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Pinkertons on the Case...A Holodeck Adventure - Episode II

Posted on 27 Oct 2018 @ 3:36pm by Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper

Mission: Fractured
Location: Holodeck - New York City 1830
Timeline: MD2, 1000 hours backpost

As Jazmin instructed the program to run, the city around them came alive. Wagons and carriages pulled by horses, both natural and automaton, plied the dirt streets, the smell of oil and manure heavy in the air. Pedestrians walked along the streets and the sidewalks.

A cool breeze blew from the ocean, cooling the two women and Jazmin was struck by just how much of a backwater world the place seemed when compared with New York City in 2389. The sound of air horns blaring overhead made her look up and she was astonished by airships lazily floating overhead, their copper, brass, wood, and iron hulls gleaming in the noonday sun.

So intent on the view of the airships, Jazmin collided with another pedestrian, almost falling, only to be caught by a brass and copper hand. Looking up at the owner, she saw it belonged to a middle-aged policeman, his long handlebar mustache drooping, despite the copious amounts of wax that he used on it.

"Easy there, Miss," he said as he steadied her.

Jazmin smiled demurely. "Thank you, Officer?"

"Thompkins, my pleasure."

She appraised his arm and looked at him questioningly.

"African Wars, miss. I was on the wrong end of a Zulu spear."

"A gentleman and a hero."

"Nonsense. Now, how may I assist you?"

Jazmin looked over at Catherine then back at him. "Could you be so kind as to direct us to the airship station. My friend and I are leaving for California shortly."

"Ahh, nurses or teachers?"

Jazmin pulled out her Pinkerton Detective Agency badge. "Neither, actually."

The man stammered for a moment. "My apologies. Three blocks west then one north." He pointed to emphasize his directions.

Jazmin curtsied. "Thank you."

When he had left she started to giggle and looked at Catherine. "This is going to be so much fun.

Cooper smiled, "discombobulating the local constabulary huh?" Then she laughed, "Discombobulating and Constabulary, already this place is rubbing off. I didn't even know I knew the word 'discombobulate." She joked as she looked around. She noticed an entirely mechanical horse holding nearby waiting for its rider, "What a fanstansical imagination these people had..." She looking at the new to her sights.

Jazmin smiled wickedly. "Of course." She turned and started up the street. "Five minutes, ten tops and we should be at the Station. Detective Brash said we'd have passage booked on the Galloping Eel. I'll fill you in on our case when we're securely berthed."

"Sounds like a plan, I hope I hid enough weapons." She half joked thinking about the various places currently on her person she was hiding a weapon proper to this adventure.

Jazmin grinned, showing her partner a large-caliber revolver that almost completely filled her purse. "I think that between the two of us we've got it covered."

The two women reached the station, a sign directing them to their ship. Cargo was currently being loaded and the armed guards around one of the crates caught their attention. "That might have something to do with our presence here. Bulgers told me last week that the James Gang is making trouble again."

Catherine grinned at the mini cannon in the others purse, then continued walking with jazmin, "Air Pirates?" Then she smiled again, "Oh this will be fun." She walked with Jazmin up the plank, "Wait are we supposed to have luggage?" She said, she'd been getting ready to interact with the one guard when the thought occurred, "Isn't it weird to travel without it?"

Jazmin shrugged, "Detective Brash said he'd send our things ahead." She smilled broadly all of a sudden, stopping to admire the ship. "Oooh, I love a good airship!" Her smile turned conspiratorial. "And we get to kick the crap out of some air priates to boot! C'mon Cat!" She took Catherine's hand and began leading her up the gangplank.

Catherine grinned at her friend's excitement and followed along. It had been awhile since she'd come across someone with more energy than she had but Jaz managed it sometimes. She looked up at the large oblong balloon at the top with all it's wires and cords and around at the bustling crew, curiously. She didn't think it was aerodynamic but didn't think that was the the point. The point? fighting pirates in the sky obviously. "I hope we get to change before the pirate kicking, I feel off in this dress..." She joked as they walked.

Jazmin nodded. "Hopefully, but then again, we don't know when they plan on hitting us." She gently touched a loop on her right hip. "There's one on your dress as well, just grab the hem, slip a bit of it through and knot it. Shows off a bit of leg, but one doesn't get all tangled up in a firefight."

She opened a hatch leading to the interior of the ship. "Shall we get settled into our stateroom?"

"I think we may have to practice some moves..." Cooper replied as she followed Jaz in. The setting was quite ornate. Dark engraved wood lined the passage hall with brass gas lamps and gold flechings. This maybe a cargo ship but they'd decided to augment their hauls with passengers but given the limited space had obviously decided to focus on wealthy passengers though no doubt there were some 3rd rate accommodations squeezed elsewhere. "You know I love those Victorian mysteries on trains, the challenge of finding a murder in a limited space, many suspects and no way out we should do that next. My friend sent me a horror one, never tried it but I'm told it's fun."

Not that this wasn't the thing with Cooper was when she was having fun she was enjoying the moment yes but then she also started to consider related options on other ways to have fun. Always difficult staying with one thing. "It's all very stylish here on surface isn't it?" She asked as they neared their stateroom.

A ships officer in a basic blue uniform bowed out of their way as he stood off to the side, his fresh face nervous as the two ladies happened by. The single stripe showing him as a very junior officer indeed.

Jazmin hooked her arm through Catharine's and leaned close as they passed by. "Handsome young lad that one, not my type but maybe he's yours?" She giggled, glancing back over her shoulder and enjoying the blush that was coloring his face.

Cooper laughed, "Maybe, I do have a wide interest but I try to avoid holographic entanglements." She replied as they walked. "But if we see your interest let me know, I got your back..." She quipped.

Jazmin nodded. "Of course, we do have a mission here, but a little spice to the stew never hurt anything. If I do, however, notice a flower that catches my eye, I'll be sure to let you know."

She sighed, as if lost in thought for a moment, a slight smile playing across her face. It was gone almost as fast as it appeared. "Now, I don't expect that the James boys will make a move on the ship for a couple of days, but it never hurts to be on the lookout."

Jazmin stopped and gestured to the door to one of the staterooms. "Looks like we're here."

as they arrived at their door, Cooper pulled out a key, an old fancy brass number, and inserted it in the lock with the attitude of one doing something quite novel. The door opened to show a suite of rooms, somewhat compacted but for an air ship was very spacious. All old wood and brass, a glass vase of flowers was on one end table. Cooper bent to look and sure enough there was a small screw at the bottom of the vase into the table to prevent it moving in case of bad flight.

Jazmin threw open the shutters, breathing in deep as she saw the ground moving far below them. This would be such a romantic place if it weren't for the impending attack by the James Gang. "Well Cat, a couple of days to enjoy ourselves. She crossed the room sitting on one of the overstuffed chairs and fanning herself with a black lace fan. She smiled warmly. "Whatever shall two beautiful young women do to pass the time on one of the finest passenger aiships in the sky?"

Cooper grinned back, "Oh I expect there's plenty of trouble creative minds can get into, the hard part will be deciding."

Jazmin grinned wickedly, "Yes, I think you're right..."


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