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Carlsberg don't do introductions, but if they did...

Posted on 07 Jan 2014 @ 12:09am by Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: New Voyages
Location: CO's office
Timeline: Current.

..."You can't be serious, you're really going to tell him that???" Karadis asked.

"I don't see the alternative" Finchley replied "I lost my shirt fair and square on the last hand!"

"But he's your new CO you dunderhead, he might not be understanding of your...imposition" Karadis threw back at him.

"Thems the breaks, gotta roll with it, go with the flow, saddle up and blah blah you know the rest of the cliches" Finchley drunkenly replied.

"BUT YOUR ARSED, PISSED, DRUNK, OVER A BARREL, NEWTED, PISS HOLES IN THE SNOW!!!!" Karadis replied "If your lucky he'll just throw you in the brig and have you court marshaled."

"And if I'm unlucky?" Finchley asked.

"A stomach pump without the pump first I'd say, then the rest I shudder to contemplate" Karadis replied.

"Mmmmmm, maybe your right" Finchley said. He thought for a minute, then attempted tp 'snap' his fingers when he had an idea. When he failed to snap them at the first three attempts, he gave up and clapped his hands instead, saying "Got it!"

Karadis closed her eyes, afraid to ask what he'd got, but had to ask "Yes, what's your brilliant plan now?"

"I'll wear YOUR shirt instead, I don't think he'll notice!" Finchley grinned.

Karadis was to tired to argue, so instead helped her Senior Officer with his ludicrous plan by taking off her jacket, then her shirt and throwing it at Finchley.

Putting her jacket on again she said "Good luck Sir..."

Finchley fought his way inside the shirt and when finally it was on, he let out a resounding "HA HA!" like some old swash buckling hero he watched on the vids.

With a grin like the Cheshire Cat, Finchley waved bye bye to Karadis and headed off to report into his new boss. A little while later, he was stood outside the office of the CO and steadied himself.

Looking at the three klaxxon buttons on the wall, he thought the safest bet was to go for the middle one and hope for the best. Lunging forward he was delighted to find that his plan worked and indeed the klaxxon rang.

He stood back and waited to see if the doors would open.

Harvey stood at the window behind his desk, staring upon Deep Space Nine below. The day was coming to a close, and it had been productive. Thus far, he had met three members of his senior staff, and hopefully the remainder would arrive before the Black Hawk received orders to depart to the Gamma Quadrant.

He lifted the tea cup in his hand to have its final sip. Just before it hit his lips, the door chime rang. "Come," he ordered, then took that final sip. The reflection in the glass informed him (not that the sound of the doors whoshing was enough of an indicator) that he had a visitor. The glass, however, did not reveal this person's identity. Harvey lowered the teacup and turned...

Only to freeze before he was completely about faced, appalled and dumbfounded by the sight in front of him. The yellow collar could put this man in a number of departments, and the lack of a uniform jacket revealed how much this shirt did not belong on this man. Harvey slowly lowered the tea cup, saying, "I expect an explanation..." Harvey tried to get a look of the rank on the man's collar but it was haphazardly obscured by the creased collar.

"Two Aces beat two Jacks Sir!" Finchley replied, believing his explination sounded perfectlly reasonable under the circumstances.

"Being as I was out of credit, the only thing I had left was the shirt on my back so that was how I paid my debt, but don't worry....'shhhhh', I know someone from stores who can get me a new one" he winked conspiratorily.

"Lieutenant Finchley Kerr, well, most of me anyway, reporting for duty Sir" Finchley said "I believe you've been expecting me, I'm your new Chief of Security and Tactical."

Had Harvey dropped the cup any higher above the metal desk, it would have surely shattered. Instead, the only sound that resonated in the room for the next couple seconds was the clatter the cup made as it landed on the desk.

Harvey came out from behind the desk and approached his security chief, noticing a growing scent of alcohol as he approached. The Captain stood two paces in front of Finchley now, wondering what the hell kind of a crew Starfleet assembled for him. An independent doctor. A hotshot pilot. Now a security chief with a drinking problem. At least his engineer seemed like the only normal person.

He could not believe the man before him had the gall to report while under the influence. If it were up to Geisler, the man would have been removed from his post. Sadly, he had no control over his senior staff. At least, not yet. Another intake of air through his nose, tainted by the smell of alcohol, fueled Harvey's growing rage. Harvey narrowed his eyes and spoke, "I wasn't expecting you, my Chief of Security of all people, to show up wasted like an enlisted sailor on my doorstep, Mr. Kerr." His rage was being firmly held in check, for now.

"Neither was I Sir, circumstances last night however seemed to expediate my...current state of health. We're none of us whiter than white Commander, and what I do off duty is my own affair if you don't mind me saying so. In actual fact, I'm not due to report into you for another twenty four hours, but, I wanted to let you know that I'd be here a day early. I apologise for my appearance and for my current dissposition Sir, but when I'm on duty I'm clean, dry, workman like, loyal and fullfil my duty to the best of my ability. If you wish Sir, I can postpone this introduction meting till then, allow you to see me in a better light?" Finchley said.

Harvey's eyes narrowed further as the fire within him grew. "It's a liitle late for a do-over, Mr. Kerr." Harvey took a step closer, wanting to give the man another look over, but instead remained fixed on man's clear eyes. "You're here. I'm here. And you're right. Your personal life is your own affair, and I don't care what you do with it. I care the moment you put on that uniform and show up on my Deck One. You come on this deck, you're on duty, and my officers sure as hell won't show up drunk when they're on duty."

The CO paused for a beat, and before the lieutenant could have a chance to speak, he added, "I don't know what your last CO put up with, but I certainly won't be so lenient. I will, however, give you one chance. You said it yourself, you weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow. I'll give you that twenty-four hours, lieutenant. Do you know why I'm being so nice, lieutenant?"

"No Sir" Finchley replied.

Harvey spun around and headed back for his desk, his rage cooling with every step. He wasn't much of a poker player, but he was very familiar how it was played. You never tried to win a game with a single high card, even a face card. You waited for at least a pair of face cards. Its entirely possible the lieutenant was bluffing when he was playing those Jacks, trying to claim a large pot. Harvey liked to think that that was exactly what Finchley was doing. After all, Harvey had had the chance to review Finchley's service record. It was impressive for a man willing to take risks, risks that paid off. Risks that made him the lieutenant Starfleet decided was ideal to stand before him today as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

"Because two Aces beat two Jacks, lieutenant," Harvey said, sitting down behind his desk and folding his hands upon the desk.

"Not to put to fine a point on it Commander, and with all due respect Sir, I wouldn't play poker with me, unless you're prepared to take risks you can't begin to live up to. You see, there's a reason I do what I do, in the manner I do it, so unless you have the brass neck, the bollocks and the understanding, life would be dangerous. I'm not bigging myself up Sir, in fact, very much the opposite, but till you've gone through and seen what I did with Captain Richards when we were on Porus Prime, you couldn't possibly begin to comprehend why I'm in this state and why I have to do it" Finchley replied "but in twenty four hours, you'll see a different man, I can assure you of that."

Air was sucked into Harvey's lungs through his nose while he listened to the young lieutenant's addendum. Harvey never talked about the war and the horrors he witnessed. Not to COs, not to those around him, and certainly not to anyone familiar with him. Perhaps one day, Finchley would be the first to hear.

Today was not that day. He broke his gaze with the lieutenant and allowed it to refocus on the picture of Alison that adorned his desk.

"I sincerely hope so, lieutenant," Harvey honestly replied, not moving his eyes. "If there's nothing further, you're dismissed."

"I have nothing else Sir, thank you, I'll see you tomorrow" Finchley replied. Seeing there was to be no more eye contact, he turned and left the office.

'The next meeting should prove more matter of fact' he thought to himself.
Lt/Commander Harvey Geisler
USS BlackHawk


Lt Finchley Kerr
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Black Hawk


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