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Posted on 10 Nov 2014 @ 1:08am by Commander C. Kos & Lieutenant Avery Stuart Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Noxa & Lieutenant Hictus Dicon & Lieutenant JG Ivan Dash

Mission: Razmena
Location: Razmena
Timeline: February 4, 2388 || 1900 hours

D'rimo stepped out of the airlock with his son and other deck hand not far behind. Before him was Razmena's Bazaar, a large expanse of shops and homeless beggars, all hoping to make a living. He could spot more than thirty species just in a quick glance under the dim lighting.

A quick series of screeching sounded near the ground, overpowering the already bustling noises echoing throughout the massive area. D'rimo didn't flinch, but the deck hand quickly scooped up a small rodent that attempted to run through the airlock and into the X'annon.

Another series of footsteps behind him, however, caused him to turn around. He spotted the Starfleet commander and her entourage in tow.

Addressing her, D'rimo grimly declared, "Welcome to Razmena. I have fulfilled my promise to your captain. You are now on your own."

"You're not getting off that easy. What about the exchange?" Kos pushed.

"The exchange will begin in one hour. That will be the last time I see you, but as of now, you are on your own. Good day." Without even waiting for a reply, D'rimo walked off.

In the far distance, two shadowy figures took note of the Ferengi and the humans who had just boarded the station. The taller of the two whispered to the other, whom gave an acknowledging nod and disappeared into the shadows.

Starfleet was here. And outnumbered.

Surely they knew they had no chance to prevent the sale. But, perhaps their objectives were different. For now, observation was required. Maybe they would lead the Golden Stars directly to this traitor...

"So where should we decamp too? A bar would work." Muttered Dicon to the others.

Noxa glared at Dicon. "I've been in enough bars on Ferenginar. I would hope for something a little more upscale. However, a bar will do just fine. It will be like being home for me" said Noxa. I hate home she thought to herself.

There were several bars to choose from, especially this close to the docking portals. The "streets" were littered with drunks of all species. Several in their drunken stupor staggered past the away team. While most bars were nearly overwhelmed by intoxicated crowds, one bar down the beaten path was an obvious exception. While most of the throng was clothed in battered, beaten clothing, those entering this bar were clean and well-groomed.

Lieutenant Noxa sighed. "Yep, this is just like home. The streets are filthy, the people are intoxicated and they smell like barn animals... only drunk. Ah, the bar life" she said as they approached the bar. Fortunately, the bar itself was rather clean and well kept. "Somebody clearly has the lobes for business," she commented. It was high praise coming from a Ferengi, even Noxa.

"I suppose we're safe drinking the water here too?" Avery asked with a wry smile.

Two heavily-armed Midorians stood at the door, carefully eying each of the arrivals. They knew not what would be happening inside the establishment. All they knew was that they would be paid, and paid well.

Inside, chatter was minimal. There were a couple different species working the room, trying to fraternize and create allies. Three waitresses circulated the crowd, delivering drinks of three varieties. At the front of the room was a small podium. A bare table sat to the left of it. Whatever was to be auctioned had yet to arrive.

Kos motioned towards an empty table in a nearby corner. "Over there."

The away team managed to make it to the table without incident, and took seats around the oblong surface. "Let's try to keep a low profile. I don't want more attention than necessary. We're here for the exchange," Mac reminded them.

"Mmm, let us try not to stick out, yes; I will go order, what are your preferences?" Dicon reached into a pouch and withdrew several crystals and handed them to the party. "For poison, would not try not to be seen putting into the drink, would cause offence"

It did not take long for a small party of three Karemma to arrive. Two of them carried a shielded and secured case. The room, where the volume was already low, quickly yielded to silence. Each occupant observed the Karemma setting down the case. It was opened and two items were placed on the empty table.

One small Federation replicator.

And one small Federation subspace transceiver.

Murmurs rippled through the room, grateful that the rumors had at last been confirmed. A forcefield was erected over the table, protecting it and the surrounding area from anyone who might try to get any ideas.



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