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Meeting of the Minds

Posted on 12 Jan 2018 @ 6:45pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx
Edited on on 13 Jan 2018 @ 1:39pm

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Captain's mess
Timeline: MD4 || 1200 hours

Arjin was getting frustrated with the Convergance problem. It was unlike him to let a problem get to him like that. He wasn't sure why either. Maybe it was just the pile of work laying around everywhere he looked. He always disliked clutter.

Last time he felt this frustrated was during his last meeting with his parents. They however had a history of bringing that feeling up in him.

Elsewhere on the ship, Harvey entered the Mess Hall inside which the Captain's Mess was tucked away. A buffet had been set up, an unusual action by the ship's chef. Usually, everything was made to order. He then recalled a memo from the galley that they were going to experiment with a few different options in preparation for a "worst-case" scenario while inside the zone. After all, who knew how long they'd be inside. Despite the thirty species that served aboard the Black Hawk, the chef seemed to create a suitable buffet for the crew with a variety of meats, vegetables, soups and salads.

"Blue salad leaves," Harvey remarked, spotting the Bolian vegetable. "Black soup, turkey..." Harvey feigned a sigh as he picked up a plate and began to select a sample of everything there.

A pop-up on his screen warned Arjin it was time to end his work since he had a lunch meeting schedualed with the Captain. With a swipe on his screen, he saved his work and then straightened his jacket before heading off to the Mess Hall. It took a while before he reached his destination. All the while his toughts were kept busy with his work however.

Upon arrival, he entered the Mess Hall and searched for the entrance to the Captain's Mess. A place he had yet to discover. Upon noticing it, he walked over and rang the chime.

"Right behind you," said the Captain, having followed the Science Chief to the Mess. Harvey balanced his tray in one hand as he used a finger to activate the opening mechanism. The door panels slid apart, granting them entrance. "If you're hungry, looks like we're restricted to a buffet today."

Arjin startled as he heard the Captain's voice behind him. "Captain.", he nodded. "A buffet is more than fine to me."
He stood aside so the captain could enter. Then he went over towards the buffet. He picked up a plate and started skimming the long table. There was enough variety to satisfy every taste for every species that was part of Starfleet. That alone made the choice Impressive enough.

In his current frustrated state, he was in need of comfort food however and for him that meant plenty of meat and sauce. He added some slices of wild Napean boar, Earth chicken wings and spicy Denobulan snake meat.

Topping it with pleanty of meat juice.

To counter all this carnal delight, het also took a bowl of Plomeek soup with him.

After putting his plate and bowl onto his tray, he walked back over to the Captain's Mess Hall and sat down at the table Captain Geisler was sitting.

Harvey set down the glass of iced tea, which he'd just taken a sip of, and looked up at the Trill Lieutenant Commander and his well stocked plate. "Rough day?" he asked Arjin.

"Yes. It has been one of those days so far one wishes to forget about.", he answered to the Captain.
Then swiping up a slice of meat but before putting it in his mouth he returned the question. "And how was your day, Sir?"

"Quiet mostly," replied the Captain, who'd begun to consume his meal. "One can only inspect the ship and keep an eye over everyone's shoulders for so long. What's so frustrating about today?"

Shrugging, he answered: "Just this Convergeance I guess. It is like one of those Chinese Boxes you Have back on Earth. You kneow there must be a way to crack it open. But until you actually do it can be frustrating. That is the feeling I have when I view the tons of data that were collected and analysed concerning the Convergeance."

"And being frustrated does not bring out my good side I'm afraid. Got that from the old man I suppose."

Harvey stabbed a few salad leaves and inserted them into his mouth. Bolian lettuce, his taste buds confirmed. Harvey would recognize that gritty texture anywhere, even though it was concealed by a raspberry vinaigrette. "I know exactly what you mean. I can easily recall a handful of viruses that I studied back on Starbase 211. Each one was its own complex puzzle that had to be carefully dissected in order to create a cure. There once was a strain of Caplinger's Galbaculus that took me two years to unravel. Nasty little thing, too."

Arjin took a piece of the spiciy snake meat. He liked how the exotic spices made his tastebuds tinkle. "The problem is that we don't have that time.", Arjin replied. "We want this puzzle cracked sooner than later."

"Indeed we do," Harvey remarked. "Based on the recent data, how plausible do you think our current experiments are?"

Arjin shrugged. "They are as plausible as other experiments could be. These experiments will either reveal that our theories are correct or not. Either way, they will put us one step closer to where we need to be."

Harvey nodded, wondering if he should accept such a diplomatic way of saying We really have no idea. "I don't suppose you're willing to venture a guess on how much progress we've actually made thus far?"

Laying his fork and knife down, Arjin pondered his answer for a second. He sensed the Captain would not let it rest. As was expected of him. "Honestly?', he replied. "It feels like we barely scratched the surface."

That was the exact answer Harvey was afraid of. "I can't say I fault you for that response," he said solemnly. "After all, we are trying to do in days what the Vasco da Gama could not accomplish in seventeen years."

"Thanks for understanding Captain. Hence the frustration. But on the upside, we only just started. And we do know all chinese boxes eventually do open."

"But is it a Chinese puzzle box, not a Pandora's box?" Harvey countered. "So much has escaped the zone, or so little as one might put it. Perhaps it's some sort of container that isn't meant to be penetrated."

"Then you should know a true scientist will alway open it. We are just too curious not to."

"Indeed." Harvey took another bite of his lunch. "It's a damned mystery."

"How is married life working out for you Captain? If you don't mind me asking.", Arjin changed the subject before picking up another piece of meat.

"I don't mind at all," Harvey replied. "It's treating us fairly well. Of course, we don't have too much time to enjoy it by ourselves before the children get here, but I'll take what I can get."

"Children. Yes they can be fun and they can be a pain in the behind.", Arjin smiled. "I remember."

"Just how many previous hosts has Djinx had?" Harvey asked, continuing to eat. While he was familiar with Arjin's file, the exact particulars of the symbiont were not contained within.

"Two", Arjin replied beween two bites. "Reeza and Timor."

Harvey nodded, thinking that he was dealing with a rather young symbiont. "And what were their professions? Are you the first to serve in Starfleet?"

"I actually am.", Arjin admitted. "Reeza never left Trill. She was a probe construction scientist." He smiled as memories of her found their way back. The smile faded when they were replaced with his other hosts memories. "Timor, well that is another story.", he sighed.

"Oh?" Harvey asked, sipping his glass of water, suddenly intrigued by the revelation. "Doesn't sound too pleasant," he observed, noting the man's sigh.

"Some of it is. Most of it is so sad though. A waste in my opinion. Should not have happened.", Arjin said. "Not his fault though. War is war. And war is ugly it seems."

"War?" echoed Harvey. He had to think for a moment as the last war he knew of was the Dominion War, and that was only a few years ago. Surely the symbiont wasn't that young.

Arjin nodded sadly. "Short period and confined in space to be exact, but with enough casulties. Tholians and Federations"

Harvey raised an eyebrow, having not been familiar with the conflict Arjin mentioned. He'd have to review the database to see what mention he could find. "I take it Timor's actions weren't really popular at the time then."

"Oh. But they were. His actions might have saved many lives. But it also changed him. He was never the same after." Taking anither bite of his meat he added: "Did you know he actually knew Kij?"

The Captain nodded for a moment, but not really affected by the revelation. "I can't say I'm surprised," he honestly replied. "I can imagine, despite Trill's rules to stay away from former connections, it gets impossible after a while for those who are joined."

"It may. But it should not matter. All that is needed is a professional attitude from all involved."

"Still," Harvey said, "I can imagine the challenge, knowing the emotions and memories from the symbiont could be overpowering at times. But, since you brought it up, how did Timor know Kij? I think Jayla was the first in Starfleet, was she not?"

He replied with a shrug. "Emotions can be strong. But it is ok for me/us. It was a former host of Kij he knew when he was also young. They both were young. Another time, another place."

“Some humans subscribe to a faith connected to reincarnation,” observed Harvey. “Once one life ends, the individual soul is placed into a new body. If one does well in the previous life, the soul is moved up one or more castes. If one fares poorly, then the soul is downgraded, often time to animals or below. Now, I’m not comparing Trill symbionts to reincarnation, but it’s the closest comparison I can think of.”

"It is quite different, I assure you captain. Both Host and Symbiont are aware of each other and of the past experiences. In your comparison the new vessel for the soul has no reccolection what so ever of the past vessel's acts. Besides our union, we do believe that both we and the symbionts have a soul. But like your people we also are unoblivious as to what happens to that part of our being.", the Commander philosophised. Pushing aside the meat dish to dig into the Plomeek soup.

The Captain remained still for a moment, noting the differences in his failed attempt at a comparison. Truthfully, he found this conversation quite fascinating, and he hoped it showed. "That's certainly quite the experience then. Well, hopefully we can ensure that Djinx has a long life."

"Indeed. Every Trill will happily give his life to protect the life of his symbiont.", Arjin replied. "Athough we prefer not to.", he added with a grin.

"Quite understandable." Harvey added a confirming nod to accompany the response. "Is there anything else that might be on your mind, Commander?" It was a good opportunity to apprise the Captain of any potential situations.

"Nothing I cannot handle, Sir.", Arjin replied understanding the reason and also taking it as a hint to finish the conversation. He finished his soup before tilting his head and nodding towards the Captain. "Thank you for a pleasant meal and company."

"Same to you, Commander," Harvey replied with a similar nod. "Good luck with your research."

"One way or another. Pass or break.", he thought. Instead he smiled and replied in a different way. " Thank you Captain. With the help of all teams we will succeed."


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