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Check This Out

Posted on 17 Nov 2017 @ 10:26pm by Lieutenant JG Felix Langston & Ensign Kelly Khan

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Flight
Timeline: MD 6 || 2000 Hours

Kelly had barely beamed back aboard the ship and gave her boyfriend a kiss before she bolted for the Flight office. =^=Khan to Langston,=^= She called as she fished her combadge out of the pouch at her side. =^=I need to see you, Sir.=^= She ran for the turbolift and got quite a few looks but she ignored them. She had been off duty and still wore the steampunk outfit she had worn to the starbase and didn't feel as if she had time to change.

Lt. Felix Langston sat at his desk in the Flight Control Office, going over personnel records and preparing for the oncoming storm of evaluations. He had been in the office for close to three hours now, hunched over the desk, staring almost blankly at the screens. He stood up and stretched, looking out the window as he got somewhat lost in a daydream.

The short Ensign came through the door at a run and remembered to stop in time before barrelling into the Chief's office. She tapped the chime and moved from foot to foot while she waited to be granted entry.

Felix heard the chime while standing at the window. He hadn't expected to receive any visitors at this time of night. "Enter," he said with a puzzled look on his face.

Kelly barely waited for the door to open before she was inside. "Lieutenant Langston, I learned information at the starbase that has to get to Captain Geisler."

Felix stood for a brief second, slightly distracted by the Ensign's wardrobe. He shook his head to snap himself out of his stupor. "'Evening, Ensign," he said. "What's this information?" He moved closer to his desk and motioned towards one of the chairs for her to sit if she wished.

The brunette opted to stand. "I was getting a tattoo on Deep Space Fifteen and the Orion who did it said that the Selubassari are trying to summon something that will destroy all life. He said he's watched them for the past few years, but the past few weeks, he said they've been preparing for something and advised us to get out of the Gamma Quadrant."

"Whoa, hang on," Felix said, putting a hand to his head to process the information he'd just received. "You're saying the Selubassari are creating some kind of doomsday weapon?"

"From what I understand, they're trying to summon something or prepare the way for whatever it is," Kelly said. "The Orion didn't know, but I have his comm." She pulled a card out of her hip back and handed it to him.

Felix reached out and took the card from the young ensign. "Thank you," he said politely and went back over to his desk. He plugged the card into his terminal and waited for it to download. "So how did you get this off the Orion?" he asked.

"I asked him for it so I could refer other people to him for tattoos," she said. "Officially, it's so we could have some method of finding him."

Felix nodded, extremely impressed. "Excellent work, Ensign," he said. "I'll get this to the senior staff immediately. In the meantime, is there anything else you need from me?"

Kelly beamed at the praise from the Chief of Flight, but shook her head. "No, Sir," she said. "I just hope it's something that pays off. I'll let myself out so you can take it up the chain."

"Thanks again, Ensign," Felix said with a warm smile. "Keep up the good work. Dismissed."

With a nod, she turned and headed out.

Felix sat back down at his terminal and immediately started typing a message to send to the others on the senior staff. He knew that this was huge news and didn't want to keep it to himself at all.


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