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Securing the Station: Team Douglas

Posted on 15 Oct 2017 @ 4:29am by Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 6 || 1100 Hours


As his team beamed in, Douglas crouched, pulled his tricorder, and did a quick scan. Turning to his team, he said, in a quiet whisper, "There are two enemy soldiers approaching, and we need to get past them to the access hatch to deck 126, so i need suggestions"

"Only two?" an Ensign asked as he checked his phaser setting to make sure it was on stun only. "Use a simple wide beam setting and take them both out before they're aware we're even here, Sir. As soon as they come around the corridor, stun them, secure them and we can go."

"That's the easiest and least time consuming way you go about it," Warrant Officer Naomi Bishop said. She readied her phaser on setting three with a wide beam and trained it toward the corner the two Selubassari were going to be rounding, and when they did, she fired. "Two down, many to go." Instead of holstering her phaser, she kept it in her hand as two other members of the team moved forward to secure the targets.

"Alright", Douglas said as he moved forward. "Drag them off some where that they wont be seen. Moving past Bishop, Douglas popped open the access hatch, and did a quick scan both up and down the tube both for guards and electronic warning systems and alarms. Turning back to his team, Douglass said, in a quiet voice, "Hatch secure in both directions, no traps.

Two personnel zip tied the Selubassari and put transporter transceivers on them keyed to the brig on the station and activated them. A moment later, they beamed out. "Now to take care of the rest of them," one said. "Any ideas on how to cover a lot of area very quickly?"

"Simple", Douglas said smiling. "We get to deck 126, move as fast as Rats and as swiftly as a Eagle to another access hatch midway down that deck" "Hopefully we do not encounter any resistance and can carry out the rest of our mission, or alternatively, we can attempt to capture a transporter room, and beam directly to our objective and flood these decks with Anestizine gas before they can react, those are the two choices, your suggestions?"

"Time is a factor here. Our best bet would be to hoof it and round up all the Selubassari we can, then move onto other decks to help out the other teams," Naomi said. "I'm not certain we're going to be able to get every last one off the station, but with the vast majority of them in custody, the others will either turn themselves in or flee. Either way, it seems like a win-win to me."

"Either way, boss," a big Bolian said as he checked his Type III phaser rifle. "I could go down the corridor on wide beam until I run out of a dozen power cells and take out as many as I can."

"Well, we are only responsible for decks 114-135, so I propose we get to the access hatch and take it down to the life support controls for the module, and barring a firefight initiate the flood, agreed?

"Yes, Sir," the Bolian said as he checked his power cells in his belt pouch. "Ready to move out."

"Yes, Sir," Naomi agreed. "We'll move out on your word."

Smiling wickedly, Douglass said, "Do it".

The Security personnel fanned out and encountered several Selubassari who were quickly taken down until they came to an area for life support and environmental controls. It looked like the door panel had been smashed and one officer knelt down to remove a access panel and began to work on getting it open manually. "Should be just a second," the Bolian said before the door hissed open.

"Alright everyone inside and seal those doors behind you", Douglas shouted as he ran to the console nearest him. After cycling through Security setting and reprogramming the atmosphere dispersion systems, he turned to his team and said, quickly, "Im all set here, status on sealing those door?".

"Sealed, Sir," Bishop replied after all of their people were through and the order had been carried out.

The big Bolian looked over at Douglas. "Time to release, Sir?" he asked.

"Flood it", Douglass said, slamming his fist on a control panel, the wicked smile on his face growing wider.

Minutes later, the sensors showed no conscious beings on the decks that had been flooded and a Security person turned to Douglas. "Shall we vent the Anesthazine and start rounding the Selubassari up, Sir?"

"Proceed, and if by some god forsaken chance any of them are still awake and resist, stun them and drag them kicking and screaming to the brig." Douglass smiled at his team as he glanced around the room at them, already thinking of writing them up for commendations.

Bishop vented the gas when given the go ahead from their team leader. Once the anesthezine was gone, she and some of her fellow crew members began to secure the Selubassari, who thankfully were not conscious to put up a fight, and moved on to the next step, which required moving them to one of the designated holding facilities.

Looking over a few data displays in the room, Douglas tapped his combadge and said, "Douglas to Black Hawk, i have a status update for you".

"Moreau here," came the Security Chief's voice over the combadge. "What do you have for me, Douglas?"

"Decks 114-135 are secure, we have vented the gas and are rounding up prisoners, any further orders sir?".

"Take them to the brigs and head back to the ship," the Chief's voice came back. "Good job, Douglas."

"Yes sir, and thank you sir", Douglass said as he cut the comm channel.


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