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Surprise Inspection

Posted on 05 Aug 2017 @ 6:18pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Administration
Timeline: MD 6 || 0615 hours

To many aboard the ship, it had been just over thirty minutes since the away team had left. To Captain Geisler, it'd felt like thirty hours.

The away team had many objectives, the most notable being locating the missing crewmen from Deep Space 15 and the Vasco da Gama. There wouldn't be anything to report until the Away Team had the chance to inspect several sites. And, as much Harvey wanted to be on the bridge, he simply hated sitting.

Alpha shift had yet to start. Naturally, for Harvey who'd been awake since 0430, arrived early to the Mess Hall. The chef hadn't prepared the fresh coffee, but naturally he was able to get a batch brewing quickly. Harvey patiently waited, but he still found himself wanting something to do, even if it was to review the recent reports. Mila always delivered them like clockwork, but even after all these months, Harvey didn't have that much awareness of her process. Perhaps this would give him an opportunity to do so.

Provided she was awake and on duty, of course.

There was only one way to find out. And, even if she wasn't there, he could finally get a look at the Administration offices. The Black Hawk was a large ship and he still hadn't seen every inch of her. It was about time he checked off a few more places.

Other than a handful of officers who were getting ready for the new day, there was no sign of the brunette Yeoman that brought order to the administrative chaos which ruled most starships. A buzz swept through the mess hall when the Captain entered and tired faces became alert instantly and waited for the Captain to snap off some order or other regardless if they were on duty or not. When he exited, quiet sighs of relief followed and the normal buzz of conversation resumed.

A gamma shift Bolian Ensign sat at the front desk of the Administration complex, her fingers moving over the terminal in front of her. A stack of PADDs rested to the right of her and a mug of some forgotten drink sat on the left side of the desk. Everything about the Administration complex spoke of order and attention to detail, but the odd thing that really stood out was a handwritten poster that was on the wall behind the main desk.

One: Do not assume you have not forgotten something. You have.
Two: Do not assume you know what someone wants. They do not know. Ask twice.
Three: Check rules one and two. Twice.
Four: Smile. If you do not, you will have a bad day.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Harvey was surprised to see the halls filled with crewmen. Soon, he found himself surprised that he should be surprised. After all, it was the early morning, and not everyone liked to have breakfast in their quarters like the Captain. He could tell that his uniformed presence walking past the crew was startling, almost as if many people didn't know what to expect seeing him out and about. This is good, he thought. Getting to know the boundaries and limits of his crew. A future version might have warned him to trust no one, but any person would admit that knowledge was valuable in any form, if even to be able to know what to expect from those around you.

The Captain soon arrived at Administration, the translucent doors parting at his arrival. The room was indeed quiet, and Mila's mark was everywhere, from the tidiness to even the poster on the wall. He stood just inside the doorway, sipping his coffee as he read the sign.

Not a minute later the slender Russian woman stormed into the Administration complex and started to release a blistering stream of orders which faded the moment she saw the Captain. The Bolian Ensign at the desk looked up and quickly moved her mug and scooped up the stack of PADDs after she logged off the terminal. It was rare to see the Captain in these parts, but not rare to see the Captain's Yeoman coming in like a storm.

"All is in readiness, Senior Chief Rasputin," the Ensign said.

"Good, you are dismissed," Mila said as she walked up to Harvey. "I am being very surprised to see you here, Captain. Is there something which you are requiring?"

He hadn't flinched at all when hearing his yeoman's voice. Her Russian accent was something he'd grown accustomed to, and he generally didn't care how she ran her department. After all, Mila got things done, and as a Captain, that's what he needed the most.

A twinge shot in his soul, wondering if she was part of his warning. A flash entered his mind of del Rosario phasering him, a man whom Harvey had no choice at the time to trust, only to be betrayed at the very end. Harvey closed his eyes for a moment, forcing the memory from his mind. No, he told himself. This was Mila.

But why could he not confide in her this terrible thought? Perhaps the same reason why he could not confide in Joey. He just simply couldn't wrap his head around it. Maybe in due time, he would.

"Just out on a morning stroll," he replied to Mila. It was partly true.

"A morning stroll to heart of ship which is being nowhere near bridge or mess and you are not having coffee with you?" Mila asked with a raised eyebrow. "Come, come," she said as she moved past the desk and into a small, tidy office which had a nameplate on it which read "Mine" instead of a name. A coffee maker of an antique design with modern touches sat on the shelf to the right of the desk.

She went over to it and grabbed a mug from beside of it and filled them with an aromatic blend, then turned to him. A stack of PADDs was already beside of her terminal and her eyes darted towards them before she looked back at him. "Now what is being wrong for you to be strolling at this hour?"

"Joey's off the ship," he replied instantly. Harvey was half surprised he said it so quickly. Trying to be as nonchalant as possible, he sipped his coffee again. His eyes began to survey the office, taking note of the nameplate. The left side of his lips ever so slightly curled upward, finding amusement in the extremely clear and possessive plaque.

"Were you not one who gave orders for who was to be going on away team?" she asked him as she motioned towards the single chair in the office behind the desk. She wanted to grab the PADDs and start going through them so she could have everything prioritized before she gave them to him, but she resisted and wrapped both hands around her mug.

Harvey didn't accept the chair. It wasn't because he didn't want it; Harvey knew it would remind him of the chair on the uppermost level of the ship that he should be sitting in right now. Still, he nodded an affirmation. "Our best people are on the Away Team," he admitted. "That was by design. But... it's different now."

Mila gave him a smile and went over to lay a hand on his shoulder as she stuffed the Captain's Yeoman in a box for the moment. "Harvey," she said softly. "Joey is knowing risk same as you are knowing risks. She is former Security and has taken down a starship by herself, da? I am thinking that simple away mission is not something she could not handle. I am knowing you are thinking of her and you are right to. I am thinking of her, of you and of many more people on ship, but you cannot be there at every moment. I am sure she is thinking of you and taking every precaution."

He grunted. "It's easier said than done," he remarked. "It was different when we were dating. Hell, I authorized her trip to the Cochrane knowing full well what could have happened. Same with D S Eleven. But now..."

"Now you are doubting ability of trained Starfleet officer," Mila said with a return grunt. It was obvious that the time for tough love, but she would temper it with a soft touch. "Nyet," she continued. "You are worried about woman who is carrying your baby, but are you not thinking that she has same concern in mind?"

"I know she'll protect the twins," he said, almost with a hint of annoyance in his tone. "Besides, isn't it the responsibility of a husband and a father to worry about his wife and children? I don't doubt her ability in the slightest. This is just... A new feeling. That's all."

"T-t-twins?" Mila managed to get out and had to lean against the desk. "She is to be having two babies?!" It wasn't quite a squeal, but it was the closest thing to it that anyone would ever hear from her.

It suddenly occurred to Harvey that, up until now, only he and Joey knew the truth. Medical had yet to confirm it, but how could they if she hadn't yet reported for a checkup since last night? Harvey was forced to simply nod. "We found out last night, actually. Heard both of the heartbeats."

She set her mug down and wrapped her arms around him, careful not to spill his mug of coffee. "I am to be krestnaya of two deti! That is being great news! I am being very happy for you and Joey!"

He hadn't expected the sudden embrace. Unlike this morning's unfortunate embrace, Harvey managed to keep his mug of coffee upright and full. What was it with all of these women wanting to embrace him? Was his prickly exterior not as repulsive as he thought? Of course, he knew he was tremendously overthinking it. It was the crew of the Black Hawk that transformed him, given him new life. Mila was more than a yeoman, she was a close friend.

But even then, he could still not confide in her the full scope of his thoughts. Alas, that was a matter for another day.

"I'm sure she'll hate me for telling you," Harvey explained, taking his one free hand and patting her on the back. "But it's nice to be someone who gets to break news for once."

Mila released him and smiled. "I will be keeping it secret," she assured him. "When Joey is telling me, I will act just as surprised. I am being honored that I am being first person you are telling. Are you being happy about this, Harvey?"

Harvey nodded, brandishing a small smile this time. "Never thought of myself as a father," he admitted before taking another sip of his coffee.

"I am thinking that if you are capable of being Captain to shipful of personnel, you will do great as father," Mila said. "Just be thinking of them as fresh cadets that you are having to teach."

Harvey grunted, though comically. "Very fresh. Most cadets you don't have to teach to eat their vegetables."

"Then consider them like enlisted," she responded after she took a healthy drink of her coffee. "I am being enlisted and when I am going through boot, I am seeing ones who were needing to be taught how to walk and breathe at same time. Vegetables was next step up."

"Somehow I don't think they had to teach you how to eat your vegetables," Harvey remarked. He took a generous drink of his coffee and sighed. "Well, I shouldn't linger here too much longer." He didn't know if or when the shuttle would check in, and he was determined to be as close to the bridge as possible when that happened. "I don't suppose you have today's batch of reports ready?"

Mila reached for the stack of PADDs by her terminal and held them out to him. "I am being afraid that early inspection is keeping me from having them in order as you are liking, but they are all being here. I am asking if you are having one report for me, though."

"Oh?" Harvey asked, setting down his coffee so that he could give his best attempt at holding the collection of PADDs extended to him. He'd pick up the coffee once he was settled. "Which report is that, exactly?"

"Da," she said. "When is wedding being?"

"When we figure that out," Harvey said, picking up his coffee mug again, having tucked the stack of PADDs under his arm, "you'll be the first to know."

Mila smiled. "Then I will be content to wait," she said but couldn't help resisting a glance at the disarrayed PADDs that he held under his arm and grimaced. "And next time, I will be earlier in getting PADDs together."

He simply smiled. "I certainly don't plan to make this a habit, Mila," Harvey said, straightening his posture. At least, he didn't intend to make this a habit. Only time would tell.

"Good," she said. "Is making me look bad when I am not having them ordered as they should be. You are to be ashamed of yourself for making Captain's Yeoman look bad." While the words were scolding in and of themselves, the tone said she had forgiven him.

"Yes, ma'am," he said, playing along. Finishing the cup of coffee, Harvey simply nodded to Mila. "I'll take my leave and get to reading. Let me know if anything comes up."

"You are having my word as well as my ear if you are having anything come up you are wishing to talk about," Mila said as she stepped behind her desk. There was a mountain of work to assign and time was already against her, but for Harvey as well as the Captain, it would wait.

With a nod, Harvey turned and left administration, taking care to deposit his empty mug in the recycler. So little to do, and so much time. Hopefully, he'd hear something from the Away Team soon.


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