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That strange feeling again

Posted on 22 Oct 2017 @ 5:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Jarith Roshe

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Talons
Timeline: MD6

After their little adventure aboard the Star Base, Arjin felt it was time to unwind. He would normaly do so in the comfort of his quarters. But for some reason he felt inclined to do something else. He wondered if he could pull rank and have a holodeck cleared for him. But decided against it.
It hit him that he had not yet visited Talons since he had been aboard the new Black Hawk. He had heard alot of buzz about the place and decided to check it out.

Upon arrival, he could see that the place was going to be crowded as people were coming in and out one after another. He stepped inside and observed the place. A habit he had picked up from his second host Timor. The place had a positive vibe alright. Not wanting to disturb someone and not inmediately seeing a familiar face, he turned to walk over towards the bar. As he turned his shoulder hit someone. Looking closer he saw he had bumped into a young Lieutenant wearing teal. The incident had made him spill some of his drink on his uniform.
"Oh. I am terribly sorry. I did not see you. Please accept my apologies.", he stuttered with his face running crimson.

Jarith Roshe felt the warm hot chocolate and marshmallow crème mixture soak into his iniform tunic. Absent-mindedly, he reached out and steadied the Trill officer beside him. "Are you all right?" inquired he.

Jarith glanced down at the mess on his tunic and sighed. "It's not your fault," he added. "Talons is crowded and there is barely room to move. I can't even seem to find a table to relax at."

"Still. I should have taken better care." Looking at the empty mug he offered "Let me at least buy you another drink." His gaze shifted towards the Lieutenant's face to see if he knew the man whose shirt he had ruined. He was about to say something more when his gaze was drawn towards the young man's eyes. They immediately reminded him of his former lover Ieuan. The young man had to be Betazoid. Only they could have such dark black eyes. Eyes he had lost himself in for months. Before they broke up.

Arjin was aware he was staring, but couldn't help himself. Struggling with the emotions that welled up inside of him.

Jarith wanted to step back as the emotions from the Trill, a Lieutenant Commander according to his pipps, overwhelmed him. Did he stir these kind of feelings in the man or were they just memories he triggered? Right now he didn't care. He had no one and a fleeting interest might be in order. Those brown eyes and Trill spots sure were sexy, but he needed to play safe.

"I'll take another drink," he said. "Something stronger than a hot chocolate. Do you recommend something? By the way, my name is Counselor Jarith Roshe." He offered the man his right hand. Counselor Jarith Roshe? Really? It was enough to scare the man away.

Arjin's eyes narrowed as he heard the Lieutenant's profession. "Off course. A counselor. It had to be a counselor he bumped into.", he thought. Figured. Most Betazoid became counselors or diplomats.
He took the tall officer's hand and shook it. "Arjin Djinx. Chief Science Officer.", he replied

"Now lets see. What about an Andorian Gin with Earth tonic water?", he offered. Taking a step towards the bar.

Jarith was losing the Trill. He didn't need Betazoid senses to know this. The way the man narrowed his eyes spoke volumes.

Said Jarith, "That sounds good. You order us those and I'll try and find a table." Jarith smiled as an afterthought.

He located them a table quickly enough. No one wanted to sit with one of the Counselors and Jarith was an imposing figure wether in or out of uniform.

As Arjin set the drinks down in front of them, Jarith said, "I don't mean to frighten you off by announcing I am a Counselor. I serve in several capacities aboard the Black Hawk such as the Diplomatic Officer and an Emergency Medical Technician. I have degrees in all three."

Arjin sighed internally. "Off course. Diplomat as well.", he thought. But he owned the Lieutenant the drink at least. He brought his glass to his lips and sipped at the combined sweet/bitter combination before answering. Still those black eyes and well formed body appealed to him at some level.

"I congratulate you with so many degrees. And I really do not have a problem with talking to a Counselor. At least not off the record.", he added. "And I don't frighten that easy. I would not be a good officer if I did."

Jarith sipped some of his beverage and found it to his liking. Smiling, he said, "You're right and I am not attempting to counsel you right now.This is my break away from counseling or anything else for that matter. In fact, I'd offer you a program in the holodeck except those appear to be as crowded as Talons."

He took another sip of his drink and eyed up the Commander. He was attractive and had those spots Jarith couldn't resist. Was he looking for a romance or a one night stand? Jarith was suddenly hoping it was a little more.

"Perhaps a work-out in the gym?"

Arjin didn't really know what to say. Was the young man trying to seduce him? How in Trill's name had he sensed Arjin liked both men and women? Of course. His feelings must have given him away. Darned Betazoid senses.

He decided the distraction could be fun. And besides, he had stuck alot to himself since on the Black Hawk.
Maybe it was time to make some new friends.

"Sure. Why not. I have a great running program at the Holodeck. We could run together if you are up to it.

Jarith smiled. "Sounds great," said he. Pinching his messy uniform tunic between thumb and forfinger, he added, "I'll have to change out of this thing. Perhaps put on something more appropriate?"

Jarith could tell his flirting was getting to the Trill. That was good.

"But off course.", Arjin replied. One side of his mouth raising in a mischievous smile. "I would not have it any other way." He then raised his glass towards his lips again and drank his cocktail in one single shot.

"See you in the holodeck in 15 minutes then.", he added before he stood up and slowly walked towards the exit.

Jarith did not finish his drink. Instead, he left it for whomever would clear the table for the next customer. His eyes, dilated beyond belief, was staring at Arjin's bum. What a swagger! This was going to be one hell of a meeting.

Getting up from the table, he hurried over to the door and left Talons for what offered to be an adventure.


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