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Posted on 23 Oct 2017 @ 12:27am by Commander Thiago Teixeira & Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: SCO office
Timeline: MD 1 || 0815

Arjin sighed as he saw the number of PADd's that lay on his table. "Guess being away on mission sucks for getting work done", he muttered.

Taking the first PADD he walked over to his sitting area and started to read.
It conserned mostly duty rosters and human resources management from his department.
Much of it was straight forward and looked into by his assistant chief. But it still did need his seal of approval.

He pressed his thumb at the appropriate place and started on another padd that demanded his attention.

After having finish about three quarters of the reports, he was ready to call it a day. After securing away the unfinished padds, Arjin walked out of his office and automatically started walking over towards the turbo lift. Nodding back at the persons who greeted him. His mind still busy with the events aboard the Star Base and the Convergence puzzle.

He felt the familiar swoop of the lift more than that he noticed it. At his destination, he stepped out and started to walk towards his quarters.

As he continued, he did notice he had stepped out at the wrong deck level. Turning back however in the corner of his eye he noticed security guards standing before one of the quarters. His qurious nature dedced to inquire into the reason why.

Approaching the yellow shirted security guards, he nodded. "Greetings. Is there someone confined to quarters? And may I ask why?"

"Lieutenant Carmichael of the Vasco da Gama," replied the senior guard. "He's been questioned for the events aboard the Vasco da Gama."

"Lieutenant Carmichael. You mean Charles Carmichael? Science Officer.", he asked. Remembering the man well as they had worked close together on other projects before. "On whose authority? And on what charge?"

The security officer nodded his confirmation. "It was the Captain and First Officer. There are no charges, but as the event is part of the larger issue here, they wanted to make sure our guest was comfortable during the process."

The other guard added, "Respectfully, sir. All officers who are charged with a crime are automatically detained in the brig. There are no exceptions to that on this ship, sir."

"Off course.", thank you for the information.

Arjin walked back towards the turbo lift. Intrigued by now, he tapped his combadge.

=^= Lieutenant Commander Djinx to Captain Geisler. Captain, I would like to have a word with you. When would that be convenient? =^=

The computer buzzed back in reply. "Captain Geisler is unavailable due to combadge deactivation."

Arjin raised an eyebrow at this response. "Computer. Please locate Captain Geisler."

The computer buzzed in reply. "Captain Geisler can not be found. Due to combadge deactivation. His location is restricted to Command Personnel."

Still not wanting to let go, he decided another approach.

"Computer. Please locate Commander Teixeira."

"Commander Teixeira is in his office," the comuter's emotionless voice toned.

Arjin stepped inside the lift and made his way towards the XO's office. He realised all of a sudden that he hadn't really interacted with the man other than at Staff meetings. So his questions might seem odd to him. But once his curiosity was peaked, he never was one to let go.

Upon arrival at the office, he chimed.

The sound of the announcer pulled Thiago's attention from the department reports he was weeding through. "In," he said, activating the door mechanism and allowing entry to whoever was lurking in the corridor.

As the doors opened, Arjin stepped inside. "Commander, I wonder if you could spare some of your time? I would like to speak with you about something you might be able to shed light onto."

"Of course, Commander," Thiago replied. "Have a seat." He hadn't yet had a chance to spend a lot of time with the Trill science officer, but his record was solid. "What can I help you with?"

Arjin sat down and pondered upon his words. "This might seem a bit strange a question, Sir. But I came across two guards guarding a crewman's quarters. As I inquired about this, they explained it was Lieutenant Carmichael that was confined in there under captain's orders. Now I know he transfered and is no longer part of my staff. But since he was before I wondered if you could explain me what is going on and why he has been confined? I tried to contact the Captain. But he is currently not available."

Putting down his PADD, Teixeira leaned forward in his chair. "Mister Carmichael is restricted to quarters, yes. The reason is not something you need to be concerned about." He looked the Trill officer in directly in the eyes. "I suggest that you let me and the Captain worry about Mister Carmichael."

Arjin was not put off by the body language of the Commander, nor by his words. He held on to the gaze of his XO whilst he thought about his response. It seems his gut feeling did not lie and there was something important going on here he knew nothing about.
Of course this was the perogaty of the Captain and his executive officer if they wanted it to be. However Lieutenant Carmichael had been a member of his ream before his transfer to the Vasco da Gamma. Therefore he owed it to himself to try to inquire more.

Folding his hands before him, he calmly replied to Commander Teixeira. "I do know Lieutenant Carmichael is no longer part of my department and it is yours and the Captain's right not to tell anything, but he was a member of my team before. So I would apreciate if I could be filled in about the why. Secondly I know he has been studying the Convergence whilst aboard the Vasco da Gamma. The same convergance we are trying to enter. If there is someting he can help with or something my department would need to know to acomplice this task, I would have to insist not being kept into the dark."

Raising his hand to not being interrupted before he had said everything he had to say, he added: "Besides. It is my opinion that worrying is an excercise best shared. The more angles a problem can be looked at, the sooner a solution is found."

"I don't disagree," Thiago replied. "For now, however, we've got all of the angles we need, covered." He smiled at the Trill scientist, though his overall demeanor was still defensive. "Was there anything else, Mister Djinx?"

"I understand Commander.",was his answer. "And yes this was all I came for."
He stood and nodded.

"You can see yourself out," the Executive Officer said, picking his PADD back up.


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