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Status Report

Posted on 23 Aug 2014 @ 3:15am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Ivan Dash

Mission: Razmena
Location: USS Black Hawk || Bridge
Timeline: February 3, 2388 || 0800 hours

Commander Geisler exited the turbolift to see that Alpha shift had already assumed their places on the bridge. A slight smile appeared only briefly on his face as the doors closed behind him. He had only a few minutes before he would meet Yeoman Carter for the morning inspection, and he had a bit of business to attend to first.

"Mister Dash," Harvey said, crossing the bridge to briefly stand next to the helm. "Join me in my ready room as soon as you have a moment."

Without waiting for a reply, Harvey disappeared into the ready room.

"Aye Sir!" Ivan logged out of the helm and stood nodding to one of his Ensign that were near by. For a moment while he waited to make sure his station was covered he thought how odd that was, he being a Ensign and having Ensigns under his command.

Once his seat was filled, Ivan turned and made his way to the Commanders ready room. He was almost right on Harvey's heals.

"Coffee, black." Harvey waited for the mug to materialize before pulling it out of the replicator. Looking to Ivan as he moved to his desk, the captain asked, "How's your defensive plan, coming, Ensign?"

"To be honest Sir, I'm not sure. I spoke to Lieutenant Noxa about the idea I had and she seemed to think it might be feasible, but she wanted to talk to engineering. She suggested that she should handle it. I asked her to keep me in the loop but both of us have been busy with the refuges and I'm not sure she has had the chance to move forward on it." Dash replied.

"I hope you can check on it today." Harvey took a sip of his coffee. "I must say, ensign, I was quite impressed with your flying a couple days ago."

"I will pester Noxa about it as soon as I get a chance." Ivan could not help but grin and the thought. "Thank you Captain. I aim to impress"

"And I'm sure you'll have a challenge doing so in the days to come," Harvey replied. "I'm not that easy to impress."

The captain set the mug down on the desk and looked at Dash. "I've been reviewing your file, Ensign. Your past seems... a little colorful."

That made Ivan squirm a little, "Yeah...I was a bit rebellious when I first left the farm."

Was that guilt? Harvey asked himself, noting Ivan's reaction. "As I've told previous officers, your personal life is your business. Just don't let it interfere when you're on duty. That's when we'll have problems." He paused, letting that sink in for a moment. Harvey picked up his mug to take another sip of his coffee. "I hope you understand me, Ensign."

This actually stopped Ivan. He had been a bit unfocused at the academy but as long as he has been on actual duty he had gone out of his way to keep his nose clean. He figured that was how he had gotten this position regardless of his low rank. " Sir, if I may, is there something in my file that I'm not aware of? My personal life has never interfered with my duty as an officer in the past. Do you know something I don't?"

"No," Harvey replied, before taking another sip of his coffee. "I expect a lot of my senior staff, especially freshly minted lieutenants."

Harvey took another sip of coffee, but kept his eyes fixed on Dash, hoping to catch his immediate response.

Ivan's eyes drifted to the floor for a moment while he let this information process. He bit back a grin and looked back at the Commander. He decided to play dumb. Nothing good ever came from jumping to conclusions "As you should should sir, Who is your new Lieutenant? Would you like me to send them in?" There was hopefulness in Ivan's eyes as he waited for Harvey's response.

Harvey smirked, grateful for the light-hearted response. He set down his mug of coffee and reached over to his terminal. He had positioned it the night before to conceal the small suede box from the helmsman's view. "No need for that, Lieutenant." Harvey set the box on the table and slid it across to Ivan.

Now Ivan could not hold back the huge grin on his face. He took up the box and opened it, and looked down at his new pip. "Thank you sir!" Ivan looked back up at the Commander "I will not let you down."

"See that you don't," Harvey said, rising with his mug in hand. "Report to your station, Lieutenant Dash."

"Aye Captain!" Dash snapped and turned to walk out the door. On his way out he attached his new pip to his collar.


Cmdr. Harvey Geisler, CO
Lt. JG Ivan Dash, CFCO


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