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Securing the Station - Team Mitchell

Posted on 14 Oct 2017 @ 3:48am by Ensign Shay Mitchell & Lieutenant David Moreau Jr

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Computer Core 1 & 2
Timeline: MD 6 || 1100 Hours

After getting the all clear from the Chief to beam over, Shay and the rest of her team arrived on deck forty-five of the upper level. Not only did they need to secure this deck, but they also need to secure decks forty-six, forty-seven and forty-eight. It wasn't going to be an easy task, especially considering if word got out they were there giving the Selubassari a chance to run, but they were all up for the challenge.

Still, though, she didn't think there would be much resistance. It was over now that the Finneans rebelled. Not only that, but DS15 belonged to the Federation, and that's what she hoped was going to happen from this point forward. That's what should have happened the moment they arrived, and while it looked like things were settled, the Selubassari decided to retake the station and use it as a weapon against the Finneans.

That was short lived, and now she along with the rest of her team were going to see to it that the Federation was back in control once more. "Our objective sounds simple enough. We're going to secure the computer cores and get things stable here. I don't anticipate any resistance, but that doesn't mean their won't be. Use of hostile force is prohibited... stun only. Failure to comply with this order will result in administrative action. Any questions?"

"No, ma'am," came a chorus of responses as everyone fanned out around her and prepared themselves.

"Do we know how many Selubassri are on the station still?" came a question from somewhere in the back.

"We don't have exact numbers, but I would estimate several hundred. There would need to be in order to overthrow the station twice and a starship once," Shay replied as she removed her phaser from the holster on her belt. She checked the settings, heavy stun with a wide beam (which was easily changed if it needed to be), then gestured for her team to move out. "Let's move out." Their first destination to secure wasn't too far from where their present location was, but the possibility of running into obstacles was there.

Leading her team, Shay moved forward, and since everyone was armed and appeared to mean business, no one got in their way or offered any kind of obstacle. If she didn't know better, she might have even swore she saw a few individuals looking relieved as they moved forward.

Shay stopped just outside of the door that lead to stop one. She didn't know how many of the Selubassari they were going to encounter inside, but they were prepared no matter what. Stepping forward, the doors opened and half the group entered while the remainer waited outside to intercept anyone that might show up to cause trouble.

What she saw there shocked her. Not only was the place swarming with Selubassari, but quite a few of them were messing with the core. There was hardware and wiring everywhere that she didn't recognize as belonging to Starfleet, which meant they were definitely up to no good. "You are tampering with property belonging to the United Federation of Planets. Stop what you're doing, put your hands up slowly and back away from the core," Shay ordered.

The Selubassari who had been intent on sabotaging the core, and had already infected it with several types of viruses and other nasty programs froze what they were doing. One stepped forward with red skin and looked at her. "This station is under Selubassari control," came from the transparent dome on his head. "We have every right to do as we please."

Several others weren't so eager to face the business ends of the phasers aimed their way and stopped what they were doing. Members of her team came in and immediately started to round them up before a Petty Officer looked at Shay. "Where should we take them, Ensign?" she asked.

Shay looked to the Selubassari whose skin shone red, a slow smile forming on her lips. "You'd like to think so, wouldn't you? But... I can assure you you are delusional, because that's just not the case, otherwise, we wouldn't be here now," she stated. "As a matter of fact, you'd do well to follow your fellow Selubassari and give up without a fight, or I will not hesitate to make this harder for you than it will be for me."

She kept her eyes on the disobedient Selubassari before addressing the question. "Restrain them and take them to the brig."

"Yes, sir," several of the Security personnel said. One, a hulking Andorian came up behind the Selubassari who had been objection. "You're under arrest for crimes against the Finneans, Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets," the Andorian said as he made short work of putting a pair of restraints on the dome headed alien.

"You can't do this to me!" the Selubassari protested even as he was being led away. The others on that level of the core complied rather easily, but they seemed smug with what they had done before Starfleet arrived.

The Ensign looked at the mess the Selubassari had left behind and knew clean up was going to take some time. Sadly, she knew the other areas they were assigned to would look much the same. She gave a mental curse and turned to the rest of her people, having opted for only five of her personnel to escort the others to the brig. It wasn't an illogical choice to make considering the aliens were restrained while the Starfleet personnel were armed. Resisting now just wouldn't be worth it.

"Let's move on to the next area," she said before leading the way. Like before, there was no resistance aside from picking up a few Selubassari they'd come across trying to make a break for it when they saw the Security personnel coming.

And as she expected, the next area was in the same shape as the one before it, and like before, Shay gave the same speech.

A force field immediately came up in front of the human woman and there was a burst of activity from the Selubassari at the consoles they were at. One or two cast glances back at the Starfleet officers and said something in their language, but turned their attention back to the consoles.

So they wanted to play hardball? "Hollingsworth, Chatham... blow the EPS conduits for this section," Mitchell ordered, smiling at the Selubassari on the other side of the forcefield. She watched them intently, almost as if she were observing animals in a zoo. It wouldn't be long now.

Hollingsworth and Chatham gave a nod and made their way to take care of the EPS conduits as instructed.

The force field went down a second later, including the consoles which caused a number of Selubassari to turn red and turned towards the Security personnel before the emergency power came on. "You can't do this." "The station is not yours." "You have no right to come here!" echoed from several of the aliens.

"Deep Space Fifteen belongs to the United Federation of Planets, and the uniform I'm currently wearing says that I have every right to come here. Consider this your only warning to surrender peacefully," the Ensign said, with her phaser at the ready. "And if for some reason you still feel like this station is yours, the condition your people left our personnel suggests otherwise."

Without hesitation, the young woman moved forward. "You are all hereby placed under arrest for crimes against the Finneans, Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets," she said, removing a pair of zip cuffs from her belt and moving toward the one that was most opinionated.

The Selubassari deflated when the force field went down and shook his head. "We had a deal with the Finneans," his voice boomed from the transparent dome on his head. "We had every right," he repeated even as he surrendered. The other Selubassari surrendered as well, but some weren't happy about it.

"That's not my problem," Shay said and she placed the restraints on his wrists and tightened him. Like before, she sent five men to escort them to the brig before turning to the remaining twenty people on her team. "We're going to The Net. It wasn't covered in our briefing, but we were told to secure all Selubassari. That includes them as well." With that, she made her way out with their new destination in mind.

The rest of the personnel followed her, securing any other Selubassari they encountered along the way until they arrived at their destination. The facility that held The Net was oddly deserted, but sobbing came from a closed door at the back of the room.

Shay arched a brow when she heard the sobbing and moved toward the door. Once it swished open, she pointed her phaser inside and looked around.

Inside were a dozen Netgirls of various species who had been bound and gagged and left there. The equipment had clearly been sabotaged and a blinking light on one terminal was all that illuminated the room.

Mitchell muttered a curse, lowering her weapon when she saw the girls and the condition they'd been left in. What the hell? She knew the Selubassari were heartless, and this only set that even further into stone. "We're going to get you all out of here. You'll be safe now, but I need to know if there is anyone else here," she said as she moved in to remove the gag from one of the women.

The woman, a hungry looking Argrathi with olive green skin looked up at her and coughed a few times after the gag was taken out. "No," she said and coughed again. "The Selubassari owner wrecked everything, put us back in here and left a while ago," she said. "I hope you find him. The Argrathi Authority would know how to punish him with a thousand cycles of imprisonment implanted in his brain!"

"If he's still here, he'll be found, I promise," Shay said, untying the young woman before turning toward seven female members of her team. "Get them all untied and out of here. Wait out in the corridor with them. The rest of us will secure the facility, then rejoin you."

The female members of Security did as they were instructed, taking the former netgirls out into the corridor to wait. Once the place was free of the establishment, Shay and the rest of the team began to secure the facility. There was no one else present like the Argrathi woman said, which gave Shay the chance to examine the equipment. The owner really did a number on everything, and there was nothing she could do to salvage any of it. She'd request a team from Operations and Engineering come over to see what they could salvage. "Okay, that covers our part of things. Let's get the girls someplace secure where they can eat something and return to their families."

It was a short while later that the owner of The Net was found and the women, hungry or not, immediately took the Salubassari prisoner for the Starfleet personnel. He was spit on, cursed and humiliated verbally in a dozen languages, but the Argrathi woman stopped them from actually assaulting him. "He will answer for his crimes and be punished," she told the others. "But we will not stoop to his level."

"Just like the others," the Ensign said as she put restraints on him. "Chatham, Hollingsworth... escort him to the brig. The rest of us will get the women to safety, then we will all run a sweep over a few decks that weren't covered." She gave a location and time for meet up, then moved out.

=^=Mitchell to Moreau... our section has been cleared. All targets are in custody,=^= Shay said after she tapped her combadge.

=^=Acknowledged, Mitchell. Leave any station personnel who are able here and beam our personnel and wounded back to the ship=^= David's voice came over her combadge.


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