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Secure in Security

Posted on 15 Aug 2017 @ 2:29am by Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Security
Timeline: MD 2 || 0700 Hours [Backpost]

Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin often made it a point to meet with the department heads at least once a day to collect reports in person. While they could easily be sent to the Executive Officer or the Captain, she took it upon herself to personally collect them so she might learn a bit about the person in charge of a particular department so she could get a feel for them.

She carried a PADD with her that held a list of department heads and the reports that she gathered from them and now she was on her to Security. Mila had yet to meet the new Security person and she wondered what he was like and how he was settling in. She admitted to herself that she missed Chief Di Pasquale, but she understood why the former Chief had elected not to return to the Black Hawk.

Mila entered the Security department and looked around; it was certainly different from the old Security department and seemed to be laid out very nicely. That does not mean it is run as effectively, she thoguht to herself.

An Andorian looked up from a desk near the front and her antenna moved in the Chief Petty Officer's direction. "Can I help you with something, Chief?" the shen asked politely.

"Da, yes," Mila said. "I am Chief Rasputin and I am being here to collect reports from Lieutenant Moreau for Captain."

So you're the infamous Yeoman, the Andorian thought as she remembered the various things she had heard about the Captain's Yeoman. The woman was efficient to a point and it was said that if a report wasn't ready on time, she had no issue taking the department head to task who didn't have it ready. "Lieutenant Moreau is in his office," she said and gestured towards a door to the right.

"Thank you," Mila said as she headed for the door and pressed the chime to announce her presence.

In the small office, Lieutenant David Moreau turned and shot a look towards the door. I need to just take the door off he mentally muttered. It had been a steady stream of traffic since he had came aboard and he couldn't concentrate on one thing without two more popping up. "Enter!" He called out before he squeezed between the wall and the desk that was too small for his large frame.

Mila entered the office and stopped when she saw how big the new Chief was; the guy was almost as wide as he was tall and it was all clearly muscle if the bulges in his uniform at the arms and legs weren't heavily padded. As broad as his shoulders were, she doubted it was padding. "Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin," she said by way of introduction. "I am being Captain's Yeoman and here to collect morning reports."

David looked at the slender Yeoman who carried herself as if she were ten feet tall and noted her poise, but something was off about her. It wasn't quite her accent and he puzzled over it until he remembered what she said. "Reports?" he echoed. "I was just getting ready to send them in. The Captain must be a stickler for these reports if he's sending his Yeoman to collect them."

She bristled at the term stickler when used in regards to Harvey, but she realized the man didn't know her habits or those of the Captain. "No," she said. "Well, yes. Every Captain is wanting reports on time, but I have taken it upon myself to be collecting reports and getting them organized for him each morning," she told him. "It is also allowing me to get to know personnel."

"That's admirable," David said before his brain pointed out the odd manner of speaking that she had. It was Standard, but the syntax structure of her sentences were a bit confusing. He shrugged it off as a quirk to go with her accent which he associated with Russian and resisted the urge to ask her to say Victor. "As I said, I was just about to send my report in, but if you want it, I can give it to you instead. I can't be throwing off a routine, now can I?"

"Would not be good idea," Mila agreed as she handed him the PADD she had with her. "If you are loading it to this, I will be getting it to him as soon as I am collecting the rest of the reports."

David took the PADD and synced it to his terminal and loaded the report onto it before he handed it back to the brunette Chief. He idly wondered if she were single, but he shoved that to the back of his mind; it wouldn't do to have the Captain find out his new Security Chief was hitting on his Yeoman his first official day on board. "It's all here," he said. "Is there anything you want to know about me, Chief?" he asked.

"I am wishing to know why you are being here and Chief Di Pasquale is not," she asked him. It wasn't a fair question and she hadn't planned on asking it, but her mouth had other ideas.

"Tough question," he responded. "I'm not sure what happened to Chief Di Pasquale," he answered honestly. "Starfleet contacted me from my post on Earth and told me I was being assigned to this shift and when to report in. Perhaps they gave new orders to Di Pasquale. I'm not privy to who gets transferred where or why."

Mila nodded and felt bad for the question slipping past her guard. "Is being good answer," she said. "And I am thanking you for not being upset that I am asking such a question. Many new Chiefs are not liking answering questions like that. Are you planning on staying here as Chief of Security?"

"As long as Starfleet Headquarters wants me some place, that's where I'll be," David answered. "As for answering your question, I understand that the former Chief left some big shoes for me to fill and I'm going to do my best to fill them. Not replace her, mind you, but try to do my best in making sure that the ship and crew are as safe with me as they were with her."

She smiled. "That is being very good answer," she admitted. "And it is telling me that you are not here to shake things up. The ship and crew have been through much in a short time and last thing we are needing is new personnel saying that they are going to be doing things their way. Not that I am expecting you to make no changes, but please do no be making radical changes which will make everyone dislike you."

"I'm not here to be liked or disliked," David said. "I'm just here to do a job. I plan on doing that to the best of my ability, but I believe in seamless integration instead of tearing the old system out to put my system in. Given that this is a new ship and there's new protocols and such, I'm going to count on you and my personnel as well as Command to let me know everything that I need to know in order to make that happen."

"Me?" Mila asked. "How am I to be helping with that?"

"You're the Captain's Yeoman," he responded. "That means you have his ear and he has yours. If he's saying anything about the changes I'm making, all I'm asking is that you let me know if he doesn't. I'm not asking you to spy for me so I can change things before he gets to me, but it would make it a lot easier for all of us."

She thought about it for a second; she was very loyal to Harvey, but the new Chief was making some sense and she nodded after a moment. "I will be doing that, but I am asking that you are always having your report ready for me in mornings when I am coming to pick them up. Captain cannot do his job effectively if he is not fully versed on what is going on in each department and I am considering it my job to be making sure he is getting all he is needing to know on time and in order of importance."

"That's all I ask," David said. "Is there anything else I can help you with, Chief Rasputin?"

"Nyet," Mila said. "That is being all, but if I am having more questions, you are one that I will be coming to. Good fortune in keeping ship and crew safe and good day."

"Have a good day, Chief," he said as he sat down and activated his terminal as the Yeoman headed out. "Yeomans," he chuckled after she left. "Where would we be without them?"


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