The former brunette had a job to do, and that was to find out information. Her own tension was running high, but that was something else she couldn't worry about. At least she could take comfort in knowing that Allen was with her. He'd help keep her safe.

Now she just had to make her way to The Net and hope her attire would attract the attention of potential clients that would know things she needed access to. Taking a deep breath, she smoothed her hands down her clothes, thankful Harvey hadn't seen her before she left. Joey could almost guarantee he'd have had a stroke.

Her once dark hair was now red in color, flowing in a sea of waves down her back, and her heavily made up eyes only set off the new crystal blue color nicely. Covering her torso, but baring her midriff, was a black low cut top that left very little to the imagination and accentuated her top curves nicely. The entire thing looked as though it was being held together by laces down the sides and in the center. Her lower half was clothed similarly. The form fitting black pants she had on were also laced down the sides, and stopped just at the waistband. Joey completed the outfit with a pair of black leather thigh high boots that zipped up the sides.

Now that she was here, she felt quite self conscious. Clearing her throat, she glanced over to Allen. "Speak of this to no one," she said where only he could hear her.

Allen smiled and wondered if he could get Shay to wear something like that. But, not out. "Hey, no worries hot stuff. Oh, uh, just getting into character. That's all. I won't say anything to anyone. Ever. My word." Allen's skin tone had been darkened to look more like a half Klingon, half human's. His eyes had gone from blue to a dark brown and his hair, no longer blonde, but almost black, was a bit longer than normal and mussed. Allen had also let his standard five-o'-clock shadow grow out a bit more. It had also been changed to match the color of the hair on his head. Allen had on a tight, dark gray t-shirt that showed his stature well. His black slacks broke over his boots.

Allen leaned over and whispered, "I've got your back. Like always."

"That's greatly appreciated," she whispered back. "Now... let's get this over with. I doubt anyone will recognize me looking like this. Hell... I hardly recognize myself." With that, she gestured for him to follow her so they could get to The Net where most of their answers were likely to be.

Allen fell in behind and slightly to her right, keeping an eye out. "You've got it, Joey." The way she was dressed, he expected her to draw a lot of attention. But that was the point. For him, he was her protection while she was here. "Let's get what we need." He followed her towards The Net.

She remained quiet on their journey to The Net, mentally trying to keep herself calm. This wasn't nearly as nerve wracking as their time on Razmena or Deep Space Eleven, but there were some nerves there for the simple fact that someone could end up recognizing her. She hoped that wouldn't be the case, though.

Once they arrived at the Selubassari controlled establishment, she nodded her head to Allen as if silently telling him to keep his eyes and ears open before moving inside. This was it. This was where she hoped she could find out what they needed to know. Now, she just needed to wait to be noticed.

The Selubassari who owned the establishment could not help but notice the unusual woman. In fact, he could not help but think she was in the wrong place. "You should visit the Ferengi bar on the side of the promenade," he told her, his dome resonating with every syllable. "They are always in need of dabo women." This Selubassari was barechested, leaving his genetic uniqueness to betray his feelings as his skin shone pink to reveal his attraction.

"I'm not interested in the Ferengi... or being a dabo woman. I'm interested in you," Joey purred. She'd done a little homework on the Selubassari in the event she'd be lucky enough to encounter one without their head to toe covering like now, and realized he was attracted to her. This could definitely work out in her favor. She smiled and moved around him, making sure her hips swayed in the most hypnotic way.

The owner studied her for a moment. "Interested in what exactly?" he asked. He could think of several things, but one could never read the mind of a woman unless they were jacked in.

She stopped in front of him after he'd asked his question and smiled, reaching out trail a fingernail over his bare chest. Inwardly, Joey shuddered at the action, but she showed no sign of her revulsion physically. In fact, she was moving closer to him. "I'm interested in providing countless hours of entertainment for all the lonely beings out here," she replied with a sexy little smile. "Perhaps... I can provide you with some of that entertainment, too. If... you think you can handle it."

"Looking for a job then?" the owner replied, sizing her up once more. "What about your friend there? Is he applying too? We don't really hire a lot of men, but some people like that."

"More like... looking to get back into the business," Joey said, pulling her hair to the side to reveal the implant that looked identical to the ones all the other netgirl were equipped with. She didn't leave it exposed for long before she was returning her long red locks back to their rightful place. "As for my companion... he's here for my safety. There have been more than one instance where I've been physically assaulted, so I required the need for muscle. He goes where I go." She sized him up, as if blatantly checking him out. "Want to take me for a test run?"

The owner's skin changed color ever so lightly, mixing in yellow with the pink. Netgirls weren't so easily let go. Either this one had earned her freedom, or had escaped from another installation. Escapes were not heard of, but many had been dismissed due to making good on their debt. For one to willingly come back... judging by her lack of clothing, the owner could assume she'd fallen on hard times. "This way," he said, gesturing to both of them.

Joey followed behind him, gesturing for Allen to stay close as she took note that the Selubassari was suspicious. It was time to diffuse the situation. "I was granted my freedom more than six months ago once my debt was paid," she said, moving to walk next to him. "I don't want to bore you with my sad story when there are so many other things we can be doing. Let's just say... I was very good... very... thorough."

"Oh?" the owner asked, directing the woman to a chair where he'd attach the necessary transceiver to the back of her head. To the male who accompanied her, he said, "You'll have to wait over there." The Selubassari gestured to a zone ten feet away from the chair.

Allen made a hrumphing sound and reluctantly made his way to the Selubassari's safe zone. Still, it wasn't far enough away that the undercover Security officer couldn't get to Joey in a heartbeat. He would absolutely not let anything happen to her. Though, with her about to be connected to the net, he wasn't exactly sure how he would get her out of there if needed.

Joey settled down on the chair he gestured to and kept the fact that she was incredibly nervous off of her features. She had faith in her crew, and new the node would do exactly what she wanted it to, but this was going to be the first true test. It was designed to keep her true memories from being accessed while false ones would take their place, as well as store memories of those she linked up to. "Whenever you're ready," she said, shifting herself in such a manner in hopes of bringing that pink hue back completely.

Her hopes had worked, for the most part, as only a hint of yellow now remained. The pink hue, however, was lessened by the bright yellow light above and could barely be seen. The owner retrieved the transceiver and approached her. "You'll remember this part," he told her. "You'll be disoriented for a bit as the dataport syncs with the transceiver, and then when you're connected to the net. It'll take a bit for that process to complete."

"I remember," she said with a nod of her head when in all honesty, she had no idea. Joey took a deep breath and let it out slowly as her eyes drifted closed. This wouldn't be so bad if she relaxed. "I'm ready."

Without any fanfare, the Selubassari turned her head slightly to the side, and firmly attached the device.

As the device was firmly attached to the dataport and the syncing process took place, Joey felt as though she was suddenly sent on some sort of twisted version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Various images flashed before her... some her own... others planted for the benefit of her current mission... as well as images of random things. Nausea clawed at her, but she did her best to keep it tamped down deep inside of her. Then... there was nothing. Her eyes snapped open, and suddenly she was fully awake... fully aware of everything around her.

At the control station, the Selubassari gave no reaction as he watched her various vitals appear. While he cared little for how healthy a netgirl appeared, he cared more about the establishment's clientele. If they were to become ill, or otherwise rendered catatonic, it would only add to his liability. With the current situation on Finnea as it was, even this girl would be replaceable.

He also did check to make sure that her mind was fully synced. The owner could see various memories on his readouts (none of which the apparent bodyguard could view), and a later study of these would help him learn why this woman was in his facility. With hope, he could find a way to use it against her, forcing her to take on a debt with him so that he could avoid paying her.

"The sync is complete," he said at last. Standing at his console, he picked up two other transceivers. One was for him, but the other, he held up to the third person. "Would you care to try?"

Allen shook his head. "I don't think so, at least not this time." He paused and grinned at the redhead he was there to protect. "Though, I'm sure it would be an experience that I'd never, never forget." He winked at her and smiled. "Thanks for the offer. I'll most definitely keep it in mind."

If anyone lost, it was the owner. He'd hoped to at least be able to probe the man's mind, but that's also what alternative plans were for. Perhaps he'd be able to have his associates subdue the guard and then get what he wanted that way. The Selubassari could always use more enforcers.

But that would have to wait. The owner needed to see into the girl's mind, to see if she was even capable of continuing. Therefore, he placed the transceiver just behind his left earlobe and activated it. He didn't have to wait for his mind to sync, after all, he was the owner and was well versed in this virtual experience. With a few taps on the console, both his mind and her mind were loaded into a simulation.

Allen watched the whole thing take place from his 'safe zone.' Probably more of a safety for the egghead than anything else, he thought. But when they both were firmly in whatever virtual world awaited them, Allen noticed that they seemed to just be there. He quickly looked around the room and then walked over to them. The dark-haired man waved his hand in front of their faces. "Well, whatever scene they're in, I hope they're enjoying it," he said to the air.

Allen decided to 'aimlessly' wander around the room. Who knew what kind of security precautions were in place for monitoring them. This guy would be pretty stupid to not have something for cases just such as this. During his wandering, he was randomly touching screens, monitors, buttons and so on in an attempt to see what he could activate and might be able to access. The one that had drawn his attention earlier was the one where the Selubassari had been standing after getting Joey hooked up. He eventually made his way around the room back to that console and tapped away as if he were playing a piano.

At that moment, another Selubassari entered the room, summoned by the owner just before entering the net. His skin shone red, though it was hard to see with the room's lighting. "What are you doing?" he gruffed at the standing alien. "You should not be back here."

"Eh?" said Allen, looking up from the console. Almost, he thought. "Oh, I'm not doing much. And I'm back here because I'm her bodyguard," he said, gesturing towards Joey, "that catatonic kitten is my responsibility. I make sure she's safe wherever she goes."

===The Net===

Joey found herself standing in one of the most exotic places she'd ever seen before... a place she'd never been, and for all she knew... didn't actually exist. To her, it looked like a place that came straight from a dream.

If in the distance, she heard birds calling to one another... could see a few break free from the tree line in the distance. They were too far away for her to tell what they looked like, but that was okay. She had other reasons for being here. Still... she couldn't help but take in the beauty all around her.

The owner stood still in the simulation, observing the woman interact with her surroundings for a few moments. "This is rather simple," he said. "As you know, the role of the netgirl is simple, aid in pleasure, and not be seen unless the client wishes."

"I haven't been out of the game so long that I don't remember," she said, turning her attention toward him. "As the client... what is your wish? Do you wish me to fade in the background?"

"I am not your client," he simply replied. On cue, a Hunter male materialized, fully clad in ceremonial sporting gear. "He is."

This gets better and better, Joey thought as she looked toward the newcomer. How was she going to get the information she needed if the owner wasn't the one... She would find a way. "What is your wish?" she asked the Hunter.

The Hunter raised his crossbow at the woman in front of him. "A decent hunt," he said simply. A white glow shone from the front of the crossbow, as if he was prepared to fire at Joey.

"As you wish," Joey said with a bow of her head. After all, she was playing the role of a mere servant, and needed to act the part even if it did make her want to puke. He wanted a decent hunt, then that was exactly what he was going to get, but if he was expecting things to be easy...

She cracked her neck and looked between the two alien (at least they were to her) men briefly just before she took off into the trees. Sweet Lady of Acceleration... don't fail me now! Joey mentally shouted as she began weaving around trees and other obstacles. If he planned to shoot, she didn't want to make herself an easy target.

The Hunter fired off two shots at the escaping prey, only for both shots to narrowly miss. He sneered both in frustration and pleasure before taking off in a run towards the target.

Joey felt the two shots miss her and ducked behind a tree to catch her breath. She could hear heavy footfalls behind her, which meant he'd be on her soon. It was too early for him to catch her, so she took off running again. Not too far ahead of her, she could hear the sound of water. Perhaps, this could work in her favor.

Another blast from the cross bow lanced back. Evidently the Hunter had no problem matching her speed. "You call this decent!" the Hunter shouted.

"That depends," she shouted back at him. "Do you want your prey to fight back? After all... this is all about your wishes."

The Hunter didn't reply other than shouting a battle cry as they approached a river and a couple caves.

Joey was going to take his silence as a no, but he seemed to be rather disappointed that his prey was doing nothing more than running. If he wanted to work for it, she would make him work for it.

When she approached the river, she quickly took in her surroundings... noting specific markers, where the caves were, how fast the water was moving... things that could be useful to her. Once she had that down, Joey reached down to rip part of her top off and purposely snagged it against one of the rocks leading into the water, then pushed another in to make it sound like she was taking a dip. From there, she doubled back a ways away to watch him from behind a tree.

The Hunter arrived soon thereafter. He paused at the river, spotting the torn clothing and knowing he'd heard a splash. He approached a pile of rocks to examine the article closely, even going so far as activating his helmet to scan for any traces of biological matter.

She watched as he began to scan the river for her. While he was distracted, Joey took the opportunity to come from behind the tree in an effort to sneak up on him. Getting herself caught would look better as far as her chances went, but her current client wanted a decent hunt, and she definitely wasn't the type to just allow herself to be taken out.

The closer she got to him, the more her heart began to race. Joey was ready to pounce... to try to knock his weapon from his hands. At least if things were hand to hand, she'd have a better chance.

Suddenly, the Hunter spun around, his crossbow raised. He fired a single shot at the woman. Given the close range, she was impossible not to hit.

Joey froze when he spun round, then heard the sound that indicated a projectile had been fired. There was nowhere for her to go... nowhere to run. She prided herself on her quick thinking, her speed, her agility, but this time... none of that was going to save her. She was staring Death right in the face, and all he had for her was a sinister smile and beckoning fingers. The arrow hit its mark, landing dead center in the middle of her forehead.

Pain registered for only a few seconds before it was replaced with a cold sensation that began at the point of impact, then bled throughout her entire body. She felt herself falling, but she never hit the ground. In fact, she didn't hit anything. There was just... nothing.

Blue eyes snapped open, arms flailing as her hands moved to her forehead to feel for the arrow she'd just taken to the forehead... only there wasn't anything there. Her chest felt tight, and her lungs began to burn when she realized she'd been holding her breath. Joey pulled a much needed on into her screaming lungs and coughed. She was alive... she was still breathing... and she was still inside The Net.

"Not bad," said the owner, approaching the digital avatar Joey had selected. The setting had cleared, leaving them in a blank white room. "In the future, you might want to put up a better fight. The Hunters like to savor the hunt, not catch their prey so quickly. Of course, this is just a simulation." He tapped a button on his forearm to remove them both from the Net and return them to reality.

Once there, the owner removed his node and moved to stand next to Joey. "Rates are one strip of latinum for an hour. One break, and don't eat the hour prior to coming. Shifts are twelve hours at a time."

Joey sat up once she was able to and looked toward the Selubassari man. "I'll put up a better fight next time," she said with a nod. Of course, how would it have looked if she'd fought back like she wanted to? It may have risen a lot of suspicion in her favor, and the Starfleet Lieutenant didn't want that. Especially when being a netgirl was just a cover to seek out answers. "When do you want me to start?"

"Now," the owner said, gesturing for the other Selubassari in the room to take her to the back where the rest of the girls were. To the human, he directed, "Netgirls only in the back. I'm afraid this is where you must part ways."

"Ohhhh I don't think so," said Allen. "As the lady said in the beginning, I'm here for her safety. I go where she goes." No way he was going to let her out of his sight in this place. He might not ever find her again. And that would be very, very bad. He ran up to Joey and took her by the arm. "Careful," he told the other Selubassari.

Joey couldn't say she was shocked by what Allen was doing. She was a bit concerned that she'd never be able to make it back if they were separated, and that was a risk she wasn't willing to take. "The big guy is right. He goes where I do, and if that's a problem, I can move on. I'm sure someone on the surface would be more than willing to take him on with me considering what I have to offer. I can make you so much latinum the Ferengi would be jealous."

The Selubassari owner looked at Joey, then her companion. She was threatening him? The woman wanted something, desired something. Perhaps she was not at all what she seemed. Because of that, she was worth holding onto. "Very well," he said. "But he will follow the rules. At the first offense, he will be indebted and jacked in."

"You will not have any problems from him," the human woman assured him before looking toward Allen, then back again. She was quite relieved the Selubassari gave in, otherwise, this would have been a disaster. "Nor will you have any from me."

"Show them to the back," the owner directed his subordinate. "Get her hooked up immediately."

The subordinate nodded and gestured to the two aliens to follow him.

The owner, meanwhile, returned to his console where the memory download from the woman was there waiting for his review. It would only be a matter of time before he found what he needed.

Joey removed her arm from Allen's grip, but slipped her own hand into the one he'd just held onto her with. She was a bit nervous, but kept her face completely neutral. Soon, she hoped to have answers, then the two of them would be able to return to the ship and be on their way.


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