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What Have We Here?

Posted on 15 Aug 2017 @ 12:17am by Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Flight Deck
Timeline: MD 5 || 1735 hours

Alpha Flight had landed over thirty minutes ago and Terry had been about to go to the Ferengi occupants and call for Security. That's when he got the call to report to the Conference Room for a senior staff meeting. He had let out a sigh and call for Senior Chief Maddox. Terry had ordered him to hold the shuttle and the Ferengi until he returned. No one in and no one out. He didn't want anyone messing with that shuttle until he and someone from Security had returned.

And now, he was on his way back down to the Flight Deck. He tapped his combadge, "Commander Walsh to Senior Chief Maddox. I'm on way back down there. Update me en route."

"Security has arrived sir. Three man team. One has the Ferengi held off to the side and the other two are searching the shuttle. The Ferengi seem rather agitated about being searched against their wishes." Kalvin replied from where he was working on Lieutenant Alexander's cap release mechanism. They'd gotten her out, but there was the underlying cause to resolve.

"Understood, Senior Chief. Thanks," said Terry as he stepped onto the turbolift, "Walsh out." He could only imagine the problems that the Ferengi had with what was going on.

A short turbolift ride and a bit of a walk later, Terry found himself quickly moving across the Flight Deck towards the Ferengi shuttle and the Security team. He didn't recognize the tall man in gold, but would soon get to meet him. He did a quick survey of the Deck and saw where Senior Chief Maddox was already working on a Gryphon. Bugs. Always gonna be bugs after the first full run, he thought to himself.

Maddox gave a nod to the Squadron Commander as he took a look about the bay. Maddox might be working on a problem of his own, but he had other ground crews to keep an eye on as well. Like the ones who were finishing the interrupted work on the Charlie flight birds.

Two Ferengi stood outside their shuttle. Neither one was happy that they were being kept out of their own shuttle, and not thrilled that hoo-mons were poking around inside of it. Sure, they had a bit of damage dealing with the Rakhari, but this was outrageous! Spotting the man in red, they broke from the security guard and rushed towards him. "Tell your Captain that the Ferengi Alliance will not tolerate this intrusion! We were on an errand of mercy and we would have been fine if you had not interfered!"

Running over, Winchester grabbed the Ferengi's hands. After a bit of scuffling, Winchester restrained the Ferengi's hands with a pair of flex cuffs. He kept tight hold Ferengi, clasping an iron tight grip on the Ferengi's shoulders, waiting for further Ferengi

"Easy, Lieutenant, easy," said Terry. "I know I've been gone for over thirty-five minutes, but it didn't look like anyone was under arrest when I walked in." He glanced at the other Ferengi back at the shuttle and then turned his attention to the one in cuffs. "Your request has been put through, Mister...."

"I am Grok!" the short Ferengi declared. "Then why has the Captain not shown his face? Does he not care for the Finneans like the Ferengi?"

Winchester, still holding a iron grip on the Ferengi's shoulder said, "Sir hes not under arrest, the only reason he is cuffed and im holding on to him is because i thought he was about to become physically violent, and i did this both to prevent that and to calm him down."

Commander Walsh nodded. "Alright then," he said to Winchester. He turned his attention to the small Ferengi in front of him. "Our Captain is busy with a lot things at once. As I'm sure your Daemon is, as well. This shouldn't take us long and then we can get things settled. Lieutenant, let's get back to the shuttle. Grok, if you'll join us. The quicker we get this done, the quicker we'll all be happier."

"This is still unnecessary!" Grok protested. "Can't you see the food and medicine!?"

"The necessity of it still remains to be seen," said Terry. "My Bravo Flight lead was able to confirm food and medicine, but not with one hundred percent accuracy. He reported that there was some kind of shielding preventing a thorough scan. Shouldn't be needing for sensor-stopping shields for food and medicine." As they approached the shuttle, Commander Walsh peered inside where the other two security guards were inspecting. "Senior Chief!" Terry called out. "Join the party. Got a question for you."

"And I probably have an answer." Kalvin quipped as he climbed down and headed in their direction. "What can I do for you boss?"

"Bravo Lead couldn't get a one-hundred percent accurate scan on this cargo during escort," said Terry. "Food and medical stuff is what came back. I'm wondering what kind of metal or shielding or something would prevent these brand new sensors on the Gryphon's from completely penetrating."

"The hairless one insults us!" shouted Grok. "Our cargo is our business, and not to be seen by just anyone!"

"Let's see what we've got." Kalvin said and pulled out his own tricorder and went over to the shuttle himself to try and get a read on it. Even right next to it, the scan was hazy and incomplete. "I can't get a clean reading boss. Could be bad propulsion system throwing out way too much interference or scanner blocking technology. Since I can't confirm this could be from a bad reactor unit then I have no choice but to act for the safety and wellbeing of everyone. Under Starfleet Safety regulation 145 paragraph 2 subsection b, I'm impounding and grounding this shuttle until my maintenance techs can confirm this craft is safe to operate."

"Under what authority!?" Grok snapped at the engineer. He then noticed the severe lack of gold pips on the man's collar. "You're no officer! Where is the Captain? I will not allow any member of the Federation to step foot on my shuttle until I speak with him!"

"I just told you what authority,Starfleet Safety regulation 145 paragraph 2 subsection b. As the Deck Officer, I'm the subject matter expert on anything to do with auxiliary craft." Kalvin said with a smile. "Safety regulations require me to take action if I encounter any craft that is of questionable operating status. Technically if the Captain were to order this craft off the Black Hawk right now, by regulation I can, and would be required to, countermand his order until I can verify this craft is safe to operate."

Grok only fumed louder. "This is outrageous!" Were the circumstances different, the Ferengi might have found the hoo-man's resolve more respectable if that resolve was fueled towards the acquisition of wealth.

"Relax gentlemen," said Terry. "If you do have a bad propulsion system, we need to get that taken care of for you before you power her back up." He patted the hull of the shuttle. "For your own safety and profit first of all. I'm sure that the Ferengi Alliance wouldn't be too happy to learn that their shuttle of aid and relief had exploded due to engine failure and all profitable cargo aboard had been lost along her two passengers. And then there's the safety of everyone on the Flight Deck if it exploded in here. We'll help you get it back to peak performance, Grok. Now I think things would be helped if we removed your restraints." Terry looked to Winchester. "Lieutenant, if you will."

Winchester said, just loudly enough to be heard, " Don't do do anything stupid". He snipped he cuffs and said, "Restraints removed Lieutenant Commander".

"Thank you," Grok grumbled, rubbing his wrists in an attempt to assuage his discomfort. It didn't work. "Be quick, hoo-mon. The Finneans have need of our cargo."

"You'll be free to go once my team does a thorough condition inspection of your shuttle." Kalvin promised with a sly smile. "Waters! Get a maintenance team over here. Strip this shuttle for a level one diagnostic." He called to one of the CPO's in charge of the myriad of maintenance teams, ordering the most thorough check of the shuttle they could do.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Winchester. Hopefully, we won't have need for those anymore." It was at times like these that Terry wished he were some sort of a telepath. Issuing covert orders would be nice. But, he had to settle for good ole human wit and wisdom. Or deception, depending on you looked at it. "Senior Chief, let's get everything powered down as quickly as possible. Once that's done, I want immediate scans of everything to ensure that our Ferengi friends and their cargo will be safe." Switching to a human idiom, he added, "Leave no stone unturned."

The other Ferengi moved to stand near Grok, scowling just as much as his superior. His face, unlike Grok's displayed a hint of worry. There was a reason why they were protective of the shuttle, and now they were powerless to keep the Federation from finding it.

"No worries boss, shuttle of this size? Shouldn't take more than two, three hours tops if there's no problems onboard. If there's anything untoward with it, we'll find it. Maybe we should find our guests somewhere more comfortable for them to stay while they wait rather than standing out here on the flight deck?" Kalvin suggested.

Both Ferengi spat their indignation. "Remove us?" Grok asked, appalled by the suggestion. "What is the hoo-mon saying? Innocent until proven guilty!? Removing us from our shuttle would be a violation of your precious Federation inalienable rights."

"No one said anything about removing you." Kalvin said with a growl as he stood up and turned to face the Ferengi. They were beginning to really grate on his nerves and he had no problems with letting them know it. "If you want to stand around MY flight deck with your thumbs up your asses, feel free. If you want to wait in a more comfortable room while we conduct our repairs, that's fine too. But the next time you try putting words in my mouth I'll have you thrown off my flightline so fast it'll take a week for your asses to catch up to your heads. Is that understood?"

"Enough!," bellowed Terry. "Grok, you and your co-pilot will stand in that yellow painted safety zone six yards in that direction." Terry pointed against the wall, directly across from the shuttle. "Senior Chief, you are ordered to repair the damage done to the Ferengi shuttle by the Rakhari and ensure that it doesn't blow up when they start it. And you don't have two to three hours. You have thirty to sixty minutes. Also, this is the Flight Deck for the Three-Twenty-Fifth Fighter Squadron. I am the Squadron Commander. This is my Flight Deck. I will have thrown off of it whoever I damn well please! Is that understood?!" Commander Walsh had already had a curt meeting with his Bravo Flight Lead and now this man was commandeering the Flight Deck. Whatever was in the replicated liquid refreshment was affecting everyone. Or perhaps they were just tired from a long day. Whatever it was, he'd had enough of it. "Lieutenant Winchester, toss me a tricorder and I'll help with the search. The quicker we can get this done, the better." Terry turned and headed over to the Security officer.

Pulling his tricorder and tossing it, he said, :There ya go, Lieutenant Commander".

"Yell all you like Commander, but you can't change the timeline I set out already." Kalvin said calmly, standing his ground despite the outburst. "The time to conduct a level one diagnostic on a craft of this size and complexity is two to three hours. Your new Gryphons? Four hours minimum due to the complexity of the systems. Until it's proven otherwise that the reactor plant isn't going to go critical, I'm operating under the assumption the reactor unit has gone bad. If this thing goes, it'll take everyone in the vicinity, out say ten to twelve meters with it. Normally I'd restrict the area to only essential maintenance personnel, but for the sake of time, you can do your scans so long as they don't interfere with my maintenance crew."

Terry closed the tricorder and stepped back out of the shuttle, taking a deep breath. What was it with people under his command and pissing contests. Turning to the enlisted man, he said, "Your orders were to repair the damage done to the Ferengi shuttle by the Rakhari and ensure that it doesn't blow up when they start it. And as far as your implications that you will allow me to perform scans so long as they don't interfere with your have no authority to issue permissions and allowances and orders to a Senior Officer and your Department Head. You are hereby relieved of duty. Get the hell off my Flight Deck, Senior. Chief. Petty Officer." Terry turned to the leader of the Security team. "Lieutenant Winchester, have Mr. Maddox escorted to his quarters. I have confidence that you and I can continue with this inspection." With that, Terry opened the tricorder went back to scanning the interior of the shuttle.

"Have it your way. You don't want to follow applicable safety regulations, that's your decision." Kalvin shook his head. According to the safety regulations regarding this instance he was well within his abilities to order nonessential people away from the shuttle. He'd file a formal report with the CO while he was relaxing in his quarters.

"Alright Maddox" Winchester said with a phaser to his back, "Lets go, now".

Terry stood up and jerked his head in Winchester's direction, a quizzical look on his face. He shrugged and went back to scanning the interior of the shuttle.

With Maddox relieved of duty, several fighter technicians came over to help their Squadron Commander. None of them wanted to deal with the Ferengi even more than Commander Walsh or Lieutenant Winchester. If anything, they could work together quickly to resolve this situation.

"You know," Terry commented to the technicians and the other two Security Officers, "Bravo Lead had trouble scanning the contents..." He trailed off verbally and and moved his tricorder to the flight control area of the shuttle. "I can scan here and get all sorts of readings. But over here," he moved back to the cargo area, "here, I get faint readings of food and medical supplies. So, what's the difference in these two locations?"

The technician scanned the section in question. "I'm picking up high concentrations of magnetic shielding. No wonder the sensors couldn't penetrate. I'm also... getting unusual power readings. Small and concentrated. Almost like power cells."

Terry jerked up at the mention of power cells and nearly hit his head. "Security," he said to the two officers still present, "bring those two Ferengi over here. And keep a phaser handy. Not drawn, just handy."

Ensign T'Lol looked at her compatriot and nodded, placing her hand on her phaser. She noticed that that he did the same and the started walking towards the two Ferengi. Once she and the Andorian, KevalRon, got close, she noticed that he started to move towards Grok. And what was fine with her.

The technician knelt to take a close look at the compartment. From his toolkit, he removed a spanner and used it to pry open the hatch. "Commander!" he called out immediately, surprised by the contents.

Terry ran over at the technician's call out and peered inside. "What. The?! Security! Take those two Ferengi into custody now." Terry reached in, moved some of the food and medical supplies off the top, and removed two of what was buried underneath. He then stepped out of the shuttle and held them up. "Weapons, Grok? Really? You have a lot of explaining to do."

KevalRon was the first to draw his phaser and point it directly at Grok. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw T'Lol draw hers just as quick. Both of them ushered the Ferengi towards the Commander. KevalRon couldn't believe that they were actually trying to smuggle weapons to the planet. And that caused many questions to come to his mind. Questions that he doubted he would ever hear the answers to.

The Ferengi was furious. He cursed up and down in his own language, before finally stopping. "I won't say another word without your Captain. I will speak only to him."

"Smuggling weapons during peace negotiations...yeah, I can think of a few others along with the Captain who will want to speak with you." Terry tapped his combadge. "Security teams to the Flight Deck."

As security entered the flight deck and the two Ferengi were ushered away, they shouted obscenities and insults at the tall hairless human. The Ferengi Alliance would have to have strong words with the Federation, should this failure to make profit ever became known.


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