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Out of the Clear Blue

Posted on 26 Sep 2014 @ 6:28am by Lieutenant Commander Thaddeus Quint M.D.

Mission: Razmena
Location: Deck 4, Sickbay
Timeline: February 4, 2388 1330 hours

Quint skeptically looked across his desk at the Bolian with a cheerful smile plastered on his face. Ensign Proht was the most outspoken of his nurses and was always trying to ingratiate himself to Quint. Which was useful given that meant he was willing to take on extra work without protest, though not without comment, as he always had something to say about anything. Which was what had made him an obvious pick to delegate Commander Kos' report on the refugees to, even though that was something the counselor should've been doing. Though narrowing his eyes to stare at the written request on the padd before him, the doctor concluded beyond his amiable, and jovial exterior lurked quite a bit of audacity and apparently ambition.

"You want to be head nurse?" Quint asked incredulously. The Black Hawk was dreadfully short on trained personnel that he didn't formally have one, when a ship this large nominally would. The medical staff's officer corps consisted of himself and three nurses all recent Academy graduates. Most of Quint's non-commissioned officers were more experienced than the three nurses he had, one of them a Bajoran chief medic named Bador was all but running the night shift even if the Vulcan nurse was nominally in charge.

"But of course, Doctor! As I outlined, I believe I have much to offer in a supervisory role that could increase efficiency and morale in the department such as--" Broht cheerfully went on before he was interrupted.

"Yes, yes," Quint cut in before he was there all day, "You take on more work than our colleagues, and even get it done. Surprising given how much you tend to talk."

"I always felt that communication is important and should often--"

"Thing of it is Ensign, proverbially speaking, the most dreadful thing you've treated is a runny nose," Quint said without mirth, "Keep up the hard work, it'll serve you well, but I'm not handing out promotions, titles or commendations on request."

"Why Doctor, if you would just reconsider my reasons--" Broht seemed nonplussed at the interruptions, but most Bolians were collected under verbal reprimand, having so much experience.

"I read them, I just find them wanting, Ensign." Quint remarked with finality, "If rank and status are of prime concern to you, you should consider swapping out that blue uniform for a red one. You don't enter the medical field because your self-esteem is proportional to the pips on your collar. You'll get experience, with our staff shortages, you're all but guaranteed a sufficiency in the days to come. "

"And in anticipation of that I should be groomed for a lead--"

"Suppose I gave you that fancy title. What's gained beyond your ego gaining and your resume getting a boost?" Quint asked, then answered his own question before the Bolian could, "Not much, you're still an ensign, and you're in charge of the day shift in Sickbay. Eagerness and ambition are good so long as they don't outrun your good sense. I don't want this issue raised again. Clear?"

Broht visibly wanted to keep arguing with him, but offered a resigned nod and said, "Yes, sir."

"Good, now get Sickbay ready for this nebula scan if you would." Quint softly requested, deciding to toss the Bolian a bone, "We need to be ready for any random anomalies of the week they decide to fly the ship through."

"Yes, sir."

The Bolian rose and left as quickly as he came. That request for a promotion came out of the clear blue, hopefully nothing would out of this nebula.


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