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Comforting Routines

Posted on 23 Nov 2017 @ 10:36am by Lieutenant Sterek & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD4 || 1510 hours

Technically, the supply cupboards wouldn't need inventorying for another month, and they were tidy enough that nobody was having trouble finding what they needed. If one didn't know Vulcans better, they might have suspected Sterek of actually enjoying the task. But perhaps he was just being extra thorough.

It was outside Supply Cupboard B that Jayla would come across Sterek this afternoon, a good hour past the end of his shift, and busy reorganizing the contents, happy as a Vulcan mollusc.

"Hello, Doctor," Jayla said, a slight grin on her face as she found her assistant chief organizing a cupboard. "What are you up to?"

"Good afternoon, Doctor." Sterek lowered his PADD and gave Jayla a nod. "I thought I would devote some time to ensuring our supplies were adequately accounted for and categorized."

It was, of course, illogical to attempt to explain to a Vulcan why they didn't have to do something just now, so Jayla didn't even bother. "It's something to do, I suppose," she agreed. "At least it doesn't involve an injury or illness."

"I concur." Sterek paused and looked at her. "While I am here, is there anything you require assistance with?"

"Actually, yes," agreed Jayla, handing over a PaDD containing the nurses' files. "It's time for Crew Evaluations. Medical is a huge department and I was hoping you could help by taking the nurses."

"I shall do so. This task is not urgent, and Eddy is currently in the care of Nurse Masjid." Of course he had a babysitter for his cat. "Although I am technically off duty, I am still willing to assist."

"The evaluations are also not urgent," Jayla replied. "Commander Teixeira didn't give us a deadline."

Sterek scrolled down over the PADD as he spoke. "Nevertheless, I consider it preferable to complete assigned tasks promptly, unless there is a specific reason not to."

"I usually do, too," agreed Jayla. "I hate leaving tasks unfinished." Oh, brother. She was speaking like a Vulcan. She often found herself imitating their speech patterns when in their company. Perhaps it was because of Silak. Perhaps it was simply because she understood them so well. Or maybe it was nothing at all.

"Actually, there was another matter I meant to consult you on." Sterek looked at her again. "I have some concerns regarding Lieutenant di Pasquale."

"Oh?" Jayla asked, brow wrinkling. "What sort of concerns?"

"She lost 17% of her body weight whilst on Deep Space Eleven with no obvious physical cause and displayed defensiveness and hostility when I questioned her about her recent symptoms. This is symptomatic of a number of potential psychological issues, but she insists she does not need a counselor."

"Hm," replied Jayla. "It sounds as if she's been as broken as I was. Still, maybe she saw a counselor on the space station during the past two months. Anyway, what's your professional opinion?"

"The next few weeks will more properly determine her risk profile. I have arranged follow-up appointments and administered a nutritional plan, but as a physician, I can only do so much." He paused for a moment, as if considering his next words. "I believe this is one of those areas in which being Vulcan causes me a disadvantage."

"Are you saying you want me to talk to her?" she asked. "Perhaps as a friend?"

"I merely intended to solicit your advice, but if you believe that will be constructive, I defer to your opinion."

She considered that for a moment. "It might at that," she said. But, I haven't spoken to her in a couple of months; she may not consider me a friend any longer. "Can't hurt to give it a go, can it?" she added aloud.

"I believe that is an accurate assessment of the potential risk. Thank you, Doctor. If there is nothing else, I will begin the evaluations." Sterek closed the supply cupboard and slipped the PADD into the pocket of his lab coat.

"Feel free," Jayla replied. "But, aren't you supposed to be off duty by now?"

"I had no other pressing commitments," replied Sterek, which was probably Vulcan for 'yes, but I enjoy organizing cupboards'.

She grinned vaguely. "Just don't work too hard," she advised, "or I might end up with Doctor Road as an assistant and then we'll all suffer." She was, of course, joking. Everyone liked Abbey, but the dark-skinned doctor enjoyed playful teasing and Jayla saw no reason not to oblige.

"I will endeavour not to exert myself to the point of being unable to perform my duties," replied Sterek sincerely, who seemed to recognize the joke, even if he didn't express any amusement.


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