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Morning News

Posted on 03 Sep 2014 @ 10:10am by Lieutenant Commander Thaddeus Quint M.D.

Mission: Razmena
Location: Deck 4, Room 402
Timeline: February 4, 2388 0715 hours

It was a routine morning so far, for Thaddeus Quint. The middle aged doctor was leisurely going through his morning routine. It usually consisted of a sonic shower followed by changing into his uniform, at which point the doctor usually avoided looking at the mirror lest he start thinking of what that uniform had cost him and his family. Quint would then eat a frugal breakfast and spend a half hour or so drinking a cup or two of coffee and reading up on current news. It was usually depressing, but that was status quo for the universe.

Quint's quarters were on Deck 4, as opposed to Deck 2 like most of the other senior staff. Someone must have had a brainstorm in the last ten years, that having the ship's physician on the same deck as the Main Sickbay was likely a good idea, because he vividly recalled being housed several decks away from Sickbay on both the Cairo and Grissom during his stints on those ships. The doctor vividly remembered how he was stumbling through the dark hallways trying to reach Sickbay on the Grissom when it was destroyed. It was only dumb luck he happened to be right next to an escape pod when the evacuation order went through, obviously too late, or more than six people would've survived that unfortunate incident.

With a grimace, Quint set down his half empty cup of coffee. It was amazing how even the simplest trains of thought could always lead back to one's bad memories. He supposed if he had gotten to Sickbay, he likely would've been dead as no one from that section had survived. Was it meant to be or just dumb luck? Who knew. With a forceful jab of his thumb, the doctor closed the article he was reading at his computer about the latest political scandal in the Federation Council and brought up his personal messages.

Only two today. One from the Captain and a personal message from his father. Being in the Gamma Quadrant he couldn't even receive live calls from what was left of his family in non-emergency situations. His father's message was a simple text message filled with some updates about his teaching job and the chaos his son, Marcus, was causing. Taking care of a fifteen year old was hard enough even when you weren't in your advanced years as his father was. Quint cynically mused that Marcus was probably having a grand time with his father away, and a grandfather that could barely keep up.

The latest news was Marcus apparently somehow found himself dating an eighteen year old girl, which was a remarkable age gap in those juvenile years. Quint didn't know whether he should be horrified or cheering the boy on, but settled on annoyance aimed at Starfleet that he was way out here and missed it.

Sighing, Quint scrolled to read the next message from the captain addressed to the senior staff. A meeting this morning, nothing like starting the day with an invigorating conversation about everyone's favorite slaver, the doctor ruefully thought. Either way it was going to cut into his day, so it was best to get to it. Donning his white lab coat, the doctor made his way out of his doorway and to work. A short commute was also a nice perk of these quarters, along with being far away from any nosy neighbors.


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