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Checking In

Posted on 19 Aug 2017 @ 5:25pm by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Administration
Timeline: MD 6 || 0800 Hours

Joey hadn't been back from the surface long but now that she was, things that happened during the early hours of that morning came flooding back. She wanted to push them away, but she just couldn't, and now those memories were fighting for dominance over the fact they hadn't captured Yuki. The former Executive Officer of the da Gama was still at large, and that pissed her off in ways she didn't even know were possible. The fact they managed to get the sample of what the Selubassari were digging for, as well as the probe and personnel, was worth being happy over, but it just wasn't enough for her.

And now... she found herself at a loss. There were still so many things that needed to be done, and she just wasn't sure what order any of them should fall in. She'd get it all figured out, but first, there was someone she needed to see. Someone she hadn't really had the chance to see for a couple days because of how busy things had been.


Stepping into Administration, Joey looked around with a smile as people milled about taking care of their duties. Her Russian friend had always run the place like a well oiled machine, and this time was no different. It really was impressive how organized Mila was, and the Lieutenant knew the Yeoman expected much the same out of those who worked with her.

A smile formed on her face when she spotted the very person she was looking for, standing with her back to Joey and talking to someone about something she couldn't hear. Still, that wasn't going to stop her from making her presence known. "Rasputin! Busy as always, huh?" she asked, bracing herself to be pounced, or something else along those lines.

Mila heard the voice of her sestra, but she couldn't react right away until she finished handling what she was doing at the moment. A flurry of orders came from the Russian Chief Petty Officer and other enlisted took the PADDs she gave them before heading to carry out the orders. Finally, when the last person had been sent off, Mila turned with a big smile on her face.

"Joey!" she exclaimed before she crossed the distance and wrapped the taller woman in her arms. "I am being so glad that you are back on ship! How was away mission? Harvey is stopping by early to tell me, but I have not had time to find out more."

"Rather successful and disappointing all at the same time," Joey answered as she embraced the shorter woman. She was happy to see Mila and be back on the ship, but there was still reality here. "That'll all be in my report I'll have ready for you. How have you been?"

"You are knowing me," Mila said as she released Joey and motioned for her to come to her small office. "Busy, busy, busy. What is happening to be disappointing on mission?"

Joey sighed. "We didn't get Yuki... or the probe."

"Was they not being there or did you just have no luck in finding them?" she asked as she went to her small desk and poured a glass of water from a carafe of ice water before she looked at Joey. "Would you like one?"

"No, thank you," the taller woman answered with the shake of her head. She didn't want to talk about the Yuki or probe situation. That would all be in her report. "It's just been a long day, and it's really only beginning. I still have some other stuff to do, but I wanted to pop in and check in with you."

"You will be pleased to know that Harvey was missing you very much when he was stopping by here several hours ago," Mila said. "He was being very concerned about you on away team."

"Being part of an away mission can be dangerous, so that's only natural," Joey said, settling down on one of the empty chairs. "I came back without a scratch, so he doesn't need to worry any longer. I'm sure Commander Teixeira has briefed him, so he'll know we made it back."

Mila took a sip of her water and leaned against the deck as she watched her sestra and listened to her speak. "Why are you not reporting to him and giving him briefs?"

"Lieutenant Moreau is taking care of that," she replied.

The Russian brunette crossed her arms and stared at Joey with the same look she gave the Captain when he was obfuscating. "Out with it," she said. "What is going on?"

"Nothing is going on," Joey protested. She didn't really want to talk about it anyway, and wasn't going to be pressured into it. "I'm just tired. That, I'm hormonal, my uniform is too tight, and I have a lot to do."

"I am calling bull manure," Mila said. "You are making it sound as if you are having no desire to see Harvey. You are not reporting to him, you are having reason not to report to him, and now you are blaming other things when official protocol is that all members of away team are to be debriefed by Captain."

"Then I'll join Moreau for the debriefing. That will cut our visit a bit shorter," the tall brunette pointed out. Even if Mila called bull, Joey still didn't want to talk about it.

"If you are not wishing to talk, then I am having things to do," the shorter brunette said. "It is being start of day and I am having many things which are requiring my attention. It is best if you are going to see him if you are having report."

"Very well," Joey said as she rose to her feet. "I'll see you around." With that, she turned and made her way back to the door she came in through. Today was proving to be among one of the worst she'd had to date, and there were some pretty crappy ones. She would do what she always did, though. Keep herself busy and motor through it.

"Is everyone on ship suddenly coming down with infection that will not allow them to say what is being on their minds?" Mila asked. "What is getting into people? This is not being like you."

Joey paused before she got to the door and turned around to look back at Mila. "I don't want to talk about it, and I don't think that's such a horrible thing. I'm sorry if you disagree, truly. Take care of the things you need to. We'll talk some other time."

"Joey...." Mila called as she advanced on her sestra. "Please. Tell me what is going on. I am being very confused. This is not being like you."

With a sigh, the taller woman gestured to Mila's office. "In your office. Not out here."

The shorter brunette gave a nod and went back into her small office and waited for Joey. "I am glad you did not just leave," she said. "I am not being very good at such things."

Joey followed behind her and waited for the door to close before she spoke. "I really don't want to talk about this. In fact, I'd rather let Klingons shove pain sticks through my body," she said in a manner to explain just how much she didn't want to do this. "This morning, I thought I was in my office and attacked Harvey. He seems to be okay, but I'm not. Things went okay after that, or so I thought. Long story short, I told him I trusted him. He never said anything back, and why would he... I attacked him."

She paused and shook her head, taking the time to fill in the blanks. "Now you know the story, and I don't want to talk about it."

"You mean you do not wish to be talking about what you just talked about?" Mila asked. "I am thinking anyone who is attacked for any reason has reason to be wary, but in Harvey's case, I am being one hundred percent certain that he has already forgiven you."

"I didn't want to," the taller woman pointed out.

"You already did, though," Mila said, looking confused.

"No. I was merely telling you what happened. Talking is what comes afterward," Joey pointed out. "You wanted to know, so I told you."

"It is being good start," the brunette said. "Still, I am believing that you should go and talk with him. He is not wishing to bite you."

"Maybe later. I'm still on duty and have some things to do. Like get new uniforms. I feel like this one is going to bust at the seams. Almost needed to replicate butter to get myself into it. Can you imagine walking around like that all day?" Joey asked with a visible shudder.

Mila laughed and then looked at Joey's stomach. "Hmm..I am thinking that you may be right," she said. "It is looking as if you are to be having watermelon if you are already showing bump like that this soon."

"That's because there are two babies in there," the Lieutenant said with a smile. Joey still didn't know how she was going to take on two babies at once, but somehow she'd manage. "I want Harvey to tell you and others, though. He should be able to spill some of our surprises."

"Twins!" Mila squealed even though she already knew. "You are telling me that you are having two detka..babies in you?" She moved over and put her ear next to Joey's stomach as if she could hear them and looked up at her. "When are you finding out? This is being great news!"

Joey smiled down at Mila. She definitely wouldn't let just anyone do what the shorter woman was doing. "Last night. We got to hear both their heartbeats."

"That is being wonderful!" Mila said as she took a step back and looked positively ecstatic. "I am to be having two babies to be spoiling rotten!'

"I have no doubt about that. We'll all end up spoiling them," she said with a grin. "As soon as I have a chance to think straight, I plan to start."

"I am going to have to see Harvey now," the Russian said as she looked serious. She reached up and fingered the rank tab on her collar and frowned. "This is not being good. Not you. Your news is wonderful. I am going to have to be finding way of doing more, but where there is will, there is way."

Joey arched a brow. "What are you talking about by doing more?"

"I am having to big job as krestnaya and I am needing to be getting more for two," Mila said. "Which means I am having to do more in shorter time than what I had thought. Is not big deal."

"We still have some time before they get here," the taller brunette pointed out, then she went pale as the realization struck her. "I... where in the world am I going to put all of their things? There is only one bedroom." She sank down into a chair and buried her face in her hands. Reality was smacking her like a brick to the head.

"Quarters next to you and Harvey are being empty," the Chief said thoughtfully. "Why not tell Harvey that you and he will be needing more room and have Operations be taking down wall and making it one large quarters?"

The Lieutenant shook her head. "I'm not going to bother him with any of this right now. He has far more important things on his mind, and doesn't need me coming at him with issues like lack of space. There's time for me to handle all of that. Right now, I just have to focus on getting through the rest of my day so I can go home and pass out later."

"Do not be forgetting to go to Medical to be getting additional vitamins that you will be needing," Mila said. "And be taking more rest than you are normally getting. I am being very glad you are no longer in Security with this news." She stepped forward and hugged her sestra again. "And I am being very happy for you and Harvey."

Joey returned the hug and pressed a kiss to the top of Mila's head. "I'll have all of that taken care of, and thank you," she said with a smile. "I really should be letting you get back to work, and maybe I need to meet up with Moreau, too."

"Make sure you are getting lemon balm and peppermint, too," Mila said. "They will both be very helpful when morning sickness is hitting you bad and is lasting all day."

"I've already gotten medication for it," Joey said. "It helps quite a bit, too."

"Bah!" the shorter woman said. "Is probably based on natural cures. Go with what was proven centuries ago. Now you are to be going and taking care of what needs to be done. Then you are to be having long talk with Harvey. Da?"

"When there's time," the Lieutenant stated. She wasn't about to let herself be strong-armed into anything. "We'll talk again soon, I promise."

"Okay," Mila said. "Then I will be seeing you later. Do not be working too hard."

Joey smiled. "It's either that, or hardly working, and we both know that's just not in my nature."

"I am worrier, especially when you carrying my god babies," she said. "Now go. See tall bald man and man that you are being in love with before I am giving you stack of PADDs to be taking with you."

"If you have any that need to go, I'll take them," the taller woman offered.

"Nyet," Mila said. "That is why I am having personnel in Administration to be doing my bidding. The only time I am being out of here is when I am collecting morning reports and giving them to Harvey. Speaking of reports, I am assuming that you will be giving it to Harvey yourself?"

"I always follow protocol, Mila, you know that," Joey said.

"I am also knowing that you are not being here this morning when I am collecting reports," Mila responded. "So what are you going to do with report?"

"I wasn't on the ship this morning when reports were due, either. I was on Finnea Prime," the taller woman stated. "I left instructions for it to be brought here this morning, but I suppose it was forgotten. I'll include it with today's."

"Which is why I am saying that you were not being here," Mila pointed out. "I am having feeling whoever you told sent it direct to Harvey."

"It's possible," Joey said, looking thoughtful. "I'll find out for sure, then take it from there."

"Please be letting me know," Mila said. "For is being time to get back to grinding work, da?"

"Yes. I can't wait for today to be over," she sighed, leaning in to give Mila a hug. "We'll talk very soon." Joey gave her a squeeze, then smiled as she made her way back out of the Yeoman's office. It was back to the grind.

Mila returned the hug, then headed back for the next batch of reports. A part of her mind worried about what Joey had told her, but at the moment, there wasn't much she could do.


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