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Recouping and Regrouping

Posted on 23 Sep 2017 @ 12:22am by Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 6 || 0830 Hours

Dani had just received word less than a minute ago that Doctor Kij would be beaming in with seriously injured personnel from the surface. Now, she and other personnel were racing around sickbay in an effort to prep for whatever injuries they were about to encounter. Still, things wouldn't be perfect, but there were enough people to be spared to grab anything that might have been missed.

"They're going to be here any second. We need to assess the most critical, though, they're all likely to be in pretty bad shape," the young nurse said, taking a deep and calming breath. As soon as Jayla returned, new orders would come though, and she was prepared to follow those down to the letter. Her eyes moved to the area where the familiar blue waves showed themselves, and she and some others moved toward them to help.

"This one first," ordered Jayla, still attempting to mostly support the Bajoran woman. "Sepsis. In her leg. I hope we can save it." Two of the larger nurses stepped forward and lifted the woman onto the nearest bio bed and then went to help others as Jayla started ordering antibiotics and blood tests. She glanced at the monitor and cursed under her breath. "Blood pressure's too low," she said. "Nurse Blake, get a hypo-drip going with... 8 micrograms of norepinephrine."

Dani looked at the Bajoran woman's leg a grimaced. That didn't look good. "Acknowledged, Doctor," she said, moving over to the woman to get the IV started. It wasn't an easy task to accomplish considering she was dehydrated, but that would also be fixed soon. With the IV set up, she began to administer fluids along with what the doctor ordered. "We need to keep it from getting into her blood stream. Antibiotics?"

"I'm working on it," Jayla replied, pressing the hypospray directly to the infected leg. "Add... add 500 milligrams of vancosin to the drip." It had been too long since she had learned about sepsis in Medical School. She had never had to treat it, so remembering what needed to be done was a bit tricky. "That should keep it from spreading," she added. glancing at the monitor above the bio bed once more.

The young blonde haired woman literally ran to retrieve the medication, then returned to add it to the IV drip. She couldn't believe their own people were treated this way. "How many of our people did they have total?" she found herself asking with a frown as she began to run a medical tricorder over the Bajoran woman in an effort to look for any internal injuries.

"I have no idea," replied Jayla, still fuming at the whole situation. "We spoke to a couple of them and there were several in their infirmary." She scoffed. "Infirmary! They weren't doing anything to treat them. Absolutely nothing! It's like they just stuck them in a room to rot. And they nearly got their wish with this one," she said, indicating the Bajoran woman. "Oh, if I could get my hands on one of them now...."

"I can't believe they were allowed to get this bad," the head nurse said in disbelief. She continued to work on the Bajoran woman at the doctor's instruction while the other patients were being treated by other personnel. "They could have easily died had they not been gotten out of there. Disgusting behavior on their part. Absolutely disgusting."

With a noise like an angry cat, Jayla nodded. "If I were a bit more reckless, I probably would have put a few of them in their own infirmary," she replied, keeping an eye on the monitor. "But, knowing them, they're likely to take better care of their own. She looks like she's stable for now. Let's keep her sedated. Rigby, I want you to sit on this stool," she added, pulling a stool over and setting it in front of the bio bed monitor, "and keep your eye on this monitor. If she takes a turn for the worst, let me know."

"Absolutely," replied Rigby, perching herself cheerfully on the stool and staring at the monitor.

"All right," said Jayla. "Who's next?"

The young blonde nurse grabbed a PADD and looked through the patients that had been triaged already. One stood out. "Broken ribs and a possible collapsed lung... biobed three," she said. "We need to get him stabilized next."

Going immediately to the patient in question, her tricorder informed her that the ribs, though broken, were all in place. That was good. She didn't know if they had simply replaced themselves as sometimes happened with broken ribs or if someone had actually set them, but whatever. It made her job easier. "Okay, get oxygen ready," she instructed as she picked up an osteo regenerator and began fixing the broken bones. "As soon as I've got these patched up, we'll see if he responds to the oxygen."

Dani did as she was instructed and waited, not realizing she was holding her own breath. On occasion, they lost patients, but the majority of them were able to survive thanks to the advancements in medicine. She, Doctor Kij and the rest of Medical would do everything they could to see to it that those present now would be fine. "Ready on your word, Doctor."

Jayla nodded and set her mind to mending the bones. She couldn't think about how many others were still waiting. They weren't in as bad a shape as this man and he was certainly in no danger of dying. Take your time, she told herself. Nobody is in danger of dying. Just go relax and do your job.

Her self pep-talk seemed to do the trick because she quickly found herself concentrating on the man's ribs. In no time at all, she had them all patched up. "Okay," she told Blake. "Oxygen."

After being given the word, Dani applied oxygen to the man's face. A few tense seconds later, he seemed to be breathing well. The petite woman gave a sigh of relief. "He seems to be responding, Doctor," she said.

Jayla nodded, studying the readout on her tricorder. "We'll keep him on the oxygen for a few minutes, then gradually dial it back," she said. "But, I think he's doing well enough for now. Any other criticals left?"

"I don't think so," the young nurse replied. "Everyone else has been treated, and those with minor injuries have been released according to this." She held the PADD out so Jayla could look it over.

After checking the information and even glancing around, Jayla nodded. "Okay, good," she replied with a sigh. "That means we can focus on these two and make sue they're on their way to recovery. Keep an eye on him," she added, indicating the man with the collapsed lung, "and I'm going to see how the other is doing. Oh, these people need names. We can't keep calling them "this one and the other one" much longer."

"Would you like me to see if I can find their personnel files?" Dani offered. "DS15 and the da Gama narrows the search down a bit, and I don't mind doing it while I'm sitting with him."

"That would be great, thank you, Nurse Blake," Jayla replied, relieved. "What would I ever do without this lot?" she added, indicates no the staff as a whole.

"You would do just fine," the petite woman assured her as she settled down next to the human man she was tasked with watching. It took a little time, but her task to find out who they were was successful. "His name is Lieutenant Derek Nichols, Assistant Chief of Engineering aboard the Vasco da Gama. Our Bajoran friend's name is Lieutenant Commander Kena Jilaho. She is the Chief Operations officer aboard DS15. Neither of them were members of Security, and their injuries could have easily killed them."

Having assured herself that the Bajoran woman was on her way to recovery- and that she wouldn't have to amputate the leg- Jayla quickly added the names to the temporary files she'd created for them. "Good," she said. "I feel much better having names to assign to them. I'd sure like to get my hands around some Selubassari necks, let me tell you. There was no reason to let them get this bad."

Dani couldn't agree more. It was angering to see just how bad some of these poor people were allowed to get. "Thankfully, they have some of the best people in all of Starfleet caring for them, which means they're chances of making a full recovery are that much greater."

That put Jayla at ease like nothing else could have. "True story," she replied with a grin. "I think they'll be just fine."


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