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Cooper's Report

Posted on 15 Dec 2017 @ 4:13am by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Security
Timeline: MD 7 || 1330 Hours

Cooper had known Camila was back but hadn't had the chance to interact to any heavy degree. It simply hadn't come up and to be honest she knew the best thing she could to do help Camila settle back in was her job. So Cooper focused on making sure the tactical section was in top form, that's what she'd been busy doing. She was going to miss Moreau, he seemed competent and a reasonable officer. She had a chance to try his battle training program it was pretty intense but Cooper felt it was helping hone her skills. Still she was glad Di Pasquale was back, it felt somehow right.

She entered security in uniform with her security belt as she was on duty, just meaning to check in and drop off the tactical report with an admin but was told the Chief was in her office. Deciding to see if Camila wanted in it person, Catherine tapped the door chime to the Chief's office and waited.

"Enter!" Camila called out from behind her desk and released the door lock.

Cooper entered and stopped in front of the desk, "I have the latest tactical division reports, do you want me to just leave them?" She asked holding up the PADD she carried, having no way to know if the Chief was busy with a higher priority issue.

The Chief shook her head. "Stay and fill me in on what's been happening in the department since I've been gone, please," she said. "Do you want something to drink?"

Cooper entered more fully into the room, "Sure Chief, tea would be great. Camomile." She smiled and went to stand near the desk.

"Have a seat," Camila said as she headed to the replicator and replicated the tea and chose a ginseng and honey green tea for herself before she came back. "So how has the new ship been treating you?" she asked as she handed the camomile tea to Cooper.

"Thanks." She replied and sat holding the cup handle in one hand as she tapped at the PADD with the other to call up her report, then looked back at Camila, "Pretty good, everything is top notch and the regenerative shielding improvements on this class are amazing. The new tactical personnel have merged well, training's been having a good effect on unit cohesion." She sipped at the tea briefly, the scent of the tea encouraged slower breathing which had it usual slowing effect on Catherine, "How are you finding it Chief?"

The ombre haired woman took a drink of her green tea and swallowed it slowly as she savored the flavor. "I've been going over the schematics, but I want to see how she holds in battle. As for how I'm finding it, I really haven't gotten the chance to get the full feel of her. Then again, I wasn't expecting to be back in the same position I had as the last time, or at all."

Cooper nodded in acknowledgement, "I figured you would have been knee deep in another assignment by now. I'm pleased to see you, just surprised." She didn't know all what happened with the Chief after the battle only that she was transfered and she didn't if feel it was her place to ask. "If there's something I can do to help out I'm in like Flynn..I mean I am able." She corrected herself working on not using too much slang on duty. She took another sip of tea.

"I heard there was a bit of a scrap when the station was taken," Camila said. "How did she acquit herself in the battle?"

She cast her mind back, flipping through its mental debris to quickly find the information she needed, "Very well though fortunately we able to focus our fire on one target.." She paused considering further, "The regenerative shields system held despite heavy fire from the station, though we did have to change frequencies to arrest the downward tick of shield strength. Point is they held and downward tick was steady not plummeting so a win there. Also Commander Walsh's new craft have been an amazing help in their capacity as mobile weapons platforms, part of the tactical grid as it were. I think with this ship and their craft our combat effectiveness is more extensive." She said trying to just give a straightforward overview.

"How's the new phaser and torpedo targeting systems?" Camila asked. "I heard it was a nice upgrade."

Cooper nodded, "It is. It's remarkably responsive to commands. The inverted targeting configuration is fairly intuitive and the computer can adjust quickly enough so even if the officer at the console needs to adjust on the fly there won't be extra time lost for retargeting. You can even set in advance what data you want to see on the combat, prioritize targets and other aspects. Or go with the standard which I find complete but not overly busy. The sensor systems that feed into the tactical got upgraded as well.There are fifty-six independent tactical sensors here. Each sensor automatically tracks and locks onto incoming hostile vessels and reports bearing, aspect, distance, and vulnerability percentage to the tactical station on the main bridge. Each tactical sensor is approximately 86% efficient against ECM, and can operate fairly well in particle flux nebulae, which has been impossible previously." She paused, considering "In short, there's a lot of little aspects that add up to a speedier and more intense response possible.". She said sipping at the tea afterward.

She liked other aspects as well but was making an effort to keep it to the Chief's actual question.

"Impressive," Camila said as she took a sip of her own green tea. "How does that make you feel in regards to the tactical systems and human intervention when it comes to targeting?"

Catherine was a little surprised by the question but it was a thought she'd often mulled over and responded readily enough, "The targeting system is a tool, a helpful tool that aids response but that's the idea it provides information we've told it we need to make tactical decisions quick enough to matter with enough power to matter. Despite how advanced we are, current tactical systems still require sentient intervention to interpret the data and act accordingly as we are more adaptable to changing combat situations." She replied honestly, curious what her Chief thought.

The Chief threw her head back and laughed. "Very good answer, Catherine," she said when she recovered. She had to admit that it felt good to laugh again. "You are absolutely correct. No matter how advanced we get, the systems will still require intervention from us. Aside from that, how have you settled in?"

Catherine smiled, happy over the Chief's obvious humor, "Pretty well Chief, We've had time to train the new personnel so things are meshing pretty well there and I even managed to unpack all my boxes. The trick is if you need something you unpack it eventually it all gets sorted or gets put into storage." She made it a joke but to be honest she'd had to replicate everything since she'd lost it all but she refused to be sad about that. They were just things after all and there had been other, much more important persons to mourn at the time.

"I'm even teaching, outside the security/tactical department I mean." Many senior security and tactical officers taught trainings and martial arts as a matter of course. "A nature/hiking club no less, led by me and a biologist from science. So its on the holodeck but we figure it counts." She smiled, shrugging.

Camila thought about all she had lost, most of which wasn't physical possessions and wondered if she'd ever get them back. "I've taken up travelling light," she said. "But the club sounds good if you have room for one more student. Is the biologist someone special or just someone who helps with the class?"

Cooper's eyes grew serious a moment, "Fair enough...." She said and left it at that, if the Chief wanted to share she would, Catherine had learned not to push. Then she moved on to the other question, her mind quick as always. "Just an officer from science, we both have an interest in nature and hiking that we figured out over a chat in the lounge so we thought to see if there others who might be interested. We don't just stick to Earth but Vulcan, Kronos, all sorts of places."

She paused to take a breath then continued, "The club votes where to go and we set up the time in the holodeck, we try to do it weekly when we can get time. At some point we may branch off into multiple groups for ease of scheduling but that's later. Eric, the science officer, takes care of the techie stuff I mostly focus on safety and survival. Once people get the hang of things it's less class more club but always fun." Though it was always interesting to find out how many of their crew were born in space or simply had not been in nature their entire lives. "We'd be happy to have another member." She said with another ready smile, she ended decided going on for another 5 minutes about the wonders of nature was most likely too much.

Camila listened and gave a nod or two as the other woman talked. "It sounds sort of like a place that I have in holodeck program, but it's from Earth," she said. "Up in the mountains, a small lake, and no technology beyond the fact that it's a holodeck. I like to go there just to get away from time to time. Walsh saved it for me from the old ship and I can't thank him enough. I think I'd like to explore other planets as well in other ways than being on an away team."

She paused to take a sip of her tea. "I don't think I ever developed a real interest in other terrains beyond that, but I know I can learn to appreciate anything that isn't violent. As for teaching, I'd be happy to help. You know I'm SAR trained as well as you are."

Cooper nodded listening as Camila spoke, then she replied. "That would be great, the club's been a bit more popular than I expected and I'd prefer smaller groups. We'd have a bit more flexibility scheduling wise too." She said consideringly. She finished her tea and leaned back in the chair a bit, her version of relaxing. She then returned to the earlier part of Camila's comments,

"The last furlong reminded me how much I missed being in nature, as you say not in an away mission..." She smiled, "Much more grounded now I've found, which is funny because my favorite private program is ancient trees hundreds of feet up with a tree house most small children would sell their younger siblings for, one day I will figure out the Tarzan thing without having to be caught by the computers safeties..." She promised seriously as a hint of humor lit her eyes, she could be joking but this was Cooper so maybe not.

"Tarzan thing?" Camila asked, curious. "I'd love to see your program and you can see mine after that." She paused and laughed. "That almost sounded dirty, didn't it?

Catherine laughed at Camila's last, "To answer your last yes but that's ok, happens to the best of us." She joked. She had worked with an engineer to design to her own specs and no one else really knew about it so she'd gotten used to the program being hers but was always willing to share, especially if it helped someone. She gave a mental shrug and replied readily, "And that sounds great, I hope you like it, I'll get a copy to you." She said honestly.

Then continued with a different kind of smile as she cast her mind back fondly in memories, "To answer your other question, My Grandfather was a bit of a history buff with acting, plays, movies, didn't matter whatever survived. When oh about 14 he showed me a clip of this buff, shirtless guy in a loincloth, all black, white and grainy swinging from vine to vine on these jungle trees. His name seemed to be Tarzan. Of course I tried it when I could get to a holodeck discover it was way harder than it looked. Not only does it take mad upper body strength but I found out later vines themselves are insanely much falling..." She said in mock sadness but her eyes were alight with a gentle humor at her own expense.

"A buff shirtless guy in a loincloth...swinging from vines. Now that sounds interesting to say the least. I can see why you'd be interested in swinging from vines," Camila said with a waggle of her eyebrows.

Catherine laughed, "Yes well I was 14 so my two thoughts were 'I wonder if I can do that' and 'Wow he's buff'. She said with only a grin. "Though I've yet to find anyone buff while attempting to do so, I'll let you know if that changes." She smiled a smile that was only a little wicked.

"Take a look around you," the Chief said. "There's all kinds of buff guys on the ship who'd be happy to go vine swinging with you."

Cooper laughed again, "Not what I meant but good thought there, I've dated a bit lately nothing serious or that's worked out. Least not yet." She sounded a little disappointed but shrugged it off easily enough. She smiled and asked, unaware of Camilia's current dating status, "How about you? How's Bast?" She had heard they were dating but that was it.

A sour look crossed Camila's features and she muttered something in Italian that the translator wouldn't translate. "I don't know and don't care," she said. "He tried to pull rank when I was in charge of the mission to Deep Space Eleven and I broke it off with him before our enforced shoreleave. He tried to act like it was my fault but I never responded. Good riddance to the parasite."

Cooper's face fell into a surprised 'damn that sucks' look briefly before settling into basic sympathy. "Damn..." She said still a bit surprised. Catherine hadn't been close to the former crewmate but nothing had stuck out to her back then to indicate something like this. Though it didn't sound good, as a rule, trying to pull rank when the chain of command had been established in a combat zone, period. "Pulled rank, in a combat zone thereby confusing the established chain of command?" It was part question, part statement as though wanting to confirm, that no she really did just hear that.

"A civilian offered to help us and had several Starfleet officers who were willing to help her," Camila said. "Bast didn't approve of her methods and started to argue with me in front of everyone."

Cooper's eyebrows briefly raised at that. And from Camilia's statement Catherine inferred that Camila did approve of the methods hence the argument, "well I can see where, that might put a damper on the relationship." She finally said sympatheticly. " Maybe we should form a new group on ship, hot men in trees dating service. You don't like them you can push them off, the safeties will catch" The second comment going for a bit of a light joke as a way to help with that sour look Camilia now wore.

The Chief leaned back and looked thoughtful for a moment. "Or no safety if they're real assholes," she said. "And maybe a pit of crocodiles."

Cooper looked thoughtful in turn then nodded decisively, making up her mind, "Crocodiles, definitely and if we're going water based some piranhas as well." She smiled and it was only slightly evil.

Camila just shook her head. "I don't know about going that far, but it's about time to change shift and I still have to schedule drills. You up for leading a team?"

"Ok just croc's then. And happy too, what's the brief?" She asked smoothly changing gears, it had been a nice chat but duty waited for no one. She looked attentive and picked up the PADD she'd put down on the arm of the chair.

"Boarders versus repellers," the Chief said. "Two teams. You can be the boarders and it'll be my job to repel yours. We'll split up Security forces and take it from a point of entry to either the goal or the brig."

Catherine made a few notes, it was going to be tough regardless. The Chief was really good at her job, hence why she was the Chief. Cooper tended to look forward to the debrief almost as much as the training, learning to do better was always worth it even if one got stomped. "How are teams being assigned, random or more formal?" She asked.

"Formal, but fair," Camila said. "We can't pull everyone off duty at once, do only the off duty personnel will be running it so the others can continue their normal duties."

Cooper nodded, "Solid plan. What equipment do you want the boarders to have and any particular goal?" She said trying to envision the rough plan she'd try to follow to make this challenging for the security personnel involved.

"Get to the computer core," Camila said. "Standard phasers and disruptors modified for training purposes so we don't have real casualties. Whatever you can carry in a the belts, too. Nothing lethal."

"I can work with that, last question, entry point?" Where they had to start would dictate the path they choose. Whatever they choose, speed would be vital.

"One of the airlocks," the ombre haired woman said. "You get to the core, you win. You don't, you lose."

"Can't ask for clearer than that." She replied, "With your permission I'll go prepare." She stood, taking up her PADD.

"We need the teams first," Camila said. "I want Shay Mitchell. You can take Allen Miller." She had a devious smile on her face. "They're sort of a couple, so it'd be interesting to see how they react when they meet each other." She pulled up a list of personnel on her terminal and sorted through them before she looked at Cooper. "If you'll give me your PADD, I can give you the personnel that I have in mind and we can split them here."

"Right of course..." She said handing over her PADD, slightly sheepishly. The urge to move quickly still causing her the occasional issue, something she was working on. "If I may say, I'm glad you're back." She continued, sitting back down.

Camila took the PADD and glanced at the plans Cooper had one it briefly before she transferred the files, then handed it back. "Oh, never let the enemy know what you have planned. You just handed them right now me."

Cooper shrugged, "They are just notes on what you have just said, schematics of the areas in question. I haven't had time to flesh out more than bare bones in my head, I don't even know yet what team I will have which may affect planning." She replied mildly. Thanking every god there was she hadn't had a chance to write her plans down, "Though to be strictly honest, if I had you might know it if you'd looked. It didn't occur to me to not give it to you when asked." She smiled slightly, "I think I forgot hot sneaky you can be Chief. Lesson one absorbed."

Cooper tended to be a hammer to others scalpel and though she worked hard at being more of a multitool, it was a work in progress. She was not naturally a subtle woman but she would learn. Camilia could be tough but one always could learn something.

"Don't worry about it," Camila said. "I play fair and you could easily change your plans after you left the office. Also, I'm the Chief of Security and nothing is safe from me as far as Security Clearance goes unless it's someone with a higher rank or clearance level."

Cooper thought a second then nodded, "Fair point." absorbing the information then sat back down, "What other divisions were you thinking of personnel? Do you want Wayerhauser?" She asked going to to the next most senior person on the available list. Part of her mind looped back to a previous part of the conversation before returning to the present, Shay and Miller a couple, the Chief was right that is going to be fun.

"Even split of off duty personnel," the Chief replied. "No special pulling of personnel with extra training. If that's who you get, that's who you get."

"Right so besides dividing up Mitchell and Miller..." Part of her mind grinned at labeling them 'M & M' but she kept focus and continued, "We can have the computer randomly divide up the remaining." She suggested as part of her mind rotated through where the airlocks were. The closest may not be the best, she wondered briefly if she was limited to just one airlock. She made a mental note and continued, "When did you want to schedule the drill? Any idea how much advance notice you want to give to either team?". It never hurt to hash out whatever details were needed now so they didn't trip up the training scenario later.

"Tomorrow," Camila said. "Zero nine hundred hours. The computer can divide up the teams, but I'll send out a memo tonight letting everyone know. You'll be starting at the airlock furthest from the core."

"Understood." She replied in her mind less than pleased but not surprised. This was a training mission. To quote an old instructor, "What you think combat will happen only on the good days and in your favor?" as these things went it was meant to be difficult. "Looks like I've got some planning to do." It would be basic until she got her team list but getting a head start might not be a bad idea. "Anything else Chief?" trying to make sure she covered the bases before trying to leave again. She went over her mental list: Personnel, equipment, start time, start location, mission goal, rules of training engagement. That seemed everything, but it never hurt to be sure.

"That'll be it," the Security Chief said. "Remember, oh nine hundred is go time. Have you team assembled and ready at that time. You'll have about thirty seconds before the alarms go off. I'll send the list to you in a few minutes once it gets randomized."

"Understood Chief." She stood, "With your permission then I'd best get planning."

"Dismissed," Camila said. "See you in the morning and may the best team win."

Catherine smiled, "See you then, May the odds be ever in your favor..." Then she turned and headed out, thinking however this went it would be interesting.


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