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Intake Medical Exam

Posted on 08 Jan 2014 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant Landon Milo & Lieutenant Harper Dane

Mission: New Voyages
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Current - After Reporting in to Captain

With the intimate awareness of her body that only a Deltan could possess, Harper had no qualms whatsoever about being seen by doctors. Nor was she by nature the type to run away from her problems and so, her second stop, after reporting in to the Captain, before she got lost in her job as Chief Engineer, was to stop by Sick Bay and see if there was a doctor available. She entered and looked around at the Starfleet sterile surroundings and thought how a bit of color would really make the place more welcoming.

Doctor Landon Milo had been at his desk, sitting rather relaxed though uncomfortably, hiding behind a screen with information that he had been slowly acquiring about the crew and their previous assignments. Always preferring to have an advantage over others, Landon was hard at work when a sudden sharp pain began to throb from his head.

He knew this pain as if it were the back of his hand. It was not a migraine nor was he hung over as he had not partaken in the consumption of genuine alcohol in quite some time. He needed not a single diagnostic tool from Sickbay except the best tool he could have, himself. "So, I am not alone" he whispered under his breath as he raised his mental shielding which he had been rather lax with.

The presence, the awareness of another was still strong. However, Landon had managed to quell the throbbing pain. For a brief moment he wasn't sure if he had heard the doors wish open and closed in main Sickbay or if it had all been in his head. But the sensing of another psionic mind was stronger and not far away. Landon sprung to his feet, left his office and made a sharp turn into main Sickbay.

Part of him 'heard' the thought about redecorating. It caused him to let out a small hybrid of giggle and chuckle before he even could be bothered to greet the woman. "I'll have to make do with what they gave me. I wanted to paint Sickbay a nice terracotta orange with a deep royal purple to accent it, but I doubt the Captain and First Officer would approve" he said with a smile.

Landon stood before her and took in what he saw. Without a Tricorder, he was unsure what to make. "No pointed ears... hair, dark hair. I want to say Betazoid but something is off" rambled the Chief Medical Officer as he picked up a medical tricorder and began to scan.

"huh"" he said with a hard exhale. "Deltan and Betazoid. Well, I cannot say that I have had the fortune of coming across a psionic mind like yours..." he looked at her uniform for a rank. "Lieutenant" he added.

Returning to his duties as a physician, Landon asked her "May I help you?"

Harper found telepathy as natural to her as breathing and being Deltan, she loved the added intimacy of such contacts. Still, life among the head-blind had taught her that not everyone welcomed such interactions; that had been surprising. More surprising now was to feel the doctor's shields snap up into place. A telepath who protected himself from other telepaths was a curious thing indeed.

More interesting was the verbal analysis he put her through. As though actually talking to her came second. She knew her background wasn't typical and there had certainly been fights among the grandparents after her rescue from Turkana but in the end, she had found her place on Delta and she had been happy there.

Still, she turned her attention to the business at hand. "Harper Dane," she said, her voice richly melodic, somewhat throaty, "I'm the Chief Engineer. Just arrived on board and thought I'd get the intake over with before I start evaluating the ship's overall status."

"Well then, Ms Dane" replied Landon as he looked the woman over with his eyes before using the medical tricorder. "The Chief Engineer, what a splendid delight. According to this tricorder you are showing genetic markers indicating Betazoid and Deltan heritage. And here I thought I had the psionic mutt combination" quipped Landon.

"Mutt," she repeated, her brow wrinkling slightly as she took in the less than complimentary phrasing. "If I remember the definition correctly, that means uncertain parentage? Hardly true in my case," she said as she moved with an almost feline grace to the biobed, trailing the tip of her index finger along the edge. "I know who I am and where I came from."

She hopped up onto the end the bed and braced her hands on the edge, long legs swinging back and forth. "I've always found diversity to be quite ... appealing ... don't you?"

"Not your first time, eh?" commented Landon as the woman hopped up and sat on the edge of the biobed. "I concede, you're right. Diversity in people; their cultures and their heritage is rather appealing. I meant nothing by it. We're alike in a way. I'm half Betazoid" he said with a smile.

He observed her index finger sliding along the edge of the biobed. "I know who I am and where I came from too." He was well aware that full Deltans produced potent pheromones and were not to put them to use so he took her actions as being nervous or something he was unaware of. "How have you been feeling?" he asked pleasantly.

"Fine," she said, "and eager to get started. I have a lot to do in Engineering." She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them again, shacking her head slightly, and smiling. "No, no problems."

"We'll get this over with quickly, Lieutenant" replied Landon, commenting on the woman's behavior. He detached the probe from the medical tricorder and gave her a twice over, moving the probe about and watching the tricorder's small screen that reported the findings to him.

Kindly, he smiled in return. "The good news is you don't have anything stopping you from returning to duty. However, you should keep in mind that you aren't as young and spry as you used to be. Your joints are showing wear and tear for someone who pushes themselves daily."

Harper smiled back but kept her thoughts on the doctor's unorthodox bedside manner tightly held within her own mental barriers. "I will keep that in mind," she said softly. "Anything else?"

"Not unless you want to keep me company, it has been a slow day" replied the Doctor with a small chuckle. "You are free to go, Lieutenant."

"Thank you," Harper said as she hopped down from the biobed, her gray eyes gleaming. "Time for me to go get acquainted with the ship as only an engineer can. I'd say I hope things pick up for you but," she said as she cocked her head slightly to one side, "I'm kinda thinking in your profession slow is better."

Landon sighed. "I wish. To me, slow just means being replaced by a damned E.M.H." commented Landon. "Have a nice day, Lieutenant."

Whistling softly to herself, Harper headed out of Sickbay. Intake complete, except for the pile of gear in the middle of her quarters, she was ready to head down to Engineering and let the Black Hawk introduce herself.


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