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Questions & Answers

Posted on 21 Jul 2017 @ 5:45pm by Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Lieutenant Richard Metsker & Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Carmichael's Quarters
Timeline: MD 5 || 1730 Hours

=^=Lieutenant Metsker, meet me at personnel quarters Zero Nine One Eight and bring a tricorder,=^= David tapped his combadge as he left the senior briefing. =^=Moreau out=^= He had answers to get from one Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael, but far more questions than anyone apparently had answers for. He headed to the turbolift and requested deck nine, shaking his head at how the senior meeting had gone down and wondered if this was the ship for him.

He put it out of his head as he exited the turbolift and walked down the hall to where two Security officers stood outside of Carmichael's door and waited for Metsker to show up. In the meantime, he asked the two personnel if Carmichael had made any requests to leave his quarters or if there had been any activity that would raise suspicion.

The guards simply shook their heads. Carmichael hadn't been aboard long, at least not long enough to ask for anything.

Metsker arrived a few moments later, tricorder in hand. He handed it to Moreau and asked, "What's going on?"

"We have a suspect to interrogate," David said as he motioned for Metsker to keep the tricorder. "Well. question, really. He's one of the few people from the de Gama who may have information about the probe that we're looking for. I want you to be the voice of reason while I go hard on him. Monitor his vitals and see if he's telling the truth or not with the tricorder."

Metsker nodded. "Aye sir." He set the tricorder to visually display the needed information, no voice or audible alerts. "After you sir."

David punched in the Security override code on Carmichael's door and strode in as if he owned the place. "Carmichael!" He called out in a loud voice. "You've got company and we didn't bring the donuts!"

Charles, who'd been sitting on the couch, reviewing his recent messages on a PADD, practically jumped in surprise at the exclamation. With secured quarters, he knew that he'd be subject to entry from a few members of the ship's senior staff and security. But he still would have thought someone would have at least knocked to give him a warning.

Rich couldn't help to smirk for a moment as he glanced at the tricorder.

The science officer looked at both men, and was a bit shocked that it took two lieutenants to come see him. "Where's Lieutenant Di Pasquale?" he asked, wondering where the ship's Chief of Security was. At least, the last person he remembered to hold the position.

"I'm the Chief of Security now and you need to sit up and listen, Carmichael," David said as he approached and loomed over as he invaded the man's personal space. "I'm Lieutenant Moreau. This is Lieutenant Metsker, my Assistant Chief. "You know who you are. We have questions for you and you're one of the few people who have the answers I'm looking for."

"Lieutenant, please, come have a seat in the chair." He pulled out one of the chiars at the table. It wasn't as comfortable as the couch. "Is there anything I can get you? Water, raktijno, tea?"

Alarm after silent alarm sounded in Charles' head. He hadn't interacted much with Lieutenant Di Pasquale, but he hoped to at least have a friendly face be among the first he saw. Obviously, that was now an impossibility. Nervously, he stood up from the couch and approached the chair that was pulled out for him. "Uh... w-w-water... yeah... water would be nice."

"You sound a bit nervous there, Carmichael," David said as he followed him to the table and put his big hands on it. "A good officer shouldn't have a reason to be nervous, now should they?"

That's easier said than done. "I haven't done anything," Carmichael said, sitting in the chair, his hands shaking a bit.

Rich handed Carmichael the glass of water. “It is a little chilly in here, if you’d like I can turn the heat up in here for you if that would make you more comfortable.” Rich commented as he looked around the room.

"He'll get all the comfort he needs in New Zealand Penal Colony," David said as he looked directly at Carmichael. "What happened on the Vasco de Gama?"

Charles took the glass, his hand visibly shaking it as he raised it to his mouth. It was a miracle that he didn't spill any of it on himself as he took a sip. "We were boarded," Charles said. "I was on the bridge at the time. Part of being the low man on the senior officer totem pole means I have to take a shift every couple of days."

"And this was just your first or second time doing so?" Rich asked calmly, a reassuring smile on his face.

Charles looked back and forth between Lieutenants Metsker and Moreau. "Second time being boarded," he said nervously, looking at Metsker. "Well, first time for the da Gama. As for the bridge shift, I'm not sure which number it was. I've been aboard for a couple months now."

"Who boarded the ship, Lieutenant?" David asked with a scowl. "I didn't ask what you were doing."

"The Selubassari," Charles replied. "I was sitting in the command chair, looking at a PADD, and the next thing I knew there was a phaser pointed at my face."

"What happened to the probe?" David asked. "And how many personnel knew about it and had access to it?"

Charles had learned that the probe had been taken, but he hadn't been privy to that information at the time. "I'm assuming the Selubassari took it. Commander Stryk, Ensign Akagi and myself were the ones that heard the message. The Captain ordered us not to share any information about it, but she has had a habit of keeping Commander Yuki, the ship's XO informed. Have you had any luck finding either of them?"

"Akagi is dead," David said and watched Carmichael closely. "The Chief Medical Officer said it was a suicide, Captain Stryk is in serious medical condition and no one has any idea where Commander Yuki is. Were the shields of the de Gama lowered before the Selubassari came aboard?"

"S-S-Suicide?" Charles stammered. He had no idea that the Ensign was capable of such things. And, having seen Commander Stryk succumb to withdrawal from her Pollen addiction, he was surprised that she was still alive.

Rich glanced at David for a moment, then looked back at Carmichael. “I know that’s devastating news, you have our sympathy, but we need to know anything you can tell us. Even if you don’t believe it to be important or connected to this situation. We’re relying on you Lieutenant.”

"Suicide," David repeated. "He stuck a knife in himself multiple times and bled out alone. Any reason why he'd do something like that?"

"He was an outgoing person," Charles said. "Always liked to mingle. I know the small ship was hard for him... but I just can't imagine why he'd kill himself."

"Was there anyone that Ensign Akagi didn't get along with? Anything at all that you can tell us?" Rich asked.

"He got along with everyone," Charles said. "Always wanted to please. He kept talking about wanting to be a part of something huge. I guess studying this Zone and not coming up with anything new over the last decade wasn't up his alley. But I'm surprised he didn't ask for a transfer."

"Don't you think it's odd that he killed himself right after the message and probe was found?" David asked, leaning in close enough for Carmichael to feel his breath.

Rich stepped back, crossed his arms, and waited for the answer.

"W-W-Why would he do that?" Charles stammered. That didn't make any sense, at least to Carmichael.

"If you know anyone who can talk to the dead, let me know," David said before he stood up straight and crossed his arms. "Who else could have heard about the probe or message? Where did you find it? Was any ships nearby? Who stands to gain the most from it? What do you know about the zone? Answer me!"

Charles stammered, unsure what question to answer first. "Uh... Um... I... Well..." He swallowed hard and tried to think.

"Take a deep breath, slow down." Rich interjected.

"Did you hear the Selubassari talking about anything on the bridge or when you were detained?" David asked.

Charles thought about it for a second. "I think I heard something about them planning to dig on the planet. The probe has a unique quantum signature, just like anything else. But, there are parts of it that have matched some older scans of the planet, specifically subsurface scans."

Rich smirked as he looked at David, then he looked back to Carmichael. "Please continue."

"Well, you see," Charles said, sitting up. "The probe, though it was constructed in our universe, was launched more than a hundred years ago. Combined with a long journey in the Convergence Zone, its quantum signature has some variance in it. Do you have a PADD?"

David went to the replicator and requested a PADD and came back after one materialized to hand to Carmichael. "Here. I assume you know the variance?"

Rich quietly walked around behind Carmichael, crossed his arm, and watched him. His expression was much more serious than it had been when Carmichael could see him.

Charles accepted the PADD and inputted everything he could remember about the quantum variance. He handed the PADD to Lieutenant Mestker as he'd been the kindest of the pair. "Because the variance is only slightly out of sync with the Black Hawk's, it's going to be hard to pinpoint. Best any sensors can do is peg it within a couple hundred miles."

Rich looked it over, then handed the PADD to Moreau. "And you're sure this is accurate?"

David took the PADD and looked at it. "Because if it isn't, it'll be on your head, Carmichael."

"As best as my memory will attest," Charles replied, looking at Moreau. "I might not be a tough guy, but my memory's always been sharp."

"Could the same be said for Akagi and Yuki?" David asked as he met Carmichael's eyes.

"Their memory?" Charles asked, unsure of the meaning of the question. "Starfleet officers are subjected to high mental training. You don't get to wear the uniform without it."

"That doesn't mean they aren't capable of turning to the enemy," David said as he gestured towards him with the PADD. "That's been proven too many times lately. This could all be a lie."

Charles didn't appreciate at all what Lieutenant Moreau was suggesting. "Sir, I served with Captain Geisler before and during the Consortium crisis. I know one of your predecessors shot him in his own ready room. I know a yeoman was involved in an attempted takeover of the ship. With r-r-respect, sir, I know anyone can be a turncoat. But, I am not your enemy."

"I never said you were the enemy, Carmichael." David looked at Metsker. "What's the tricorder say, Lieutenant? Is he telling the truth?"

Rich looked over the readings. He tapped a few commands in then let out a breath. "Obvious signs of stress, pulse and respirations are elevated, but that can be contributed to the stress. All over indications are that he's being truthful."

David nodded. "Do you have any other questions for him, Lieutenant?" he asked Metsker.

Rich looked at Carmichael for a moment, then said to David while his eyes were still fixed on Carmichael. "No sir." Rich took a breath then said to Carmichael, "Thank you for your cooperation."

Charles nodded, albeit nervously. For a guy who did nothing wrong, he certainly felt he was guilty of something.

"Last question," David said. "Did you hear the Selubassari mention any specific steading when talking about digging on the planet?"

The science officer shrugged. He wasn't well versed on the Selubassari, but his interactions in the last couple weeks told him a lot. "They value agreements and information. They won't act beyond their bounds if they can't help it." It wasn't much information at all, and it'd be up to the security officers to determine its value.

"Thanks for your time, Lieutenant," David said as he gave a nod towards Metsker. "Remember, you're still confined to quarters, but your cooperation will look good to the Captain. C'mon, Lieutenant Metsker. Time to let the Lieutenant here relax a bit." He cast a another look at Carmichael, then headed for the door.

Rich turned and headed out into the corridor.


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