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Posted on 08 Oct 2014 @ 1:17pm by Commander C. Kos & Lieutenant Avery Stuart Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Ivan Dash & Lieutenant JG Noxa & Lieutenant Hictus Dicon
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Mission: Razmena
Location: Freighter X'annon
Timeline: February 4, 2388 || 1130 hours

===[Freighter X'annon]===

D'rimo stood directly behind the helmsman on the X'annon's bridge. The X'annon wasn't a large vessel. Her smaller size only allowed for two levels outside of the hefty cargo hold. She certainly was fast, but not fast enough to outrun the three ships that attacked them just a few days prior.

For now, the bridge of the X'annon was empty, save D'rimo. His crew was down below, doing final checks on the work done by Starfleet. He'd even asked his two most loyal members of the crew to search the ship for any beacons or any other trackers that might have been quietly installed when they were held aboard the Black Hawk.

"Captain," came a familiar, faint voice from behind D'rimo. He turned to see a fellow Karemma standing just inside the doorway.

D'rimo, who hadn't smiled in days, fought every urge to tear up. "My son!" he gasped. As he embraced his son, it occurred to him that in the chaos of the last few days, he hadn't checked in on his wounded son. Not that Starfleet security would have let him out of his quarters for reasons other to be Geisler's punching bag.

The freighter captain pulled back from the embrace, but kept both hands on his son's shoulders and examined him. "I guess the Starfleet types aren't completely heartless," he muttered, seeing that his son's wounds were completely healed.

"Is all of this necessary?"

D'rimo studied his son's grim expression. It bore a striking resemblance to the rest of the crew's. "Karet, my son--"

"Don't you dare say you didn't have a choice!" Karet snapped.

"I did." D'rimo did his best to contain his composure and keep his tone calm. "The Federation--"

"Is no better than the Dominion!" Karet finished.

"And I am your captain!" D'rimo shouted in reply. "And your father. Like them or not, the decisions are mine to make. Besides, we only them for a few hours. Who cares what happens to them once we reach Razmena? The Black Hawk saved our lives. And yours twice. This makes me even with Commander Geisler, and keeps me debt-free to the Federation."

D'rimo locked eyes with his son. "Keeps us debt-free."

Karet brushed off his father's arms. "Your crew--your son--does not agree. Because you are my father, not my captain, I will not touch them. The crew may not act the same."

D'rimo watched as his son left the bridge, leaving him once again alone at the helm. He sighed, second-guessing his decisions for the third time today...

===[Executive Officer's Quarters]===

Mackenzie sifted through her closet to find the pants she wanted to wear. She didn't wear them often as they seemed to attract the wrong kind of attention. She suspected it was because they were a bit on the tight side. And shiny. And black. Her shirt was already laying on the bed waiting for her. It was a short-sleeved white shirt with a scoop neck that revealed just enough cleavage to potentially distract someone, a trick she normally reserved for controlling a situation on a date.

Finding the pants, Mac pulled them out of the closet and went about pulling them on. She stepped into the legs before pulling the shiny black material up her legs and around her hips. She pulled the side zipper up to secure the pants. Next, she put on the white shirt, which was also form-fitting, and then shrugged on a vest. Placing her communicator inside the vest, she stowed a civilian tricorder and a commercially available pocket phaser into other pockets. She looked at herself in the mirror and realized that her hair was looking too good. This was remedied by pulling some of the hair up into a quick ponytail, and shaking out the rest, letting it fall loosely around her shoulders. It wasn't perfect, but it would do.

"Let's do this," she said, before leaving her quarters for the transporter room.

===[Transporter Room One]===

Ivan came into the transporter room. The tech looked up and gave him a sideways glance. " Yes I'm early... I'm trying to make a good impression on Commander Kos." Ivan said. The tech smiled and nodded in understanding.

Ivan was dressed in a dark green shirt that buttoned up the front with long sleeves and brown pants. He had on thick boots that laced up well over his ankle. A soft brown swede jacket was over his shirt. He was not clean shaven like he would normally be for duty, a days worth of stubble covered his face. He also didn't have his long black hair pulled back into a tight pony tail like he would for duty. Instead it hung lose and wild down his back and over his shoulders. There was no way anyone would mistake him for Starfleet.

Dicon strolled in quietly, nodding to the tech on duty, and sat on the front left transporter; quietly humming to himself, his clothing could have had him mistaken for a quite somber monk if one were in the frame of mind. A long and rather worn robe covered brown pants that had more pockets in them then most miners would have needed. Overlaying his chest was a grey shirt and a no sleeved cargomens harness. There was a bandoleer strung across his right shoulder, in which there were stuffed various engineering tools, including a portable plasma cutter, diagnostic equipment. At his belt he wore two Romulan disrupters in side by side in magnetic holsters.

As the doors parted, Mac saw that Lieutenants Dicon and Dash already waiting. "Lieutenants," she said, dipping her head briefly to them as a unit. "Just waiting on Noxa and Counselor Stuart."

Noxa entered the room with a broad smile having heard her name with her excellent Ferengi hearing. "Sorry for the wait, Commander" said Noxa after she entered the room. "Took me a while to find my lucky phaser."

Ivan grind to Noxa, but turned to Commander Kos "Noxa makes a good point, do we get anything to protect our selfs with, what about communications? The Captain said nothing Starfleet..." Ivan just let the question hang out there.

Noxa looked at Kos "Bad habit" she said with a look of concern. "I do not like going unarmed. However, I will do so if ordered."

Avery entered, hearing the comment about preferring not to be unarmed and feeling a little out of place, She wasn't completely defenseless as an OCS graduate, but that didn't mean she was accustomed to being armed with more than her intellect and perhaps a medkit, which she carried as a precaution now. "Sorry, it took me some time to decide what to bring with me."

Mac nodded an acknowledgement to the Black Hawk's Counselor. Looking back to Noxa, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phaser. "I don't go into situations like this unarmed. Or," she continued, pulling out the tricorder, "without a scanner." She slipped the two devices back into their vest pockets. "We ready?"

Oh good Ivan thought and he went to the weapons locker, grabbing a phaser and sticking it in the small of his back.

Kos stepped onto the transporter pad, and waited for the other away team members to do the same.

Ivan stepped up and took one of the back pad's.

Once all the members of the away team were standing on the transporter pad, Mac tapped her comm badge. "Kos to X'annon. We are ready to transport."


D'rimo stood in the cargo hold, the designated spot for the Starfleet personnel to beam aboard. As soon as the team materialized, D'rimo clasped his hands behind his back. "We're about to jump to warp," he gruffly informed the team. "We'll arrive at Razmena in six hours, and then you'll be on your own. You may wish to keep to yourselves. My crew isn't exactly happy that you are here."

"It's in your best interest to control your crew, D'rimo. My team will defend themselves if necessary," Kos responded. "I can't promise the safety of your crew if they instigate something."

Lieutenant Noxa stepped forward brandishing her fist with a very toothy grin on her face as she looked at D'rimo. "Neither can I," she said, adding to what the First Officer had said. "Don't do anything stupid," said Noxa sharply.

D'rimo's eyes narrowed, his memory not yet letting go of the small Ferengi's relentless beating. Six hours may as well be six days with the tension that was building. Choosing to ignore the rest of the Starfleet types, he looked at the woman with the red hair. "I promised your captain you will have safe passage, nothing more. You may find Razmena a little less... tolerant... than my crew."

Behind the Away Team, the refugees materialized, ready to be delivered to their destination. "Good journey," D'rimo said with a scowl before turning and heading back for the cockpit.

Ivan looked around. He walked over to one of the walls of the bay and pressed the side of his face up against it and smiled as the ship purred to him. "Why hello there sexy..." he cooed to the ship.

Lieutenant Noxa stood beside Ivan and smiled. Boys and their toys she thought with a small but well contained chuckle. "Hello, yourself" said Noxa jokingly as she placed a hand on Ivan's shoulder, leaned in closer and whispered in his ear "You're making me jealous."

Ivan was still pressed again the wall and his finger gently caressed it, but his eyes moved to Noxa. That cricked grin spreed across his lips. "Well this ship is very sexy. You might have good reason to be."

"I'll fixed that later" said Noxa reaching up and rubbing his small human lobes. She then let go and smiled. "She is quite interesting. I would love to know what her weapons and defensive systems are like."

Ivan bit his lower lip watching Noxa while she messed with his ear. He pulled his face away from the wall and leaned back against it. He knew what that meant. "I don't suppose we could ever get the specs on this baby." He said tying to clear his head of what Noxa had just done to him.

Dicon looked on blankly Great, it will be one of those trips "Would you like a private cabin to continue your discussion? I think one could be provided." Stated Dicon dryly.

Noxa turned around and glared at Dicon. "Problem, Lieutenant Dicon? I am sure I can rearrange your face if you'd like" added Noxa sharply.

Dicon shook his head, "No issue, just a reading suggestion. Not the sort of thing to talk about in a corridor yes?" Dicon stated flatly.

"Perhaps you should watch your lobes" said Noxa with a smirk. It was roughly the translation of a Ferengi saying that meant to stop listening in on things that did not concern one. "Learn to have a sense of humor, Lieutenant."

Ivan walked over and put his hand on Noxa's shoulder. "I think Lieutenant Dicon has an excellent idea! Could you arrange that for us?" He said.

Dicon nodded and finally smiled "Of course take my room, I won't need it for some time. Just make sure to lock the door if you need to." Dicon strode to the other wall and sat on the floor. He rose his hood so that it covered his head.

Mac watched her crew, shaking her head at their behavior. "Enough! We are on duty. Noxa, Dash...control yourselves. Don't make me put a note in your personnel files. And I really don't want to have to balance the watch rotation so you never have off-duty time together." She glanced down the corridor in the direction D'rimo had gone. "For now, every go to your bunks." She quickly added, "Your own bunk!"


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