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The Chief's Report

Posted on 15 Oct 2017 @ 4:31am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant David Moreau Jr

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 6 || 1400 Hours

Lieutenant David Moreau finished checking with the last of his people and got the all clear; the Selubassari had all be rounded up from the station and he and his personnel beamed back to the Black Hawk after assuring Commander Krasa that he and the station would be safe. Once aboard the ship, Moreau headed up the bridge to give his report to the Captain. Wary fellow he thought as he rode the turbolift with his tricorder in hand.

Upon arrival at the bridge, the hulking Chief looked around to see if the Captain were present or if he were in the ready room.

Captain Geisler was present, standing behind the Mission Operations station where a sensor plot was displayed on the upper monitor. In the hours that followed the morning's crisis, the amount of ships in orbit had been significantly reduced. Somehow, he'd managed to negotiate rates with both the Dosi and Ferengi to shuttle the troublesome Selubassari back home, and used the Selubassari's ill-gained wealth to pay for it, not to mention their holdings with the Second and Sixth steadings. In just a few weeks, Finnea Prime would be completely freed of the Selubassari and hopefully well on its way to total recovery.

David headed over to where the Captain was and cleared his throat. "I have a report on the actions taken on Deep Space Fifteen ready for you, Captain," he said.

Harvey merely nodded, still looking at the display. At this point, he didn't see the need to take this matter into a private room. He would only do so if the conversation developed in such a way.

"Commander Krasa is alive, if recovering from a stun," David began. "The Selubassari were relatively passive in surrendering, although there was few who were outspoken. I also have news of Commander Yuki, but I'd prefer to tell you that in private, Sir." He held out the tricorder that he had used on the station.

The Captain sighed, disappointed that the conversation would have to move to a private forum so quickly. He looked down to see the flat tricorder extended to him. In fact, he was surprised that it wasn't a PADD that he was being handed. Whatever this was, the information was certainly raw. Harvey accepted the tricorder and moved for the closest private arena, which happened to be the conference room.

The sigh gave David a second warning that the Captain wasn't pleased and he took a small breath as he followed the man into the conference room. "I apologize for interrupting your routine, Captain," he said. "But I didn't think it appropriate to announce to everyone right away that Commander Yuki is dead of suicide. She also left a message in her own blood on the wall of the commanders office on Deep Space Fifteen."

"What routine?" Harvey asked, looking down to review the tricorder's information now that the conference room doors had closed. "We've been living in crisis mode for the last twenty-four hours. I just wish it would end." Looking closely at the readouts, Harvey noted, "This looks exactly like how Ensign Akagi ended his life."

"Your bridge duties, Captain," the bald Security Chief said as he watched the man. "She was still bleeding when I entered the commander's office, but she was dead. Commander Krasa has no recollection of the events that happened other than he was talking to Couric before the red alert sounded that the Finneans were coming."

Harvey looked up from the tricorder. "And you believe him? Does security footage confirm the actions?" Otherwise, it was awfully convenient accepting the Commander's testimony as the only explanation.

"I have an investigative team going over there now and secured the commander's office," David said, knowing that he had made a mistake in not doing such, but he had to stay with the Commander while his personnel rounded up the Selubassari. "We'll get it sorted out, Sir. I felt it necessary to report my initial findings to you first."

The Captain gently nodded as he deactivated and returned the tricorder. "The Selubassari didn't put up a fight, you say? Neither did Couric over here. The Finneans have exiled the Selubassari, but it's going to take a bit to get them out of the system."

David took the tricorder back. "Is it just me, or does it seem like they all gave up without much of a fight at all?" he asked as he looked at the Captain. "If it's one thing I've learned, anyone who gives up so easily is either outgunned or have some other plan up their sleeves. We still don't have the probe back, either, Captain."

Harvey couldn't help but smile at that remark. "On the contrary," he told Lieutenant Moreau. "Director Kazki acquired it this morning. Lieutenant Corwin is retrieving it as we speak. It'll be aboard within the hour, courtesy of one of our shuttlecraft."

The huge bald man's broke into a wide grin. "That Lieutenant is going places, Captain," he said. "Better watch out or she'll be sitting in your seat soon. I looked over her record and I have to say, I'm impressed and I don't impress easily."

The Captain grunted. "Starfleet will have to pry my corpse out of that chair, Lieutenant, if they desire to give this ship to someone else."

"Or make you flag rank and take it from you," David said. "I've seen it happen to other commanding officers. Do you want me to head back to the station to oversee the investigation. Sir? I trust my personnel, but what you said has merit and I feel that I should be there. Commander Krala wanted me by his side the entire time before I beamed back to the ship."

Harvey nodded. "You're free to do so, Lieutenant. I have a feeling our personnel are going to have to pull double duty here and aboard the station until we can get everyone readjusted to life outside labor camps."

"Very well, Captain," David said. "Although the personnel who did go from the de Gama and the station were more than eager to prove themselves fit and able to do their duties. I'll head back to the station now." Since the Captain had given him leave to go, the hulking Chief turned and headed for the door.

"So you thought it was easy too?" Harvey asked before he was left alone in the room. He clasped his hands behind his back and waited for the Security Chief's response.

"Yes, Sir, I do," Moreau said. "The Selubassari had the numbers on the station to take it twice and they had the personnel on the planet. Then there was the matter of there being no Selubassari ships within ten light years of our location. I suspect they already got what they wanted and the station was just a ruse to distract us."

"Shit..." Harvey muttered, turning and looking at Finnea though the rear viewport. He hadn't considered that. Here he thought these Selubassari were acting alone. But, if they already had it... "Then why leave the probe? Unless it had served its purpose?"

"The Security footage from the de Gama showed that they had taken the interior of the probe and beamed it off the ship and they would have had enough time to get any information off of it," David said. "Why would they need it after they had what they wanted?"

"Whatever it is," Harvey said with a sigh, "they're at least one step ahead of us now. Perhaps several. We'll have to work with the Finneans and see what all they took. Maybe we can reconstruct the missing pieces and figure it out."

"With the investigation team and assistance from Intelligence, I'm certain we can piece it together and give a clear picture, Captain," Moreau said. "No stone, duranium and other alloys or not, is going to be left unturned."

The Captain nodded. "See what you can come up with." Harvey had high hopes and low expectations from this new assignment. Seeing how the Selubassari had no ships in this sector, it was likely whatever it was was long gone. In doing so, it just made the enslavement of the Finneans so much worse. Still, he did not turn around to face the Security Chief.

"Yes, Sir," the Chief said. "Is there anything else before I head back to the station?"

Harvey considered the possibilities for a moment as he turned back to face the lieutenant. "I suppose not. Dismissed."

"Aye, Captain," David said before he turned and exited the room. So far, the day had proven long and it had just gotten longer.

Though Harvey lacked empathic abilities, it would surprise no one that his thoughts lined up perfectly with Moreau's. This mission had far too many twists and turns. At this rate, it would only get worse before they actually gained some answers.


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