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Securing the Station: Team Cooper

Posted on 15 Oct 2017 @ 2:42am by Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant David Moreau Jr

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Armory/Tactical
Timeline: MD 6 || 1100 Hours


Cooper looked at her team as they waited to transport over, She took a deep breath, trying to order her thoughts into a straight forward set of statements, she put the phaser rifle across her back for the moment, "Right then speed and accuracy is what we want here. We're expecting light resistance as the Chief report but be ready for tricks. Because we don't want to give them a chance to regroup or make plans we're hitting two areas at once. Ensign T'lan will take 14 of the team to deck 132 to secure the secondary armory first and move up to deck 131 shedding people as needed to secure the areas they've acquired. I will take the rest to deck 55 to secure that area. To repeat orders are to secure the area, stun all intruders and secure them in the brig. Squad 3 of each team will be responsible for securing the prisoners. As soon as one section secures its area all personnel not needed there will go to aid the other section if they are still in need. Any questions?"

"How many Selubassari are still on the station, Lieutenant?" An Ensign asked her.

"700 scattered throughout the station, as I said we have confirmed reports of disarray and panic so while we want to watch ourselves odds are solid if we remember our training." She said confidently, "Any other questions?"

Ensign T'lan shook his head. An experienced and level headed officer, the vulcan was chosen for just those qualities. It should be a cakewalk but it never hurt to be prepared, arrogance could get one killed.

"No, Lieutenant," the response came.

===Deck 55===

Cooper nodded, "Let's be about it then. Remember your training, stick to your teams. We've got them on the run so let's tie this off with a bow eh?" She gestured to her team and took them first to a side area chosen by the transporter chief for its lack of immediate life signs. When they were assembled they flowed quickly, one petty in the middle with a tricorder checking for life signs as the others visually scanned moving quickly but carefully forward from one of the security training rooms they ended had ended up. They boiled out that room angry but controlled like a targeted response from a hornets nest.

At the armory, a group of fifty Selubassari met the Security force but didn't have a single weapon among them. One stepped forward from the others. "We surrender," the voice came from the domed head.

Cooper paused, Ok then, well aren't I all dressed up with no place to go. She thought not too disappointed. At the very least it mean no one was shooting at her people at the moment so not all bad. "Right keep your hands were we can see them, do not move. Our personnel will confirm your lack of weapons and you will be transported to the brig. Any resistance will be met with a heavy stun. The 15 man team spread out behind and around her like a horse shoe, carefully keeping the entire group in sight as they aimed weapons.

The Selubassari didn't leave and simply rests where they were.

"Xan." She said to a blue skinned petty officer, "confirm weapons status." She said her rifle lowered at a 45 degree angle but able to bring it up and drop any who looked like they would cause trouble. The petty officer nodded and used a tricorder, "Confirmed. None are armed." He did another scan, "And no other life signs."

Cooper nodded. "Good go check the armory." He nodded and skirted the edges, grabbing another officer along the way to watch his back. To be honest she wanted to just stun the lot but she had her orders and unlike this bunch she had no desire to lay down with the dogs as it were.

"Cooper to T'lan status?" She called the second team. She nodded as he reported in. Things were on track. She needed to finish up here and go to support T'lan. She returned her attention to the Salubassari, "We will now begin transporting small groups. Continue to follow previous instructions."

===Deck 132===

On deck 131 Ensign T'lan was repeating the same procedure, smoothly and efficiently. Holding until the team was assembled they began to leap frog, some moved forward while others watched for targets, while one crewman in the middle kept watch with a tricorder for Selubassari and other life signs as everyone flowed toward the secondary armory. Ensign T'lan led with his phaser rifle against his cheek, senses alert.

A surprise awaited from them at the Brig on deck one hundred thirty two. The Starfleet personnel were out of the brig holding cells and had the Selubassari in custody now. A Lieutenant stepped up. "I'm Lieutenant Jacks," the female human said. "Weirdest thing just happened. The Selubassari let us go and then asked to be put in the brig," she said. "Do you know what happened?"

Ensign T'lan lowered the phaser rifle but kept it ready. His slow blink his only sign of surprise. "Crewman Bryce, confirm." A crewman pulled out a PADD quickly and tapped a few keys. "Visual confirmation Lt. Jacks. Medical." T'lan nodded and lowered the rifle."The planet has fallen I believe they are to use the vernacular, 'trying to save their own skins'. We have secured the secondary armory and the rest of this deck and are heading to deck 131. Do any of your people need medical attention, Ma'am?". They had left a squad at the armory, some to guard and with one doing a quick inventory to pass along knowledge of any missing weapons up the chain of command. Others were in defensive positions or checking on the arrangements of the Selubassari prisoners as T'lan talked.

"We did not surrender to save our skins," came the voice from one transparent domed head. "We voluntarily gave up control so that we may present ourselves as the party that is the one that is wronged."

T'lan gave another slow blink, "Thank you for reminding me I must review the definition for the word 'voluntarily' I would be willing to forward you the results of my analysis should you feel that to be of benefit". He'd seen the reports from the planet and was not sympathetic. He returned his focus to the Lt. in front of him.
"Do any of your people require medical assistance Ma'am? I can leave a team here to help and to secure the Salubassari before moving on." He stated.

"No, but we could use some food," Jacks said. "They seem to think that water and ration bars is acceptable."

T'lan nodded, "Petty Officer Williams and his team..." He gestured to another security officer behind him, "Will escort you to the staging area for found station personnel. They will see to all needs there." He paused, "I am pleased to see your people well." with as much honest emotion as a Vulcan ever tended to show which in his case meant simply a sincerity.

Jack's nodded. "Then we'll head there. Thank you," she said.

T'lan nodded respectfully back and gestured to Williams, he and several security peeled off to shepherd the recovered personnel to the safe zone.

Just then Cooper's message came through, "Deck 132 secure, preparing to secure deck 131, could use assistance. There's a rather large number of prisoners here already." Cooper replied as soon as she secured her area would meet some of his people on 131 with some of her team to reinforce what was left of the first team. They quickly worked out details.

Over the next few minutes teams of Salubassari were transported down to the brig on deck 132 where T'lan and his team ensured they were secured, following all related protocols. Up on Deck 55 personnel did quick checks of the armory, security and tactical systems and computer logs, while most guarded the prisoners until that was completed.

"Cooper to Moreau. Deck 55 secure 55 prisoners being transported to the brig, Deck 132 secure. Station Personnel released in the area of the 132 brig by the Salubassari who put themselves in the cells. Preliminary inventory of both armories indicates no weapons missing. Nothing unusual to report. No resistance to report. Proceeding to deck 131." Her words were rapid but clear, special effort being made to be a short as possible.

"Moreau here," came the response over her combadge. "Acknowledged."

Cooper, T'lan and the remains of both teams, not needed to secure their areas proceeded through deck 131 just as carefully as before. A crewman called out that there were no life signs as she studied a tricorder, Cooper acknowledged and kept moving just to visually verify but it was fast. Soon enough they verified no one was in the secondary security facilities. She turned to T'Lan who shrugged, "Perhaps that was why there were so many in the cells when we arrived?" Cooper nodded, made sense.

They secured their areas, continuing to use them to assist the other teams. Processing prisoners and generally doing clean up.

An hour later, the last of the Selubassari had been rounded up and her combadge chirped again. "Moreau to Cooper. Unless some are hiding in places we can't go, we have them all rounded up. Report back to the ship."

"Cooper here, acknowledged. I was thinking it'd be a thought to leave some personnel here to support station security efforts, especially with the new prisoner load, just for a bit. Alright Chief?"

"There's personnel from the de Gama and station who will be staying, Lieutenant," Moreau said. "Just take the Black Hawk crew back with you."

"Acknowledge Chief, rounding up the team now. Cooper out." She opened a comm to her team of 30, "This is Cooper, as soon as De Gama and Station personnel arrive in your areas to relieve you report to transport area, well handled but now it's time to head home."

She closed the comm and took a deep breath, always happy when none of her people get hurt. She'd completely relax when they were all back on the ship. Until then she focused on the moment as she coordinated the return of her personnel.


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