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A Quick Respite

Posted on 17 Aug 2017 @ 3:20am by Ensign Aidan Crehan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Deep Space 15
Timeline: MD 5, evening

Things had been so tense as of late. Aidan had been kept busy, very busy, in the science labs examining and studying. And he was glad that it was over for the day. The Captain's business had apparently gone well enough that the crew was allowed on the station. So here he was, hand in hand with the love of his life, walking through Deep Space Fifteen. He gave it a gentle squeeze and said, "It is nice to have an evening to relax. And even nicer to be spending another one with you."

Mila walked beside of him in a purple mini dress with a pair of matching purple kitten heels. She looked up at him and smiled when he squeezed her hand. "Da," she agreed as she looked around. "Is also nice to be having you all to myself instead of having to share you with Science and everyone else who is wanting your attention."

"There do seem to be more of those lately," he said. "Especially this mission. But, right now, it's all about you my dearest. What would you like to do since we have some free time on a new-to-us starbase?"

She looked around. "There is being many things which is calling for attention," she said. "But none more important than the rest, unless I am including you. If that is being the case, then you are getting all of my attention. For now, though, let us simply wander and see what is catching our eyes."

Aidan looked over at her. "I'm sorry, what? Something caught my eyes." He smiled at his most favorite brunette in all of the galaxy. Inside, he was wishing he could so much more for her. Be so much more. He hadn't felt this way about a woman before and he didn't want it to stop. Ever. Then he smiled again as plans of a well-orchestrated holodeck picnic surprise came back to mind and a song that he owed her.

Mila gave him a coy look and a smile. "Is that so?" she asked him as she headed for what looked like a nice shop with a variety of figurines on display. "Then I guess you will not be minding when I am loading up your big strong arms with things to be carrying."

"That's part of what I'm here for," he said. "Let's see what they have inside. Perhaps we can find something for that empty shelf next to the desk and for the nightstand." He released her hand and opened the door for her to enter. "After you."

She entered and looked at the row upon row of figurines. Some were animals from planets in the Gamma Quadrant, some were fantastical sculptures made of some type of glass or crystal and many of them were mythical figures like mermaids, three-headed dogs, unicorns, pegasi, fairies and other types of exotic figurines. "This....this is being amazing," she said as she examined a crystalline unicorn with wings. "Someone from Alpha Quadrant must have brought information from Earth on such beings."

"I agree," Aidan said, looking around. "And they would have to know about hundreds of years of mythical history, as well." He noticed her looking at one of the figurines. "Would you like it? Or another one perhaps. Or both?"

"I could not," Mila said. "I am sure they are quite expensive..." She looked at the one she had been examining again, then thought for a moment. "Is there any here that is catching your attention?"

"I'm sure they probably are, but we could always try to talk them down. Who knows? It could even be a little fun," said Aidan. "And as far as me..." He looked around the shelves. "The mermaid looks pretty. But I'm sure we could replicate a costume and find a much more pretty mermaid."

At that moment, a Paradan approached them. "Ah, I see that you are interested in my wonderful figurines," he said. "All of these are genuine and come with certificates of authenticity. I have reasonable prices and a wide assortment for all ranges, and payment plans for special customers."

Mila winced at the word payment plans. She knew about the Paradan's specialization and shook her head. "Nyet," she said. "We are just looking at the moment." She pointed at the mermaid. "How much is that being?"

The shopkeeper looked at where she pointed and made a show of thinking about it. "One thousand credits."

She knew that was twice what Aidan made a month and half of what she made a month. "Eight hundred," she said.

"Nine hundred," the Paradan countered.

"It is so small," Mila pointed out. "Even for the craftsmanship. Eight hundred and twenty-five."

"Eight hundred and fifty and you are robbing me. It is one of a kind!"

"Sold," she said.

Aidan stood back, watching and listening to the events transpire. He realized that as a Captain's Yeoman she would've had some rounds with Captains and quite possibly some senior officers. The Paradan didn't stand a chance. He grinned as he watched his girlfriend haggle the price down. Once she had the figurine in her hand, he walked up to her and put an arm around her waist. "Thank you, my love." He gave her waist a little squeeze. "I rather enjoyed seeing you in action."

Mila collected the mermaid and certificate which she looked at before it was bagged up and then handed it to him. "You should be seeing me when I am dealing with department heads. Some of them are putting up much bigger argument than him. Where are you wishing to go to next?"

"I can only imagine," said Aidan. He held the bag in his hand and put the other one around her waist again. "I was thinking that perhaps we could find a place that sells clothes. Real. Cloth. Clothes. It is time to add more to my closet."

She smiled and glanced at pegasus unicorn statue from the corner of her eye, but smiled as she headed out of the store with him. "Maybe I am finding new shade of purple that I am not seeing before," she said. "One can never be having too much purple."

"Oh, I agree with that entirely," said Aidan."We need to find you some more shades of purple. And whatever else you want while we're here. It's not often that we are in such a unique place."

"You are knowing me," Mila said. "There is not much I am wanting, and many things are being out of price range, but if it is not meant to be, it is not meant to be." She looked around and spotted a shop that seemed to be a tailor or seamstress shop which offered custom clothing and pointed it out to him. "I am thinking we are finding new things for your wardrobe there."

Aidan smiled. He'd had well over one-hundred years to work and save credits. Not to mention a couple of investments here and there. "I do," he said. "And I look forward to continually getting to know you better." He followed her into the custom tailor shop and looked around. "I see some things that would look interesting, but you seem to have an eye for fashion. What do you see, Mila?"

"I am seeing fabric and clothes," she said. "If you are giving me minute, perhaps I will begin to see specific clothes and things." Her tone was light and teasing and she looked up at him with adoration as she headed towards a dress which looked like it was designed for an evening out.

Aidan chuckled as he caught sight of something that he would wear for those special occasions. He caught the eye of a nearby employee and nodded towards it. Then he followed Mila over to her find. "Do you like it?" he asked her. "And do you want it?"

Mila looked at it and didn't see a price tag and back to Aidan. "It is being very nice, but I am having no idea where I would be wearing such dress on the ship," she said. "Is very fancy." She looked over and saw another purple and black dress. "Now that is more doable," she said.

The El-Aurian smiled as he watched his beautiful brunette go from one dress to another. "I like it," he said. "And I'd like to see it on you. Care to try it on and see if it fits? This is a custom shop after all." He really just wanted to see her in it. And to see her walking back into the changing area in it.

She got the attention of an attendant and pointed out the purple and black dress, then headed off to a dressing room. "Do not make any deals until I am returning," she called out to him before she vanished.

"No worries, my dear," Aidan called out. He turned and got the attention of the same employee from before. "I presume you can perform a quick measurement scan to get what you need for adjusting what I pointed out earlier?"

"Indeed we can," came the reply. The man pulled a small device from his pocket and activated it, scanning Aidan from head to toe. "I will send your measurements to the room in the back and they will see what needs adjusting. I imagine that the biggest change will have to be made in the shoulders and chest. Just based on these results."

"Very well, then," he said. Aidan turned around and scanned the room. He was just looking at things when another dress drew his gaze. He smiled, knowing that he would have to recommend this one.

Mila came out of the dressing room with the dress and turned for him. "What are you to be thinking?" she asked him with a smile as she struck a pose.

"I think that I have found one of many perfect gifts to purchase for you," said Aidan. "You look stunning." He looked at Mila from the top to bottom and back up again. "Simply stunning. But, before you go, how about you try on another one." Aidan gestured to the dress to Mila's right. "That one."

She looked over at the dress, then back to Aidan with a raised eyebrow. "Is that what you are wishing to see me in, Aidan?" she asked before giving a nod to the attendant who scanned her, then went off to find it in her size.

Aidan walked up to Mila and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "That would be suitable as well, seeing you in it." Then he stepped back a very short distance. "If you do not like it, we will not get it. But I'd like to see how it looks on you."

"I am betting you would, Rogue," Mila said with a wink as the attendant came back with the dress in her size. She took it and looked at the zipper on front and back at Aidan, then headed to change. When she returned, the dress looked as if it were a size smaller than she wore and accentuated her slight curves and made them stand out. She turned for him and smiled. "Well, are you liking?" she asked with a smile.

"I am loving," he said. "Very. Very. Much," he added with a wink. He took in every curve, every aspect of her. And for a brief moment, he felt his cheeks warm. "How do you like it?"

She smiled brightly and moved over to him before she reached up to caress his cheeks. "Then I am loving it," she said before she looked at the clerk. "I will be taking this one and the other I tried on," she said. The attendant nodded and headed off to box the dresses up. "Thank you Aidan," Mila said.

Aidan smiled and leaned his head into her hands as she placed them on his cheeks. "You are very welcome, Mila. Anything for the love of my life." He pulled her in and hugged her, kissing her forehead. Then he let her go. "Do you wish to change or wear it back to the ship?" He grinned and raised an eyebrow.

"I am thinking that I will change it as I am not wishing to be giving people heart attacks or having you have to be fighting them off," Mila said with a smile. "Be giving me a moment to change."

"I'll give you all the time you need, dear," said Aidan. "Go change." He grinned as the thought of watching her sway away in that dress came to mind.

She turned and walked away with a sashay that she knew would get Aidan's attention before she vanished into the changing room. A few minutes later, she came back out in her original dress and gave the other back to the attendant who had a new dress of the one she was wearing and the other one she wanted. "I am thinking that these are going to be expensive."

Oh, she was something else and he was glad that she was his. When she came back, he was about to put his arm around her waist. Then she spoke. "Perhaps. But even if they are, you are worth it. And that's something that you shouldn't worry about."

"Are you being sure?" Mila asked. "I have some savings for special occasions which this would be."

"I am sure," said Aidan. "This is indeed a special occasion. An occasion on which I can...dote, I believe humans call it...on the one I love. Besides, I also have some savings." He paused and smiled, ducking his head. He leaned in and whispered. "I've had about one hundred eighty years to save credits and such. This...this won't change things between us I hope."

"Why would I be upset for you for saving credits?" she asked, confused. "Aidan, you know that I am not one to be telling you what you are to be doing with what is yours or be asking you to change for me. I am falling in love with you, not what you are having or what you are able to do for me."

"I know, Mila," he replied. "And what you said last is making me love you even more. I can't wait to see how many more roads we get to walk together on during this journey as we learn and understand more about each other." He grinned, referencing what they talked about on the beach all those months ago. "I look forward to a long journey with you."

"The galaxy is being big place with many roads," Mila said. "But no matter the road we are to be taking, I am knowing that as long as you are at my side, it will be road that I will never fear to go down. Our journey among the stars and with each other shall be story to tell great grandkids."

"And I will stay by your side, Mila," said Aidan. He watched as the attendant put everything together. He walked up and paid for the two dresses and his suit. Smiling he turned to Mila, "We've shopped. Now let's see if we can find a place to eat."

"That is sounding good to me," she said. "What are you feeling like? I am being open to new experiences since you are introducing me to more every day."

"I think," said Aidan, "I would like to try something Finnean, Selubassari, or something of the like. We are in a sector that is new to us. Let's try something native to it."

"I am not being certain about Selubassari," Mila said as she took her packages and headed out of the shop. "After all, they are not having mouths."

"Then we will forego the Selubassari," said Aidan. "Finnean it is." He picked up the two bags with one hand and put the other in Mila's. "Let us see if we can find some Finnean cuisine." He lead her out the door of the shop and back into the main walkpath.

"Da," she agreed as she walked beside of him. "Are you knowing what Finneans eat and if it is being compatible with other species?"

"It is compatible," said Aidan. "Some of is spicy, some of it is more flavorful than spicy, but all of it is supposed to good. At least from what I've been able to learn."

"Then you are knowing more than me," Mila said. "And I am looking forward to be trying it as long as I am with you. That, and it is not alive and trying to be wiggle down my throat."

"I'm a listener, remember? I hear people talking, I make mental notes," he said. "Though, I have no idea if they have anything that is live. I suppose that we will find out once we get there. And avoid those." As they approached some of the restaurants, Aidan could smell the odors starting to waft his way. They smelled wonderful.

She stopped and took a breath, then looked around. "I am smelling something very good," she said as she looked around. "There," she pointed at one of them. "I am thinking it is coming from there. Shall we?"

"But of course," he replied. He took another deep breath through his nose. "It smells wonderful."

Mila took his hand and headed into the restaurant with him instead of talking more about it. "We are looking for table for two," she said the nearest person who wore the livery of the restaurant.

The Finnean smiled and nodded. "Follow me, please." He led them to a small table near the center of the dining area. It was one of the few tables-for-two that were left. Many of the others were occupied. "How is this?"

"This will be sufficient," said Aidan. He walked around the table and pulled the chair out for Mila. Heading back to his own, he saw two smaller versions of their PADDs laying there. Most likely a menu, he thought to himself.

"So, what can I get the young woman to drink?" asked the Finnean.

"I am thinking that I will have a sweet juice," Mila told the waiter.

"Excellent," he said. "And for you?" he asked, turning to Aidan.

"I shall have a simple water," he said. "Chilled," added the El-Aurian.

The Finnean smiled. "I'll go get those for you. And in the meantime, see what we have to offer for food. It's all very good." With that, he turned on his heals and headed off.

Mila took one of hte small PADDs and looked at it. "It is looking like they are serving a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes," she said. "Although I am not recognizing any of it. I am being very surprised that they are allowing Finnean to remain free while the rest are considered indebted to Selubassari on planet."

Aidan picked up the other. "I...don't recognize anything either." He looked up at her and smiled. "I suppose we will be surprised when we point it out on the menu. As far as the other, I have to wonder if there is some sort of 'agreement' or the like. I haven't heard much about the politics of the region. I do believe that the Captain accomplished something towards calming both sides or we wouldn't be here now." He looked back down at the menu, hoping that what he pointed out would be a nice balance of meat and vegetables.

She looked at what he was pointing at and nodded. "That is looking good, but I am knowing better than to be judging book by its cover," she said. "But if it is not being good, we can always be trying something else, da?"

"Da," replied Aidan, in her native language. "We can always try something else if it isn't good. What would you try?"

"I am not being certain, but I am being open to something new," Mila replied. "Let us get a sample platter if they are having one?"

Aidan nodded. "That sounds like a good idea." He looked around and waved to their attendant, who nodded and started towards the table. Then he turned and grabbed the tray with their drinks. When he arrived he set them down in front of the two. Aidan looked up, "Thank you. Do you have something like a sample platter? A dish with small portions of various foods on it?"

"Oh yes," he replied. "We have a few. One is all various vegetables, another is various meats, one is various grains, and many others can be made based on what you'd like to combine. Do you have a preference?"

Aidan looked at Mila. "I didn't realized there would be such a selection. Personally, I'd prefer a balance of various meats and vegetables. Is that okay with you?"

"It is," she said. "But let us not be forgetting to be getting some fruits to go with it. We cannot be getting enough fruits, especially if they are being fresh."

"This is very true. We might as well get as much fresh fruit as we can hold while we're able." He turned to the attendant. "We will have a dish with various meats and vegetables. And the same with some of your fresh fruits."

"Excellent," he said. "I'll have it all out in a few minutes. And as for the variety, surprise you? Correct? At least, that's the phrase I've been hearing a lot around here since your people started coming over."

Aidan chuckled. "Yes, with both the meats and the vegetables." He watched as the attendant made his way to the back area. "This should be an interesting meal to remember. Though, instead of water, I suppose I could have asked if they had anything purple to drink. That proved to be a lot of fun the last time."

Mila gave a laugh and batted her eyelashes at him. "Perhaps I should have asked for purple napkin to be going with it," she said with a smile.

He winked at his Russian beauty and grinned. "You could always ask when he comes back." He paused and chuckled. "Purple Pantie Dropper...I'll never forget that as long as I live. And somehow I do not think that waiter will either. Our reactions were priceless."

"I am certainly remembering look on your face when you realized what I had done with napkin," she said. "I will be having to make you another soon."

Aidan started laughing. "That was great," he said when he calmed back down. "And you can rest assured that I will be on the lookout. Though, knowing you, it will be when I least expect it. Which will make it even more exciting." He sat back and smiled at Mila. "I need to find a special way to surprise you the way you keep surprising me."

"Nyet, is my job to be surprising you," Mila said before she leaned over to give him a kiss. "You are best surprise I am ever having each time I am looking into your eyes and knowing that you love me."

Aidan leaned forward and took her hands in his, staring into her eyes. "My slender woman of raven brows has no mournful eyes. They are full of cheer and happiness. They sparkle with excitement and wonder. I look into them and I see...forever. I"

She looked at him and started to say something and stopped. She tried again and failed, and instead of making a third attempt, she threw herself into his arms and wrapped hers around him.

Aidan held her, arms wrapped around her slender form. He moved a hand up to her head and his hand through her hair. He leaned his head down near her ear and whispered, "To quote one of your ancient Earth playwrights, 'True love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, Never sick, never dead, never cold, From itself never turning.'" He kissed her cheek and pulled back. "I love you, beautiful."

Mila looked up at him and the love that was in her eyes was undeniable. "And I am loving you more each time you are saying something like that," she whispered. "I am always wondering if I am going to be waking up and discovering it was all a dream, but each time I wake up, I am seeing you and knowing that I am truly blessed."

"I'll keep saying things like that, too," said Aidan. "Every day, should you wish it. If not, then times like this...when I can catch you off guard. And as far as dreams, I see you in them every time. I dream of you. I wake up next to you. I shall never miss a thing, for I always see you."

She gave him a kiss before she took her own seat again. "And that is being the reason why I am calling you Sir Knight," she told him. "You are gallant, chivalrous, and are always knowing right thing to say. You are from the pages of history where I am reading tales of King Arthur and Knights of Round Table and I am knowing you are my champion."

Aidan sat down and took a drink of his water. "And I shall always be that to you, Milady." He smiled knowingly at her. She was everything to him. "I'll be your champion and always defend you. No matter what. Or where." Aidan glanced over and saw that their food was on it's way out. "Before the food gets here, let me just say that you bring it all out of me."

"Just as you are bringing out love in me that I was not even knowing that I was capable of," Mila said with a smile. "You are unlike anyone that I have ever even heard of and were I to lose you, I would never love again."

"You were capable of it, Mila," said Aidan. "You just needed the right man to draw it out from it's depths. And now you have him, unlike anyone you've ever met. And I'm all yours." The attendant came up and put the platter down in the middle of the table and a plate down in front of each of them. He nodded to the both of them and left. "I'm glad that I have you, my love, unlike any woman that I have ever known."

"If you are keeping that up, I am thinking I may never need dessert again for you are so sweet," she said before she looked at the tray. "Let us see what we are having here," she said as she reached for her fork and speared a vegetable. She chewed it thoughtfully and swallowed before she took a big drink of her juice.

"Well, if you are liking taste of sour milk mixed with rotten prunes, you will be loving that," Mila said.

Aidan looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Um, no. I think I'll pass on that one. You make me want to take a drink and I haven't tasted anything yet." He got a piece of the meat and cut it, taking a bite. After swallowing it, he said, "Well, it's tasty and tender. Though I dare not ask what it could be."

She pushed the vegetables aside on her plate and cut the meat into small bites before trying a piece. "Now this is being very good," she said. "I am wondering, it is better if I am not knowing how it is made or what it is."

"Well my dear, we are most certainly trying new things this trip," he said, following a bite of a different vegetable with a drink of water. "Though we seem to be trying new things with food only. Why don't we broaden our horizons and try new things outside of food."

"What are you having in mind?" Mila asked as she took a sip of her juice. "I am open to new things as you are learning from my experience of shuttle surfing."

Aidan smiled at the memories that Mila had just evoked by mentioning the shuttle surfing. His most favorite was their first kiss. "Indeed I do. Shuttle surfing was only one of the new things that you were open to at that point. The new experience of kissing me stands out most." He winked and swallowed some more of the meat.

She blushed and smiled at the memory. "You would be remembering that of everything," she said warmly. "I am remembering it very well, also." She ate another piece of her meal and followed it with a drink of her juice.

"But of course. As for other things, entertainment for example," said Aidan. "Though I prefer things in the real 'outside,' I would be willing to try the holodeck. It affords anything we want outside of the recreation facilities and the gym. We could go hiking in the mountains of some distant planet. Or we could program a similar beach and take that walk that we didn't get to on New Risa."

"Do not be forgetting that we are having ability to replicate some things which we could be using," Mila pointed out. "Industrial replicator for bigger items, da, but it would be like permanent props which we could be using in our quarters."

"Ohh, permanent props in our quarters," said Aidan. "I would never have thought of that. I like that idea. Do you have anything specific in mind?"

"Maybe we could be making steam sauna with rocks like I am hearing you are doing with Ensign Mackie," she commented idly.

Aidan coughed a little and took a drink to force down the vegetable. "You...heard about that, did you?"

"Let me just be saying that replicator and computer records are Yeoman's friend at times," Mila said with a barely contained giggle. "That and I am hearing certain Ensign talking about something she is seeing."

Aidan took a deep breath. He tried not to smile, but to no avail. He couldn't keep a straight face around Mila. "Okay, yes, we created a steam sauna for him and his girlfriend and I instructed him in some massage techniques I learned on Risa. But, I like very much the idea of those permanent props in our quarters. And I wouldn't be instructing you in the massage. I would be giving you a full-body massage with the best oils and you would enjoy every second of it."

"Now that is sounding like something I am able to endorse," she said. "I am having a few secrets myself which I have been saving for very special occasion." She gave a mysterious smile and ate another bite of her meat.

Aidan stopped in mid bite and looked at her. He slowly put the fork down and grinned. "Is that so? Well now you have me wondering about your secrets and what kind of very special occasion it would take."

Mila gave a chuckle and looked at him innocently. "I cannot be giving away everything at once, can I?" she asked him.

"No, I don't suppose you can," he said. "But I also know you well enough that you know I'll start trying every single very special occasion I can think of since you said that." He smiled at her innocent look. She was truly the best thing that had ever happened to him.

"You do not have to try," she told him. "You do without having to and I am loving you for it every day."

The broad shouldered El-Aurian took a deep breath. "Then I look forward to loving you and learning more about your secrets and mysteries, my Russian sweetheart." He took that bite of vegetable from earlier and a drink of water.

"Just as I shall enjoy learning more about you, my El-Aurian Knight," Mila said before she ate another bite of meat and washed it down with a drink of her juice. "What are you wishing to do when we are getting back to ship?"

Aidan put another piece of meat in his mouth and thought about it. When he swallowed, he said, "I suppose we could try one of the new forms of entertainment, perhaps?"

"Or we could be replicating things needed to make steam sauna," the brunette woman said with a teasing look.

A wanting smile crept across his face as his eyes slightly widened at the prospect of creating a place all their own in their quarters. A special place for them. "Oh how I love the way you think, Mila. We could put it in a corner of our quarters."

"With as small as quarters are being, are you meaning left side of room or right side?" Mila asked with a laugh as she finished her meal.

Aidan had to put his glass down before his spilled it. He finished laughing and spoke, "Let's go with the right side. That way we will not be required to move the bed, at least on purpose." He winked at his gorgeous brunette beauty. He loved her more than he ever thought he could love.

"Good," she said. "Then you are now sleeping on right side. If I am needing quick escape, you will be having further to go."

"And why, pray tell, would you want to be quickly escaping from our bed, little one?" he asked. "If there was a danger, I would carry you out of the room." He smiled. "Yet I will sleep wherever you wish me to sleep, my love."

"You when you are trying to tickle torture me," Mila said with a laugh. "I am always being prepared."

"Oh yes, those," said Aidan. "Those are so much fun. My favorite part is chasing you around the room. Well, that and catching you." He finished his last bit of meat and pushed the nasty vegetables around on the plate before putting his fork down.

"Now I am going to have to be learning Parkour like I am teaching Chow," she said. "There will be so much in way that will be having to leap over it or you will be catching."

"It is too bad that we could not move in to a larger quarters," said Aidan. "We would have plenty of room for our steam sauna. But you have to be a Senior Officer. That will take some time."

"I am going to have to be talking to Harvey and seeing about maybe getting family quarters," Mila said."After all, we are having Chow and he is being family."

He smiled, "Family quarters would most certainly be larger. I wish you the best of luck trying to convince the Captain that Chow is a child, though. I agree that he his family, so that might help."

"I am having some influence over him," she said. "And it would be helping if I am promising to be keeping him from Joey. After way Chow is acting at her party, I am not wishing him to be in trouble."

"I wouldn't want him to be in trouble either," said Alex. "With the Captain, Joey, or you for that matter. He would have more room to run around also. But if he declines, just prepare yourself. We'll make do in our current quarters. The steam sauna may have to wait, but we will manage."

"We can make a small one," Mila said. "One table and some rocks with steam will be a good start."

Aidan thought for a second. "Yes, that could work. We could easily get that to fit in the area we talked about." He paused and leaned forward on the table. "Feeling like a little massage when we get everything set up?"

"That is sounding like wonderful idea," she said as she finished her juice. "I am eager to be knowing what types of massage you are teaching others but not giving me."

"Heh, well, the one I taught Quinn was for his girlfriend," he said. "So it was more...special. I can give that one to you, if you'd like? I'm sure that you could use the stress relief after running the Administration during all of this."

"I would very much look forward to that and anything else you would be wishing to do," Mila said. "After all, you are having experience in many things and I am eager student."

Aidan smiled. "I would be glad to teach you, an eager student, in many things. We'll start with the massage, maybe add a few extra techniques, and see what happens." He then took his last drink of water. "I can't wait to get started. Shall we pay and head back to the ship? We have a few things to put away before start building our sauna."

"I am thinking that is very good idea," she said as she came to her feet. "Especially with what I am hearing about you and more from what I am knowing."

Aidan stood and picked up their bags. "Why don't you tell me what you've been hearing about me," he said, leading them to where he would pay for their meal. He smiled at the Finnean and put out his hand to place his thumbprint on a PADD. The Finnean held the PADD out and grinned. The human in front of him seemed loaded and probably didn't have time for conversation. He then took the PADD back and waved them out, thanking them.

"I am hearing that you are good person who is always thinking about others and is going out of his way to be making sure they are taken care of," Mila said. "That you are having heart of gold and would do anything for those that you are caring about."

He smiled and leaned down to kiss her. "Then you are hearing correctly, I suppose. I would most certainly make sure others are taken care of and especially those that I care about. Those who are especially close to me, such as you, I take extra care for."

"That is what your Mother was telling me and what I am learning," she said as she returned the kiss. "She is very wise and knowing woman and told me that the best thing I could hope for was to learn this on my own and I am."

"Of course she did," he said. "That's my Mother for you. I'm glad that you had such a good time with her. And I'm glad that you're learning these things about me. I love you and I care for you more than you could imagine, Mila." As they continued walking by the shops, Aidan slowed a bit and adjusted the bags.

"I am and I am loving you, too," Mila said. "She is being very wise woman to encourage me to learn about you myself. A true teacher is encouraging students to learn beyond the classroom and you are being the greatest subject that I have ever had pleasure of meeting."

"Heh, I look forward to hearing more about the things you learn about me. I am fortunate to be studied by such an one as you," Aidan replied. They came to the store that they first entered, where Mila bought Aidan the mermaid. "Excuse me dear, would you mind to wait here for a moment?" he asked, stopping and putting the bags down near a table.

"Da," she said, wondering if he had seen something else that he liked in the store or wanted to ask a question about the mermaid. "I will be waiting for you."

"Thank you, I'll just be a moment." Aidan walked in and looked around for what he saw her examining when they first went in. Finding it, he carried it over to the shop owner. Mila had been right earlier; for figurines, these were pretty expensive. He didn't mind spending his credits on his love, but he wasn't going to get taken either. After some back-and-forth, the Paradan put it in it's foam lined box. Aidan paid and headed back out, walking up to Mila. "This is for you," he said.

Mila smiled when he came out. "For me?" she asked as she took it and looked inside. She gasped when she saw that it was the unicorn pegasus that she had her eyes on earlier and looked up at him. "Aidan....thank you. You were not having to get this for me....." A tear of happiness slid down her cheek and she wrapped her arms around in in a tight hug while careful not to drop the box. "Thank you. Thank you so much!"

Aidan returned the hug tightly. "You are more than welcome, my love. I know I didn't have to, but I saw you looking at it earlier. Plus, it's purple." He pulled back enough to see where the tear had slid down and brought up his hand. He wiped the track of the tear and then kissed her cheek where it had been. "Can you think of a place you'd like display it?"

"I am thinking of placing it....I do not know," she managed. "We will have to see when we are getting back." She was still shocked and felt her heart beating even more strongly for the El-Aurian who had won it. "It is surely a centerpiece."

"When we get back then," he said, "And if that's what it is, then it is just like you, a centerpiece." He leaned down and place a soft kiss on her lips. He brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers before going back to their bags and picking them up.

Mila smiled at him. "Then it is being good that I am having Knight to guard me," she said as she took his free hand and headed back towards the way they had came.

Aidan continued walking with her, hand in hand. "I have really enjoyed this trip this evening," he said. "It's too bad that we aren't near starbases more often. I could get used to this, being out and visiting stores with you."

"I could also be getting used to it," she said. "Yet, if we are living on a starbase, soon everything would be commonplace and we would be wanting to get out among stars again. I am loving watching stars go past when we are at warp and seeing brand new planet that I have never been to before out viewports."

"Hmm, you make a very good point. It would eventually become monotonous," he said. They had exited the station's Promenade and were headed to the transporter room they had arrived in. "I'll admit, seeing them from space is amazing. Sometimes I wonder what species think when they leave their planet for the first time and see it from orbit."

"The first time I am leaving the moon, I was eight or so years old," Mila said as she thought back. "I remember looking down and thinking how small it was and how big it was at the same time. When I am seeing the Moon in comparison with Earth, I am seeing how small it truly is, but when I was on Moon, it was like it was bigger than biggest planet. It was an amazing experience."

Aidan listened and nodded throughout Mila's description of what it was like for her. "I liked hearing that. It was special. And your home planet is amazing. Thank you for the tour and for taking me to meet your parents. That was really terrific visit."

"It is too small to be planet," she said. "That is why they are calling it the Moon." She couldn't help but giggle. "But I am thanking you all the same. They enjoyed your company very much, too. What was it being like for you when you are seeing new planet?"

Aidan looked over and smirked. "You adorable, giggling, little woman. I'll never get tired of that." If he could have reached around and patted her backside, he would have. "I remember when I saw my first planet from space. It was El Auria. So many lush, green colors. Bright blue oceans. I thought I lived on a jewel in the universe. Then I saw the planet that they took us to in the Gamma Quadrant. It wasn't quite as beautiful from space, but it was much larger. I didn't think we could ever get around it all. Orbit or planetside."

Mila almost asked him about El Auria, then thought better of it; it would no doubt bring back memories of the Borg destroying it and his people scattering across the galaxy. "Each planet can be beautiful when seen from space, but it is when you are able to share experience it with someone you love seeing such a planet and visiting it together do you truly appreciate what you are seeing."

"That is very well put," he said. "Perhaps we can plan some time off in Talons at each planet the ship goes to. That way, we can see it from the viewports with someone we love and appreciate it even more."

"I am liking that idea," she said with a smile as they entered the transporter room. "I am wondering if we..." She stopped. "You are in Science and are having access to sensors and such, da? Can you not be...what is term? taking snapshots of planets when we are arriving?"

Aidan thought for a moment as they stepped up on the transporter pad. "I do believe that I could make that happen. We could start a collection of planets we've seen together. Then a few years from now, we could look back on them and reminiscence. Perfect idea you had, my dear." Aidan leaned down and kissed Mila. Then he looked to the transporter Chief, "USS Black Hawk," he said.

The Chief contacted the ship to let them know about the incoming personnel, smiling the entire time. Upon receiving confirmation, he looked up at the young couple. "They're ready whenever you two sweethearts are. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon," he added with a wink.

Mila returned the kiss before she heard what the transporter chief said. She started to say something, but the transporter beam locked her and Aidan and the last thing she saw was the grin on the man's face. When they rematerialized on the Black Hawk, she couldn't help but laugh. "If this is being honeymoon," she said. "I cannot wait to see what wedding is being like."

Aidan laughed along with his slender brunette. The transporter chief's comment had certainly caught him off guard. "Neither can I, Mila, neither can I." He took her hand with his free hand to help her off the transporter pad.

The Ensign that was manning Transporter Room Two looked at the Captain's Yeoman with a strange look on his face. Now why in the world would Chief Rasputin say something like that? No. No way. Then he thought better of it. He'd heard how she could freeze a Klingon's heart and wanted nothing to do with that. But still, the Captain's Yeoman and the El Aurian? Wedding?

Mila caught the look on the other transporter chief's face and shot a look at him. "Is something being the matter, Ensign?" She asked as she stepped off the transporter pad with Aidan and approached the man.

Oh crap! So much for escaping that, he thought. "Nope, Chief. Nothing's wrong." The man was trying hard not to smile. But if congratulations were in order, he wanted to express them. But if not...woe to him.

"Are you being sure?" she asked as she got to where the man was standing. She narrowed her eyes and cocked her head while she studied him. "You are having joke, da? I am very interested in hearing funny joke."

He sighed. "No Chief, not a joke. Honestly, hearing you say 'wedding' made me wonder whether to congratulate you or not. Both of you." He looked over to the man holding her hand before turning back to Chief Rasputin. "That's all. Congratulations or no congratulations, welcome back."

Mila glanced at Aidan with a sly grin. "I want him," she said and gestured at the Ensign. "Let us be adopting him, Aidan. We will not have to be worrying about potty training or anything."

Aidan smiled at her. "You make a very good point regarding the potty training. Though, I'm not sure how well he'd take to being adopted. That, and Chow might have something to say about sharing, or giving up, his bed."

The Ensign took a breath. "Fine then. Congratulations to the both of you, you two wingnuts. I hope the wedding is a real nice one. I look forward to hearing all about it through the ship's grapevine."

She laughed and took Aidan's hand again, then headed out. "I am sure that we will be first to know," she said.

Aidan laughed as they walked out of the transporter room to the nearest turbolift that would take them home. "I suppose it is a good thing that you keep an ear to the rumors," he said. "If you hear of it starting, you'll know where it came from."

"Da, and I will have Ensign skin rug for our quarters," Mila said and her tone indicated that she just might mean it. "But I will give him second chance before I am bringing down wrath of Russia."

"I have no doubt that you could. But I would ask that you keep an Ensign skin rug somewhere...out of sight," said Aidan. "What with Security and all."

"You are having point," she admitted. "I will use skin to line mattress instead. Speaking of, I am in need of stretching out. We can do decorating later, da?"

"But of course we can," Aidan said. "You relax and stretch out. Would you like something to drink to go along with?"

"I am having more vodka that I am getting on trip home," Mila said. "It is being good stuff and I am having some chilled in quarters. It will be very good when we are getting there."

"Then once we are there, I shall get it for you." He gently squeezed her hand and pulled it up to his lips, kissing the back of it. "I think I shall replicate a grape cluster as well."

"What are grapes being for?" She asked him as she blushed when he kissed the back of her hand. "I am hearing slice of fresh onion is making vodka taste better when you are inhaling it, but I am never hearing of grapes and vodka."

"The grapes are for later," Aidan said. "When the vodka is gone and you're stretched out, I'll feed them to you."

"I am liking the way you are thinking, Mister Crehan," Mila said. "I am loving the seedless ones. Would you peel skin for me?"

They closed in on the turbolift and Aidan replied, "Then I will replicated the seedless ones and peel them for you, my love. Whatever your heart desires." They stepped in and Aidan watched the doors close. Then he put down the bags and wrapped his arms around Mila, pressing a hard kiss to her lips.

She returned the kiss as she wrapped her arms around him. "There is no need for that, for all my heart is desiring is you," she said when the turbolift came to a stop. She walked with him to their quarters and entered the code, then stepped in with him. Chow came out of his basket where he had been sleeping and gave a sleepy hoot before he made his way over to them and raised his paws.

"Then it is yours. Always. Forever," replied Aidan. He looked down when he heard Chow coming out of his basket. He smiled and reached a hand down to Chow. "Come on up, little one."

Chow clambered up on Aidan's shoulder and gave a hoot before he held a paw to Mila.

Mila laughed and moved to take Chow's paw, then Aidan's hand. "Look...he is wanting us all together," she said.

Aidan smiled as Mila took his hand. He stepped slightly closer in order to close their little circle. "There, is that better?"

"Da," she said with a smile. "Now let us be relaxing after we are putting our stuff up, then have a few drinks before we are calling it a night."

"I agree entirely, my love," he said. "Let's get this put away. I believe it was vodka and seedless peeled grapes?" He looked at Mila and winked. "That sounds very relaxing to me."

"I am being in complete agreement," Mila said. "Now let us be doing that and enjoying rest of evening."

Aidan nodded and kissed the top of her head. He then carried the bags into their bedroom and began unpacking them. Mila's boxes, he put on the bed for her to put away. His evening wear, he got out and put into the closet. As he finished, he thought about how relaxing the rest of the evening would be. They both needed it. Very much.


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