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Securing the Station: Team Moreau

Posted on 14 Oct 2017 @ 3:40am by Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Operations
Timeline: MD 6 || 1100 Hours


David's team finished beaming over and he quickly broke them down into five ten person teams. "We have four areas to cover for Operations," he said. "Station operations center and the station commander’s office on deck one and station operations office and sector command facilities on decks two through twenty. There's roughly seven hundred Selubassari left on the station and there's facilities on the station to hold them here. I'm certain the Finneans will want them on the planet, but it's our job to secure the station. Commander Yuki may still be on the station and if she is spotted, she is to be taken into custody immediately and notify me. Move out."

He took a group of ten towards the Operations center while the others began to work their way down deck by deck. As he entered Operations, he had his phaser drawn, but wasn't expecting much resistance considering the fact that the Finneans had the station surrounded and the Black Hawk was also there, but he elected to not take chances. His hand holding the phaser followed the sweep of his eyes as he went in with the team and he motioned for the other members of his team to fan out and begin searching the offices in the area.

David decided to head to the station commander's office and quickly keyed in the Security override command, then entered in a low crouch with his phaser leading the way.

The office, though large, was rather spartan. A large desk sat in front of a viewport that overlooked Finnea Prime. Behind it was a single unoccupied chair, and two chairs sat empty in front of it. No other furniture was in the office, save for a two-seat sofa. On the sofa laid the stunned Bolian who had just taken command of the station the day before. Saliva pooled at the base of his open mouth as the unmoving body rested, waiting for the stun effects to wear off so the Bolian could return to the world of the living.

Aside from the furniture, the office was barren, awaiting the Bolian's customization. Commander Yuki, however, had beat him to it. She laid on the floor on the other side of the office. Blood dripped down the wall where she'd written a message for the person who would find her. Her left hand still clutched the knife that she used to commit suicide and blood continued to pour from her open wounds.

David stopped and stared for a moment before he put his phaser away and activated the tricorder. "What is it with people killing themselves and leaving bloody messages on walls?" He asked as he took a scan of the message, checked to make sure Yuki was dead, then headed over to the stunned Bolian.

"We'll get you out of here, Commander," he said as he hooked the tricorder on his belt and pulled the medkit off. He opened it and removed a hypospray and a mild stimulant to help the Bolian recover from the stun faster and pressed it to his neck. "Then maybe we can find out what's really going on."

Meanwhile, his team rounded up about thirty Selubassari on the deck who seemed docile enough and none of them reported getting any trouble. Moreau ordered them sent to the brig and shook his head. "If I were in charge of this station Security, this wouldn't happen again."

Commander Nita Krasa began to stir, his motor functions slowly being restored. He'd been unaware of the last few minutes, but the couch was certainly not the last place he remembered being. "Wha... What..." he moaned, trying to sit up.

David helped the Bolian sit up straight, but blocked the view of Yuki's body and the bloody message with his hulking form.. "You're in your office, Commander," he said. "Do you know what happened here?"

Nita groaned as he sat on the couch. His mind was as clear as a Mutara-class nebula, and his balance shakier than walking on gelatin. "I remember standing, talking to Couric about..." He placed his face into the palms of his hands as he tried to think. "The alert sounded, we walked out to Ops. The Finneans were coming and then..."

"Lean on me and we'll get you out of here, Commander," David said. "I'll get you to the Black Hawk and Captain Geisler can fill you in after you get treated in Medical. It looks like you were stunned."

"Looks like?" asked the Bolian, looking up at the Lieutenant. "It feels like I was hit by a runabout." And that's when he saw it. Saw her. "Where... Who..." He pointed his finger at the woman and the writing on the wall and shook his finger as his nerves took over. "That wasn't me! I don't even know who that is!"

"That would be Commander Yuki of the de Gama," David said. "And I believe you, Commander. We had a similar incident on the de Gama with the same circumstances. I need to get you out of here and seal the office, Sir."

Still controlled by his nerves, Nita tried to stand. His motor functions were stabilizing, yet he still felt many of the ill effects from the stun beam. "Of course," he said as he continued his attempt. "You're... from the Black Hawk, yes?"

"Lieutenant David Moreau, Chief of Security for the Black Hawk, " he said, realizing that he hadn't introduced himself as he helped the Bolian stand. "The Selubassari have surrendered and I'm part of a team rounding them up on the station, Sir. Do you recall seeing Commander Yuki prior to being stunned?"

"Surrendered?" asked the Bolian, leaning on the well-built man now that he was standing. "What about the Finneans? Were any of them harmed?" He then realized he'd fixated on the situation prior to being stunned, and not his last question. "I saw her yesterday afternoon, and then this morning. She said she was a Federation attache assigned to work with the Selubassari."

"The Selubassari had taken control of the station again, Sir," David said as he lead the Commander towards the door. "Commander Yuki was the former Executive Officer of the de Gama and we have proof that she was working with the Selubassari. The Finneans revolted on the planet and there's about a hundred shuttles outside the station right now filled with them. They were being used as slave labor on Finnea by the Selubassari."

Nita sighed. "The Federation leaves for three months, and an entire system goes to hell," he muttered, limping out of the office. "I take it your Captain is already hard at work smoothing things over?"

"As far as I'm aware, Commander," the big bald Chief told him as he sealed the office and put a Security lock on it. "Are you ready to be beamed to the Black Hawk, Sir?"

Nita shook his head. "Lieutenant, stunned or not, I'm the commander of this station. With everything over the last few hours, my place is here. Medical will just have to come treat me in Operations."

How's that been working out for you? David thought, but kept his expression neutral. "The station still isn't secured fully, Commander," he said. "It would be safer on the Black Hawk until me and my people give it the all clear."

"Safer, yes," Nita confirmed as they came up to a bank of consoles. "But even a Vulcan would affirm that a Commander must remain at his post." His eyes scanned the room, noting that it was void of its senior officers once more. "Especially when there is no one left to delegate authority to. This station has been abandoned and traded hands too many times. If I am to have any respect when this is over, I must remain here."

"Understood, Commander," David said before he tapped his combadge and ordered half a dozen Security personnel back into the Operations center. "I'll leave some personnel here for your protection in the event we miss some Selubassari. We have more of your personnel on the Black Hawk being treated and will be returned as soon as they get released from Medical. In the meantime, I'll have to ask that your office remained sealed until an investigation team can sweep it and clear out Commander Yuki's body, Sir."

"More?" Nita asked, still fighting through the fog. That's when he realized what exactly the lieutenant was referring to. "Right. The missing security, engineering and operations detachments. I suspect I'll be having a not-so-pleasant discussion with the person assigned to handle the station's security."

"We recovered personnel from Finnea as well," David said. "Many of them are malnourished and have suffered broken bones while being forced to dig for something. As for the person assigned to handle Security here, it sounds like you need someone with a bit more experience. In twenty years, I've never seen a base fall twice in such a short time."

"Thrice," Nita corrected, closing his eyes and sighing. "The initial evacuation from several months ago was just after the rise of the Consortium. The orders were Consortium, and this station submitted to them willingly. The second was a couple weeks ago when the Selubassari managed to overpower and divide the personnel on this station. This time, we were without security. I regret not asking your captain for a contingent to remain aboard until everything was settled."

David shook his head. "I was on Earth during the Consortium affair," he said. "But I'm back in space now and it seems that everywhere I look, there's nothing but trouble. I'll speak to Captain Geisler on your behalf until things get stabilized."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," said Nita. "I would ask that you not leave this deck until more of my senior staff is concerned. And, I can keep aware of station activities as your personnel clear areas."

At that time, a dozen of Moreau's Security personnel came in. "And it looks like you've got your backup," he said. "At least until your senior personnel return." His combadge chirped and a Security person reported that the Operations area was cleared down to deck twenty while another reported the computer cores were cleared of Selubassari. He acknowledged them and nodded to the Commander. "I'll remain until the rest of my personnel give the station the all clear."

Nita nodded his thanks and pushed himself off of the Lieutenant and leaned against the center situational table. "Thank you, Lieutenant," he said. "Keep up the good work and you might not find yourself reporting to Captain Geisler anymore."

David gave him a look and nodded. "It's all part of the job, Commander," he said. "No matter where I go or where I end it, it's all in the service of Starfleet and the Federation."

The Bolian nodded again before turning his attention fully to the Master Situational Display. There was much to do if this station was ever going to be secure and reliable once more.


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