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Chance Meeting

Posted on 24 Jul 2017 @ 3:44am by Lieutenant Gemma Alexander & Lieutenant Callam Jaxer

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Deck 11 near 11/06 and 11/08
Timeline: MD5/2100hrs

Callam was walking through the corridors whistling to himself, on his way to his quarters, when he spotted a very attractive young redhead about to go into the quarters next to his.

Where have you been all my life, gorgeous? he thought.

"Hi, there," Callam said as he approached, showing her one of his winning smiles and extending his hand. "I guess we're neighbors. Callam Jaxer. In the air they call me Jax, but on the ground I'm just Callam or Cal."

Gemma had been what she called 'Auto Braining'. She spent most of a shift in a tense/boring patrol then had issues with her craft after landing. She'd stayed to observe and talk to the ground crew chief, then got caught up with other pilots at the debriefing, bunch of chatterboxes her mother would say. Oh and just a few a hands of cards to relax, won't take long. And that was fine but it did mean a delay, it wasn't until a few hours later she was finally making her way to her quarters. She was tired and was dodging people through reflex. She'd just aimed herself at her quarters, her mind already in the shower when she noticed the other pilot standing in the hall. At his words a light went off in her brain and she kicked it back into focus.

She turned and smiled, genuine if a little tired. "Right I know, well handled with the enemies of good sense. I meant to welcome you before, I try to touch base with all the new people warn them about the sheet shorters but they threw us all into the pan quick." She extended her hand, "Lt. Gemma Alexander, Archer..." She said in her British accented English.

Callam shook Gemma's hand.

"A pleasure," he said. "That could have gotten really ugly really quick. I had to fly out there with those guys after you went back to the barn. They weren't much friendlier, I have to tell you. Played chicken with us over and over again. Darted at restricted airspace, waving off at the last minute. They crossed it a few times and we warned them off and they'd stop, only to start all over again. They flew around us and even got weapons lock on us several times. It was all for show, but we had to take each action seriously. Ratcheted up the stress level a bit. But that was then, and this is now. Then, I had angry, obnoxious Rakhari to deal with. I much prefer your company to them."

Gemma, sensing more than a quick 'hi' and fine with that, leaned against a nearby bulkhead as he talked while she listened. "That's how it goes, they always feel the need to push the boundaries. Bit like kids to be honest, reminds me of my siblings and I asking for one more story, one more drink of water before bed. Always trying to find out if the actual limit was it or not."

She smiled briefly at the memories, "Course poking for weaknesses is what we do so I guess I can't be too annoyed. Just much more fun outgoing than incoming." Then she moved on to his last comment, "And that's not much of a comparison, I daresay much would count as better company than that lot including a Klingon with a toothache..." She joked smiling up at him, an easy humor in her eyes.

Callam chuckled.

"You are absolutely better company than a Klingon with a toothache," he said. "So, since I'm new here, maybe you could show me around sometime? Not necessarily now. Don't take this wrong, but you look exhausted...very attractive, but exhausted."

Gemma laughed and tucked a loose hair behind her ear, "long few days, and very smooth by the way. You look..." Hot she thought but what she said was, "entirely too awake. You most likely tan in the sun too right? Golden brown I'll bet." She pretended to glare with the force only a natural red head could manage.

She couldn't blame anyone but herself, she spent some time before her shift studying and training on the new craft. "And tour sounds grand, if you can give me an hour its nothing some coffee and a shower won't fix." She replied, always ready to step up. Maybe a power nap though. Gemma could sleep most anytime, most anywhere. She is skilled like that, even once standing up. The drill instructor was not pleased.

"Laughing looks good on you, Gemma Alexander," Callam said with a grin. "I'll have to see what I can do to make you laugh some more. Take as much time as you need. I'll be right next door. And if you decide you just want to sit. drink, and chat, maybe listen to a little music, and put the tour off til tomorrow, I'm sure I've got a bottle of something stashed away in my quarters."

Archer looked up at him and quickly considered options, as a pilot one often had to make snap decisions. He seemed friendly enough and she could always sleep later, or "When I'm dead." she would often say when in a mood. And his offer did actually seem really tempting, she would spend hours at the Academy doing just those things. And other things but those were stories for another time. "There are tours and there are tours, odds are you've seen what you need to by now at any rate but I could answer any questions you may have. How's about I swing by in a bit then?" She asked.

"Perfect," Callam said. "I look forward to seeing you then."

With a smile and a nod, Gemma headed off to her own quarters.


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