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Your Services Are Required

Posted on 12 Oct 2017 @ 2:36am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Lieutenant Joey Geisler

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Mila's Quarters
Timeline: MD 7 || 1600 Hours

Joey approached Mila's quarters with Rico and Pequeno's leashes in her hands. Both canines were walking at a pace their Mama had set, and were pretty grateful for the chance to get out. She realized all too quickly that her furbabies spent far too much time cooped up inside with everything that went on, and that meant it was time to get them out of their quarters where they could stretch their legs and socialize a bit.

She stopped in front of the closed door and took a deep breath, preparing herself for the onslaught of emotions she was about to witness. Still, despite that, a smile formed on her lips. This was going to be a visit to remember... for both of them. "Well, boys... here goes. Brace yourselves," she said as she reached out to press the chime's sensor.

"Come in!" Mila called from the couch where she had Chow perched on the arm of it sitting up with a pistachio balanced on his nose and one back paw raised in the air.

Joey made her way inside with the two canines and immediately turned her attention to the Capuchin. She was going to guard herself against his simian advances this visit, and that was mostly because of the importance. The taller woman moved toward the shorter one and bent at the waist to drop a kiss to the top of her head. "Hey. I'm sorry to drop in on you like this, but it's for a good reason," she began. "We have six days."

"Go eat, Chow," Mila told the little monkey who had just perked up at the sight of Joey and then looked disappointed. He gave a hoot, waved at Joey before he hopped down and headed to the replicator.

"Six days for what?" Mila asked as she came to her feet and went to give the dogs scritches before she hugged her seestra.

Rico leaned into the scritches while Pequeno chose to view it as play time, trying to give Mila's hand a gnaw.

"Harvey and I are getting married in six days," she replied, bracing herself for what she was sure to come next. "Harvey got in touch with his friend Vice Admiral Zachery O'Connell, and he's making the trip here to officiate the ceremony."

"You are to be getting married in six days?" Mila exclaimed and forgot that Pequeno had slobbered on her hand. "Where is to be held, who is being on guest list, what are colors being, what is theme and what is decided upon for cake and food?" The questioned tumbled out of the short brunette's mouth as fast as her brain could think of them. "Are you wanting invitations made, what kind of paper, font, and who are they to be sent to?"

"Breathe, Mila," Joey soothed with a smile, placing a calming hand in the Yeoman's arm. She was in full on panic mode, too, but her self-appointed sister seemed to be more so. "Yes... in six days. We're going to have it on Deep Space Fifteen." A little shiver went through her. "We're going to invite the crew. As far as colors... Harvey and I both love the color blue, so we'll go with that. Maybe a dark blue, light blue and white. That's all I know right now aside from wanting to keep it relatively simple."

"Panicking? Who is panicking?" Mila asked. "I am being in Administrative mode. If you are saying that you are needing help, I am needing information. Input. I cannot help plan if I am am not knowing details, da?"

"Right. I don't think we need invitations... except to one person who isn't here, and that's Camila. We're going to do something special with our families at a later date, but I still wouldn't mind getting video or something to send to them," the taller woman said, looking thoughtful. "I've never done this before, so that's why I came to you. You're used to getting things done when time is a factor."

Mila paced back and forth for a moment and then nodded. "Can be done," she said. "But I am at least needing to know what type of food you are wanting. Invitation will be sent to Di Pasquale if she is able to attend. Deep Space Eleven is being ten light years from here and would require high warp ship."

Joey settled down on the couch. Watching Mila pace was exhausting. "Food... it's best to keep that as simple as possible considering we're going with an open invitation to all the crew. I'm sure you've had to throw functions before with high volume. What kind of food was served? I'm open to any suggestions."

"I am not usually being in charge of catering," Mila said as she make another circuit past the replicator. "And most functions that I am being at has not involved wedding or served food beyond coffee, tea or juices. I will have to have general idea about dietary requirements, medical needs, and personal tastes of guests. Guests! There are being seven hundred people on ship and thousands on Deep Space Fifteen!" She threw her hands up. "I am going to be having attack of heart now."

"I seriously doubt that everyone is going to show up. People will still have to report for duty and things like that," she pointed out, taking a much needed breath. "We can skip food altogether. We don't really need to have a reception or anything."

"Nyet!" the Russian spit the word out. "Is being your first wedding and you are to be having everything. I will organize while you are looking beautiful for Harvey. I am working with colors first and coming up with main dishes, sides and then buffet for different appetites and requirements. I am needing to speak to Harvey about contacting Commander Krasa so their facilities will be available to me. They will have more of what is needed."

Joey ran a hand through her hair. "It is my first wedding, but I want to do something relatively simple. I don't need overly extravagant. I'll help with the planning, and I'm sure Harvey will have some input, too. We can make it something to remember without going overboard."

"Well, let us be starting with what you and he would be wanting for cake," Mila suggested. "We shall start at top and work our way down."

"Chocolate is always a win," the taller woman pointed out as she reached down to give both dogs a pat while they relaxed at her feet.

The Russian grabbed a PADD and started making notes on it. "I am thinking one big cake for you, Harvey and closest friends, then smaller identical individual serving cakes for other guests. Is sounding good?"

"That sounds like a good idea to me. I'm willing to share since the day will be special," she said.

"Now what are you thinking for main dish? I am suggesting filet mignon with bacon with alternates for people who are being vegan or vegetarian."

"You can't go wrong with that, but maybe having a fish and chicken option wouldn't be a bad idea, either," Joey pointed out as the wheels in her head started turning. What she hoped would be simple was turning out to be anything but, but how could it be when the guests could span into the hundreds. Now a she could do was hope Harvey wouldn't mind too much.

Mila added that to the PADD. "We can be adding wide selection of vegetables with it to choose from," she said. "Are you wishing non-alcoholic beverages only?"

Joey shook her head. "I might not be able to drink, but it would be wrong to deny everyone else because of that. Besides... I'd give up a lot to make sure Peanut One and Two are safe and healthy."

"Then I will be adding sparkling cider for you and Harvey and champagne for rest," the shorter woman said as she made more notes on her PADD. "What else are you wanting?"

"Dancing, music... isn't that standard?" the off duty Lieutenant found herself asking.

"Have you and Harvey decided on first song to be dancing to?" Mila asked as she made more notes on the PADD and ran a search on dance music for weddings.

"No, but we will. I'll get that information to you," Joey replied.

"What else?" the Yeoman asked. "We are having colors, cake, and main dishes. Are you picking bridesmaids, maid of honor? Is Harvey having best man?"

"Simple. Just the two of us," Joey replied.

Mila turned with the PADD and held it for Joey to see. "What are you thinking of this cake?" she asked.

"As gorgeous as it is, it doesn't match the colors. White chocolate with blue flowers would work better," the taller woman answered after she'd looked at the image. Now, though, she wanted that cake just to eat. Or faceplant into. Whichever one happened first. "I wouldn't object to having that, though. Like right now. With a fork."

"I will see what I am able to find," the shorter woman said. "Replicator should be free if Chow is done eating. Help yourself while I am searching."

Joey wasn't going to turn down the offer. She rose to her feet, leaving the lounging canines where they were, and moved over to the replicator to request her chocolate cake. "I'm not sure how people could live without this kind of technology all those years ago," she said as she picked the plate up and moved back over to the couch to sit once more. "Replicators make life so much easier. Until they go out and we have to resort to those disgusting ration bars."

"That is why I am always making deals with mess hall chef's," Mila said. She turned just in time to see Chow climb up on Rico's back and lay down with his right paw and back leg on one side and his left paw and leg on the other side of the canine's back. "Joey," she whispered as Chow laid his head down on top of Rico's. "Look" she pointed at the direction of the pets.

The taller woman looked to where Mila indicated and smiled. "The two of them have certainly come a long way," she said softly.

"They have," the Russian said before she glanced back at her PADD and the search she had been running. "How is this one looking for wedding cake?" she asked as she turned the PADD so Joey could see it.

Joey looked toward the PADD as she shovelled another bite of cake into her mouth and looked a bit sheepish. There wasn't much shame in her game when it came to cake, and she wasn't the least bit shy eating it. Of course, that didn't mean she was wearing the sugary confection around her mouth as if she'd just faceplanted inside it. "That one is gorgeous!" she gushed after swallowing.

Mila checked it and made a note. "Then that is what I am placing as order for you and Harvey," she said. "You are to be enjoying all the cake you are wishing, Joey. There is no reason to be looking like you are being caught doing something."

"Thank you for helping me, Mila," Joey said as she began to feel a little more at ease. "There's no way I'd have been able to do any of this without you. You definitely know how to get things done."

"Is all part of the service," she said. "I am being administrative in career, so am geared towards getting results that others are being pleased with. Are you having any music in mind for wedding?"

"I think you may have asked that already," the taller woman pointed out. "But, what do you think about that song you played for him? Yes, he told me about that."

The Yeoman laughed. "It was being true, though. If I were here, I would not be wanting to miss a thing either. I will add that to dance list music. What are you thinking about Hawaiian Bride's March?"

Joey couldn't help but smile. "Sounds like a good one to walk down the aisle to."

Mila made another note. "I am thinking that is covering everything. Are you having dress picked out?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. It's nothing too flashy, and I can only hope I'll be able to walk in it," she replied, trying not to picture herself tripping. Alas, Joey did picture it, and burst out laughing at the image it conjured. "I am definitely going to fall on my face."

"Nyet, you are not," the short brunette replied. "You will be walking with poise and grace. Is secret to walking in things in which you are not being comfortable. I once had to be walking in eight inch heels and if I had not taken my time, I would have been getting intimate with carpet."

"I'm not wearing eight inch heels, or I will fall on my face," Joey stated, finishing off the rest of her cake. It wasn't an entire cake, but it was a big enough slice to hold her over for quite a while. "I think I'm going to wear flats just so I won't be taller than Harvey."

"Is being good idea," Mila said thoughtfully. "Especially if you are not being used to them. Are you knowing if Security has been arranged for wedding yet?"

"I'm used to wearing them, but between being pregnant and the dress, I don't want to take any chances," the tall woman stated. "I haven't really gotten anything in order yet considering that we just decided last night that November 12th was going to be the day. I can talk to Lieutenant Moreau, though."

"I will handle that for you," the Russian said. "You are having enough on plate. Except for empty one you are holding."

Joey laughed. "Hey... don't judge me."

"One does not judge cake," Mila said solemnly but with the hint of a smile. "Cake is to be appreciated."

"I couldn't agree more," the Lieutenant agreed. "Cake makes everything better."

"And now to be contacting Starbase and get things moving," the Senior Chief Petty Officer said. "Are you having estimate of number of guests?"

"No. Like I said... we'll invite the crew even though some may not be able to make it. Camila needs an invite sent to her," Joey said, though it was more of a mental checklist than anything. "We need to set something up so our families can see the ceremony, even if it will be delayed a bit. Oh... and definitely an open bar even if I can't drink any of it."

"I will estimate for one thousand," Mila said. "As for the last, you will have to be talking to Operations. That is being out of my area."

"I'll take care of that," Joey said as she rose to her feet. "Send me a copy of that, and I'll help get things taken care of."

"You will have it in under hour," the short brunette said with a smile. "I am having additional ideas, but will require coordination with base, but will be taken care of soon. I am promising you that."

"Thanks, Mila. And ask them to clear the reception hall of any creepy crawlies, too, please," she requested without wanting go into too much detail. The spidermunks were definitely a big cause for concern for her.

" being creepy crawlies?" Mila asked with a confused look. "I am being certain that Starbase is cleaned of such things on regular basis."

"Half spider, half chipmunk creatures. Don't listen to what anyone says, either. They are not cute. They're disgusting little vermin, and I'll run over anyone who gets in the way of me and the nearest exit if any decide to show up," the taller woman said without hesitation.

The Russian woman shuddered. "That is sounding like nightmare," she said. "I will be keeping eye out for them."

"Thank you," Joey said, giving a visible sigh of relief. Maybe her fear was irrational, but it was legitimate, and she didn't want one jumping out at her.

"You are being most welcome," Mila said and gave her a hug. "Now be going to tell others what you are needing done while I am doing same. We are not having many days to be ready."

"I will, but I've had an epiphany. Keeping to the relatively simple side of things... let's go with finger foods."

After making another note on her PADD, the Yeoman nodded. "All set. Is there being anything else?"

Joey shook her head. "I don't think so, but now I need to get to work on a surprise for my future husband. I just hope he's going to like it."

"Be telling me details when you are pulling it off," Mila said with a smile. "I am always eager to hear what you are doing to get him to be having fun."

"I will, but for now, just keep your fingers crossed that he likes it. This will be something I don't think he's ever encountered before, and that makes this all a bit nerve wracking. I'm sure it will be fine, though," the taller woman said in a way meant to reassure herself.

"If it is coming from you, I am knowing it will be fine," her sestra reassured her with a warm smile.

"I think so, too," Joey said, moving to Mila to wrap her arms around her. "Thank you, Shorty."

"Shorty," Mila snorted. "Is not being my fault that you are giantess. You are welcome, too."

Joey laughed. "I suppose it isn't. I'll be in touch soon," she said, pressing a kiss to the top of her head before looking to the dogs. The last thing she wanted to do was disturb Rico and Chow, but she couldn't leave her precious furbaby behind. "Come on, Rico. We need to head out and work on a surprise for Not the Mama."

Rico huffed and raised his head slightly, trying not to disturb the little Capuchin too much. It wad almost as if he were asking for help in his own way. And while he was taking care, Pequeno didn't waste any time as he jumped to and moved over to his human Mama. There was no way the puppy was going to be letting her out of his sight.

Mile smiled and went to lift Chow off of Rico. "They have become fast friends, da? He will be okay," she said as she snuggled the sleepy monkey against her chest.

"They have," Joey agreed with a smile. She took both dogs leashes into her hands. "I'll talk to you soon." With that, the three of them departed to start on part two of the big day.

"See you then," Mila said with a smile as she laid Chow on the back of the couch where he draped himself over it, then she took the PADD and headed to her terminal. There was a lot of work to be done and a short time to do it, but she wasn't a Senior Chief for no reason and she anticipated a day to spare. If not she mused as she sat down. They will soon discover how cold Russia can be.


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