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Tiny Troubles

Posted on 24 Dec 2017 @ 12:56am by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Enlisted Cabins 06|51, Crew Storage Units
Timeline: Md 15 || 0500 Hours

Food was scarce in this strange place and the two unauthorized inhabitants of the crew storage units were in need of sustenance. They had gotten lucky the day before when one of the tall creatures had dropped some food on the floor without realizing it, but it did not hold much in the way of nutrition. They sensed other animals similar to themselves and began to make their way through the various pipes and tunnels that were easily accessible to them.

A tantalizing aroma met their senses and their movement rate increased as they skittered on their eight legs until they arrived at a vent. One of them ventured forward after having learned that it was very easy to be overlooked and had almost been stepped on several times. The other crept up but stayed at the edge of the grating while the mate wriggled through the small holes and looked around.

The place was small and cramped with piles of clothes laying around but the strange scent of another creature was also present. The creature made its way up a desk leg and stopped at the top. In front of it was a large clear container of some kind that housed a odd looking creature with no tail, four legs and had bulging eyes. It wasn't that which got the attention of the eight legged intruder, but the package that sat beside of the container. It smelled of food and the scent was enough to throw caution to the wind.

It called to its mate with a series of high pitched chitters while it advanced on the bag and went around the thing which held the scent of food. There didn't seem to be an opening, but when the other intruder came, they could work together on finding a way in. It was that or starve and the ones in the egg nest would die, which wasn't acceptable.

It was short work with their tiny teeth, but the two eight-legged creatures managed to get the bag open, spilling food pellets all over the desk and floor. Instead of saying to feast, they began to rapid take each piece to the vent and through before coming back for the rest of it. Once the last morsel had been taken, they set about making two small silk web nets to encase all the food and began to drag it back to their lair. Today had been a good day for them, and soon it would be a good day for their offspring.

An hour later, Crewman Desti entered his quarters and began to peel off his uniform. "Do this," he muttered as he tossed his shirt one way. "Do that," he grumbled as he kicked his boots off and sent one flying. It hit the torn open bag of food for his gerbil and he sighed before he got up to get it. He was confused when he discovered the bag was torn and empty, casting a suspicious glance at his pet. "Did you get out somehow and eat everything, Festivus?" he asked, but got no response. For Festivus' part, it was grateful the strange creatures were gone and the attentive pink one had returned.

With a sigh that spoke of spending more replicator credits and an evening with just his pet, the Crewman laid back on his bunk and closed his eyes. "Later," he moaned tiredly. "I'll report it lat..." the last words finished with a soft snore while Festivus sniffed at the vent, gave a tiny cry and ran to hide.


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