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Securing the Station: Team Miller

Posted on 14 Oct 2017 @ 3:43am by Petty Officer 1st Class Allen Miller & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant David Moreau Jr

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Computer Core 3 & 4
Timeline: MD 6 || 1100 Hours


Allen and the first group of his team materialized in a t-junction of a corridor. He whipped out a tricorder, "Deck Forty-Six, Computer Core level three. Okay, it's a start. Let's get that perimeter set up and secure the immediate area for the rest of the team." He pulled his phaser rifle and backed up against wall, pointing it the opposite way down the junction of the corridor.

Security personnel moved to carry out his orders while an Ensign briefly wondered why a Petty Officer was in charge of the operation. Still, the Chief of Security had gave out the orders and no one could say he treated anyone with rank different from anyone else. Once they were in place, a Lieutenant Junior Grade gave a nod. "We're in position, Sir," he said.

"Excellent," Allen replied. He tapped his combadge and ordered the next group beamed over. He also had the transporter operator continue in two minute increments. That would give them the time they needed to spread out in the direction they were going and secure along the way. "As we work our way towards our goal, we'll leave three security officers at intermittent junctures to keep secured what we've taken back. Unless of course we have to escort any Selubassri to their own, homemade cells." Allen watched as the next group shimmered into existence.

The rest of the team finished beaming over while the others who were there had already spread out in standard Security formations. One Andorian approached Miller, his antennae twitching forward. "Sir, I recommend that we shut the Security cameras down so they're unaware of what we're doing."

This being the first time he was put in charge of a large team of officers, and them being officers, the Petty Officer would welcome anything. "Great idea," Allen responded to the Andorian. "How about you take care of that for us. Make us go dark. Do I have a volunteer to take point on rounding up any Selubassari we come across? Or maybe a voluntold?"

"I'll volunteer," a young woman spoke as she stepped forward from the rest of the group. "I am Petty Officer 2nd Class Keiko Yuki, former Security Officer on board the Vasco da Gama." Her willingness to round up Selubassari was a bit personal.

The Andorian looked over at the young human officer and an antennae twitched. "Yuki?" he asked. "Are you related to the missing commander of the de Gama?" he asked as he stared at the woman.

"In name only," the young woman replied, trying to keep her anger at bay.

"Then come, Petty Officer," the Andorian said, his antennae tilting to the left and slightly back. "I am Warrant Officer Baraas Th'rithil."

"It's nice to meet you," she said, gesturing for him to lead the way.

Th'rithil dipped his antennae her way in response to her greeting and headed down the corridor. "Do you you have any experience in hostile situations, Petty Office Yuki?" he asked as he checked the settings on his phaser.

Keiko looked at the Andorian as of he grew a second head. "I've been living a life of pure hell. I think that would be a definite yes."

Allen turned to see the the last group beam in and the entire team spread out further. "First group that beamed in with me, we'll be following our camera darkeners." The rest of that particular group formed up with him. Allen led them down the corridor, keeping an eye out for anyone that shouldn't be there. Well, at least anymore. "Computer Core, Level Three, here we come."

Th'rithil edged around a corridor, then stopped for a moment. "Three contacts approaching," he told his companion.

Keiko ducked into an alcove and gripped her already set phaser (setting three wide beam) tighter. She nodded toward the Andorian and raised her weapon in front of her. There wouldn't be any firing until she was certain they were Selubassari, though. The young woman didn't want to fire upon anyone that wasn't to be captured. Of course, her thoughts went to her sister. Their own were involved in this, too.

Sure enough, the three contacts were Selubassari and the Andorian gave a nod to the human female while he prepared his own phaser.

The human woman fired her phaser on them as they rounded the corner and watched as they dropped to the ground. Without hesitation, Keiko moved forward to secure their hands behind their backs with zip cuffs, then nodded to whoever was tasked with rounding them up and taking them to the brig. Maybe this was going to be a bit easier than they expected it to be.

Allen heard the phaser fire and ran forward, finding that the other two had already taken care of the situation. "Gotta fix those cameras." He looked for the closest access panel on the corridor and removed it. Allen searched it for a second, looking for the... "There they are. Time to go blind." He then blacked out the cameras. "Okay, this should be easier from here on out," he called up the others. Going back around the corridor, he motioned for two of the officers. "We have some guests that need to be checked-in to Deep Space Fifteen's fine Brig. Please accommodate."

Two of the team members came forward to escort their captives to their new home. "C'mon, it's about time you see what it's like from the other side of the force field.

Th'rithil moved further down the corridor that approached the secondary computer core and stopped when he picked up noise. He checked his tricorder, then held up one hand and raised all five fingers four times and pointed at the door.

Allen froze and held up a hand to halt the group behind him. When he saw how many Selubassari there were, he relayed the information. That large of a group would require something out of the ordinary, but all he had was stun and anesthezine grenades. And he certainly didn't want to carry the Selu's to the Brig. But then again, the other two had been stunned and hit the ground. Sooo...

Allen set his phaser rifle to wide beam, maximum stun, and slung it over his shoulder. He then put on the gas mask and removed two anesthezine grenades from his belt and walked up to where the other two were. "Here's my plan. I'll activate these, go in, toss them, drop to the floor, and open fire on their legs. A breach team will be waiting right behind me on either side of the doors. They'll then go in and aim high with wide beams shots as they back up to the wall and move along it. One way or another, they'll go down."

"Yes, Sir," Keiko said, preparing herself to be one of the ones to go high when it was needed. "I will be ready to go in once you've done your thing."

Th'rithil inclined his antennae towards Miller and gave a slight nod as he adjusted his phaser rifle for a wide beam and crouched down to put his mask on.

Allen nodded and began passing the word back to the rest of the team regarding the plan. Once everyone was in place, masks on, the Petty Officer put his seat-of-his-pants plan into action. The brawny man put a grenade in each hand, his hands behind his back, and walked up to the door. Here goes, he thought. He activated each of the grenades behind his back.

When the door opened, Allen walked in...just not far enough for them to close. "So," he said through his mask, "jack around with my Executive Officer will ya?" He brought his hands around to the front and threw a grenade in each direction. Then as planned, he fell to the floor and pulled his phaser rifle around, opening fire.

The Selubassarin who weren't stunned the room started struggling to breath and stay conscious as they tried to figure out what was going on.

To add to the confusion, Th'rithil started firing his phaser rifle at floor level and swept the wide beam heavy stun back and forth. "It's time to go nini!" he roared, which was quite out of character for the Andorian.

Like th'rithil, Keiko aimed high, firing her phaser and dropping Selubassari like flies. It was nice to know that those responsible for countless injuries were finally going down. They deserved nothing, and that was exactly what they were going to get.

About half of the group behind them had made it inside and started moving around the walls. Allen couldn't imagine anyone withstanding the non-lethal onslaught, but he wasn't going to take any chances. He let them keep firing for thirty more seconds before calling out, "Cease fire! Cease fire!" The anesthezine gas should started dissipating on it's own, but it wasn't fast enough for the Petty Officer. "Someone get the room vented! We've got a herd of Selubassari to transport to the Brig. Or their own converted holding cells. There's quite a few of them here."

Th'rithil stopped firing and headed to the environmental controls, stepping over several Selubassari bodies as he did so before he activated the ventilation system. Moments later, the gas was sucked out of the room. "Done, Petty Officer," he said.

Keiko began to secure the Selubassari when it was safe to enter the area. She looked toward Miller. "They're secure, Sir, and ready to be transported."

"Excellent," said Allen. "Thanks to the both of you. Alright team, secure this room and set up a perimeter." Allen walked up to one of the consoles. Transporter tech wasn't really his forte. "Okay, if I remember my basics of transporter operations..." He moved things around until he had the site-to-site operations up. Then a diagram of the station's security department, to include the brig. Allen began transporting the unconscious Selubassari out and into the Brig. Allen turned to the two others that had taken point. "Get started on the computer core. I'll be over in a minute."

Th'rithil's antennae twitched and he looked at the Petty Officer. "The other level?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Allen, as he transported the next group. "As soon as we make sure they didn't jack this one up."

"C'mon, Yuki," the Andorian said as he headed out of the room. "We have scouting to do."

"Behind you," the young Japanese woman said with her weapon still ready. There was a little satisfaction to their current task... seeing those who had caused so much discomfort and held her and her fellow officers needlessly being taken down and locked up like they should have been when this all began.

Allen finished transporting that group out and looked around the room. "Two more left," he said. "You three, check out the computer core at this level and see if everything looks okay. I'll finish this and leave a couple of teams here with you." He locked on and transported the one group, waiting to see if they arrived at their destination. "Time for the last of them." The Petty Officer then turned and pulled two teams of four out for a total of eight security officers. One team was to stand guard outside the room and the other, inside. "When you three are finished," he said to the ones at the computer core, "join the rest of us." They nodded and Allen rounded up the rest of the team and set out for the next level.

Once outside, he tapped his combadge, "Mitchell to Th'rithil, we're on our way. How's it going?" He pulled out his tricorder to get a reading of their location.

"All's clear so far," Th'rithil responded. "We're nearly the secondary location and no resistance has been met."

"I don't think we're going to meet muck resistance, either," Yuki commented as they made their way toward the second say location. "By now, the Selubassari are aware that their reign of terror is over, and not surrendering peacefully only means unnecessary hardship for them."

"Sounds good to me," replied Allen. "The less resistance we have the better." He cautiously lead the team down the corridor, despite the two other scouting ahead. Not having the security cameras was paying off. Especially when it came to sneaking up on that large group. Hopefully they would continue to have that kind of luck.

A few minutes later, Th'rithil's voice came over the com. "We have about twenty Selubassari in the secondary core. We'll do the same thing as last time when you arrive."

"Sounds like a plan to me," replied Allen. He was hoping that the other three he left back there would be along soon. He slowly made his way with the rest of the team behind him. Checking his tricorder one last time, he closed it and round the corner. "Okay folks, time to party. Only, we'll need someone to provide the party favors." Allen looked around.

One of the Bajoran officers reached inside his belt and held them up to the Petty Officer. "Right here, I have what you're looking for. Let's get this party started!"

Allen grinned and made a note of a fellow party person. "Hand 'em over and we'll do just that." Allen took the two grenades and carried them behind his back. "Alright hotshots, are you ready to do this?"

"Ready on your word, Sir," Keiko said with the nod of her head.

Th'rithil looked up from the spot he had taken cover behind near the backup computer core. "They seem rather agitated in there," he said, his antennae leaning towards the door leading to the room. "They probably know by now that we're coming."

"I wouldn't be surprised," Yuki muttered. "What is surprising if that there are five teams on board right now, and we haven't seen a lot of resistance. Not that I'm complaining."

Allen chuckled. "I agree on that point, not complaining. So, let's make them do the complaining. At least for a little bit." He grinned widely as approached the door, hands holding the grenades above his head. When the doors opened, he took two giant steps inside, activated the grenades, and cried out, "Behold! The mighty Gas Man! You will fall at my feet whether you want to or not!" With that, he threw the grenades and dove. "Gas Man? What the hell was I thinking? Sandman would have been better." He opened fire and started sweeping the room on wide beam.

Th'rithil once more knelt and opened fire on wide beam, sweeping the Type III phaser rifle from left to right. Behind him, a Bolian laughed at the Petty Officer's words and began to sing Mister Sandman as his phaser fire joined the others and the Selubassari began to drop.

Like the others, Keiko began to fire on the Selubassari, and her settings hadn't changed. She was definitely mindful of the Starfleet personnel around her. It wouldn't look well to hit one of them accidentally.

It was less than two minutes later when the last of the Selubassari were taken control of, handcuffed and beamed to the brig. Th'rithil looked over at Miller, his antennae moving in the same direction. "I believe that is all. It would be wise to contact the Chief for an update."

Allen wiped his forehead. "Yeah, good idea." With the other hand, he tapped his combadge, "Miller to Moreau, we've secured our end, er, areas of the computer core. All Selubassari have been apprehended."

"Leave the station personnel who aren't wounded and get ours back to the Black Hawk," Moreau's voice came back a moment later. "Good job, Miller."

"Understood, Chief. And thanks. Miller out." He turned to the crew that had gathered around. "Nice job, people. You the boss, station personnel stay. Those that are wounded go with us back to the Black Hawk and get a free ticket to ride in medical. So go collect 'em and pass the word." Allen watched as some of the other officers dispersed to bring a few of the wounded back to their core.


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