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Chief of Ops transferring in

Posted on 05 Jan 2014 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman

Mission: New Voyages
Location: Guest Officer Quarters on DS9
Timeline: overnight hours....

Ensign Harold 'Hal' Sherman shuttle that was bringing him to Deep Space 9 on his way to board the USS Blackhawk to become the Chief of Operations the next day. This was second assignment out of the Starfleet Academy, and this time the posting was as a senior officer. Hal was trying to relax and wait to get some rest before he was to report to the Captain, of the Blackhawk.

Hal was going over list of senior officers assigned to the Blackhawk, as well as personnel assigned to the Operation Department. He was a bit nervous about this assignment, with his previous assignment he had been assigned as junior Ops Officer and rose quickly. He had time to get to know the those in the Department and with other Senior Officer of the Kirkland, before becoming the Assistant Operation Officer. This assignment he wouldn't have time get to know those he worked with, and those who worked under him. It was fresh new start, with drastic learning curve. Then again it was something that he had to get used to. He was sure in the future he would have to do it numerous more times.

He put the PADD down that he had been viewing in an attempt to fall asleep.

Ensign Harold 'Hal' Sherman.


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