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The Messenger

Posted on 31 Dec 2017 @ 5:17am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Captain Harvey Geisler
Edited on on 31 Dec 2017 @ 5:19am

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 15 || 1500 Hours

Mila paused after she got in the turbolift after she left sickbay and paused. "Computer. Please be giving me location of Captain Geisler," she requested as she waited to tell the computer what deck she wanted.

The computer beeped and whirred in reply. "Captain Geisler is on the bridge," the feminized voice replied.

She requested the bridge and got her thoughts in order. Several hours past Alpha shift and she was still going back and forth, but for much better reasons. When she stepped out, she looked around for the Captain as she stepped out of the turbolift.

Across the bridge, standing behind the Science station was none other than Captain Geisler. Though the technician was hard at work analyzing the scans of the Convergence Zone, and continuing to run scan after scan of the barrier, Harvey stood behind him, arms crossed, just watching the results, hoping he'd see something profound.

Mila cleared her thoughts of all but the most pertinent and headed over to where the Captain stood at the Science station, her expression one of deep concern. "I am begging your excuse, Captain, but I am having very important news for you which is best heard in private, Sir."

Mila's voice snapped Harvey out of his trance. It took his mind a moment to replay what she said and then process it. Without verbally acknowledging, Harvey nodded to Mila and pointed to the Ready Room door without uncrossing his arms. It was a gesture for her to lead the way and he would follow.

The Yeoman turned and headed for the ready room and entered her authorization code to open it and went in ahead of him. She knew what she wanted to say, but it was a matter of how she knew would be the most important. She stopped by the chairs and turned to wait for him to enter and the door to close.

Harvey was only a second behind her. Rather than stand, Harvey crossed the room as the door closed and sat down at the couch. "What's going on?" he asked.

Mila took a breath as she turned to face him. "Joey is being in Sickbay," she told him softly. "She was using treadmill in gym and complaining of headaches. Then she got dizzy, flushed and staggered when she was trying to get up. Doctor is wishing to be keeping her overnight for observation. He is giving her medication for high blood pressure, but is all I am knowing."

"What!?" Harvey shouted, rocketing to his feet. A thousand scenarios all played out in his mind, and few of them had happy endings. "What happened!? Why didn't sickbay call?"

"She was still being seen when I am coming to be telling you," she said. "Please be calming down, Harvey. She is being okay. Is stress, I am thinking, but Doctor Abrams is having Doctor Kij sign off to be certain."

"If she's okay, then why did you come all the way up here to tell me?" he demanded. "And why did you leave her alone?"

"Joey is with Doctors," Mila said. "And I am not being one to simply tap combadge to be letting you know that someone you are loving is being in Medical. She was wanting me to be telling you, too. She is having change of clothes in bag she had at gym and said you are knowing what supplements that Rico and Pequeno are to be getting."

"So, basically," Harvey said, talking slowly as he read between the lines, "she either really didn't want me to know about it, or she doesn't want me to check in on her?"

"Not want you to be knowing?" the Yeoman's right eyebrow shot up in surprise. "Then why am I being here to tell you? She told me! Is given that you would be wanting to check on her."

"Telling me that I know what the dogs should be eating and that she already has clothes is basically a signal that's she's already taken care of and that she doesn't want me to worry," Harvey countered, mentally sighing. Perhaps he was reading too much into it. There was little these days that he hadn't seen something he shouldn't have.

Mila started to say something, then stopped. "Harvey, I am one reminding you to feed Rico and Pequeno, and she was having bag with her when she was at gym. Is being in no way that it is sign you should not go. Go, please. She will be wanting to see you."

This time, the sigh was external. "I'm... Yeah. I'll go." Harvey lowered his head and pinched the uppermost bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes. "I'm sorry, Mila. I didn't mean to. I'll head down right away, after I check on the dogs."

"It is being alright," the Russian woman assured him. "If you are wishing, I will clean up desk and be ordering food for you and Joey in Medical."

Harvey glanced over to the desk where chaos appeared to reign supreme. At least, in Harvey's eyes, it was organized chaos. Looking back to Mila, he said, "That'd be great. Thank you."

"Now be going," Mila gently urged him. "And please do not be yelling at Joey. For her, your babies and your own sake."

The Captain didn't argue, exiting the Ready Room almost immediately. On his way to the turbolift, however, Harvey glanced over at the science station to see if there had been any new developments. Just as there had been in the last two weeks, there was nothing new. Moments later, he disappeared into the turbolift and was swept below decks.

After he left, the Yeoman began to sort through all the PADDs on his desk, her eidetic memory storing everything and putting it away for later. There has to be something that would give her a clue of what the Captain was acting this way, but it wasn't on the PADDs as she organized them in order of importance and stacked them by his terminal. She shook her head; he wouldn't put it somewhere that anyone could get to; she had served a couple Captains who had secret hiding places all over their ships and she didn't have time to go over every inch of his ready room. She looked under the desk to see it a PADD or isolinear chip was stored there and felt the back and bottom of his chair for something which may be hidden inside of it, but came up empty there as well. She spent another minute checking the vent and behind and under other items in the room, but gave up soon.

Finally, Mila stood up and sighed as she looked around once more, but there were no more obvious hiding places that she had time to search. She shook her head and sighed again, then headed out. With luck, Joey would be out of Medical soon and she could try to keep her mind off of what was going on.


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