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Mystery of the Ten Rooms, Part 2: Reflections

Posted on 12 Oct 2017 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant T'Pai
Edited on on 12 Oct 2017 @ 7:33pm

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Holosuite 2
Timeline: November 12, 2388, 0400

That T'Pai was awake and dressed for her duties hours before the beginning of Alpha Shift was not unexpected. Her established routine was to consume a bowl of plomeek soup while quietly considering the activities of the prior day as well as those of the upcoming shift. After breaking her fast, she would confer with the senior engineering officer of Delta Shift to review the activities and events of the previous night. From that point, she would proceed to her office to "deal with the paperwork," as some of her human colleagues would describe it.

If circumstances required a deviation from her schedule, T'Pai did so without a qualm. Logic dictated that a rapidly changing environment of required adaptability. But for those days that could be considered repetitive or uneventful. T'Pai adhered to her routine.

On this day, though, one might call T'Pai's behavior as listless, if it wouldn't have been illogical to do so.

Due to the scheduled wedding of the Captain and the Chief Intelligence Officer, the majority of the senior officers would be on DS15. Since T'Pai was newly arrived to the ship, and had only a professional relationship with the principals involved in the ceremony, it was only logical that she would remain on board as the acting commanding officer.

Logic would thus dictate that she conduct her morning routine in a more expedited manner before reporting to the bridge.

But instead, T'Pai found herself outside Holosuite 2, contemplating the demise of one Chief Petty Officer Erica Farrar. To T'Pai, it was illogical that she should find her mind distracted by the death of someone she had physically met just once. True, Erica and T'Pai shared an interest in escape rooms, puzzle oriented holodeck novels, and other similar recreational activities. And in the circle of Star Fleet personnel who were dedicated aficionados to such puzzles, Erica enjoyed a reputation as a creative genius.

T'Pai's and Erica's conversations had not been restricted to the sole subject of holographic puzzles. Still, it did not seem rational to place more weight on Erica's demise than T'Pai found herself doing.

Such as reviewing the information that led up to Erica's death. T'Pai had found herself reviewing the transmissions related to Erica's death more than once, past the point where any relevant data could be obtained.

With an unnecessary shake of her head, T'Pai entered Holodeck Suite 2.

She remained motionless in the grid crossed room, before saying to the empty air, "Computer, activate Holodeck Program Farrar, Mystery, Ten Rooms."

Almost immediately, T'Pai found herself standing in a study that reminded the Vulcan of the Victorian era that Erica had been so fond of using repeatedly in her creations. The four walls of the room were covered with shelves of leather bound books, with only a single door set in the middle of the far wall breaking the monotony.

The center of the room held a large desk with an old style globe of Earth on it, several rolled up charts, an open book and a parchment with calligraphic writing on it.

T'Pai stepped up to the shelf and pulled out a book at random, flipping through the pages and picking a page at random:

Your husband is at hand. I hear his trumpet.
We are no tell-tales, madam. Fear you not.

Your husband’s near. I hear his trumpet. We’re not tattle-tales, madam, don’t worry.

This night methinks is but the daylight sick.
It looks a little paler. 'Tis a day
Such as the day is when the sun is hid.

I think this night is just like sick daylight. It only looks a little paler. It looks like a day when the sun is hidden.

Enter BASSANIO, ANTONIO, GRATIANO, and their followers
GRATIANO and NERISSA move aside and talk BASSANIO, ANTONIO, GRATIANO, and their followers enter. GRATIANO and NERISSA move aside and talk.

(to PORTIA) We should hold day with the Antipodes,
If you would walk in absence of the sun.

(to PORTIA) If you walked outside at night, it would be daylight here at the same time as on the other side of the world.

Let me give light, but let me not be light.
For a light wife doth make a heavy husband,
And never be Bassanio so for me.
But God sort all! You are welcome home, my lord."

T'Pai closed the book and put it back in the shelf. Undoubtedly every book in this room was 'real,' even though most, if not all, would have nothing to do with solving the puzzle. It was just part of the detail to 'realism' that all of Erica's puzzles contained.

T'Pai went to the door and opened it inward. The other side of the door revealed a dark starry night. Just outside the door edge, water could be seen falling endlessly into a dark void.

T'Paid closed it, knowing the door would reveal another room when the puzzle to this room was solved. She looked over at the desk again, before instructing the holodeck "End Program."

There would be time enough to delve into the puzzle of this room, T'Pai reflected. For now, she had her duties to attend to.


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