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A Personal Encounter

Posted on 11 Oct 2014 @ 8:41pm by Lieutenant JG Noxa & Lieutenant JG Ivan Dash

Mission: Razmena

Ivan made his way down the halls of the Black Hawk. Things had been hectic and he had not gotten the opportunity to go get that drink with Noxa, both having been put right to work once they were done interrogating the refuges. But Ivan hoped that she would be willing to now.

He walked up to her quarters and pressed the alert button on the control panel just to the right of her door and waited.

Lieutenant Noxa was in her quarters getting ready for Ivan Dash, the Ship's Helmsmen to arrive. She was expecting him to want her to go out for drinks with him. When Dash had asked Noxa out for a drink, Ivan was an Ensign. However, some time had passed and after the most recent mission, Ivan was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. This made Noxa feel slightly more comfortable about socializing with Ivan in their down time.

She was dressed casual but nicely. Though she did not typically do so, Noxa wore a Ferengi head dress for the evening out with Ivan. Am I going out on a date? the Ferengi woman wondered to herself. She had not dated in a very long time or at least what seemed like it. She was just finished putting herself together when Ivan arrived.

"Come in" she said with a small squeak. She quickly moved toward the entrance in order to greet Ivan. "Good evening, Lieutenant" she said kindly.

Ivan moved to the door and watched it swoosh open, reveling Noxa. Ivan grinned his easy grin at her and said "Wow, check you out."

Noxa let out a small cackling laugh. "I believe that you already are" she said a bit playfully. She looked at Ivan and shook her head. "I look like what I am an ugly ass Ferengi" joked the Security Chief.

Ivan's forehead crinkled at Noxa's words " You don't really think your ugly, do you?" There was honest concern on his face.

"Ivan, I am not going to win any beauty contests any time soon. I am a Ferengi. We have enlarged, oddly shaped heads with multi lobed brains. Us women are supposed to be naked at all times. We enjoy mud baths and our teeth are yellowed and sharp. We simply are not an attractive people."

Ivan leaned on her door frame. " there is an old earth saying that goes 'Beauty is only skin deep'. There are a lot of other way to be attractive. For the record, humans also enjoy mud baths, and I have seen a few humans with yellow teeth." Ivan winked at her. "Don't count yourself out yet. were going to show me around the ship and get a drink with me, right?"

"I think you probably know your way around this starship by now, Lieutenant. You do fly this starship after all" jested Noxa with a small smile. However, Noxa was interested in leaving her quarters and heading out for a nice evening with Dash.

Noxa took the man's hand. "Come on, let's go to the Mess Hall and see what crap they are serving. If it doesn't look good, we'll use the food replicators and find something better."

Ivan took her hand and started down that hall "Oh sure, I know where all the important rooms are and I know find myself around for the most part. I even spent some time in the holodecks with Emily rock climbing. But your head of security. If there is anyone who knows the special secret little places on this ship it would be you. I want the secret tour." He squeezed her hand gently "Where does Noxa go when shes not kicking ass and taking names?" He raised his eyebrows at her while asking this questions.

Noxa snorted and shook her head. "Oh I like you Ivan. You make a little Ferengi feeeemale feel so wonderful. Kicking ass and taking names? You've been truly spoiled. You get to come alone on one away mission that I have to punch an idiot and now I am some super soldier" said Noxa with a sigh.

"If only my job was that fun and exciting" added Noxa. "In all honesty, I mostly just stand at the tactical station looking to make sure everything is fine, that the weapons systems and targeting are proper. Usually, I never have to fire weapons or even lock on a target. It mostly is just staring at a screen for a few hours and looking like I am doing something productive. Sometimes, I count how many asteroids are in a belt or the types of nebulae that we pass."

Ivan stopped suddenly, tugging gently on Noxa's arm to stop her as well. He turned to face her. "You know, just because your people look down on the women within the Ferengi species does not me us Huuumons are so primitive... besides, I think you kick ass, isn't that enough?" He grinned his lopsided grin at her and began walking again. "I thought I was the only one who counted asteroids that we passed by." He could not help but laugh at this.

Noxa smiled. "hU-mons have been better to me than my own people. You can understand why I left my home world behind and have no interest in returning. I am very happy to be here on Black Hawk and to have someone like you to harass" added Noxa. "I can kick ass if need be. It just isn't something that I normally get to do."

"Too bad for your people, they will never know what they are missing out on. Lucky for me though. Had they been nicer to you I doubt I would have ever meet you. I would be a lair if I said I didn't enjoy the harassment." Ivan replied.

The Security Chief nodded "My people have their issues. Illegal activities, ethics and morales are practically non-existent. I have no interests in ever returning home" added Noxa.

Ivan turned to the Mess Hall, "Here we" he smelled the air "What is that? Smells like dirty socks..."

"I just had a sonic shower" countered Noxa jokingly. "If that is the chef's special today, I believe it would be safe to avoid it if at all possible."

Ivan grined at Noxa, "Naw you smell great, but I'm not excited to find out whats in there. So Replicators it is..."

The Ferengi woman could not help but smile at the young helmsmen. He was a fun individual with an interesting personality. Ivan had a great sense of humor, a witty charm, and was rather intelligent in his ways. He actually made Lieutenant Noxa feel comfortable being a Ferengi. "Replicators it is" she said agreeing with Ivan and nodding.

The two entered the Mess Hall. It was relatively busy and that made Noxa a little nervous. She usually was only in the mess hall to grab some grub (sometimes quite literally) and leave, taking it on the go. She rarely ever actually ate with the hU-mons. She always felt as though eyes were constantly on her and she did not like that sensation.

Nervously, she walked alongside Ivan. However, a few heads turned from various tables and Noxa felt like they were watching her... judging her for leaving her home world and joining Starfleet. She felt like the eyes were telling her that she did not belong in Starfleet. Fear was creeping in on her and poor Noxa did not know what to do. Usually, she could just grab what she wanted and run back to her quarters where there were no eyes to judge her.

Her reaction now was to seek the nearest comfort she had, the closest safety she had and that sense of security was Lieutenant Ivan Dash. She took his hand... her own shaking slightly and she looked at him.

Ivan did not see what Noxa was feeling. As a mater of fact one of the the people looking at them was one of Ivan's Ensigns who gave a friendly wave to him. Ivan waved back. But he could feel the instant stiffness of Noxa, and felt her hand shake in his. He didn't know what was wrong, only that something was.

Ivan pulled his hand from hers, and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He lead her over to the replicators and stood behind her. " Whats wrong?" he whispered.

Noxa looked at Ivan. She felt a bit comforted when her wrapped an arm around her. "I do not really eat here all that much. People watching me eat, judging me... I don't like it."

"Well then lets go somewhere else." Ivan whispered to her with a grin. He started leading her back out of the Mess Hall.

Noxa looked at Ivan and smiled. "No, we don't have to, Ivan. I can get used to the others. I don't want to have to make you go somewhere else."

But Ivan didn't stop. "So I can spend time with you here where you will be distracted and uncomfortable, or I can take you somewhere quiet where you will be comfortable and I'll have your complete attention. Not much of a decision if you ask me. "

Noxa could not argue with that. "You may have small lobes, Ivan, but you have a big heart" replied Noxa with a small smile breaking through her anxiety. She wrapped herself around one of his arms as they proceeded to somewhere quiet.


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