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The New Protocols

Posted on 20 Oct 2017 @ 12:57am by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Security
Timeline: November 14, 2388

Camila sat in her new office but former position and brought up the section of procedures and protocols and looked what the former Chief of Security had implemented. Since she was now the Chief once again, she reviewed each item before she either marked it for removal or approved it and integrated into her protocols. As she sat there, she once again thought of the reasons she shouldn't be there and why she had taken a leave of absence and how she could attempt to prevent more lives from being lost.

• In the event of boarding parties, General Quarters Four will be initiated. Pairs of armed Security Officers patrol every corridor on every deck. Security Officers are dispatched to guard sensitive areas, including the bridge, computer cores, auxiliary bridge, engineering, hangar bay, and life support. The hangar bay doors are usually locked shut, and some security bulkheads may be closed, isolating selected areas of the ship. Phaser sidearms set to heavy stun.

• Any use of high risk systems immediately gets reported to Security unless the person is of Commander rank or higher. If the system accessed is being used in attempt to circumvent Security procedures, the person accessing them will be transported to the brig immediately.

• Force field will be erected in all sensitive areas and require department head or higher clearance during a red alert situation.

• Any attempt at bypassing systems to weapon lockers or armory will result in an immediate transport to the Brig.

• Any use of phasers on the ship without a boarding by enemy combatants will result in them being transported immediately to the Brig.

• Unauthorized transporter activity to gain access to sensitive areas will be redirected to the Brig.

• Transporter inhibitors will be placed in all departments to prevent unauthorized access to critical ship functions.

Once she had them all in place, she began to review changes in the Security roster and saw that Lieutenant Metsker, the Assistant Chief, had left the ship at Deep Space Fifteen as well as Lieutenant Moreau. She sighed. "I guess no one wants to serve under me," she said to the air. "Oh well. I started out without one and now I'm back to being without one."

She rubbed her eyes and began to make changes in the roster and scheduling, pleased to see that Winchester, Cooper, Miller and Mitchell were still part of the crew. She noted that Gutierrez was no longer with the ship and wished him her mental best wherever he had gone to and then went back to her reviews and changes.

Camila reviewed the plans for Search and Rescue that had never been implemented before the old Black Hawk had been destroyed and wondered if anyone would still be interested in it. In the event that they were, she sent a message out to all the department heads and Command to invite a conference on it for the following day and settled down to list all the training that Search and Rescue would cover and the reasons why everyone should attempt to take the course.

With all of that done, the young woman added her Security authorization and submitted it for approval to Captain Geisler and Commander Teixeira before she sent it off.

For a while, Camila simply sat in her office and stared off into the distance while she tried to repress the screams of the dying from her mind that she had heard on Deep Space Eleven, in the Hadyn Nebula during the fight on the ship when boards from the Chimera and the Cochrane, and during the fight with the Valdore Class Romulan ship.

She closed her eyes as a tear slid down her cheek for those that had been lost and hoped she would not let Captain Geisler down again, no matter what her told her. She didn't know if she could take it again if it did happen and now she was more alone than before. With a weary sigh, she logged out of the system and prepared to head back to her quarters until the next shift.


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