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Muster Area Five

Posted on 09 Feb 2018 @ 8:24pm by Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael & Ensign Quinn Mackie & Lieutenant Lucas Abrams M.D. & Lieutenant Jarith Roshe & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant JG Jennin Rhula & Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake & Ensign Kelly Khan & Ensign Aidan Crehan

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Deck Seven
Timeline: MD35 || 0745 hours

Ensign Kelly Khan pushed a box of something off of her and struggled to figure out why she wasn't in her bed and why someone was throwing stuff at her. "Stop!" she managed but her head continued to spin slowly. "What's going on?" she asked as she found the doorway in the red lit gloom. "Can anyone hear me?" She stumbled around and seemed to have no idea where she was going or why she was going there. She banged on the door in front of her, thinking for some reason that she shouldn't have to pound on a door to open it, but had no idea why she had the idea that it should open for her.

As quick as the thought came, it was gone again and she suddenly realized she had no idea where she was or anything else. She pounded on the door again, more frantically this time. "Help! Can anyone hear me? Someone help!"

Aidan was woken by loud, yet muffled, screams. He could only manage a slit between his eyelids, but was still enough to let a bit of dim light in. He rolled over and up against a soft body. "Oh, pardon. My apologies." But whoever the body belonged to didn't move. Wait...whoever the body belonged to? Where was he? He didn't recognize anything or anyone. And worse yet, he didn't know who he was.

Regardless, someone had called for help and he would help them. He managed to crawl over to where the banging seemed to be coming from. "Hello? Yes, there is someone here. Are you okay?"

"Of course I'm not okay!" came the female response from the other side of the door. "If I was, would I be yelling for help?" The sarcasm in the voice was heavy and a thud came from the other side of the door to punctuate it.

Aidan sighed. "We will do what we can. Please, be patient." He turned to look at the others in the room. He wasn't certain as to what they could do.

A young woman with long brunette hair stood looking at the other people with distrust. She wore a Command red uniform and had a different symbol on her collar than the other people did and Mila had no idea what it meant or who was banging on the door or why.

In the corridor, a little Capuchin raced down the hall avoiding the tall two legged beings, hooting, screeching and causing panic as it leapt from the floor, to someone's shoulder and off to someone else's head before bounding away again.

A petite blonde woman heard the calls for help, and even though she was quite confused, Dani knew a distressed call when she heard it. Pushing her own pain aside, she quickly looked around, pointing at a few... what were they? She shook the thoughts from her mind. "We need to help whoever that is. You..." She gestured toward Luc, Aidan and Quinn. "See if you can get this door open."

Luc groaned from his place on the floor. He heard voices, but had no idea who they belonged to. It wasn't until he saw a small scrap of a woman point toward him that he finally sat up. Where the hell was he? "I'm sure whoever is on the other side is fine."

"Out. Me. Get!" Kelly yelled from the other side. "Get me out, get me out, get me out!" She punched and kicked at the door, then screamed and jumped as something small, orange and furry ran past her. "There's something in here with me!"

Ensign Nasek Alora sat on the unable to remember her name or her purpose here. She stood slowly looking up one side and down the other of a corridor, her mind reasoned she'd been heading somewhere but where and why? She looked down at the repair kit slung crossways over her shoulder. She didn't notice at first so used to the weight seemed to be her body but now she did notice it now and wondered at it. She wasn't sure what all that meant but filed it away in her uncertain mind or tried too, things were still hazy, slippery.

She intended to open the kit to see what it was and what was in it when a tiny bundle of fur jumped on her head and bounded off. Not wanting to go where it jump on her again she headed down the direction the monkey had come from. The spin and partial dive to try to avoid the monkey causing the Bajoran earring she wore to hit the side of head near her ear. She touched it briefly with one hand but words wouldn't come yet she was oddly comforted by it.

She came around a corner to hear pounding on a door and from the corridor called, "Hello?" A little uncertainly.

"Help!" The young female voice called from the other side of the door. "Can someone open this damned door?!"

Without waiting for the others to help, Luc made his way over to the door and looked for something to pry it open with. Without anything in the general area, he placed his fingers inside and began to push them apart in opposite directions. Whoever was in the other side was clearly not in a good place, and while he didn't understand why he wanted to help, the large man was going to.

From out in the hall Alora was staring at the door the others were inside and tried to open it. However she lacked the physical strength to do so and so she stared at it. This was a problem and her mind poked at the puzzle. How did one open a door that didn't want to open? Eventually her mind connected her problem with the over the shoulder container she carried but stubbornly refused to tell her why. She pulled it over her head and after a moment of fiddling with the latches it opened.

Aidan watched and listened to everything that was going on. He listened...why did that seem so instinctual, so natural. Was he the kind of person that did that? Brushing it off for the moment, he walked over to where the voice had come from. "You are free now. you know who you are?"

Kelly burst out of the room holding a box of something and immediately ran into Aidan and a mountain of a man, which served to put her down on her behind. "Oof!" She looked up at the others. "Who are you people?"

Out in the hall, outside the main door of the room the others were in, Alora looked inside the case where there were devices and what looked like parts of things. She heard a voice from the other side of the door and pushed in her review of the kit, she glanced up at the door as one hand rested on top of the case near a round device inset into the inside of the lid, "Hello? Is everyone alright?..."She called into the room from the hall, trying to listen in. Her mind still refused to give up the information in the heard inquiry as on the subject of her name she had nothing, it wasn't just her name, she could not remember anyone. She gave a mental sigh even as something in the back of her mind edged her eyes toward the round device under her hand.

Nearby, Charles opened his eyes, startled by the many loud sounds around him. Where was he? Underground? Tucked away in a private building. Hidden--

"Ow!" he suddenly shouted, realizing his arm was bent at an awkward angle. He didn't know what was wrong, other than it was not natural. "Hello!" Charles shouted as the pain continued to intensify. "Is anyone there!?"

"Yes, there are some of here," replied the dark haired man. "But we are uncertain of what or where 'here' is."

Jarith awoke with a headache and a thousand voices in his head. "Who? What?" he called out loud. Clutching his head with both hands, he shook it.Those voices in his head were what it meant to be??? Well, he didn't know what it meant to be anybody, but he knew it was natural to his people.

He opened his dark eyes and glanced around. There were others with him and he could sense them all. Confusion reigned supreme followed by anxiety. "Who's there? Jarith inquired hoping someone had the answer.

What the hell is wrong now!? he thought as he adjusted the glasses on his ridged nose. He looked around, trying to ascertain the situation. There were others present, none of whom he recognized. His surroundings were similarly unfamiliar. But the Bajoran man could read. Escape Pod Access a small tag labelled a nearby door. Acting out of self-preservation, and common sense, he moved towards the door. He approached it but it didn't open. His hand moved, out of instinct, to the small panel next tot he door. He tried to figure out how to open the door. "Open, damn you!"

"Over here!" Charles called out, trying to push himself onto his feet with his good arm. His face grimaced as he rose, pain shooting through his nervous system from his dangling arm. Looking around his dim surroundings, Charles winced, seeing a few dark silhouettes.

"No!," Rhula shouted. "This," he explained, pointing at the label by the hatch, "says 'Escape Pod Access.' Why would we be here if it wasn't to get in the escape pod?"

Aidan turned toward the ridged-nose-one. "But escape from what? Who? And where, for that matter? Where are we that we would need some kind of a pod to escape?" He walked over to where the other the dangling-arm person was. "Try to remain as calm as you can. This doesn't look good."

"How am I supposed to know?" Rhula was annoyed with the dark-haired man who was trying to control the situation. "Clearly we are here for a reason. What reason could that be?" he asked sarcastically. "What is here that could have possibly been our destination?" He motioned again, this time rather emphatically, at the escape pod access hatch. "Who's coming with me?"

"Coming?" Charles asked, dumbfounded a bit. "Are... are we running from something? Are we running to something? If we don't... if none of us know what the hell is going on, aren't we better here, and not in some kind of pod?"

"I don't think that everyone will fit," the brunette in the Command red outfit said as she looked inside of it. "And where would we be going to?"

Kelly shook her head. "I don't think we should go. Is there anyone here who has any idea of how even operate an escape pod?"

A short redhead went over to the pod and looked at it. "I'm not sure, but I have a feeling I may be able to. I just don't know why I would."

Meanwhile out in the hall Alora had returned her attention to studying the open repair kit, kneeling near it. Each item gleamed clean and neat in its place. Her eyes focused on little neat labels, narrowing in on the one below the small round device, 'Door Popper'. She looked from it to the door and back again before grabbing it in triumph. Not wanting to be seperated from the kit she closed it and put it on crossways on her body.

She looked at the device and reasoned the flat side must go on the door. She carefully placed it and it locked into place on its own, a red lit button flashed for attention. She started to push it then the thought occured a device with the name 'door popper' might be dangerous and stopped.

"I'm going to try to open the door, stand back!" She yelled into the room that held the others from her position out in the corridor.

Dani chose to hang back from everyone with her arms wrapped around herself. Her head was a mess and the chaos around her was making it worse. She wanted out... to be somewhere that would help her make sense of everything, but where would that place be? She didn't know.

His fingers reached out and touched the controls. The hatch opened. "Last chance to get out of here," he called over his shoulder. Rhula had no intention of staying put waiting for whatever hellish thing might be lurking.

A pair of hands attempted to reach out, grab the deserter and pull him away from the pod, but they didn't get any further than gently landing on the man's shoulders. Something about that pod wasn't right, and the newcomer couldn't figure out what it was, other than that swirling blue light shouldn't be shining through that small window of the pod. "I have a feeling," Quinn said slowly, "that you shouldn't go out there in that."

"Don't tell me what to do," he snapped at the young man. His glasses slid slightly down the bridge of his ridged nose.

Quinn blinked not just at the man's outburst, but also the strange ridges on his nose. "I..." he stammered before catching himself. "I just didn't think that looked safe out there."

The short brunette who had been trapped in the other room stepped up still carrying the box she had been holding when she came out. "Hey, if you don't know what you're doing, then why are you doing it?" she barked with a definite tone of command in her voice.

Not hearing anything to the contrary, Alora tapped the button gingerly, she jumped back as the doors to the escape pod room snicked open...about 6 inches. Carefully she stepped forward and looked into the room from the corridor.

Quinn looked over to where the new sound came from to see a door open and a new person enter. "You guys can do what you want. But I'm not staying here, and I'm not going out there," he said, pointing to the weird blue stuff that was shining through the windows of the pod. "I'll take my chances here. Who's with me?"

The petite blonde, who was doing her best to ignore everyone, looked toward Quinn when he spoke. He seemed to have a level head on his shoulders, and that was something she could appreciate. He didn't appear to want to hurt anyone. "I'm staying," Dani stated, making her way toward Quinn as she did so. "It just seems safer. We don't even know what's out there."

"I'm not going anywhere," the behemoth of a man said looking over the faces present. Luc wouldn't stop anyone from leaving if that's what they wanted, but he'd step in if it would put the others in jeopardy.

"I'm not going out in that thing," Kelly said and pointed at the pod. "Who knows what that blue thing is?" She headed over to where the young man with the strange haircut was.

Aurilia looked around at the others milling around and at the escape pod. "All of us won't fit in that. I'm going to go see if there's others," she said before she made her way out of the area.

The woman in the red topped uniform shook her head. "We are needing to be getting organized and start searching this whole area. Teams of two and then we can meet up here every fifteen minutes."

"What a minute?" Quinn asked. If he didn't know what it was, there was no doubt that anyone else would know either. And who would have fifteen of them? While part of him was drawn to her willingness to command, Quinn didn't want to stay or come back. "I'm going this way," he said, pointing to where the woman opened the door and down a dimly lit corridor. He did gulp, however, not knowing what fate awaited him. "Anyone coming with me?"

"I'll go with you," Dani volunteered.

Lucas moved over to the door. "I'll go in the other direction... see what I can find. Whoever wants to join me can."

Mila thought for a moment and realized she didn't know what a minute was or why she had suggested fifteen of them as the people started to split up. She walked over to where the young man had asked if anyone would come with him. "I will," she said.

Kelly looked over at them, then over at the big man. "I'll go with him. He's huge."

Aurilia felt a strange sensation when the short brunette approached the giant man and made her way over to him as well. "I'll go with you, too.

Alora stood in the corridor as others approached the door to the hall, "Hello, Is everyone alright?" She asked tentatively.

"I am well," said Aidan. He walked out and looked at the two groups. The one had a rather large and muscular man. The other had a smaller, younger looking man. He had noticed that he was rather built himself and decided to go with the smaller man's group. Whoever he was and whatever he did, it appeared he like to work out. So he thought he might as well put it to good use. "And I shall join this group of explorers," he said, moving to stand with the blonde, the brunette, and the smaller man.

Though Quinn was ready to leave, part of him was surprised that so many people were ready to follow him. He wasn't sure where the surprise stemmed from, but it definitely did not feel natural. Shaking it off, he said, "Let's head this way," as he turned and left the area.

Once Quinn and his party left, Luc looked toward the women who chose to follow him and gestured with his head. "We'll go the other way," he said, then walked out.

Alora stood off to the side surprised and watched both teams of people take off in opposite directions. Vaguely nonplussed she muttered to herself, "Thanks for opening the door....oh well you're welcome my pleasure...." as she grabbed the door popper off the door and, at a loss of what else to do, jogged after the first group hoping for more clues.


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